UPDATE: Agency Apologizes For Shady “Straight Outta Compton” Casting Call, But Did It Really Promote Colorism?

July 17, 2014  |  

*UPDATE: A rep for Sande Alessi Casting got in touch with TMZ and called the wording in the casting call for women in the Straight Outta Compton film an “innocent mistake.” They said that they are actually looking for women of a variety of shades and body types to play “poor” in the film. And as for the A, B, C and D “rank” (coincidentally the finest multicultural woman was A, while the poor, medium to dark overweight black woman was D) is just the method used to look for various types of people for projects. They didn’t mean to upset those who were bothered by the casting call…

I was forwarded an article from Gawker with the title, Straight Outta Compton Casting Call Is Racist As Hell, and the first thing I thought was, “uh oh.” After I read the casting call once, I was a little confused. The second and third time I was just disappointed. The fourth time, finally clear on what I was reading and seeing, I said out loud, “Oooooh…that’s f**ked up.”

I’m sure you’ve heard about the upcoming NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, which will be directed by F. Gary Gray and will be released next year. The young men playing Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E have been cast, and now all that’s left to find are the extras. According to Gawker, the following casting call was posted on Facebook by Sande Alessi Casting and it calls for very specific looks to portray women in the ’80s. However, the way it reads, including the rank of the beauty of the women, has people heated:

SAG OR NON UNION CASTING NOTICE FOR FEMALES-ALL ETHNICITIES- from the late 80’s. Shoots on “Straight Outta Compton”. Shoot date TBD…


A GIRLS: These are the hottest of the hottest. Models. MUST have real hair – no extensions, very classy looking, great bodies. You can be black, white, asian, hispanic, mid eastern, or mixed race too. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: A GIRLS

B GIRLS: These are fine girls, long natural hair, really nice bodies. Small waists, nice hips. You should be light-skinned. Beyonce is a prototype here. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: B GIRLS

C GIRLS: These are African American girls, medium to light skinned with a weave. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: C GIRLS

D GIRLS: These are African American girls. Poor, not in good shape. Medium to dark skin tone. Character types. Age 18-30. Please email a current color photo, your name, Union status, height/weight, age, city in which you live and phone number to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com subject line should read: D GIRLS

At first, it just seems like an ordinary casting call: they probably want women who looked like the ladies NWA was around growing up in Compton, but also are looking for the ladies they started encountering once they got on. But the rank of everything (A = “hottest” models, D = “poor” and medium to dark skin” girls) and the descriptions for each woman, are kind of disturbing. And I’m also wondering who would read the “D GIRLS” description and be geeked up to audition?

As for the men’s casting call, it reads a lot different of course, because they’re not looking for the fellas to be beautiful…:

BIG, HUGE AFRICAN AMERICAN GUYS: Height 6’2 or taller. BIG guys you wouldn’t mess with. Well-built, security types. Age 20 to 35. Please email a current color photo (not smiling please), your Union status, height/weight and age range to:SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com Subject line should read: A GUYS

AFRICAN AMERICAN RECORD PRODUCER: Males, age 38-35. Rap producers with a very cool looks. Please email a current color photo (not smiling please), your Union status, height/weight and age range to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com Subject line should read: B GUYS

AFRICAN AMERICAN STREET THUGS: Big, huge guys, very intimidating. These are guys you absolutely would not mess with. Males, age 18-30. Please email a current color photo (not smiling please), your Union status, height/weight and age range to:SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com Subject line should read: C GUYS

LABEL EXECUTIVES: Males, Any ethnicity, age 25-35. Music industry label execs. Please email a current color photo (not smiling please), your Union status, height/weight and age range to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com Subject line should read: D GUYS

The ranks are more subtle. But Alessi (who is not black in case you were wondering) also received criticism on her Facebook page when she put the word out for the casting of Blood gang members in the film and asked for the following: “SAG OR NON UNION Bloods: Age 18-28. MUST be black and thuggy.”

As I said, people have been up in arms online about her agency’s casting for this particular film, and the complaints range in anger:

“Is it racist? Absolutely. It is the very affirmation of white supremacy. It defines beauty in a Eurocentric way. “Hottest of the hot” Women with long natural hair. That description has been used to exclude black women from being considered beautiful for years. It doesn’t get truly noticeable until you read the B section. “You should be light skinned.” That affirms that somehow dark women can’t be attractive. Then, to explicitly identify African American girls as “C” list. Medium to light skin. They don’t mention dark skin until it gets to D.”

