Rough Justice: Florida Father Beats Babysitter Half To Death After Discovering Him Molesting Son

July 20, 2014  |  

“Send him an ambulance, he’s going to need one,” was what an enraged Daytona father told a dispatcher recently when he discovered 18-year old Raymond Frolander molesting his 11-year-old son. Frolander was supposed to be babysitting the boy.

The NY Daily News reports that Frolander was in bed with the 11-year-old when the father walked in on him sexually assaulting his son. The father proceeded to beat Frolander unconscious before calling 911. He told the dispatcher:

“I just walked in and found a grown man molesting (my son), and I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now, officer.”

According to police, Frolander admitted to abusing the boy for three years. Authorities have decided not to charge the father.

Daytona Police Chief, Mike Chitwood stated:

“Dad reacted like a dad.”

“He’s acting like a father, protecting his son, and he’s furious over what has occurred.”

Frolander appeared in court with a bloody face and eyes that were swollen shut. He is being held without bail.

I’m torn on this one. With cases like Trayvon Martin and Marissa Alexander, normally I’m giving Florida the side eye for what seems to be mixed messages they repeatedly send about how the law handles violence. But this Daytona father only did what a lot of fathers would have in that situation. Luckily the worst that Frolander got were a few minutes of being unconscious.

Do you think the Florida father is justified or should he face charges?


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  • Charles Calhoun

    As i sit here and read these coments. I see why this World is turned up side down. In his own way the father was protecting his child, but do you really think beatng an 18 year old hafe to death was the right thing to do. Thank God the Kid did not die. True the kid was wrong for molesting the child. Do you truly think we are right for saying he got what he deserved and the father was Justified in beating him. This society is becoming Godless

  • Greg Condon

    father made two mistakes. He should have had a trusted female watch his son. 2nd mistake was that he should have killed the pervert


  • Greg Condon

    two mistakes the father made: he should have had a TRUSTED WOMAN BABYSIT. 2nd mistake he made was not killing the pervert.

  • mmmdot

    .Please, I want to this FATHER a high five. My father would have cut somebody up with a machete. This n@sty azz child rapist got lucky.

  • Lissa329

    A parent has an animal right to protect their child by any means. I would have had the same reaction had I walked in on a scene like that.

  • How I really feel

    The Father is a #HERO his son saw an example of what can happen to #bullies !!!!!

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  • He showed a lot more restraint than a lot of people would’ve shown. Dude would have been dead around this way.

  • bigdede

    Why is this question even being asked?

  • hollyw

    I feel what the writer is saying. While the father’s reaction seems completely understandable, Florida continues to have a habit of allowing vigilante justice. Now, if this teen were younger when found abusing his son, been accidentally killed by the father, by Florida’s logic, his parents would then ALSO be justified in harming/killing the father. Round and round it goes.I just hope the man’s son wasn’t in the bed watching it all.

    • Gabie Aldrich

      It’s not just FLA.. Other states are doing it as well..You can’t lump up a whole states “logic” by a few incidents. That’s like me saying everyone one in the ATL are deadbeats..Because of one article I read about a man.Have a nice Day!

      • hollyw

        Not really. Of course it’s not the only state that occasionally allows cases like this to be dropped, but Florida has had more than a “few” high-profile incidents involving vigilante justice, both due to the extent of the crime and the reaction of law enforcement and the DA…who, btw, is a state rep and is therefore an appropriate figure to base a state’s logic off of. Sorry. Good day to you, too!

  • See The Light

    The father was justified to beat the crap out of this guy. I know the father is also angry at himself for trusting this person. I know pedos come in both genders, but I would not trust any male, including family members to watch kids of either gender. It is so important for parents to let kids know they can tell them if someone is hurting them no matter who the abuser is. When someone is babysitting, cameras around the house is a good idea as well as one outside the bathroom to see if someone is going in there with an older child who does not need assistance. Parents also need to listen when kids tell them about abuse.

    • dopeking

      You do realize that women are also rapist and molesters as well?

      • See The Light

        My third sentence states I know pedos come in both genders. I also said use cameras for babysitters, meaning both male and female. I don’t give women and girls a pass, I see all the articles about the female teachers and grown women ruining kids. I also know of teen male pedos close to my family so I am very leery of teen males watching kids.

        • mmmdot

          Completely agree. Not to say that you can never truly trust anyone with your kids, but why not take extra precautions? I love the idea of using video cameras, if possible.

      • FromUR2UB

        Did you not see the part that said, “I know pedos come in both genders…”?

