When A Woman’s Fed Up: 15 Celebrities Who Were Smart Enough To Leave Their Men

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With the drama between Apollo Nida and estranged wife Phaedra Parks, MadameNoire complied a list of 15 celebrities who left their men for cheating, lies and schemes. These ladies were fed up with it all and decided to move on with their lives.

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Phaedra Parks

Apollo Nida was upset with Parks for not showing up at his sentencing. “She didn’t even turn up for the f****** sentencing,” he said. But when a woman’s fed up, she’s gone. And that’s exactly what happened. It doesn’t seem like their marriage will be able to last the eight years he’ll spend in prison for identity theft and fraud. But regardless of what advice Parks gets, she seems to have made up her mind that their marriage is done. She’s busy trying to take care of herself and two sons with her book, “Secrets of the Southern Belle.”

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Andrea Kelly

Poor Andrea Kelly! She fell in love quick and got divorced even quicker! She thought she was blessed with a God-fearing man, Brian McKee. But he was just another liar and cheater. She found out he hit up other women for money. He blamed, “Hollywood Exes” for the split, but it’s definitely his cheating ways that caused the divorce. Ironically her ex-husband R. Kelly wrote and performed the song, “When a Woman’s Fed Up.”

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Sandra Bullock

How dare Jesse James cheat on Sandra Bullock?  She had just won her Oscar for The Blind Side when he cheated  with a stripper who had “pray for us sinners” tattooed on her forehead. James needed a tattoo on his forehead reading, “Dummy.” Nevertheless, Bullock divorced James and moved on. Although, he kept cheating on other women, smh!

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Angie Stone

Stone found out her man Ashanti Graves cheated on her with a “R&B Divas: Atlanta” staffer. She left the show and Graves. In an official statement,  “[Angie Stone] walked away from the reality TV show R&B Divas: Atlanta due to the lack of professionalism on behalf of [the] production crew and she did not want to associate herself with that type of behavior and tricks of the trade. She was to be the voice of reason brought on under false pretenses and after speaking and consulting with pastor and church, it was not something she choose to allow in her life.”

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Evelyn Lozada

Lozada left Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson after he beat her during an argument. She divorced Ochocinco shortly after marrying him. But he wouldn’t let go of their marriage. They married in July 2012 and divorced in September 2012. He head-butted her and had to deal with the law in return. Although, he keeps talking about her, she’s clearly moved on. She has a new man, Carl Crawford, and a son with him. She isn’t thinking about Ochocinco.

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Christina Milian

News broke last month Milian moved out of her LA home with Jas Prince. And shortly after, speculation of him cheating surfaced. She replied to an Instagram critic with, “you should’ve told HIM not to slip up. But everyone’s really caught up in what they see only on Instagram. I can make everything “appear” perfect to the world, but my truth is still the truth.” 

Rumor has it she’s dating Lil Wayne. They showed at the ESPYS Awards together holding hands, but apparently, they are a business arrangement only, as Milian is signed under Young Money.

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Shaunie O’Neal

She tried to stay for a while after separating from Shaquille O’Neal in 2007 and then, reconciling. But in 2010, she filed for divorce. They had irreconcilable differencesBut she hired a private investigator and found text messages from his longtime lover, Vanessa Lopez. Shaq texted, “Hey baby I’m still wit da babies. I’m sorry I’m a c u when I get bak.”

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Denise Richards

She was pregnant when she left Charlie Sheen in 2005, so you know she was fed up with him. Although, she tried marriage counseling for a minute — probably since they have children, the divorce continued in 2006. Hence, a nasty divorce and a nasty relationship, which continued until 2008 when Richards had a reality show called, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.” He tried to fight her in order to keep their daughters off the show, but he lost. But in 2009, they reached a custody agreement for their daughters.



Halle Berry

The most unanswerable question in years, is how can any man in the world cheat on Halle Berry?! Eric Benet seriously had to have a sex addiction for cheating on Berry. That is the only explanation. Benet slept with two of her closest friends and at least 10 women (probably more) during their marriage. Berry said after three years of marriage, “Eric and I have had marital problems for some time now and have tried to work things out together,” the 37-year-old actress said through her publicist.

