Julissa Bermudez Shades Kim K, Celebrates BFF Adrienne Bailon For “NOT Laying On Your Back For the World To See”

July 30, 2014  |  


We told you earlier today that Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe had some words for Adrienne Bailon after she said being connected to the Kardashian label after dating youngest brother Rob hurt her career. Just a quick reminder of the statement that really set things off, Kim said this on Twitter:

“Funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career yet the only reason she has this article is bc she is talking about a Kardashian.”

We forgot to mention that big sis Kourtney jumped in the mix with “STILL talking about us?!” and according to NecoleBitchie, Tyga’s girlfriend and new Kardashian BFF, Blac Chyna, threw a little shade too, saying “STFU … Adrienne … Girl bye”

While Bailon still hasn’t responded to such foolery (and she shouldn’t really), it’s her best friend and former “Empire Girls” co-star, Julissa Bermudez (who also hosted “106 and Park” for a short time before Rocsi and Terrence came on board) who is coming to her defense.

She got gully on Twitter this morning and said this to Miss Kimberly:


In response to this, Khloe Kardashian posted this on her Twitter account just a couple hours ago: “FDB”

Yes, that stands for “f**k dat b***h”

I’m just really confused at why Bailon’s comments were taken as such malicious ones. They were a little shady, but not worth a day full of back and forth keyboard thuggin’. But do you know who the real winner in all of this is?

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  • IMustSay

    While I do agree that Adrienne should probably stop bringing up Rob’s name every chance she gets….I’m sure that Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush would have to agree that being associated with a Kardashian hurt their careers too…just saying

  • KK Holidae

    And you’re doing what these days Julissa??? Exactly

  • Stephen Scotland

    if being with a kadashian hurt her career,means she didnt have a career in the first place..hush bolion who…

    • Hangover21

      You’d be surprised how damaging the Kardashian name can be, actually. Not really a fan of Adrienne, but she does have a point. Hollywood doesn’t love this family as much as they want you to believe. You don’t see people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt hanging around them. Why? Because most A-listers have enough sense not to associate with them. Even they know a single picture with the K-Dash family could hurt their career and undermine their Hollywood standing. The K-Dash family are more of curse than a blessing. Ask Ray J, Kris Humphries, Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush, Rita Ora, and many others.

  • kierah

    The Kardashians are supposed to ride hard for their brother. Julissa needs to sit all the way down on this matter. Adrienne tried to keep up with Kardashians too. She changed her whole look to the point where she even looks like them.
    The relationship is dead. Stop digging it up. If someone asks about it, Adrienne doesn’t have to respond. Eventually all these people allegedly asking Adrienne or putting Adrienne down because of Rob, will stop as well.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Wow I forgot this girl was even alive.
    Where’s Rocsi ? Is she still alive too?

  • Boop!

  • coco

    Julissa aint lying though cause we all know Kim Khloe or Kourtney would have not said anything to Adrienne face she knows it thats why she not saying anything, yeah Adrienne is milking the cow a little long she didnt have to show the process of removing the tattoo on tv she doesnt have to speak on him in interviews and on her tv show, but i do think she deserves to explain that its been difficult for her to move pas them because everyone just sees her now as rob kardashian ex instead of an ex cheetah girl or an ex 3LW and adrienne girl bye i got to get you on that barbie doll saying your like 5 years older than rob and hes like 28 so your in your 30’s you was not playing with barbie at that time lol

  • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

    All this going back and forth over “poor ol’ Rob” and the man himself hasn’t said a word. OK girls, break it up…Khloe and Kim, go back to your shopping,plastic surgery and thoughts of relevance. Adrienne go back to your job and your man. Julissa go back to doing….whatever it is the that you do.

  • Trini_Angel

    When Rob starting going through his sudden weight gain, everyone and their mother was commenting that Adrien should ‘check on him’ even though she’s in a relationship with someone else. Even Rob was dropping words to her on Twitter. No-one said anything at that time that the Kardashians should shut up. Now she says something and everyone is up in arms. She unlike the Kardashian sisters is actually WORKING not just parading and pouting hoping to be noticed, so give her a break. And Rob join and gym, change ur diet, get an actual J-O-B and stop crying like a wuss!! Man UP!!!!

