[Watch] Charlamagne And Fredro Starr Go At It Over Brandy Fellatio Comment

July 31, 2014  |  

Sources: WENN, Power 105.1

Charlamagne is known to push the envelope, which is why most celebs show up to The Breakfast Club knowing that there may be a few slightly uncomfortable moments. Former “Moesha” actor Fredro Starr, however, was not having it.

During the interview, while discussing Fredro’s acting days, Chalamagne referenced a prior comment made by Fredro where he claimed to have received oral favors from Brandy.

“And y’all had y’all acting money and everything up,” said Angela Yee.  “Y’all were the first rappers/actors.”

“Fredro was getting head from Brandy,” Charlamagne chimed in.

Although he’s the one who released that information to the public, Fredro wasn’t too amused by Charlamagne resurrecting it.

“You need to stop with all that, b,” Fredro responded. “You need to stop with all that though. See, this dude right here—let that be what it’s gon’ be. Son, like you bringing up the past, b. Let’s move to the future though. What did you say? Should I say a lot of the sh– you said n—a?”

It was evident that Fedro was not comfortable discussing the comment, so the hosts moved on. It appeared that Fredro did as well, but apparently, he was still stewing. Nearly five minutes later, the Onyx rapper proceeded to go off on Charlamagne. The dispute began with Fredro asking Charlamagne about an incident where he was “punched in the eye” and then things escalated from there.

“Why we got a issue, me and you?” Charlamagne asked.

“Because you brought up some sh– on some slick sh–,” said Fredro, clearly still in his feelings about the previous conversation. “I ain’t with all that, b. I’m a real n—a, n—a.”

“You talking about the Brandy thing?” Charlamagne asked.

“Yeah, I’m talking about that!”

After awkwardly going back and forth, DJ Envy tried his best to steer the conversation in a different direction, but Fredro was already riled up.

“Nah, cuz he set the tone off with that bullsh–! Check ya n—a. He got checked! P—y a– n—a. N—as punched this n—a in the eye on TV and he trying to play me.”


You can check out Fredro’s full interview on the next page. Was Charlamagne wrong for mentioning Brandy?

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  • MusicNerd

    I look at like this yes, Fredro wrong for talking about that on camera. It could have been a situation where Brandy or someone close to her pulled his card for that comment. And they dealt with it and squash it, so he probably never wanted to talk about it again. He know he was wrong for that, present day here come Charlemagne saying stuff to be slick. And how Charlemagne said it is what set him off.

  • Canteev

    I am sure Charlemagne knows Fredro isn’t a punk and doesn’t want it with him.

  • Keyona Ifyousayso Johnson

    I feel it was wrong because the statement that was made oh so many years ago didn’t just have something to do with Fredro. It also had something to do with Brandy. And she wasn’t there to defend herself. Also he could have apologized to her for saying it rather it was true or false all those years ago. What purpose did it serve? Do you really believe that ppl were still wondering about that information from all those years ago? Ambushing and asking questions like those will deter certain high caliber of ppl away from doing their show due those shenanigans.

  • honeydipped1

    I love his voice…and nice teeth TOO 🙂

  • too_real

    I will never forgive that crusty azz Charlemagne for how he did Lil Mamma (who was a very young adult) when she went on his show some years ago…. dude is punk. Everyone thought it was cute how he was verbally attacking a young black female live on radio at the time…everyone except me, that is! Best thing about it was that she held herself with great composure. She made a fan out of me that day. I can’t stand his black two-toned turd looking azz!

    • honeydipped1


  • Anna Sun

    Notice he didn’t say it wasn’t true…

  • mmmdot

    I can’t STAND punk azz Charlemagne, so I LOVE whenever someone checks him. Bravo, Fredro.

