Exclusive: NeNe Leakes Talks New HSN Clothing Line, Cynthia & Marlo, Wendy Williams & Why She Keeps Coming Back To RHOA

July 30, 2014  |  

Why did you feel like you needed to address Wendy Williams with that open letter?

We all know that Wendy has been very negative towards a lot people in the industry. That’s basically how she built her career. That’s fine with me. No tea and no shade. But the deal is I supported Wendy, I was supportive of Wendy. If you rewind the tape all the way back to season one, when she first opened up her show for the first week, I sat on her show for a full hour. And I helped her when she launched her show that week. I would like to think that I’ve been on there more than any other reality show star.

This is off camera…when she did her 500th episode, her producers called me and told me ‘Wendy is doing her 500th show, we would love for you to come and celebrate with her.’ And I said Wow. I flew to New York and bought her a Celine bag, it ain’t got nothing to do with the price or nothing. I went to her and said to her, ‘I am so proud of you Wendy.’ Honestly, I hugged her and told her I am so proud of you. Because I feel like she was a Black woman opening up the door for me to walk through. That’s an amazing accomplishment as an African American woman.

All of a sudden it’s like Wendy flipped and went on some type of sabotaging campaign. Every time she would put my picture up, she said something negative about me. I don’t watch her show anymore because she has been so negative toward people. And she’s not only negative toward people, she is negative toward Black girls. And you’re a Black woman sitting up here. Now, I have a feeling why she’s saying it, but I just want people to know it was not about my Birkin bag, my bag was the last straw for me. She put on this sabotaging campaign for a very long time. So I wanted to do an open letter and just said to her ‘What did I do to you?!’ Because if I did anything to you, you need to tell me.

So I wanted to say, hey look I’m a Black girl doing a clothing line on HSN. Now, I know you hear a lot of Black girls saying they have clothing lines but do you see their products anywhere? And do you see them selling them anywhere, outside of the trunk of their car or some website somewhere? Look, if I win, you win. If I open up that door of opportunity for you, this is a possibility that you will be able to walk through this same door. What we are doing with HSN or any of these department stores is not easy. I’m a brown girl, so I just feel like girl, give me props. What she did was make it seem like Kim and Kanye have enough money to deface a bag and I don’t have that kind of money. And my bag costs $6,000 and Kim’s bag costs an astronomical amount of money. So I said, ‘Ok, obviously she doesn’t own an Hermes.’ She said my bag costs $6,000. Well you need to go to the Hermes store and see if you can pick up you a bag for $6,000. You will not leave with a bag like mine. That bag costs a lot of money and first of all, I defaced it, it is my bag. I spent my money on it. I have several. Whether Kim and Kanye have way more money than me or not, I’m out here getting money. So you should at least give me props. Girl, you know I ain’t been out of a job. I have worked my ass off out here. I wouldn’t have even cared if she criticized my bag. But she tried to lower the cost of my damn bag and then she tried to act like I’m not out here working everyday getting money. Girl, bye. I’m so done with you right now. I know why you’re doing this and you know why you’re doing it too. You just another one of these haters, just hate to see another sister come up. Women need to support women more often, we really do.

If you are out here doing something big, I will never put you down.

Just don’t try to take nothing from me. You don’t have to like me but don’t take nothing from me.

Now though, thinking about it, I wish I hadn’t responded.

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  • grape roberts

    Nene is 100 percent right. I stop watching Wendy after that show, the way she went in on Nene, I said to myself Wendy is a hater.

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  • oscardgrouch

    Hood rich…..

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    I watched the HSN show, and I bought a nice blouse. I saw it, I liked it, and I bought it. I applaud people who try to live out their dreams. I never talk badly about anyone, nor do I judge them. Why? Because I am satisfied with my own life. We only pass through this life once. If you learn to do you. Get what you want. Do what you want to do, you would have no problem seeing others do the same. She may not be the greatest actor, or the most articulate person, but NeNe is doing NeNe, I have to respect that.

  • lol!

    “First thing they would say, ‘You’ve lost so
    much weight.’ And I would say ‘No I haven’t.’ You watch me on television and I
    know television sometimes makes people look much larger but I’m not plus size.
    But people thought I was plus size from watching me on television” –

    Hilarious, Nene is a straight nut!!!