      • mmmdot

        Are literacy and reading comprehension PROBLEMS for you? ::Eyeroll:: You just *had* to mention something that was already plainly obvious to everyone, right? No agenda AT ALL. Anyway, let’s make this clear–heterosexual men are responsible for most of the rapes in this country. Of women AND other men AND children of both sexes. Read a fxcking book. Or better yet, read these studies:

        -http://www.whitehouse (dot) gov/sites/default/files/docs/sexual_assault_report_1-21-14.pdf

        -http://www.ncadv (dot) org/files/MaleVictims.pdf

        -http://www.michigan (dot) gov/documents/datingviolence/DHS-DatingViolence-MaleSurvivors_198439_7.pdf

        - (dot) com/military-rape-problem-39-not-just-women-suffer-141937613.html

  • marlonjjordan
  • Nicholas Cole Boykin

    Nope. Had his father not attempted to inflict vigorous physical contact upon his (the offender’s) person, I would doubt the love he has for his child.

    Keep your hands off these kids. Then you won’t have to worry about looking like you were on Episode 2 of Botched.

    • biglittlemason3

      LO’damn L… are so right. He’s lucky the Father didn’t call for a hearse…..that boy looks bad and as much as I hate to say this….he deserved it. It was strange from the beginning to have him babysit and then to learn that he had been doing this to the man’s son for years…..he is a lucky lucky boy….because for most, I doubt we would have reading about him being beaten and lived to tell about, more like beaten to death and family planning for his funeral.

    • mmmdot


  • FromUR2UB

    Not feeling sorry for him. I agree that a teenaged boy who wants to spend his time babysitting is little suspect. Forget non-traditional gender roles, there’s just something a little off about a boy watching children who aren’t his younger siblings.

    • See The Light

      It is sad to say, but a boy watching his younger siblings can be a bad thing.

      • FromUR2UB

        True. There’s always the possibility that family members might molest their own. But, you’ve gotta trust somebody in this life. May as well begin with the people who are closest to you – with limitations, of course – until they betray your trust.

        • See The Light

          Long story short, I helped a childhood friend clean out her brother’s place after he passed away. Found pics of young kids from decades ago and more recent videos of teen boys exposing themselves. This guy was trusted by many and considered to be the “good son”. I know of other instances involving both genders, but seeing those photos made me very leery about who watches kids.. Once a child is violated, they are never the same.

          • FromUR2UB

            I understand. But, what are you supposed to do? Take your kids with you, whenever you can. Yet, there will be times when you have to leave them with someone. If you can’t count on the children you raise to look out for one another, then who can you trust? Plus, I don’t think people are just born with those inclinations, they’re created. I believe people are less likely to be pedophiles if they were never violated by anyone. I’m guessing that’s what happened to your friend’s brother.

          • mmmdot


      • Indy Syder

        Chris Brown or Vanessa Williams can tell you another side of that story. That’s a prejudiced statement.

  • Brit

    Florida did the right thing in this instance….that father should not be charged at all.

    • mmmdot

      Yep, Florida did the right thing for ONCE. Let’s see if they do it again.

      • Brit

        I doubt it, I’m honestly surprised they did the right thing this time

  • Trisha_B

    Very deserving!

  • Razilyn Johnson

    The father deserve a metal. That child molester got what he deserved. A well needed, beating.

    • DA-BIG-D

      A “metal?”

      • RISE

        We know she meant medal. Are you a spelling teacher? lol

  • R LongPig

    Hell no! He was justified!

    • DA-BIG-D

      But why would any father or mother allow a teen boy, who is not family, to baby sit? There is no way in the world I would let a teen boy baby sit my child. Baby sitting is the last thing that most teen males would want to do. And this kid did it for years. Most boys are just irresponsible and not very domestic. And teen males are in the midst of discovering their s8xuality; they are experimenting with weed, drinking, violent video games, etc. etc. No way I would let a teen male baby sit my child.

      • hollyw

        I don’t think that’s fair. That’s just like saying teen boys are more prone to being molesters, when they are not. Pedophilia has nothing to do with being “irresponsible and not very domestic”. The boy’s just a rapist, and was probably abused, himself (or a psychopath).

        • joolythomas

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        • Indy Syder

          You’re right Holly. What many people tend not to disclose about molesters is that many of them are usually victims of molestation themselves. The purpose isn’t passing the rationale of their crimes.

      • bigdede

        So teen boys are child molesters?

      • TTamara Williams

        Because he was a babysitter??? Don’t place any blame on the parents because they have to work??!

      • heyheyno

        Yeah not all teenage boys molest children. Some people have older cousins or guys they’ve known through church for years to babysit their children. It’ not like they asked him to watch a six year old girl now that would be questionable but for the most part I would think i could trust an older teenager with a younger preteen but I guess you have to question everything now.

      • Commentator737

        Are you kidding? I baby sat ALL through my teens and was referred to a lot of parents with very young children to baby sit them because I did such a good job. (by the way, I am a man now, but I was a teen age BOY then) This is reverse sex discrimination! Boys can be nurturing and caring with kids just as well as girls! Grow up and get into the 21st century!