 “However, at this point, I feel we need time apart to re-evalute our union.”

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Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were also victims of the Oscar curse. She won Best Actress and then, divorced her husband for cheating with his Stop Loss co-star Abbie Cornish. Nevertheless, Phillippe opened up to PEOPLE about divorcing Witherspoon, and it wasn’t a nice experience for him, of course. He said, “there were a good four or five months of not being able to get out of bed. It was the worst time in my life.”

But he also said, he moved on and they keep it peaceful for the children. Witherspoon, of course, has moved on herself.


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Kate Gosselin

Ever since she filed for divorce, her ex-husband Jon has been quite spiteful towards her. She allegedly left him after finding out he cheated with her plastic surgeon’s daughter, Hailey Glassman. But apparently, they begun dating after the split. But whatever it was, Kate was fed up and divorced him at the height of their show’s popularity. And as he was being pushed out from “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” he had production shut down. And then, TLC sued him. It was a mess. And it is still a mess. He still has a grudge against his ex-wife — publicly questioning her parenting skills.

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Camille Grammer

Camille was stepping out into her own spotlight when she joined “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2010. But right around that same time, Kelsey Grammer’s cheating scandal occurred. And she decided to bounce — divorcing Kelsey and leaving him thinking about his actions. When she filed for divorce the show was shooting, she filed for custody of their two children as well. Kelsey said he regretted lying to his ex-wife. But when it all was said and done, it was too late.

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Khloe Kardashian

Kardashian tried to stay for a hot second. But she filed for divorce. And she will reportedly get $7 million from the settlement. Many rumors surfaced as the cause for their failed marriage — including cheating and drug addiction on Odom’s behalf. Nevertheless, Kardashian has moved on. And is now dating French Montana — having officially gone on the record and saying he’s her man. And even talked about their sex life. They are both still married to other people. Montana has been blasted for taking care of Kardashian more than his own son.

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Demi Moore

Rumor has it Moore planned to divorce Ashton Kutcher from the moment she left him in the fall of 2011. And she did just that. Allegedly, the funny ladies-man cheated on Moore. And she had enough of her young husband. But due to financial issues, it took her some time to file for divorce. Although, there were rumors of feeling jealous about Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ union, she’s moved on and seems happy.


Paula Patton

By now, everyone feels sorry for Robin Thicke — not only because he cheated and lost, but because he wouldn’t accept he cheated and lost. When you mess up, of course it makes sense to fight for your woman. But really Thicke… a whole album dedicated to her? Well, the album flopped and his marriage is seemingly over. Patton hasn’t accepted any of his million pleas for forgiveness.

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  • Bost Bostee

    Christina left to go be with Lil Wayne?? hahahahaha……she is gonna make the list a second time around in a few

  • Lindsay Braxton

    OMG! I knew Andrea and Brian wasn’t going to last! I just knew. Then again, who didn’t know?

  • Zina K

    What? Phaedra didn’t attend the sentencing? Send her to prison! Oh wait…not attending the sentencing of a criminal is not a crime. Funny how this clown feels bad that she didn’t attend the sentencing where she has no control over the outcome, but when she could have been the voice of reason when he was making back door deals to scam people out of their hard earned money, he chose not to invite her (luckily for her), despite the fact that his decisions are having a huge and negative impact on her family’s life. SMH at the Galactically selfish and stupid. JM2C

  • Sue

    when this article mentioned black women first, I saw where this was going with the comments…it is actually about equal black and white women here..it’s just that the black ladies are mentioned first and it seems that there are more, but there isn’t…even if there were more, take it as a compliment if you are black..the title reads:..WOMEN WHO WERE SMART ENOUGH TO LEAVE THEIR HUSBANDS

  • See a trend here? Low life’s with a little money, all of them!

  • SonnySky

    Phaedra should have known better–she is 7 years older and he already did 5 years in prison for racketeering and even before she started having babies she had to know he was back at his crimes since he was not working and was out all the time and even on the show bragged how he dropped 5 G’s in a strip joint a night on strippers.

