People Of Color Go Green! 75% Of Minorities Concerned About Climate Change

July 31, 2014  |  


While others seem to roll their eyes at climate change buzz words such as “global warming” and “melting polar ice caps,” people of color seem to have a soft spot for the environment — 75 percent of minorities, according to a Green For All (GFA) poll, are concerned about climate change.

People of color are more likely to be concerned about the environmental hazards that threaten our biosphere because, for one, African Americans are admitted into emergency rooms for asthma at 350 percent the average rate of Whites, ThinkProgress reports. Of the six million Americans who live near a coal plant, 39 percent are residents of color. These energy sources emit carbon dioxide, a hazardous gas that experts say causes global warming.

In comparison to only 78 percent of Whites, a whopping 89 percent of Blacks support regulation on carbon dioxide pollution, according to a 2010 study conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication.

“People of color care deeply about the environment and the impacts of climate change. We understand the urgency of these threats because we experience the effects every single day,” said Nikki Silvestri, GFA’s executive director.

Nearly 70 percent of minorities, according to the GFA poll, believe that climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed now, not later.

Here’s another reason why POC support climate action: Many have immigrated to the U.S. due to being displaced by Mother Nature’s wrath in their home countries. In 2013, more than 32 million people were forced out of their homes due to natural disasters. Most of them, ThinkProgress adds, were Asians and Africans. “Firsthand experience with the impact of climate change has made minorities firm believers in climate science,” says the site.

Among those polled, 62 percent of minorities say that we are not devoting enough attention and resources to curb climate change. And that’s why voters of color gravitate towards political candidates who express urgency in climate action.

Minorities overwhelmingly voted Democratic in the 2012 election, so it makes sense that they would express progressive views on environmental issues,” ThinkProgress said.

Seventy percent of POC voters are more likely to support legislators that circumvent detractors who view climate change action as some kind of affliction to the economy.

“We know that tackling climate change won’t be easy,” Silvestri said. “We’re ready to come to the table to find solutions, so we can help communities of color not only survive the next climate disaster, but leap forward and thrive.”

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  • Peter Sims

    Still waiting on a response. Your article has a lot of passion, so I hate to burst your bubble.
    I want you to think very carefully on what I am going to say.
    It is all about money.
    Pollution is caused by burning oil.
    Solar cells are being installed in this country rapidly. Every solar cell reduces pollution.
    These solar cells are being (like everything else) made in China.
    Obama and the democratic senate has impose a tariff (a tax) on these imported cells.
    The reason is to slow these imports, so solar cell manufacturers (democratic donors) can make more money. Fewer and more expensive solar cells are being install now.
    This directly causes more oil and coal to be burnt and causes “ASTHMA IN AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN”.
    MONEY MONEY MONEY. Your hero is no more than a part of the system you hate.
    PS Blacks and Whites are not at war. LOVE AND PEACE NOT HATE!

  • Peter Sims

    The people who have been displaced by “Mother Nature” do not have the resources to immigrate to the US. They come to be free.

    • Annalytical

      This article is pure propaganda.

  • Peter Sims

    It rains and frogs appear. It is obviously raining frogs.

    African Americans are more likely (an actual study) to live in cites and near heavily traveled roads.
    These areas are high in dust particles and soot in the air which cause asthma.
    CO2 does not cause asthma. CO2 naturally and normally occurs in our breath.
    Everyone expels CO2 !!!
    Please do not jump on the ignorant band wagon.