  • louvres

    On another note..when does an album come out?

  • ladybug

    ” Bailon still hasn’t responded to such foolery (and she shouldn’t really)” Really MN? I hate when ppl insult someone and then play the victim or worse others treat them like a victim. Adrienne came at the Kardashian’s and THEY shouldn’t have responded to such foolery. Yes she was in a girl band (with two hits) before the Kardashian thing. But she knows good and darn well why she hooked up with Rob k and it wasn’t for his personality, good lucks or s e x. It was for the Kardashian fame. And whether we like to hate on them or not ppl use them for fame just like kk used Paris Hilton for fame and then dropped her. Adrienne didn’t have a brand before and honestly the chick is still in limbo which in fact is why she is using their name now to bash them.

  • An Observation

    Umm cuse me. Isn’t she also behind a computer and isn’t the reason we know Adrienne’s name is because she was in fact on her back with a Kardashian? They all need to stop… ALL of them.

    • Hangover21

      She was known way before anyone knew the Kardashians in the girl group called “3LW”. Adrienne didn’t get fame off Rob, but most likely vice-versa.

      • An Observation

        When Adrienne is mentioned especially in current day media she is mentioned as Rob’s ex, and sometimes her talk show thats it.

        • Hangover21

          And I bet she is tired of it, hence her shade against the family. She wants to shake off the “Rob’s ex” label. You can’t fault her for that.

          • An Observation

            No I don’t fault her at all. Ive just been around long enough to know when you are TRULY over someone and that past situation, you don’t even bother to waste your breath to mention them at all. Instead of feeling the need to let everyone know how dirty he did her when asked about him she should only say “I wish him well”. It is true the beset revenge is living well and she is a nice looking lady who has some things popping off for her right now and Rob…. well everyone can see where he is and how he is. Living in the shadows of his sisters, with a sock business that does marginal at best, being teased by the media about his weight, and seems to be only existing and not doing much with his life. She does not have to say ONE THING about Rob not one thing at all.

            • Hangover21

              You are right. Adrienne could have said “no comment” and moved on to the next question, but I guess her magazine cover wasn’t going to be a top sell without some juicy details about her past relationship. Anyway, I hope this blows over and everyone can just move on. Adrienne should stop talking about Rob, and Rob needs to focus on himself to get better.

              • An Observation

                Great points. I agree.

  • Shay

    I understood where Kim was coming from (defending her family) up until she said the only reason Adrienne is relevant. Is basically because of her…if My memory serves me correctly Adrienne was famous long before Kim was engulfing five dollar foot longs if you catch My drift…sure she is beautiful and success but she didn’t get their initially pounding the pavement but being….you know lol

    • Yay

      Its funny how that family feels so entitled now. Kim is a reality tv star. Hollywood do not want anything from her or her family. AB has a better chance at making It in Hollywood before she does. Plus, every reporter is going to ask about her past relationships, unless they instruct otherwise. I thought everyone was entitled to their own opinion, right?

      • Dopess Manager

        Um Kim has already “made it”. Regardless of how or why she’s a household name. AB not so much, hence her having to discuss Rob for headlines. Js

      • ladybug

        “Hollywood do not want anything from her or her family. AB has a better chance at making It in Hollywood before she does. ” You must be delusional. Kim alleady made it and is still making it. Adrienne has potential but will never have kk status. Im not a Kardashian fan or hater. I just call a spade a spade. I don’t understand why everyone hates on kk.

    • NuNu

      ppl so quickly forget that Adrienne was in 3LW and she as a cheetah girl making that Disney money for years .. she had alot going on before she started dating Rob.

      • Shay

        Exactly I think people’s memory are a little foggy I remember the cheetah girls being a big franchise TVs production the last one was shot in India I don’t think they (Disney )would have taken production to India if it wasn’t a huge profitable venture for disney..but what do I know 😉

      • SunFlower78

        I was thinking the same thing, I have a 13 year old daughter, and she loved the cheetah girls…believe me she had a lot going on before anybody even knew Rob existed.

  • sarasefree

    lmfao………i didn’t know julisa had it her

  • tellthetruth

    kardashians do somewhat ruin careers. They use these men as leverage then you never hear from them. Name one that is still on after dating a kardashian besides nick cannon and reggi bush? don’t worry i’ll wait !!!!

