Doing Too Much: Kenya Moore Falls On Las Vegas Catwalk

July 21, 2014  |  


It’s a generally understood and accepted fact that Real “Housewife,” Kenya Moore has a flair for the dramatic. She spends her life doing the utmost. And it’s gotten her into a bit of trouble on more than one occasion. Yet she never seems to learn.

This past weekend, the reality TV star was participating in some type of competitive event at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Other Real Housewives from the other franchises were also in attendance where they teamed up with “high rollers” for a series of games they performed in front of a large audience.

In one of the games, the housewives were supposed to teach the high rollers how to work a catwalk. It seems like Kenya would be the perfect person for this. But it wasn’t long before she hit the floor and not with a dance step.

Take a look at the video below.

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What we will say about Kenya though, she played it off pretty well and recovered like she starring in a sultry music video.

You can’t keep Kenya down.

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  • Jamal Lewis

    WOW…get a hobby…sheesh

  • s dubbya

    lol dumb botch

  • nathanmthompson
  • lmao


  • michaela mack


  • DoinMe

    Too funny, but she werked it like a true diva would.

  • Faith_E

    LOL. Kenya is silly. She handled well though

  • hmmm

    Go Kenya great save!

  • delilia norville

    This is what I have to say to Ms. Perfect who does nothing wrong. How does it to make a mistake? She is always downing others about mistakes they make as if she never, ever make a mistake. Well Ms. Thang, if you are human, you will make a mistake and the whole world saw you fall on that stage. You tried hard to cover it up but you only looked stupid, swirling your hair around like an idiot. I DO NOT LIKE THIS PHONEY WOMAN.

    • Jamal Lewis

      Blah, Blah, Blah…THE HATE IS REAL

      • delilia norville

        Jamal, Boy Gone. I will never use the word “Hate”, that’s your opinion. I only call it the way I see it. The woman is in her own little world. Sorry if you are so in love, you can’t see it. She wouldn’t allow you to wipe dog s— off of her shoes. Stop dreaming.

  • Calvin375


  • coco

    Who cares what this nut case does. It sure isn’t news . I hope she looked like the fool she is. She is crazy and I cant believe that someone would pay here to be on TV. She sure has no class and I cant believe that she ever won some pageant. She is ugly and her actions towards other people makes her even uglier.

  • Guestest

    I guess she said she wasn’t going out like that Lol,, nice save!

  • CourtneyrrR

    Kenya!!!!! you are f n hilarious!!!!!!!! lmao. I swear she needs to do comedy skits like she did early on in her career.Nice recover. 🙂


      Kenya Moore stumbled, but she recovered in a creative, classy way. She is still standing tall and being an inspiration for so many people. Bless her.

      • Calvin375

        Chile’ BOO!!! She’s a HOTT MESS!!!

        • hmmm

          haters going to hate….she did good boo get your panties out your crack 🙂


            Some people don’t know that Kenya Moore has her own production company, she has her own charity that sends scholarships to underprivileged females for years, and she has overcame a lot of challenges throughout her life. She is from Detroit, so she is a Strong Sister. That is a given. Therefore, she is truly blessed and she has helped out people in real life. Have a Great Day.

            • s dubbya

              the same production company that ripped off phaedra’s workout video idea?

              • Jamal Lewis

                Phaedra’s husband (and I’m sure she had something to do with it) ripped many people off..for millions, not an idea. So what’s your point? She made that tape to get back at Phaedra, she didn’t hurt her by doing this. Damn, you’re talking about a show that may be scripted. Kenya contributes to under-privileged women and girls in real life. Don’t allow your jealousy to cloud your reasoning.

      • Kristen

        I have waaayyy better role models!! You should too!

        • Jamal Lewis

          Is that where you learned to hate???

          • Kristen

            The fact that I have better role models than a woman who chooses to publicly get involved with drama has nothing to do with hate, and you know it! Get over it please, I’m a stranger to you and you shouldn’t be so involved with what all I have to say!

      • s dubbya



      Goodnight Sister Courtney.

      You inspire me, because you are not only a Great Friend, but since Day One you have respected me. You have always given me great advice and your strength have guided you too. I want to encourage you to keep on moving forward. I will move forward. We as black people will always love our heritage and we will always love Africa too. Africa is our ancestral homeland. Bless Africa. I wish more blessings to you too. Godspeed Sister.

  • Disco Princess

    And the moral is: Kenya, please stay off the catwalk.

    • Jamal Lewis

      The moral of the story is: Failure isnt falling down, its refusing to get back up. Lol…this woman is no rookie on the catwalk…get over your hate.