  • K. Rawls

    So basically you said some dumb, immature ish when you were younger ( it probably wasn’t even true) and now that you’re older and more mature, you have a tantrum because someone brings it up. hmm. You shouldn’t be mad at anyone but yourself, you said it. When you get interviewed you already know you’re going to be asked personal questions. If you didn’t want the past to be brought up, there was really no need for you to be on the show seeing as how the peek of you’re career was almost two decades ago. No one’s checking for you now. IJS

    • WAy

      The bad part is that he said two years ago. I am not sure how much his maturity level has changed in two years lol

  • Folaranmi Aremu-Bashir

    I wonder what Ray-J has to saw about all this.

  • Charlemagne is there to start discussions that other talk show hosts won’t. You notice not everybody goes to the breakfast club, and even then it’s a casual relaxed environment with no taboos. If you’re going to be all sensitive go do a review with complex magazine.

  • justsayin

    Like Fredro said, he’s a real one, so don’t come for him. What he thought? Fredro would play along like most of these new cats do. Fredro’s old new school, so what he said it, that was then, this is now. Fredro was wrong for puttin it there about Brandy. So he used to be that guy. This is 2014. Charlemagne on some low sh**t.

  • f

    I think this was a very entertaining interview. Charlemagne handled himself well whether he should have said it or not. Because I have always been afraid of Onyx and I would have backed down real quick. But I love Onyx.

  • Msnikkino

    I don’t think he was wrong I think Fredo was wrong for even putting it out there. It’s media that’s what happens. He could have checked Charlemagne without going off the deep end. Now he just looks like a fool.

  • StylesC

    Charlamagne seems like he wants to be the male version of Wendy Williams. Just messy!

    • Who’s that lady

      He trolls to much, I understand its for ratings but sometimes its straight annonying coming from a dude

  • Natasha

    There are some stuff that should be kept private and this is one of them.

  • CAliQueen

    Dang shame Fredro is still a hot head at 40 something years old. He knew what the Breakfast club was about before he stepped foot in the studio. If he didn’t want it brought up he should not have agreed to the interview or better yet never put that info out there. I think Charlamagne handled himself well under those circumstances.

    • Dee_Va

      i agree. Who gets mad 3 minutes later….If Fredro didn’t want it to ever come up again he should have never said it in the first place. 3,4,6 years or 2 weeks ago.

      • honeydipped1

        Uhm, F was clearly caught off guard. I don’t have an issue w/him getting mad 3 or 30 minutes later…he chose an opportune time to address it 😀

    • sha

      Charlamagne is and acts like a straight up biotch! His is not Wendy Williams so he will not get on TV outside of LaLa’s Life. Why would Fredro even think something like that would be brought up after all of this time, like really?! Charlamagne handled himself like the biotch he is. He needs to apologize to Brandy because that was very very very disrespectful to bring that up now! Throwing shade like a little girl. Disgusting!

      • A_Tay

        Charlamagne has his own late night talk show on MTV2 so he is on TV outside of Lala. He is disrespectful but he didn’t just start being that way. When you go to the Breakfast Club you should already know what to expect and Onyx is a group from the 90s so of course questions about the past are gonna be asked

        • CAliQueen


      • CAliQueen

        Why would Fredro think something like that would be brought up. Well considering the fact that he brought up the list of questions that aren’t allowed during his interview, I would say he knew. And it’s Charlemagne. Whether we agree with him or not or consider him a Biotch he brings the shock value to the show. That’s what he get’s paid to do.

        • honeydipped1

          It wasn’t a question though :/ it was a comment….ok, I guess a “shock value” comment.

          • CAliQueen

            I understand it wasn’t a question. I was referencing the comment Fredro made during the interview :/ It implied he already knew the subject could be brought up….. ok!

  • sha

    He disgusts me trying to be the male Wendy Williams. Brandy has a daughter now and that was extremely disrepectful to her. Funny how know one who commented said anything about that. Glad he got at by a real ni**a! Wish they weren’t in the studio – he would got got forreal!

    • Shanice

      But people are saying Que said it two years ago. To my knowledge, Sy’rai is way older than 2

      • He said it two years ago, not that it happened 2 years ago. He was implying that it happened back when they worked together.

    • Jay Anderson

      Trying to be a male Wendy Williams? LMFAO Dude been like that since his Charleston radio days and that was in the 90s. So what are you talking about?