“What sticks out to me if the ranking of A, B, C & D.”

“I can understand wanting to break the different looks into groups, but making African-American the lowest rank carries a really negative connotation.”

“I hope your casting agency gets all the disgustingly bad press it deserves.”

“It’s sexist and racists[sic] because that is the truth about NWA. Deep internalized racism and sexism. It’s in the music. Why are we surprised about the casting?”

But what do you think? Are we all overreacting, or is the casting call dead wrong?

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  • JustSteph

    I guess there aren’t any black casting companies in Cali. I read the apology and it took a Howard University professor to show them what they did was wrong. Girl bye! I’m down for the boycott and I will stop others from watching it too!

  • Lizz40

    Beyonce need not apply to category B as it ask for long natural hair. Beyonce is wearing a weave most of the time.

    It’s sad that dark-skinned girls are only allowed to play poor women.

    Seems we’re still living in the old days where if you’re yellow your’re mellow, brown stick around, black get back. Dad who’s in his 80s said this was the belief when he was a young man. Sadly, it appears it still is.

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  • junebug123


    Dark skin and brown skin girls are beautiful. Sharam Diniz lupita nyongo Joelle kayembe

  • usavgjoe

    Oh I guess money talks. Oouch! I felt that “BIG PINCH”!

    You know what, lets leave white people out of this equation, because they gonna believe what they want to believe. There are “some” whites hip to the truth of what people who look like them have done to poison their minds and the peoples of the world minds, since they stole the Americas from the Native peoples — when it comes to skin tone (they made everyone play “that game”), read your history. So they’re gonna keep saying stupid sh!t, that’s a given. Sucking energy out of the rest of us.

    What I want to address is the “wet brains” (a southern term) of black folks — ICE CUBE and his crew, some “silly” black men and women commenting on this site, who keep supporting the “White Narrative” of superiority. With “Its okay, that’s the (Hollywood) industry — they have to make their money”. Maybe these were the same words uttered by, the passive folks who did not speak-out against, the enslavement of African peoples in the Americas, for the economic benefits and growth for the white peoples. “It’s okay, slavery will create a stronger and richer America.”

    You sound like fools.

    If this is a period piece they are very misguided in their assumptions. In the 1970’s and 80’s very few people, especially African Americans, were “large-boned” (What you consider as fat) we loved them, too. Back then 80%+ of the total U.S. population were slender. The vast majority were thin to slender and built. Like a “Brick House”. I know. I was there. When Ice Cube was a kid, he was “pudgy” compared to his NWA comrades. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just saying”. Weaves were uncommon amongst the general population of black women. They either had short, medium, or long hair, that goes for dark to light-skinned sisters. Now some women, in “the industry” like Diana Ross were the only ones who knew about, or could afford added hair or “the weave.”

    Now maybe Ice Cube is trying to appease the new generation, which now live in a U.S. where 70%+ of all the population is overweight. But, I fault him and his company because some “wet brained” black person (in his company or an affiliate) gave those depictions to Sande Alessi Casting. You know how I know? Because the “vernacular” of how the notice is written and the demands posed, are words that white people would not inherently use. Unfortunate for them, they did not have the “common sense” to tone it down and make it seem like they were addressing humans with feelings.

    In conclusion: Don’t spend your money on this trash.

    My parting words to black folks, is you better wake up and smell the coffee and recognize, “cause you ain’t outta of the woods, yet.

    Ask our “African American” President.

    • mmmdot

      YES! You broke it ALL the way down. I love this.

  • vatrice george

    I will not be watching this film and I really wanted to go see it, being a Cali girl. Im still boycotting Ciroc over their model casting call for Light Skin black women only

  • Mirror

    I’m confused about Girls B vs. Girls A. Girls B says long natural hair, but Beyonce is the prototype? Shouldn’t she be placed in category C? I guess they would have to add that these girls are in great shape and fine too.

  • J

    Yes the casting did promote colorism for stating that women categorized as D as of medium to dark skin tone. while it did state that D women would have characteristics such as being overweight it grouped the color of the womens skin as something unsatisfactory.

    Its fine to cast based on demographics for a semi-biographical film however when one then considers women of a certain skin tone to be lesser than and grade them its a problem

  • Simba711

    There was no need to mention skin color or hair. The “A” section mentions all women, but “B” through “D” ranks black women based on skin color. Disrespectful, offensive and ridiculous.