    • leah

      so true.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      And they’re barely straddlin

    • ladybug

      That’s these men’s fault for being so shallow when choosing their women. Maybe if they’d look deeper than big behinds, long hair and exotic looks they wouldn’t be the Kardashian’s yesterday news and they just might find a soul mate.

  • Lisa

    The Hoe-dashians mad or nah??? For the exception of Kourtney, they only famous for who they date no solid work or careers. Yeah they got the boutiques because that’s what every celeb has boutiques, clothing lines, fragrance or makeup line. Don’t throw ya rock and hide ya hand. They put they business on blast by themselves don’t be mad because somebody else is confirming. Adrienne entitled to feel the way she want and at the end none of gonna bust a grape in a food fight.

  • mays

    You know what would be really nice for the world??! The Kardashians need to all fly overseas together and their plane can just fall, crash or disappear..THAT would liberate us!!!

  • Trisha_B

    I think their ( Kardashians) issue w/ what she said was her saying being linked to the Kardashian name ruined her “career.” Which is obviously a lie. That’s like Kim dissing the porn0 company that cut her that check. They put her on. & being linked to Rob did put Adrienne on a bigger platform. So they didn’t ruin something that wasn’t there to begin with

    • Fresh45

      Being linked to Rob is also what keeps her some what relevant today; she knows it. I like Adrienne a lot,I always have but she knows her relationship with Rob is the only thing people care to hear her talk about,which is why she doesn’t shut up about him.

    • Msajai

      exactly…she appeared on that show and nobody is checking for Adrienne still..I would decline to talk about it if people asked.she wanted Rob to leave her alone when she left and he was still calling so why now is it the only thing to talk about…she got a new talk show..talk about that….how does her current boyfriend feel about always hearing about it..no matter what happened..she attended events after they broke up…she loved them so much and now kim lays on her back…kim was a socialite just like paris and ‘dem..not like she came from the PJ’s..and hell Ray J aint even well known except for tomfoolery…people kill me..they got 6 sextapes and suspect sex episodes in their past but Kim is always the hoe… #fixitjesus

    • ladybug

      Finally someone with some sense. Thank you!

    • Just saying!!

      I don’t think so. Maybe it made her more famous, but not in a good way. I always really liked her in 3lw. I’ve never seen people talk so negatively about her.

  • Dorothy M. Tate

    she’s telling the trust that’s exactly how they got famous. can they act? can they sing? can they write? no-no and no

  • Shannon Sescoe

    Shots fired! They know damn well what that girl was saying about Rob was the truth. They really need to have a couple of seats

  • hi-liter

    I was wondering who was gonna ride for Adrienne. Ain’t nothing wrong with it, cause ain’t nan one of them gonna bust any moves. Just posturing and selling wolf tickets. I mean really.

  • ok

    I LOVE it. Kim ONLY got what she has because of Ray J, so she can’t shade anyone for making a come up off of someone’s name. HOWEVER, good ol Adrienne has actually been WORKING. She became famous off of TALENT. So what she gets asked about Rob a lot. It was her first public relationship AND she had a tattoo of his name on her.

    • Sunny

      They’ve convinced themselves that they actually earned their place in the spotlight through hard work instead of Kim’s third-rate p0rno. And why have I been seeing so much sympathy for Rob? He’s as big a d*ck as everyone else in that family. He’s just put on a lot of weight; they’re acting like he has a terminal illness or something.

    • Trisha_B

      Kim doesn’t have what she has b/c of Ray J. She has what she has b/c her mom got her a good a55 deal. She just slept w/ Ray J. But Ray j didn’t get her commercials, movie roles, endorsements etc. Ray j can’t even get that for himself.

      • Sunny

        Actually, she does. Well, him and her pimp mother. Before that tape, no one was checking for her. She was cleaning Paris Hilton’s closets.

        • Trisha_B

          Yea, due to her mother. If it wasn’t for her mother, the tape would have been forgotten about. She would have been forgotten about. Look how Ray J struggling to get some air time. The tape getting released only did but so much. Kris strong pimp hand made all this happen

          • Guest

            Yassss honey Trisha_B I agree… Mama Kardash a hustla! SHE the real MVP, she should have been shading Adrienne for trying to clown the Kardash Clan!