  • Malanye Chantye

    Money and airbrushing sure makes her look better than she actually does.
    Get it NEne

  • Toni Jones

    I use to ride for Wendy Williams, I was down with her since the 90’s, but when she took a left turn on NeNe I couldn’t understand it. I mean she can talk, but then it got personal, talking about Gregg and NeNe has a fake relationship, how could she even kiss him, about her son having another child out there, ect. It all became too personal. Then I realized Why so many of our top Black Actors ,Rappers and reality show people don’t want to have anything to do with her!! She is a streight up hater! She has a serious dark side that now is showing it’s head again and it is who she WW’s truly is. Foul!!!

    • grape roberts

      I was also happy for Wendy when she got her own Talk Show, but she has a vendetta against Nene and Rihanna. She does more that gossiping, but make up lies about them. This woman hates black woman and thinks just because white people sitting in her audience she made it. If black people stop watching her, she is toast. Black people is her bread and butter.

  • Gwen Harris

    She’s right about Wendy flipping. One day she is in the person’s corner and the next day not so much. We just watched her show for the last season.

  • HHN

    Wait, did she bleach her skin?

    • Malanye Chantye

      They all do !!! Check out old pictures of black and compare them to now

    • This picture has been photoshopped and tie dyed so much she doesn’t even look recognizeable. She hasn’t Ibleached her skin. I saw her around the way and she’s still TeamDarkSkin this is just a combination of Photo Editing, Proactiv Plus, Good lighting and Ben Nye Banana Powder

  • Suuzie

    I know exactly what Nene wanted to say about Wrndy, but didn’t quite go there so I will do it for her. Wendy thing id degrading black women and men to get a laugh from her white audience and she would not dare say some of those same things about Taylor Swift or Jennifer a Lopez, she won’t even go hard on the Kardashians like she will do Beyonce or a Rihanna. The woman I shameless when it comes to calling out black folks…she is evil. Good luck and many blessings to Nene.

    • MiaSara

      Girl bye! When has Nene ever empowered any blk woman other than herself?
      She is just like Wendy if you ask me, she shucks and jives for the why te man’s coins, she’s jealous of any woman who is more successful, she thrives on conflict and she’s abt as genuine and trustworthy as a basket of snakes.

      • cubanflowers

        you and suuzie are both right……

        wendy is just like thomas jerome harris….

        they get paid to degrade their own race… nobody wants to hear anything bad about pink people… there is no money in reporting their asininity…

        even the main stream media knows that if you put a brown or black face in the headlines … you generate cash flow…

        both wendy and thomas are nothing but pink people’s whhhooo0ores…

        once their pink audience and bosses… get bored ….and tired of causing fissures in their culo….and bruises on their tonsils….they will throw them both to the trash…so the rats can chew and eat their flesh….

        be blessed..

    • grape roberts

      I agree with you 100 percent. She will be fired if she dare talk about whites the way she talks about black. I stop watching her after that Nene episode and the way she talks about Rihanna is a disgrace.

  • Phyllis Covington

    She by Shre………………uhhhhhh????

  • ohdearme

    This was by far the best interview I’ve read in a long time! God bless you Ms. Leakes in all that you do, I love this woman’s hustle as well as her ability to keep it real. Yes she can buy expensive things now but she hasn’t forgotten there was a time that she couldn’t.

  • Music

    “I’m able to walk through the store and obviously buy things that are very expensive.” LOL Nene is hilarious!

    Congrats! On your success, Nene. Great Interview as well.

    • guest

      Will this “Hood Rat” ever be quiet??? You never ever hear the “People with Real Money$$$) ex. B. Gates, The Big O, W. Buffett…brag about being able to go to any store and shop……Get educated on how to “Speak in public” and not about how much $$$$ you are making……Duh

      • Weaverinpitt

        What the hell did she do to you??? You go Nene; work it girl! Best of luck in all that you do!

      • grape roberts

        Puffy, Baby, Dr Dre, Lil Wayne bragged about their long money. I bet she has more in the bank than you will ever see in your life time. Stop hating and get a job loser. If you had watched that particular episode that Nene was talking about, you would agree with her.