  • ladybug

    So this is for all the women(esp light skinned) who continue to say colorism only exist in our heads and the fact that we speak on it only confirms our “color complex”. It’s not in our heads this ^^^^^ is just one of MANY ways that beautiful dark skinned women have been isolated. No I’m not bitter, no I’m not colorstruck and no I don’t have a complex. I’m not #teamdarkskin I’m #teamhuman #teamAcknowledgeTheProblemInOrderToChange

  • honeybee808

    it’s also interesting how no skin tone preferences were listed for the men. i assume this is because the casting director assumes that all black men fitting the description must be the dark, brooding rick ross type.

    also, what’s with the “poor, out of shape” casting being for only medium, dark tones. when did light-skin folk, and all of the other ethnicities become immune to poverty and poor health?! I don’t like these type of movies anyway, so i really don’t have to go out of my way to not support it, but damn! Racist hos.

  • Shantella Sherman

    Unfortunately, the videos for NWA and a host of black male rap groups typically use a similar casting template for their videos. Stereotype? Yes. Out of the ordinary? No.

  • cnj


  • Chelley

    My hard earned money will not be put towards this anti-black misogynist, colorist piece of crap. This is Hollywood for you. They perpetuate stereotypes and people feed on it unfortunately.

  • LoveJoy02

    We need to tweet @FGaryGray about Plantation Style Request.

    Trust, even if it doesn’t show up on the feed his P.R. will def be sending the word back to him!

    • Rachel B

      Thanks I will do it now!

    • Marie Bano

      Thanks I have tweeted him. Enough is enough. Black women continue to make strideS in education and business. It is disgraceful that others want to degrade and dismiss us-BOYCOTT.

      • unplugged

        I will be boycotting.

  • Rachel B

    Black women we have to know and love ourselves. Hold your head high. Continue to love GOD, get your education, own your businesses, stay in shape and let us just do us! Our men clearly don’t appreciate us-I won’t say all because I am fly chocolate chick married to a wonderful man. Let’s not support this movie-that’s all. I won’t be watching. The production company should send a message a fire that casting agency if they had nothing to do with this. This colorism business is so played. Our beautiful black skin makes us one with the SUN- God’s first creation. We age like fine wine and yet we don’t know ourselves. I do and so will my children. And when you are a beautiful black person who loves themselves they hate you because they wish they can be YOU. The best thing we can do is educate the next generation. That is OUR DUTY!

    • GoodGooglyMoogly

      As someone in the biz the casting company is only following what they’ve been told by the Producer and Director. No one should blame them it’s the Hollywood Negros that requested this mess.

  • Why is he racist? Let’s not act like a great portion of black males are biased to light skinned “exotic” girls, he was just doing his job. we have no dignity. Hollywood as been slandering black women for ages,black women have been slandering black women fir ages,nobody has done anything about it and no one will.

    • kj1986nyc

      Stop watching television. I’m a black man and feel most negroes act like fools. Television festers this cancer. Get rid of the cable in your house and read something!

  • Sugabear906

    Lets let this Movie Flop, African Americans or Black Americans we can make it flop, we don’t have to support these bias stereotypes.

    • Lee Lee

      I agree! no one should watch it!

    • Please! “Dark skin ho3s have bad credit” kevin hart,#1 movie in the country.

  • Jenb

    I actually called the casting lady. Omg, she was crying. Apparently I’m not the only person that has called to complain today.

    • mmmdot

      Good, she SHOULD be crying. Thank you for doing that.

    • enlightenment


  • mmmdot

    Why would there even be question of whether we are “overreacting” or not? Calling something racist and when it’s blatantly steeped in racism and colorism is not overreacting. Furthermore, the problem is bigger then this film. This casting call a SYMPTOM of the problem. Let’s stop acting like the black community and white racist caste society we live in don’t have a colorism issues. http://thegrio (dot) com/2014/01/16/study-light-skinned-black-men-perceived-as-better-educated/; http://thegrio (dot) com/2011/12/21/americans-rank-mixed-race-people-ahead-of-blacks-socially/ Maybe if there was more BALANCE in the the media (and by that I mean black media and mainstream white media) and brown skinned and darker skinned black women were reflected in more positive, realistic, well-rounded roles the way that black men of ALL SHADES are, then there wouldn’t be such an outcry when black women look at media items that are created by BY black people FOR black people, and see no constructive or realistic depictions of any black people BUT black men of ALL SHADES. ::EYEROLL::

    • LoveJoy02


      Honestly, the casting company DID THEIR JOB by putting the production company of this dumb movie REQUEST on paper…

      These preferences are learned from their mothers and reinforced through media trust me!