        • JustSteph

          YASSSS! I love how Paris never lets her forget it!

      • Huh What

        No sweety Ray J put her on the map if it wasn’t for him no one would even know her name. He was her introduction to fame let’s be honest here.

        • ladybug

          Her intro to fame was paris Hilton. She was already famous because of her father and her friendship with Paris. That tape opened up more doors but that’s not where it started.

        • Trisha_B

          I am being honest. Ray J didn’t put her on the map. The reason people were even interested in the tape wasn’t b/c of Ray j. It was b/c that was Paris BFF & Paris also had a tape. Kim could have had a tape w/ anyone & it would have most likely been the same outcome. B/c her mother has not an ounce of shame & got her that good deal

          • Huh What

            I agree that her mother has no shame the bible tells us not to give our daughters up to harlotry and to me she’s the perfect example of pimping your own daughters smh, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on the Ray-J situation lol because I think I can speak for most black ppl when I say we didn’t know who the heck she was until Ray-J

      • louvres

        People defend Adrienne out of hate for KIm! You know there is no rational thinking anymore when a Kardashian is involved! If she was celeb because of the tape, than Ray J would have been celeb too but no one wants to hear that… and who is Julisaa?

        • Trisha_B

          Exactly! How could have ray j put her own when he’s struggling his damn self lol.

        • Duh

          Maybe because the Kardashians, especially Dim the Selfie Queen, are the last people who should be commenting on how or why anyone else gets media attention.

      • ladybug


    • louvres

      Naturi left 3LW because she wasn’t with sleeping for beats,and tour slots…soooo yea Adrienne DID in fact “lay on her back” to get famous but I guess objective thinking is out the window when a Kardashian is involved..

      • me

        can you prove this?

        • Fear and Loathing in Hawthorne

          Nope! He/she just bumping his/her gums!

  • lulu

    Miss B. you’re being a little brave behind your screen as well because honestly kim be in LA at the same place pretty much daily so….

  • yellowleo

    Honestly, I’m tired of hearing Adrienne talk abt. Rob as well. That’s all she does, even pn the show, The Talk. The last thing she talked abt, which had to be just abt a week ago, was her getting his name removed off her and showing the process. She is just like Ray J. He can’t stop mentioning Kim and she can’t stop mentioning Rob.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    Julissa is trying to shade by calling them internet thugs….yet she’s doing the same. Girl stay out of this and mind your own biz. Go see if BET is still hiring…..you couldn’t even keep that job.

    • shayla

      what did she do for BET?

      • hollyw

        She hosted 106 & Park for, like, 2 seconds…

    • Annette

      I don’t think she called the girls internet thugs. That was MN.

      • cantcommittoahairstyle

        Saying that they get real brave behind a keyboard is the same difference.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      Well it was 4 on 1 what was she supposed to do?

      • cantcommittoahairstyle

        To mind her own biz and stay out of it like I said it my comment. They were addressing Adrienne not Julissa. Therefore let Adrienne do the clapbacks and handle her own battle that she created to begin with by doing the interview. You can have your friends back without jumping into something that has nothing to do with you.

        • Blah

          So Rob’s sisters should’ve stayed out of it then too.

          • cantcommittoahairstyle

            No they Should not have stayed out of it because Adrienne didn’t just come for Robert she also came after their family name. They did what anybody else would’ve done. STANDING UP FOR THEIR FAMILY. When you come for one….you come for all.

            • me

              then the same can be said for Adrienne’s friend sticking up for her. your point really is invalid. but obviously your a kardashian fan so youre already invalid.

        • Just saying!!

          Ummm Adrienne wasn’t referring to Kim or Khloe so technically they should’ve minded their business too. So your argument is invalid.

          • cantcommittoahairstyle

            So besides Rob who else was she referring to or shading when she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career?

        • Shawndrea Rachelle

          Lol girl why are you so tense? These people don’t know you. Like I said, it was 4 on 1. If there were four people on my ONE friend that automatically becomes my business as well. In that case what was Blacc Chyna ‘s reason to jump in?

          • Cruz Bee

            and how is Blacc Chyna famous again? #BirdsOfAFeather