We Were Told It Was Going To Be Like Sex & The City: Olivia Talks Walking Away From LHHNY

July 18, 2014  |  

The first lady of G-Unit, Olivia Longott, may no longer be a part of the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop New York” but she’s definitely still on the scene. The singer and former reality star stopped by the office last week to tell us about her new venture, a memoir she just released titled “Release Me: My Life, My Words,” and fans are already going hard for it.

If you watched LHHNY you know Olivia wasn’t the most forth-coming with her personal life, but it appears the new author had no reservations about putting it all out there in her book. Check out what she told us about the memoir and peacing out on reality TV in the video above. Will you check out her book?

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  • NayNatural

    I love her! I remember listening to her album Olivia wen I was a young teen and thinking she’s gonna go on to bigger things.

    Well dun Olivia, ur a talented person and we haven’t seen the best from u yet

  • honeypa72

    SEX IN THE CITY? MORE LIKE RATS IN THE SUBWAY!!! I applaud her for trying not to act a darn fool on T.V. My issue with her is that she acted like she had 10 Grammys and that her career was on fire. When people tried to help her (minus that poon hound Rich), she had a chip on her shoulder!!!

  • esha

    Its not that she thought she was better than anybody….She just wasn’t gonna show her butt and act a damn fool on national t.v like everyone else…Fighting and being ratchet when she knows thats not her character…I’d rather be boring than have my butt and boobs shown literally on national t.v and will end up on the internet forever. Im team Olivia all the way.

    • Monica

      Who would have thought that if you act like a lady, speak properly, don’t condone violence, and not throwing bottles one would be called boring. When everyone knows if it weren’t for the cameras, security to intervene, liquor and retakes these women would not behave that way in real life. Women who are about that thug life are locked up, on probation and don’t appear on reality television because they would be a liability to the show.

  • Doll Phace

    She’s boring anyway!!

  • MiaSara

    A book abt her life? Why???? I guess she’s trying to be the new Seinfeld…

    Btw how sure are we that this Olivia person was born a female? I want to see her birth certificate

  • candy cane

    Compared to those other chicks, Erica Mena and Peter’s ex, Olivia got the better deal by walking away. Her manager Rich was too busy chasing ratchet arse ho’s to even manage someone that takes her career seriously and not in the middle of a bunch of foolishness week after week. At least Olivia was trying to do something.

  • nss

    She needs to leave the show. She’s boring and has no music career

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    Poor thing. I just didnt care for her number one she was boring and number two she tried to act as though she was better then everybody else when really she was “the biggest loser” on there so Olivia the only reason anyone will be reading your book is to be nosey. Nobodys checking for you for real.

  • Estrella

    She’s boring so I won’t miss her.

  • mmmdot

    “Sex and the City”? More like “Ratchets in the City.” That show is full of nothing but horrifying, stereotypical depictions of black women.

  • sunni_daze

    Maybe she could go on R&B Divas, that’s where careers go to die, especially if you are a female singer.

    • Brittany

      not really. it’s actually helped a few of those heffas careers

    • therealnumber1

      Keke Wyatt’s career has actually been revived because of that show…

  • Guest

    lol she said I got some loyal fans umm no Olivia you got some nosey people..people looking for juice and gossip they are not checking for your music

  • MsJen

    She’s annoying. She always thought she was way better than she actually is. JS

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I got hooked on this show the season before last.

    • hollyw


      • Stacy D. Smith

        Gotta indulge my ratchet side somehow, Holly. Can’t be all Fibonacci sequence, can it?

  • Brittany

    back to the mall kiosk for her

  • Sunny

    I don’t have anything against Olivia. She has a good voice, and it’s unfortunate her music has never really caught on. Still, a memoir? Olivia? Why?

    • folamix

      Yes I do think she has a good voice and was too good for LHHNY

  • tg

    I Bet she can do BETTER with a capital “B”.

  • Walked away? I thought you were fired for being a boring delulu too big for her britches ghetto bysh…

    • esha

      Hater much

    • Music

      I would rather be considered boring than to be on any show from the Love and Hip Hop franchise.

      • Ditto,however she went on the show in the first place,lets not fake the funk.

        • bigdawgman

          Yeah, but if they told her it was going to be Sex&TheCity, and then they went the way they did, I can see why she was so salty. She had a contract to fulfill so she probably did the minimum and left it at that. I admire her for doing that, she could have done the Erica Mena route and played herself. Shame on Mona for selling them a fake bill of goods! I wonder if Mona got a stable of real pros somewhere?

          • Candice Washington

            she did two seasons on the show not one she did the first season it aired and even did a reunion, sign another contract for the second season , then was fired, that the truth, now she late with this book

            • Right????

            • JustMe

              Based on personal experience, I doubt her contract was only to fullfill one season, which is the reason for her doing 2 seasons. Also, you have an obligation to participate in the reunion show, as a part of your contract. Contracts for reality TV is approximately 50 pages long. The production companies are extremely smart and cover their a*sses all the way across the board.

            • Truth be Told

              She had tape time season three as well, when Rich gave her that Erica Mena balled lol .

          • For two seasons tho? You make sense but i think it only applies to folks like meeka claxton from bbw la,people who are genuinely misinformed on whar they are stepping into.

  • Lissa329

    This just goes to show that Mona will say ANYTHING to get what she wanted out of ppl. I’m just happy that those three are no longer on that show. They were too good for it.

  • Say What?

    I thought she was fired?

  • Chaz

    One thing that she finally sees is if you want to make it in the limelight, some of your business is no longer just “your” business. Fans want to know about the artist they like. Not saying you have to share everything. But if you want fans to be able to relate to you, they have to know atleast a little about your life and what you’ve been thru. But congrats to her on her book, I doubt if i would read it, but I wish her the best

    • Britt

      I AGREE!!! I always love O. She was real, she’s beautiful, and she’s actually one of the few on there with any real, actual talent. Not to mention her hair is ALWAYS gorgeous. Lol

      • Tiassopinkmommy

        That s h i t she wearing with that pink lip stick is ugly……….

        • Jam

          the roots are way too bright and looks crazy!

          • ☥Neith☥

            Dem tracks need a remix!

      • Jam

        Yea, she was a real on the show. A real punk!

      • NativeBeautyy

        I just don’t like how she’s a fence rider. She sways with the wind & that’s not a good character trait. I do think she has a beautiful voice. It’s unfortunate many can’t see passed the “Olivia from GUnit”, I really think that hindered her career. Congrats on the book, but I would rather see her in the studio, making hits & putting her talent to use.

    • MiaSara

      U just nosey! Acting like the messy neighbor in The women of Brewster place “I saw ya! I saw ya!”