The Kardashians Are On The Hunt Again: Kylie And Kendall Jenner Party It Up With Tyga, Trey And Breezy

July 27, 2014  |  

Kylie and Kendall Jenner got pretty cozy with the some of the most desired men in hip- hop  and R&B last night.

Chris Brown, Tyga and Trey Songz attended a house party last night and were joined by the ladies and a gang of pics of all the fun turned up on Instagram.

I’m still not exactly sure what these young ladies do besides party and “model”, but then again I’m still not completely clear on their sisters’ claim to fame either.

Looks like the young celebs had a ton of fun, but for Breezy’s sake not too much fun. Check  out the pics:

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  • KT

    Well these two are seen as dinosaurs. As a prize. As a come up. Smdh.

  • prettyredbone

    Chris and Tyga look like their just having a good time hanging out with friends. Meanwhile Trey looks thirsty as hell kinda like his career hanging on for dear life

    • KT

      Lol ..

  • Cheryl Robinson

    Now you talk about two out of control!

  • coco

    its one thing for kendall who is 18 to hang out with an older crowd i mean you are consider an adult at 18 but really Kylie 16 at a party with grown folks i cant with this family i dont care how much money you make she is a teenager and should be hanging out with people her own age

  • Jennifer

    I’m going to let all the non-black girls buy their albums. Stop supporting them

  • SJKE29

    Trey Songz looks like he wanted some private time with the older one. I wonder…..

    • Jennifer

      I wouldn’t be surprise if both Trey and Chris did Kendall, probably at the same time.

  • slim

    I’m not seeing the big deal. They are known to be fans of Chris and went to one of his parties. These are Hollywood teens. It’s not uncommon for them to hang/party with people slightly older people

  • Kel E

    Those girls are so lucky. Kendall gets to have Chris Breezy putting his arms round her. If only I…

  • Rosemary Davis

    These two young girls will end up in a ditch some where, Kylie is only 16 but Kris the pimp allow her to hang out with men much older than she is and if she’s not carefull they could take full advantage of her, and Kendall well obviously she thinks more about parting than she does about her image for a modeling career.

    • Jennifer

      Kendall is average looking. She’ll have to marry into more money. She’s never going to be a huge supermodel. It’ll be some gullible black dude, who swear he’s getting a prize because she’s a Kardashian and half-white, half-Armenian. You know how that idiot Kanye rants about Kim.

      • ThatEngineer

        Ok but saying half-white and half-armenian is equivalent to saying half-black and half-american or half-black and half-jamaican. Armenian is not a race. The kardashians are nothing but white. Armenia was a country.

      • lena120

        Kendall isn’t a Kardashian and isn’t Armenian. She’s a Jenner. She’s Bruce and Kris’ daughter, Not Robert Sr.’s. Bruce is White, Kris is White, therefore Kendall’s White.

  • Well the other girls are in their thirtiesv,khloe isnt yanking a big fish,the younger have to start walking the stroll. Lol at chris brown ain’t shytness,im sure he didnt drink of smoke anything at all, you cant dance your fuquery away forever.

  • Yeesh

    Why do so many Black people hang out with them? Reminds me of what Ossie Davis’ character said in Jungle Fever about swimming in the white man’s cesspool.

  • Alea

    Hold up… arent they waaaaay to young????

  • tommy_one

    I wonder how much Kris charged these Men? Where’s The Tape? Is Kris going to be selling that too? lol

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  • Bry Shonyea

    Shocker…Only one that seems to have not fxcked her way up the social celebrity ladder was Kourtney. Their just following in big sissy Khole && Kim footsteps. Soon they’ll be dating a hip-hip/r&b/rap artist. Wasn’t one dating Jayden(??) Smith.? I’m not saying they are little heauxs. Buttttt give it a minute until they cursing on the radio, taking selfies every .2 seconds && sleeping w/ someone’s baby daddy.

    • Jennifer

      Kourtney is a witch, too. She’s better at concealing it.

  • Crystal

    That’s a d*** shame. Even though Kendall is 19, that’s still too young to be around these fully grown men. Plus Kylie is only 16. Where is Bruce Jenner???? I guess Kris has pretty much castrated him at this point. There is no way that my young daughters would be hanging with these grown men. Plus the men are dumb for being with these little girls. I feel a lawsuit coming on.

    • Rosemary Davis

      Bruce is to busy trying to be a woman and he has no spine or back bone anyway and Kris the pimp she’s to busy spreading her legs to younger men so neither one of them seems to be aware or concerned about their young daughters associates until they come up missing or raped and killed then maybe they will take notice.SMH

      • IrmaWClark

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    • Marie Bano

      What type of mother with 5 daughters only wants them to be hoes for black men. I have only seen this in third world countries.