How The “Hookie Do” Is Revolutionizing the Weave Industry

July 21, 2014  |  

Source: HookieDo.Com

In continuation of the conversation from last week about the financial independence black women have been able to carve out for themselves within the booming and increasingly diverse hair weave industry, let me introduce you to Demajali West, creator and founder of the Hookie Do.

What’s the Hookie Do? Glad you asked.

The Hookie Do is a patent-pending reusable hair extension cap, which allows weave wearers to install a head full of new hair in under a half an hour without harmful glueing or sewing anything onto the hair or scalp, and simply by hooking the weft of a track onto some hooks – hence the name. An instruction video of how it all works is available here, but the overall point is that a person using the Hookie Do can quick change a hairstyle without costly hair salon visits or wasting bundles of hair.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well it kind of is.

And late last month, West officially introduced her cool concept to the public in a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising enough investment capital to complete her first purchase order of the Hookie Do. She is asking for $17,000 from potential funders and in exchange, is offering a pre-order of the prototype at the $45 level (she says that the Hookie Do is suggested to retail at $89.99).

West said that she wasn’t quite sure how folks would respond to her crowd-sourcing approach considering that those spaces appears to be more occupied by white males. But by the middle of this July, West has not only managed to reach her fundraising goals, she is a couple of thousand over $42,000 in donations. And she still has five days left in her campaign.

“People say that black women don’t support each other. I can tell you that we do. And I am so appreciative of all the women who donated – even those who donated at levels that meant they couldn’t get the cap like $5 or even a $1 – just because they thought it was a good idea,” she said.

The story has all the markers of a quirky novelty story but don’t count West as either an overnight success or some potato salad farce. The Hookie Do is a culmination of two years of sacrifice, struggle, lots of money and uncertainty. It was a couple of years ago, right before the birth of her first child, when the thought came to West. Money was tight and West, who has no professional cosmetology training and education, had taken to creating and installing her own hairstyles in hopes of saving her family money. But West said that the frequency in which she changed hairstyles proved to still be financially burdensome as well as time consuming. That’s when she started to seriously begin mulling over new ways to go about getting salon quality hair at affordable prices.

It was her father, who first introduced the idea of using hooks. “Like on a ship and on a bra strap is what he kept saying over and over again. I didn’t know what he was talking about,” she said, giggling. But eventually something clicked and West said that she would test out her dad’s theory, using one of her old bras. “What I noticed is that the weft of the hair extension fit perfectly inside of the hooks on a bra and that’s when I knew I had something here.”

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  • Lisa

    I supported her Kickstarter fundraiser. My HookieDo should be showing up any day now. I got it for my daughter who is all about all things weave.

  • Lioness Domain

    Ok this is great but what’s the difference between this and a wig or 3/4?

  • NativeBeautyy

    I support any woman who’s working to do better, but i will NEVER be a supporter of any kind of weave, wig, or whatever — unless you are a cancer victim! Do you REALLY believe women all around the world are “donating” their hair, so you can put it on your head? HELL NO. & YALL KNOW IT. Grow your own sh*t and stop being lazy.

    • Rayjulian85


      • NativeBeautyy

        You took time out just to type that .. poor you.

  • Lisa

    I WILL buy a Hookie Do, I know it. I just spent 13 hours making a wig. With this product, I would be able to change my hair in like an hour. It’s amazing and I am soo glad she is black. Even if Asians sell their knockoff for 10 buck. I am getting hers, I can tell the construction of the cap is very sturdy and was well thought out.

    I really commend her for this.

  • kellz

    this looks like a cap made out bar hooks. It’s a great Idea but the material will need to change. I will be supporting her and buying one. A more breathable materal and diffrent colors to match the scalp would be great.

    • Lisa

      Or maybe 2 or 3 different options. i wouldn’t mind having a warm head in the winter. Hope she is reading all this constructive criticism. Go girl ! We support you! Thank got you aren’t Asian! Sorry, not sorry.

  • Secret87

    I saw next page looks promising as I read,but nervous if the hooks will hold the hair during windy days.

  • Secret87

    Sounds like a good idea,but with sew ins if the wind blows you have coverage. With these will people see your tracks and the hair hooked? I love this idea because a sew in is quick,but many like to over charge 150 to 300 which I simply keep going. Some do amazing at 60$. Once this gets out and I see no hair falling due to wind then im buying!

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I want to try it!

  • Nina Ross

    This seems kinda cool. I’ll stick with my crotchets braids though. Love them!

  • FromUR2UB

    Admire her innovation. But, I see hot, uncomfortable, and probably made of a material that won’t allow your scalp to breathe. So, after wearing that regularly, you probably will need to wear a weave.

    • lol

      You are literally reaching…. just looking for something negative to say.

      • FromUR2UB

        1) Read the article titled: ‘You Know That’s Not What That Means, Right? 15 Words We’re All Using Wrong’ about use of the word LITERALLY.
        2) Sometimes in this world, people don’t love what you love. Learn how to cope.

        • Ash

          I wish you both would stop being so petty. We don’t have to do this on every article..

          • FromUR2UB

            Then don’t do it. Mind your own business.

            • Mahogany

              What a hater?! Yessss I mean you!! #BLOOP

              • FromUR2UB

                Hater, hater, and I mean YOOOOOOU! (pointing)

                Yessss, I’m mocking you, Sssstupid.

      • Damn, wtf? Can’t even have an opinion anymore without offending some sensitive girl behind her keyboard. Grow.

        • Guestest

          Lol, i know right! Sheesh!

          • The hell was she on? People act as if their opinions is law,foh.

            • Guestest

              Maaannnn…. Then she wanna talk about somebody reaching.. Lawd Lol

  • .

    Can’t wait until they become available, i will be ordering one 🙂

  • Andiegurl

    Now this is a great idea! I could definitely see myself purchasing this in the future.

  • Christina K

    Great product! I spend an entire day doing my hair. Would love to experiment with this.

  • Max Zetta

    Awesome idea. Can’t wait to get mine. I am a natural chica who loves to change it up. So happy and proud of you. Hell, we should make money from this industry. We spend enough on it.

  • Angeline

    How would you moisturize your hair when wearing this? Would this be more of a wig with cap that you just remove? I like that this would cut time for weaving, but how well would your scalp breathe in this compared to using a weaving cap?

    • charingb

      Hi Angeline. It’s actually removable so you can literally take it off every night and put it on in the morning. There is a link to the Youtube instructional video, which provide a better look and description than I could in the piece. Thanks for reading.