15 Male Grooming Techniques That Need To Stop Today

August 2, 2014  |  
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We respect guys who take some creative license with their style, but any time you get creative you take a risk. In these cases, that risk did not pay off! These male grooming trends need to go. Today.



Cornrows on white people

Somebody has to say it: when a white man gets cornrows, he immediately looks like the villains in the “Matrix” movies or some apocalyptic film.







The chinstrap

The moment a man gets a chinstrap, he is stripped of anything cuddly looking about him. Why look so intense?










Arm shaving

Have you ever heard a woman say she just wants to be held by…arms as smooth as a baby’s bottom? Probably not.


Over whitened teeth

Outside of a beauty pageant, overly white teeth look fake!



The hair poof

We understood the small poof—it had that London underground look—but then the poof got larger, and larger, and larger, until it turned into the feathers of a bird in heat.









The fohawk

Again, a guy looks like he could be in an apocalyptic setting with this—think the member of a biker gang after the world ends.



They don’t work on everyone. They just don’t. But everyone decided to try them.



Bieber hair

On grown men? Come on.


Surprised eyebrows

Some might say any amount of eyebrow grooming on men is odd. We won’t be that harsh but we will say the surprised eyebrow is the same as the “pinup” eyebrow, which is, again, for women.





Overgrown chest hair

Just because of all the deep V’s, that unruly chest hair needs to go. Okay let’s be honest: the deep V’s need to go!







The Jon Hamm haircut

It’s called the Jon Hamm haircut for a reason: because it only works on Jon Hamm. And Jon Hamm wears tailored suits in the 60’s. You—guy trying to rock that haircut—probably just look like your mom still grooms you with that haircut.







No attention to toe nails

You don’t need to get full on manicures but guys, that doesn’t mean you can just walk around with overgrown toenails you jammed in a car door and turned black two months ago and never attended to. Gross!



Rainbow hair dye

It’s not even attractive on the women who try to be “alternative.” Men with rainbow colored hair look like they belong in the circus.


Beanies to cover up a bad hair day

The only guy who is allowed to wear a beanie in the summer is Colin Farrell. The rest of you need to take a comb to that ‘do.



Abandoning contacts

Somebody told some guy he looked cute in his black-rimmed glasses, and now every guy is abandoning his contacts for these. The problem is, if you’re wearing a deep V and tight jeans, we know you’re just trying to look cute in those glasses. They’re probably not even prescription!

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  • Dee

    LORD please make these men cut their struggle a$$ beards! That look isn’t for everyone. It reminds me of when girls with perms REFUSE to cut their raggedy, disgusting dead ends. YUCK!

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  • rene

    Dress how you want to, as long as your respectful and CLEAN. AND wash your ears.

  • JML510

    I’m a guy, and I don’t get what’s so bad about the chinstrap one or the one about the whitened teeth. The average person is not going to tell whether or not your teeth are “overly” whitened, and a person should want their teeth to look white, anyway. As far as the chinstrap goes, I don’t see a problem with that style, either, as long as you edge it up every now and then.
    I could partially understand the “wearing beanies to cover up a bad hair day” one, but even there, not all beanies feel the same. Some feel cooler and lighter than others, and are OK to wear during the summer. Also, some people look better wearing beanies than they do without them (even when their hair is groomed).

    P.S. The “white guy with cornrows” one at the beginning immediately reminded me of Rummy from the Boondocks.

  • lulubear

    number 16 is just ignorant

  • deandra

    There is nothing and I mean NOTHING wrong with a classic men’s haircut. Just because people started calling it jonn hamm or whatever….. Come on. Guys look s@xy as h£ll with that cut. : ),ijs.

  • Damon

    So in other words- abandon ANYTHING natural about self (like women have) and just go COMPLETELY fake?!?!? How does this broad Julia Austin still have a job w this garbage???

    Julia Austin
    Julia Austin
    Julia Austin

  • Emmanuel Ocharles

    sorry but i’m gonna keep shaving my armpits.

    • Hope Floats

      Good for you! Nice to see well groomed men 😉

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  • Angelling31

    Wait, why shouldn’t men shave their arms?

    • JML510

      Good question. My dad has been telling me not to do it because it’s not masculine and because women don’t like dudes without armpit hair, but he’s not a woman, so I can’t really go off of his opinion alone.

  • ***

    Okay, so you want men to not be themselves? Who wasted their time on this article, they need to stop and get a life!

  • SNF

    This is the dumbest post I’ve seen in a while…

  • Ryguy

    This list is retarded

  • Roseet23

    I love the chinstrap and I think growing a beard are one of the sexiest things a man can do… As long as it looks clean 🙂

    • lulubear

      thank you! and they had the nerve to show it on ice cube who has like the best chin strap of all time

  • Hey as long as my beard/chin strap is maintained…Who are you to tell me to get rid of it? Can I tell you to get rid of the manicure? Eyebrow arching? Can I tell you to get rid of anything that you feel compliments your look? Your face? Seems a bit pretentious. I get not liking some of the trends on this list, but come on…

  • WHY

    It’s funny how women want to tell men the things they don’t like about them, but when it comes to those weaves, wigs, and extensions, men can’t say anything. At least men are dealing with their own hair. How are you going to dislike men wearing beanies to cover up a bad hair day when women do the same with fake hair (wigs/lace fronts)? How about we talk about the horrible makeup women wear as well. Who approve some of this stuff? I wonder if they will do 15 female grooming techniques that needs to stop as well. Hmmm, probably not.

    • Belinda

      They do it practically every other day on their sister site but they’ll call it “Struggle Brows” or “Catfishy-Something” or “Worst Weaves on the Net/Gram”.

    • Pash-in

      Preach! I thought this article was mostly mean. It felt like it was telling men to conform and assimilate to the typical beauty standards. I’m not down with that, every body needs their OWN identity!!!! You should cover up your hair with a beanie it you are having a bad hair day. What if you like the 60’s hairstyles. Do you, and rock what you wanna rock!!!!