  • Disco Princess


  • Jay Smith

    Go head Kenya… The haters still trying to reach on slow news days for hits… She stumbled but recovered perfectly


    amazing recovery Kenya, a true diva

  • ComeLetsTalk

    Say what you want, she werked that! LOL

    • Jay Smith

      YASSS! LOL

  • babynose007

    No wonder…between the big bootie and big ashy feet in some stillettos…disaster!!!

    • Kristen

      haha!! lmao

  • The fall was cute, & then she “whipped it back & forth,” hahahahaha! Go Kenya!!

  • mmmdot

    It looks like she made lemonade out of lemons to me! Go girl!

  • donna

    Not a bad recovery

  • guest

    Funny, I know she needed some Bengay the next day! She played it off, but I bet she wishes there was no such thang as the internet! LOL

    • B Cooper

      Doing too much!

  • Nahu

    It didn’t look like Beyonce to me…it reminded me of the guy gays who vogue at balls. I thought she handled it well, IMO.

  • Nahu

    That was cute! Lol…

  • Josie

    She had the best recovery. Go Kenya!

    • cutetay7

      all I remember is her falling and i’m so glad she did

  • Bee

    Lmaooooo I can’t lol
    And then she had a slight limp too once she walked back. I saw that lol

    • Jamal Lewis

      That’s what you wanted to see

  • Dina Turner

    LOL LOL LOL…Had a bad day and saw this!!! Thanks for the pick me up…

  • Xzamilio

    She saved it, though… didn’t even let it faze her… A-COO COO!!!!

    • cutetay7

      she certainly didn’t save anything all people will remember is the fall. that awesome and it couldn’t have happened to a better person

      • Jamal Lewis

        You couldn’t be more wrong! That recover was epic.

        • cutetay7

          u r delusional

          • Jamal Lewis

            I’m realistic. She will be remembered for that recovery. She’s human, everyone falls, but to shake it off like she did takes resilience. Get over your hate.

  • Will

    When i first saw the photo thought it was someone from Ru pauls drag race LMAO.

  • Kathleen Talley-Henthorn

    ROFL… Made my day. this is the shadiest woman I have ever seen. Cries, Lies and Flies to floor.. lol

    • Jamal Lewis

      She’s the shadiest???? And what are her other caste mates??? Flies to the floor, rolls, whips hair, returns to her feet, and walks away fiercely and unscathed …I love this woman!

  • thehell

    This is too ridiculous not to laugh at. What a dang mess!

  • Doris J. Gibson

    That was so BEYONCE.

    • Mimi

      Lol, No.

    • hmmm


  • Wish she could have popped a tooth or two.

    • hollyw

      Lmbo you know you wrong…

      • Lool no im not she is an @$shole lol

        • hmmm

          you mad? #teamtwirl

    • sha

      *—* ….flatline! LOL!

    • Jamal Lewis

      Anything to tarnish her looks huh? Smh…it wouldn’t put a dent in this gorgeous woman’s beauty. However, your comment illustrates your ugliness

  • DroneRivers

    I knew all that padding she had put in would come in handy one day. *snicker*

    • hollyw

      My reaction, exactly; *snicker, snicker* lol…

    • Kristen


    • Jamal Lewis

      The hate is real…smh

      • DroneRivers

        You can’t possibly believe that booty is real! LOL

        • Jamal Lewis

          Doesn’t matter if you or I believe it or not….its hers. Either way, she wears it well. 😉

          • DroneRivers

            That makes 2 of you who think she wears it well. lol

            • Jamal Lewis

              Wow…you too?

  • Rochelle

    Love the pants suit! I think she wore that on RHOA. Anyway, she did handle it well. Just shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I guess ya’ll would love it if she ran off the stage crying. SMH.

    • s dubbya

      too bad her fake arse could hardly fit in it.

  • Kristen

    Wow she really wants to be Beyonce huh? Lol

    • Calvin375


    • Kristen

      On the radio this morning they said “How hard did Porsha drag Kenya?? She’s STILL falling” and “we should call her Kenya Floor” lmao!!

  • Sunny

    That was too ridiculous for me to even laugh at. Can’t even fall like a normal person.

    • hmmm

      Haters even have a problem with how this woman trips lol

  • One Lala

    So she fell and played it off…News worthy? And no, it was not handles well – that was a hot mess…..

    • Joysee

      @one lala, be quiet you hater, she handled that fall really well, you just want something to hate and complain about.

    • hmmm

      are you birds ever NOT bitter lol?

  • Laine

    Ohw nooo to the people claiming that she handled that well…. ! Again she was doing too much…lol!
    And did you guys catch the host calling her Kandi at the end? haha..
    Gosh I can’t stand her…haha

    • meme

      He didn’t call her Kandi – he said “Miss Kenya everybody”

  • enlightenment

    Wow she handled that fall really really well.


      I agree.

  • arianna

    baby she did that! Channel that inner Beyonce..Go head Keyonce!