    • GoodGooglyMoogly


  • AmeliaMardleiyf

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  • Say What?

    You can’t really ask for other to respect us when we don’t respect us.

    • Or even be honest with ourselves. Someone on here us going to rush in and say ” NOT ALL blacks blah blaaah blah”

    • enlightenment

      You right tho.

  • Mimsy

    I don’t see the issue, really? I think the rating is based off the grade school rating. Also, A women are all ethnicities just have to have real hair. Where’s the issue?

    • AfroCaribbeanGyal

      You must don’t have common sense lol. Clearly, they specified where they want the “african american” woman to play in the roles. Yes it says black, but they also said “MUST HAVE long, natural hair”… and when they describe the look they are trying to achieve, A-B is attractive, built well and etc, while C-D is poor looking and not in shape and “light skinned with weave”… PUHLEASE, i ain’t watching or supporting this sht. Something more for ppl like Breezuz and others like the troll to put over my head as a afro woman

  • Yolanda Harris

    Sickened? Yes. Surprised? Not at all. SMH

  • Margarita

    Mentally still in slavery no wonder black men are doing no better than they did in the 1970’s..

    • kia

      Right they rate women while Americans still rating them as unemployable no matter how successful
      Dr. DRE is he doesn’t effect the image of regular black men.

  • Lee Lee

    sadly,i’m not surprised…are they casting Eazy-E?

    • Kwazi Style

      The already did…

      • Lee Lee

        Oh Okay. Thanks!

  • unplugged

    Even Beyond didn’t make the “A” group?

    • MNEditor2

      Interesting, right!? I think it’s because she’s not rocking her own hair.

      • Kwazi Style

        In the B category it states ” long natural hair” …. maybe she should be dropped down to C #sarcasm

        • Sugabear906

          Lol I agree because most of the natural head sistas with long natural hair has 4c hair… thats should be the D category

    • Kwazi Style

      ha! u caught that too right…

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    I wouldn’t be surprise, but a part of me is hoping they aren’t this stupid.

  • T. T.

    No surprises here. When will self respect and dignity reign more into the black community instead of untrue degrading stereotypes that some seem to think are okay. Please teach your children or any children for that matter, nephews, nieces, cousins, neighbors, boyfriends kids, girlfriends kids, doesn’t matter just please teach them better. To know better is to do better.

  • SuperTrooper1420

    It’s a movie about NWA. Are you surprised?

  • First of all the casting call is looking for all types of girls. It just so happens the A and B categories negro women don’t fit into, and truthfully, most of,you only fit into the D section.

    • LoveJoy02

      Lol, you remind me of Steven from Django…

      • facts

        His descendents seem very numerous don’t they

      • Thank you. I actually dressed as Stephen last year for Halloween and might again this year.

        • LoveJoy02

          Anytime! I love seeing that one negro that goes around justifying massas divide and conquer techniques…

          Takes me back to 1814… aaahh…

          The Good Ol Days when massa would rape young negresses to produce the lightskin negresses that could today easily fit in Type A category they are looking for, right Steven!?

          Keep up the good work boi…

          • I will. Thanks.

          • Guestest

            I heard that Breezus is a white male.

            • Marie Bano

              No Breezus is a sad, insecure middle aged black man. He still lives with his parents and does not work. He has no partner, only trolling black websites attacking black women.

              • And I heard you’re really a gay man trolling as a woman.

                • Marie Bano

                  Man up and get your self respect back. What type of man with any dignity fights with black women all day, everyday. It would be funny if you were not so pitiful.

            • AfroCaribbeanGyal

              Clearly. He always jumpin on somthing breaking down a afro american woman… he clearly didn’t come out from one.

            • I’m a white male name Christian Adair and also a black man called Marcus Walker, so they say!

            • mmmdot

              You know I would have believed that before but some of these black misogynistic black “men” literally speak no better of black women then a white supremacist would.

              • Guestest

                You know, i’ve never knew how a lot of black men felt about black women until coming on the internet. In MY real world, black men love black women and do not generalize us all. Only on the internet do i see such horrible disgusting comments. Smh

                • mmmdot

                  Me neither, a good amount of the black men I meet offline are cool, so I don’t what the fxck is wrong with the black male knuckleheads I encounter online. So I’ll just reiterate something that I’ve said this situation before: I’m too through with giving the misogynistic black men I encounter online the benefit of the doubt that we are on the same side because we’re black. Some of these self-hating black “men” keep spreading these despicable memes about black women all throughout IG and Twitter…and in the commentary sections of black [womens] websites they say worse things about black women then the Redumblican party.

