Evelyn Lozada Wants To Patch Things Up With Former BFF, Jennifer Williams…

July 22, 2014  |  

Johnny Louis/wenn

If you used to tune into Basketball Wives, I’m sure you remember the close bond that Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams once had. They shopped together, threw shade together, and they were each other’s support system. However, their friendship fell apart when Lozada started dating Chad Johnson, who Williams called an “attention wh*re.” She wasn’t all that supportive of Lozada’s new relationship, and they eventually had a big blowup. And did we mention that Lozada’s former assistant slapped Williams in the face on national TV? Yeah, things got quite ugly.

Eventually, Williams left the bottle-throwing, table jumping shenanigans of the show behind, and after dealing with his cheating ways and some domestic violence, Lozada left Johnson. Life has gone on, but that hasn’t stopped Lozada from thinking about her former friend.


After posting this on Twitter over the weekend, followers of the former reality star and future Mrs. Crawford told her that she needed to reach out to Williams, whom she traded in for a no-good man:




So could Lozada and Williams mend things and become friends again? While Lozada is open to the idea, we’re not so sure about Ms. Williams. She posted this on Twitter last night, and we can’t help but wonder what she’s trying to say…



But what do you think? How do you know when it’s a good idea to allow someone back into your life? And when do you need to leave certain doors closed?


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  • ShezSooUnusual

    The great Maya Angelou said it better than I ever could: “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

    I’m no fan of either Evelyn or Jennifer. Together, they helped sink the public perception of women of color to a historic low.

    Furthermore, I’m not surprised that Evelyn did Jen the way she did. If they’ll be a Mean Girl with you, they’ll be a Mean Girl to you. Jennifer was infamous for playing sidekick to Ev’s bullish tactics. How could she think that Lozada wouldn’t turn that same bottle-throwing charm on her the minute she stepped out of line?
    I think Jennifer would be smart to press “Report as Spam, Block, Delete” if she ever receives any digital correspondence from her old bestie. Forgiving someone simply means releasing yourself from the bondage of hatred…it doesn’t mean you have let them back into your life.

  • Joan

    Keep it moving Jen. She stabbed you in the back once, she will do it again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

  • Shelly

    I feel Jen was good b4 BBW, she seemed 2 come from a good background & wasn’t poor, no some didn’t know she was married to Eric but she didn’t seem thirsty for the limelight unlike Eve who seemed to need Jen for her entourage & Shaunie needed a pawn. As far as Jen shade on Chad, it was warranted don’t forget, Eve gave Jen advice on her marriage she wasn’t qualified to give have never been married at that time, she encouraged Jen to have an affair, way inappropriate advice, Y Eve got so mad when Jen spoke up is beyond me but typical of women who can dish but cant take, Bye Felecia….Jen damn sure neva missed a beat.

  • joe z

    Who cares?

  • AliKatt96

    Hindsight is always 20/20. People tend to mistreat the ones who genuinely have their best interest at heart. Once they’re gone and that person has had time to reflect. They see the error of their ways. Sadly often times it’s entirely too late. I would love to see friends forgive and reconnect. But I wouldn’t be mad at Jen one bit if she wasn’t having it.

  • Doris Smith

    Jennifer’s just saying that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime

  • nathanmthompson
  • wake up

    Going thru that right now with the “bff” i’ve had for over 15yrs. While i was ride or die for her, she has shown that she wouldn’t walk for me. Put all my heartache and tribulations on blast and now she wants forgiveness. I’m going to take what u have said and apply… hurts like hell and i feel like i’m mourning a death but i will be alright!

  • honeybee808

    absolutely not! i’m so proud of jen for this. during their fall out evelyn revealed things about jen that no real friend would ever reveal, and took her behavior to a point of no return. she treated jen like a piece of sh*t and allowed her friends to do it too! jen threw up them deuces and never looked back. good for her!

  • mmmdot

    Hell no, when someone is clearly toxic [like Evilyn] and attempts to physically assault you on MORE THEN ONE occasion you don’t need to be around them. Jennifer is right: sometimes people are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Evelyn’s evil azz is not meant to be around for a lifetime. With “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

  • scorpio63ish

    Evelyn , words hurt to the core ….. But time heals wounds.

    • Guest

      …or wounds heels.

  • DoinMe

    The way it ended was too much. Even if Evelyn was mad a Jennifer, she should have never allowed it play out on TV the way it did. Evelyn traded in her REAL friend for a no-good man and some ratings. Evelyn’s showed her true character and some things you can’t recover from.

  • When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!! Keep that in mind, Jennifer!!

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    They were good friends (or so we thought) They both were angry, they both threw shade & they both were wrong to a certain degree. But idunno if I could ever trust EvilLyn again. I would forgive her, but she wouldn’t be on my Christmas card list. js

  • Yolanda Harris

    If I remember correctly, Jennifer was in the wrong. When she was going through her divorce with Eric she couldn’t bring herself to be supportive of Evelyn’s relationship with Chad. The fact that Evelyn may want to patch things up speaks volumes about her ability to forgive.

    • B Cooper

      From what I can remember Jennifer was also a mean girl, flash back to the first 2-3 seasons. She wasn’t AS mean as Evelyn but she was not nice to Royce, Tami or Meeka. Yeah, Jen was a mean girl!