    • Zina K

      I think like a lot of women, Phae thought that she could change Apollo. She was building a lucrative brand and from what I saw on the show was really trying to make Apollo a part of that brand. He just couldn’t shake the desire to be a criminal (or a respectful husband). You can bring a horse to water, but…

  • Jimmy

    Why don’t they cover the men who were courageous enough to leave the cheating monster divas who are exceptionally gifted at lying? Guess they don’t want to call out these monsters less they reveal them to be women?

  • pipeslinga21

    Phaedra did not leave Apollo like a “smart woman” because she stood by him up until the ruling on his case.
    She waited until she had NO CHOICE but to leave him. He is locked up so obviously she want have him by her side. Duh.
    She should definitely not see him in jail since he has a smart mouth on him.

  • Renee Denise Austin

    ??? Scratching my head right now. I see several white celebs who left their cheating husbands, so how is this article racist?

    • ron

      its not renee, couple of blacks whining as usual that dont like hearing the truth

    • Danielle

      Not just that, this is Madame NOIRE. That’s like going to BET’s website and complaining that there aren’t any white people mentioned (or not enough)…

  • thedude1500

    I’ve only heard of about five of these people. A couple of them on the list seemed to have gained celebrity only by marrying one. Others seem to be D or E list.

  • Momznuts

    OK, I’ll admit it….I don’t know who half of these people are. The sad fact is that people cheat. Plain and simple. It’s not a race thing, it’s a human thing. As for me? It was best to kick him to the curb. To the cheaters?: Don’t get married, you only destroy lives…………

  • Quantez Williams

    evelyn lozada is a pimp. she’s had 3 different celebrity men pay for her kids.

    • oesdiva84

      You sound so foolish. One of them men, she was with for 10 years until her daughter turned 17. The other, Ocho, was only around for maybe 2. So technically her child is grown now. The person she’s with now is the father of her second/last child sooooo how’s that 3 different men paying for her kids? Ok, I’ll wait…

      • Kim

        Evelyn Lozada was an abuser herself. IJS. That man had no history of that type of behavior until he got with her. I am willing to bet that she initiated the violent contact. And to back up my assertion. Harvard did a study that shows that 74% of domestic violence incidents are initiated by the woman. So let that sink in for a minute.

  • Baby Doll

    lol what about hillary clinton, slick willy is prolly on affair number 17765499

    • Chelsea M

      She didn’t leave him lol

    • SonnySky

      Bill did not do anything illegal–affairs are not illegal. Apollo is a long time criminal.He did 5 years in prison –gets out and starts all over bigger and far more crimes.

    • hollyw

      Pssssh this article is about women who did the SMART thing in leaving their men lol… Hillary is brilliant, please believe if she still with him, there’s a reason, most likely political…

      • Zina K

        Talk About it!

  • doogal

    This writer must have not known that Pheadra met and represented Apollo in prison. She married him while a convict which doesn’t make her smart it makes her as shady as he is! No Phadrea knew what he was doing, she’s a lawyer remember and benefitted from his crimes WHERE DID SHE THINK THE MONEY WAS COMING FROM AND HE WAS ON PROBATON SINCE SHE MARRIED HIM? No her leaving had nothing to do with smart but everything to do with she does not want to sit beside him in prison I really believe she was a part of his fraud!

    • SonnySky

      Phaedra who is older than Apollo and knew he did 5 years in prison and hooks up with him knowing all this and lives with him and he has no job so where did Phaedra think he got the money from??? He bragged in front of her and on national tv how he dropped 5 G’s in a strip joint a night. I do not feel sorry for Phaedra at all.

  • 1Max_Wedge1

    How about the women who leave and then go back, Gabrielle Union!

  • Keith Ranson

    You Guys Need To Recount This List; There Are Only SIX Celebrities Here; As For Denise, She Had Left A NON-Celebrity.

    • Quantez Williams

      the article is about celebs who leave their men; it doesn’t necessarily mean that the men they left were also celebs.

