Where Ya Going, Pastor? Mase Abandons Church To Pursue Rap Dreams

July 21, 2014  |  

We’ve known that Mase and his congregation over at the El Elyon International Church in Georgia have been at odds for quite some time now. As you may recall, members began reaching out to the press to share their grievances with the rapper-turned-pastor. Apparently, they were displeased with his decision to venture back into the world of hip-hop while still holding the title of pastor. Members said that they felt he was leading a double life by trying to pursue a rap career and spending time with “hardcore rappers” and then turning around and preaching the gospel on Sundays.

It appears that Mase has finally decided to quit straddling the fence. According to TMZ, the former Bad Boy recording artist has cut all ties with the El Elyon International Church and is now focusing his attention on his rap career. It’s unclear whether or not he decided to leave on his own or if parishioners forced him out. But reports suggest that a large portion of the congregation grew frustrated with his lukewarm ways and started leaving the church.  This of course is quite interesting considering that he reportedly tried to ban his ex-wife and former co-pastor, Twyla Betha, from the pulpit for her DUI arrest a while back.

Mase has yet to publicly acknowledge reports that he parted ways with his flock. Maybe this is all for the best.

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  • *MalteseObsessed*

    music has changed so much since he was on top, how does he think he can come back and be relevant?

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  • Psalmist Gerald Gossey

    this is the 2nd story i have heard like this. i bet it is going on a whole lot. like the story of lot? lol

    • GraceRRuiz

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • lockstress

    What is he gonna be rhyming about? Locusts and Loincloths to worldly people in the music industry?
    If you were really bout the spirit you could have started a gospel rap record lable preaching the word to the youth but noooo…..
    You cannot play double dutch with your faith.

    I pray for him that he finds his way back.Maybe not to the pulpit but back in the spirit.

    • oneninenine

      Finds his way back to what? Name one good thing the church has done for black people in this world.

      Name just one thing.

  • Quinshay

    Oh please, who would honestly take him seriously as a pastor and a man of God? People need to stop taking the Word of God so lightly and following anybody that puts ‘Rev.’ in front of their name.

  • Charlie Brownskin

    how is this different from marvin wynans that preaches and SINGS? and why does the title say he ABANDONED the church when it’s clear that nobody knows HOW they parted ways?

  • The Elusive Chanteuse

    This is certainly for the best. If you can’t handle the responsibility of being a pastor then its best to not do it at all. Now who he thinks is looking to buy his music? Well that’s another question.

  • hollyw

    “… abandons church…” wait, who is still there after his nonsense?!

  • Patricia

    I don’t know why in the world the people that is left there is still going to that church. You see the writing on the wall you need to find another church. I know it is not easy, if you see the pastor that is not doing right, you need to leave that ministry. QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!

    • oneninenine

      Any black person that is still a Christian today is a dang fool. No white person would tolerate a religion that does nothing for them. But black folk stay Christian thinking after 500 years of it being shoved down our throats, that someday we’ll finally benefit from it.