      • Yolanda Harris

        Agreed. Neither of them would have won any awards for congeniality! LOL

  • Nic TheDragonslayer

    Close the door. Lock it. Cement it shut. if you removed yourself from someones life there will NEVER be a reason to reenter. No need to recross the same bridge. It was hazardous the first time. This time the bridge might collapse with you on it.

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      Close, yes. Lock, yes & CEMENT?? well Dayum !! I hear ya.

  • Monia Courtney

    As they say God brings people into your life for reason, season, or a lifetime. And she called it. Lifetime! No questions needed. Girl go get your friend.

  • Amber Mcginnis

    the same thing happen to me i had a dream about someone i use to be friends with she called me and was like lets hang i wanna see and felt real and me and haven’t spoken in 3 years and never left off on a good note

  • CB3

    If I were Jen I’d let sleeping dogs lie. As for Ev, that wasn’t a dream boo it’s called a conscience glad to see yours is finally working.

    • Gabie Aldrich


  • KWilliams

    Forgiveness is what God wants us to do. She doesn’t have to forget like Evelyn doesn’t have to forget the wrong Jennifer has done but they can move on. How close they are is up to them but I certainly hope they can just talk, hash it out and leave it where it is going to be friends or not.

  • Shayla

    Hmmm…it’s funny how close friends always come back. I’ve been through it personally with a best friend of mine…we fell out, she was in the wrong and I called her out on it and moved on…it took three+ years but we picked up where we left off. Things may not be the excat same since circumstances in our lives have changed, but when you love someone and are super close, maturity usually comes out, apologies are given and theres a little more peace in the world. Jennifer, Forgive but don’t forget…

    • Trisha_B

      You said it best!!

    • Yvette

      I agree with you to a point. When Jennifer did that interview she did not bring up Chad’s name. SHE was asked a question and she said how she truly felt. Was she wrong about Chad? No, but she could have kept her comments to herself and simply said “no comment”. Now, I can understand Ev being upset but by no means did Jennifer deserve to be constantly bullied by Ev week in and week out behaving like a rabid dog. I agree that Jennifer should forgive Evelyn but not re-kindle that toxic friendship.

    • CAliQueen

      Forgiveness takes one, reconciliation takes two. Jen may have already forgiven her but feels the destruction of their friendship is beyond rebuilding. I don’t blame her, betrayal is a hard pill to swallow.

  • Bry Shonyea

    True Eve wants to patch things up because of how great her life is now. But if I remember correctly… Jennifer took how she felt about Chad into the public. Doing radio interviews about Evelyn’s relationship. Even tho they were on the show…. How Jennifer felt about Evelyn’s relationship should not have been taken to the public. I’m not defending Evelyn’s actions. But she’s not the only one to be blamed because of the fall out.

  • Kolormekaprice

    I wouldnt be friends with a person like Evelyn. I dont care how sorry she is. We can be cordial to each other but thats about it. If you love a person, you dont do that. Dont let a person keep crossin you like that…

  • Yvette

    Evelyn is STILL on some straight BS. Instead of privately contacting Jennifer, she puts this crap on social media for the world to see and get feedback on. I don’t think she truly understands the severity of what she did and how she acted toward Jennifer and all on national TV and has the nerve to yet again air out her feelings publicly. Evelyn was so low down that she alienated almost the entire cast again Jennifer all because she refused to see and hear the truth about Chad. Jennifer gave the right response to her former BFF’s lame attempt at reconciliation. If I were Jennifer I would be wondering why Ev even remotely thinks I would want to hear from her?

  • Kristen

    If I were Jen, I wouldn’t be too quick to mend the friendship. Evelyn made herself look like a complete B. Who is to say that she really has changed? Sounds like it’s more of an attention thing than really wanting to patch things up. But hey, that’s their friendship. My world won’t stop if they become friends again haha

  • PR-85

    Heck no! Jenn wasn’t good enugh to be around when she was trying to tell her she was with a no good man, now she wants her around when her life is “better” sometimes you need to let go… God gave Jenn a way out of a poisonous friendship, she should stay away from crazy Evelyn!

    • Kristen

      “God gave Jenn a way out of a poisonous friendship” So true!!!!

    • Crystal D Walton

      I am so agree with poisonous relationship.

  • I would have told her to “yeet”,you orchestrated a group of women hating me and yelling at me,you publically humiliated and slandered me and now that life gave you a reality check you want your real friends back? Girl please,we can be cool but we will never be close.

  • Selena McQueen

    I say to Hell with Evelyn obviously Jen wasn’t that important to her if u could publicly humiliate her and have somebody slap her on tv Smh Tuh. Besides Evelyn was trying everything in her power to break Jen down cuz she was unhappy with Chad. Jen saw Chad for who he was and Evelyn saw his money. So even if Jen does forgive and forget we could never be friends again cuz she showed her true colors

    • T. T.

      I agree. Now that Evelyn is in a better place she wants Jen to be there with her but was the true friend all along while Evelyn was being Evelyn. If Jen can forgive her I think that would be astronomically great, but if she can’t I ain’t even mad at her!

      • T. T.

        *Jen was the true friend all along*

        • Kolormekaprice

          I agree. Evelyn is not to be trusted. Its not that serious.

    • Linda M McCuff

      I agree, you hit it dead on. I couldn’t be friends with her ever again. Just keep it moving.