      • Keith Ranson

        My Point Was, There Are Only Six Celebrity Women On This List; The Rest Are “Who’s That?”

        • oesdiva84

          Regardless of how popular they are all of them are celebrities in their own capacity whether A-List or not…

          • Keith Ranson

            Sounds Like You Believe Everything You Hear; In That Case, The Sky Is Falling Next week,Better Take Cover.

            • oesdiva84

              What does my belief have to do with the fact that these ppl are more known than most amongst society? You sound real foolish…

              • Keith Ranson

                You Want Foolish? Just Look in the Mirror.

                • oesdiva84

                  LoL you are right. I’m very foolish for debating such a simple topic with such a simple person. Enjoy your Sunday Keith! Blessings to ya! :-*

                  • Jo

                    I love your username! Star!

                    • oesdiva84

                      Thank you Jo!! :-*

                    • Jo

                      Where do you hail from my Sistar?

                    • oesdiva84

                      Grace Chapter #158 AF&AM, Jackson, Ms. You?

  • AtheistPilgrim

    The term “celebrity” is being used pretty loosely here.

    • Renee Denise Austin

      i agree.

    • SonnySky

      Neither Phedra or Apollo are celebrities. They are on a fake show called reality show that is not all real reality. Except maybe their backstabbing to other for ratings and secure spot on the show.

    • Zina K

      Although I agree with you, the definition of Celebrity is one who is well known. Which these people, as much as I hate to admit it, are definitely well known.

      • Angelia Potts

        Yes, they are celebrities not very rich celebs but they are. People watch these shoes around the world. They are reality stars.

  • j

    Wat about Keyshia Cole?????

    • asar

      I consider this article a racist affront and an insult to African-American men and people in general. There are barely enough African-American celebrities to even register their community as a significant influence in Hollywood. However, this lousy reporter has dug up a divisive topic and cited predominantly black males as being kicked to the curb. White women have been fed up and kicking white men out of their lives for almost a century of Hollywood, but in this article the reporter only managed to cite a paltry small number of white celebrity females fed up and kicking their white men to the curb? Nonsense.
      African-American women are the minority smaller number of celebrity women fed up and kicking their men to the curb, while white women are certainly the majority that should be fairly cited here.
      If this incompetent reporter cannot be fair an objective about the major race in Hollywood kicking their white men to curb after being fed up, then perhaps this reporter should go find another job where professional ethics is not involved.
      And by the way, where is that article citing reasons why black males might have been fed up with black or Latino female celebrities and kicked them to curb? Are you trying to tell us that women are without fault and bad habits that cause men to kick them to the curb? Loud and obnoxious black and Latino celebrity women are just as distasteful in their behavior as the men they accuse.
      Moreover, certainly there have been white celebrity Jewish women who became fed up and kicked their white men to the curb, but where are their photos? Targeting nonwhite American celebrities is racist reporting, even if the reporter is nonwhite. This must stop, unless this reporter wants someone to target them with the same frustration for lop-sided racist reporting that occurs ad nauseam whenever a white reporter puts their hands on a keyboard.

      • Emily

        … O_O… who could stay married to things with this kind of logic and pass the buck mentality. Do you all ever take responsibility for anything?

        • Danielle

          Did you even read asar’s whole comment?

          • CarmenSo

            Danielle the question isn’t whether or not Emily read the entire article, its whether or not she was able to comprehend it.

            • Emily

              Lol. Instead of going ad hominem… EXPLAIN why you think I did not read the statement… ladies. Very tacky.

          • Emily

            What makes you think I didn’t… explain…

      • KJ23

        This site is geared towards African Americans, so it makes sense that the reporter is going to focus on Black celebrities.

        • thedude1500

          Then why worry about Demi Moore or Sandra Bullock?

          • KJ23

            It’s geared towards, not exclusive to.

      • gilda

        You are a moron. This is NOT a racist article.

      • SonnySky

        Apollo is half White so you cannot call him African American only. His mother is Caucasian and father African American. So chill out.

        • Angelia Potts

          He may not call himself African American but Society does.

        • timewarp

          if his father is a black man than he is a black man