Girl Code! 10 Friendship Commandments Every Girl Should Know

March 4, 2011  |  

Apparently, for most men it’s common knowledge that if the urinals lack a divider when using a public restroom, you MUST use every other urinal, because peeing directly next to another men is punishable by side-eye and sudden death.  And you can just about abandon the hope of ever getting an honest answer out of your boyfriend’s best friend when you interrogate him about your MIA man. The reason is because guys all have a set of rules and regulations that they instinctively share when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, friendship and relationships, and you better believe that the rules are as random as they are many.

This got me to thinking, where do we ladies turn when we need to know what thou should and shouldn’t do within our daily interactions?  The result was a compiled list of commandments that every girl, no matter her age, should know.  Are you up to code?

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  • juni

    most bizarre stori ive heard this year

  • Lululautner23

    One night my bestie and I were out at a club and we both liked this one guy. But instead of fighting over him he offered to have a three-some. So we did and I realized I had feelings for my bestie and not the guy. We spent the rest of the night making out on the bed while the guy was sleeping. But it turned out that my bestie got pregnant from the guy. Now we are married with her little son Pedro. I can’t wait until Pedro is old enough for us to use him too!

  • Glawrierbiwott

    the codes are jxt fabulous……thanks auntie<3<3<3

  • Chikodilijone9

    Besties before testis

  • hi evry one the girl code is in your mind not a book or somthing like besties dont date each other exes see its in your mind its some thing you feel and think and say in your heart what to do next !!!!!

  • Diamond Life

    I love the 10 Friendship Commandments!! Me & My BFF follow all of the Commandments to the T!! Thank God that we have differnent taste in men and clothes so we never go after the same man or clothes!! That is why we have been friends for over 20+ years!!!!

  • sheree

    Smh…most of those are dumb and senseless…only 3 rules make sense… I mean ..seriously….. if two women like the same shoes and only the first to see it …. is the person to Wear it !!! who cares !!! if u like it wear it ….. only a insecure women would trip over that type of BS …. this article had to be a filler …

  • perdi

    too many pages to click through!! arghhh. im done.

  • Redbonelicious

    Have Respect first for yourself then you can Respect others!

  • AyB21

    I agree with the comment about pasting all material on one page. Clicking through several page links makes me not want to visit MadameNoire's website. I don't know if the site makes revenue on each ad placed on a particular page or what..but if this is the case what good is ad placement when you drive away all your visitors. There has to be a better balance.

  • GA1

    please, please please learn to paste all of this stuff on one page.

  • lot of girls need to be fired for some of these girl commandments, because they'll let their friend go out looking crazy …i think just so they don 't out do them…

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  • Ms.virgough

    Pretty girl rock! I like these commandments… very interesting!