Evening Eye Candy: Prince Fielder And Other Heavy And Handsome Men We Love

July 18, 2014  |  
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Alexei Hay/ESPN

When Prince Fielder graced the pages of ESPN The Magazine‘s 2014 Body Issue, there were a combination of opinions being thrown around. Some thought he looked out of shape and didn’t need to be featured, and then there were others who felt that his body was built just fine for his sport (he’s a first baseman for the Texas Rangers). And then there was that other group, comprised mostly of women, who said things like this on social media about the body Fielder built:

“Beard & Belly, LOVE It!”

“Lawd Jesus! He works in mysterious ways!”


“So I just fell in love with Prince Fielder”

“Can I take him home???? I am in love!”

As one woman put it, there’s something very s*xy about a big man with a big body and an even bigger smile. So we agree with the ladies and not the haters: Prince Fielder is a cutie. Check out him, and our other picks for heavy and handsome men we love, because we like having a little somethin’ somethin’ to hold on to…

AP Photo/David Durochik

Prince Fielder

Image Source: WENN.com

Rick Ross

This pick is for some of our readers who can’t get enough of the beard and the belly (as well as the swag and that trademark grunt…HUH!).

Ruben Studdard

I personally love this man for his spirit and that huge smile! So handsome! And I’m excited for this weight loss journey he’s on, though I will always crush on him no matter what size he comes in at.

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision for NFL/AP Images

Sheldon Richardson

Another big, bearded and beautiful fella, Richardson (a defensive end for the New York Jets) is also a pretty stylish guy. Check the threads out above!

Cedric The Entertainer

There’s a lot to love about Cedric The Entertainer: He’s funny, he’s stylish, he’s handsome, his skin is gorgeous (he has a certain glow about him), and he can sing! What a talent (and a cutie)!

Dan Jackman/WENN.com

Ice Cube

O’Shea hasn’t been small since his N.W.A. days, but he’s been fine forever (yes, we could overlook the Jheri Curl back in the day). His notable scowl is probably meant to be intimidating, but it just draws us in…

AP Photo/Dave Martin

Maurkice Pouncey

Pouncey (a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers) is good on the field, and he’s good looking too! But seriously, he’s so good at his game that the Steelers signed him up for a 5-year $44 million dollar contract extension, making him one of the highest paid centers in all of football. And we know it’s not for everyone, but we don’t mind a man covered in tattoos.

Andres Otero/WENN.com

Kevin James

The former “King of Queens” is just the cutest (with or without the beard)! He’s quite hilarious too (don’t front like you didn’t love him in Hitch!).

AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

LeCharles Bentley

Clearly I have a type. A thick beard is very nice and it’s very cute on retired NFL center LeCharles Bentley. And he’s also a smart businessman, opening up the LB O-Line Performance training center to help prepare other offensive linemen for all the on-field combat so they can be bigger, stronger and faster. He’s quite the cutie.

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  • Trisha_B

    My fav MN list so far

  • marlonjjordan

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  • Machone

    So I see a some of you ladies like that thug Maurkice huh? Both him and his brother can’t keep their name out of the news…..

  • brownie26

    This list would have been great IF NOT for Rick Ross. No ma’am.

    • LoisRStroble

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  • Machone

    Fat guys are not my cup of tea. I love to workout and maintain physical fitness and I love when guys do also.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    When I went to the second page and saw Rick Ross. I stopped right there. I went back to Prince. Y’all lost me.

    • DA-BIG-D

      Nothing is attractive about Rick Ross.

  • fredbrown5

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    the paycheck that said $9766 , I be certain that my brothers friend was like
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  • wveronica7

    I like! Lol, I chubby chase sometimes.

    • MayBaby

      Haaaaaaaaa! Chase chubby! Love it!

  • Annette

    WTH? You lost me with this one…

    • Annette

      Ok I apologize. Everyone has their preferences. This isn’t mine, particularly, but some people love a big guy. So I guess this is for them.

  • RobertSGrant

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  • Aaliyah Noelle

    None was cute besides maurkice

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Sheldon & Markice… Yes!

    • prettyredbone

      Yaaasss Laaawd have mercy Markice is fine, the finest one on this list in my opinion!

  • diana429

    The cover is nice, big guy’s can becsexy too, as long as they carries it well and are healthy.

    • anonymouse

      No it’s not!! That dude is fat and his gut is hanging out…………..not cute. And it’s funny how people believe that big guys can be healthy, but a big woman is told constantly how undesirable she is and how many health problems that she is gonna face.

      • CaribbeanGlow

        His tum tum isn’t hanging! It’s firm, and perky! 😉 He is scrumptious to me. I think it’s fine for a woman to be big and healthy too, like Queen Latifah when she’s in shape.

        • anonymouse

          lol! I just see round gut and it looks soft, I’m not gonna act like I’ve never been attracted to a ‘fluffy’ man, but I gotta call it what it is. I prefer six-packs or a least a flat stomach on guys.

    • MiaSara

      Right! Ladies don’t sleep on the big guys… That’s all imma say, lol

  • Tee Moore

    I bet they wouldn’t have a woman appear like that…So hypocritical.

    • Rev 1:14 #dark negus

      To YOU Talking Bout BLACK Men Always Praise Bigger WOMEN OR Thicke women

    • ChynaDoll

      Yes so right a man can be big no one care. But if It was any woman we would be called fat.

    • Trisha_B

      That’s a lie. Men drool over thick women (that are borderline obese) all the time.

      • guest

        That is so true my brother in law want give a woman the time of day unless she is 250+.