  • Yvette

    He should not have brought up something Fredro said many years ago. What was the point other than to start some mess between Fredro and Brandy. Charlamagne is messy as hell!

    • shay

      It was messy for Fredro to say it the first place. He said it two years ago. that wasnt many years ago.

      • Yvette

        I stand corrected for assuming it was back in the day and Fredro doesn’t get a pass for putting it out there initially but Charlamagne is still messier for bringing it back up. Who wants to re-live something that they said but shouldn’t have?

    • tif

      80% of the interview was about the past. All their interviews bring up questions the public wanted to know from the past about the celebrity! Angela Lee question was about the group being soft in the beginning so why didn’t he blow up over that?

      • Yvette

        There is a big difference between asking someone about something foul they said and asking about how they were perceived or acted within their group. We can agree to disagree on this one because no matter what I still say Charlamagne was and is messy.

        • Jay Anderson

          Messy? For what? Asking real questions? Thats what they do? If u don’t wanna answer dont answer.

  • yellowleo

    Maybe because it was many years ago. Why bring up something Fredro said many years ago? Something that he said, probably out of immaturity. Charlemagne just talks too damn much with his funny looking self and I’m glad he got checked. I hope someone else punches him in the eye on t.v.

    • ya

      He said it two years ago. That wasnt many years ago.

  • Trisha_B

    But if he said that about him & Brandy, why is he so upset now? Maybe b/c it was all a lie & he feels dumb for lying ?

    • Hmm hmm

    • Rayjulian85

      Or maybe he’s a grown man now and realizes that bow wow behavior is tacky and disrespectful. People do grow up

      • Trisha_B

        Or maybe he should have been a grown man & use this opportunity to apologize to Brandy for saying what he said. There was no need for him to cop an attitude when he put that info out there

        • naynay11206

          now I agree with that don’t get mad at Charlemagne cause he asked the question

        • Rayjulian85

          Maybe he has apologized, considering this was years ago. I wouldn’t have known he ever said that if it weren’t for this interview. Now I do. What’s the ultimate purpose? Who’s image is harmed here? Ultimately, it’s Brandy’s. I applaud his indignation. It was a gross immature question at her expense.

  • Lissa329

    Well Fredro, you shouldn’t have said that foolishness all those yrs ago… why so angry now?

    • Queen Elizabeth

      This happened in the past is the problem I have with him bringing it up. What is the point of bringing it up now? He who is without sin cast the first stone.

      • Jay Anderson

        The point of bringing it back up is that… it was their first interview in a long time so u ask past questions.

  • naynay11206

    No he wasn’t wrong Charlamagne just repeated what Fredro said now Fredro shouldn’t of say it and Charlamagne wouldn’t of asked about it

    • Nicky

      Charlamagne was wrong, no matter how you slice and dice the situation.

      • naynay11206

        No he wasn’t like I said Fredro should of never put it out there Charlamagne did his job and asked the question fredro didn’t have to go in. They know how power 105 got down so stop it

      • Kool Breeze

        Why was he wrong ? Freddro said it right in front of the camera during a spontaneous interview. Obviously there is something behind it that makes him not want to talk about it. Maybe he got threatened or something. Why get all upset?

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  • lil ray

    He was wrong for the way he brought it up, charlamagne stay saying slick stuff to his black quest on the show but bend over backwards for others especially his “white Nubian queens”.

    • naynay11206

      I dis agree I hear Charlamagne talking about Kim K all the time and again Fredro was giving an interview and thats what you do ask question now if Fredro didn’t want to answer those type questions then he should of not went to that radio station cause Charlamagne will ask those type of questions

  • heyheyno

    heck yeah he was wrong….but that’s why tv, radio personalities do to start stuff

    • Shaw Sway

      It was a typical breakfast club interview (with the usually questions about gossip and embarrassing moments). Fredo Starr felt that approach was humiliating then immediately went from 0 to 100. Only the A-List and icons avoid this style of being interviewed. Most radio hosts have too much respect or probably fans to ask prominent guest about rumors.