                  I’ve ultimately come to the conclusion that some of these black men are TRULY coming from a place of out and out hatred and misogyny. They literally have no human compassion for black women at all and they have truly demonstrated the Zora Neale Hurston adage that “All my skinfolk ain’t my kinfolk.” Some of these black “men” literally speak no better of black women then a white supremacist would–and I always fight fire with with fire. They really are in no position to be DEGRADING to black women and I NOW I’m ENJOYING reminding them of that fact at each and every single turn.

        • Kwazi Style

          troll go find a bridge….

          • I’m currently on the clock right now. But maybe when I get off you want to meet up to pleasure my D#$K?

        • ladybug

          You should it fits you well

      • ladybug

        I love you for that lol

    • OSHH

      Can you read, because the A description for women clearly states you can be black(negro for you), white etc, and the B category says Beyonce prototype who happens to be black or again negro for you. The beautiful thing about “negro women” is our beauty runs the gamut.
      Be blessed.

    • Marie Bano

      You are a middle aged man Breezus, this is a website for black women. You should have some pride or a job that you do not base your whole life on going from website to website insulting black women.
      This is racism in its worst form, not just the stereotypes but the contempt for black people. A boycott of this movie must happen.

    • mmmdot

      Look you bxtch azz “man”, give it a fxcking rest. Your misogynistic azz needs to stop TROLLING this website shxtting all over black women because none of them will touch your SOCIALLY INEPT, INADEQUATE AZZ with a 10 foot pole. Keep black women out of your fxcking mouth. You don’t have positive relations with black women because you HATE black women…go get some THERAPY so that you can get your OBSESSION with the appearance and the behavior of black women under control. You LOVE to try and gaslight black women, like WE are the problem when what you REALLY sound like is one of those disingenuous fxck boys that chases white women [and probably white men] so you can be their “big black black” racial stereotype. You know the Jim Crow trope of the “Big Black Buck” who can’t take care of a family, a wife, or children financially like a real man since he’s unlikely to get legitimate job like a real [white] man? You know the kind who can’t stay out of jail, graduate from college, or live past 30, so all he’s got to offer any woman or MAN is sex? THAT kind of stereotype. White supremacy is a hell of a drug and you appear to be an addict. Well keep your addictions of INTERNALIZED RACISM, SELF-HATRED, and STOCKHOLM SYNDROME to yourself and keep the rest of us WELL-ADJUSTED black people out of your white dxck sucking mealy mouth–that includes black women. Kay, bxtch? Thank you.

      • kj1986nyc

        Didn’t take your zoloft today I see!

        • mmmdot

          Still trolling a website for black women and acting like a complete BXTCH, I see! I know you have first hand experience with Zoloft, which is why you mentioned it by name, but I’m fine dummy. So go take your DAILY DOSAGE of Zoloft and maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally GET A LIFE and get the fxck out of WOMEN’S BUSINESS. Okay?

          • kj1986nyc

            Go eat a bowl of d!cks, worthless negro hoar!

            • mmmdot

              Stop worrying about what GROWN black women are doing, and concentrate on making it to the end of the day without getting locked up. Okay? Blame your trick of a father and your HO of a mother that you’re the PRISON BXTCH type that ONLY interests PRISON DADDIES who want to split your azz in PRISON SHOWERS. Stop BITCHING over something that comes NATURALLY, i.e. WOMEN commenting on a WEBSITE FOR WOMEN. YOU are the abnormal one here, you bxtch made “man.” Get a life you PSYCHOTIC STALKER TRICK BABY.

              • kj1986nyc

                Haha you talk like you even know me. So foolish. Maybe your HO of a mother should’ve NOT saturated your scalp with sodium hydroxide. All your sons will end up PRISON and your daughters bast@rd baby makers!

                • mmmdot

                  I repeat: Go take your daily dosage of ZOLOFT and give it a rest, bxtch. Better yet, make it the whole bottle. Don’t blame me because you’re PRISON BXTCH type that ONLY interests PRISON DADDIES who want to split your azz in PRISON SHOWERS. Stop BITCHING over something that comes NATURALLY, i.e. WOMEN commenting on a WEBSITE FOR WOMEN. YOU are the abnormal one here, you bxtch made “man.” Get a life you PSYCHOTIC STALKER TRICK BABY.

                  • kj1986nyc

                    Ok ape face!

                    • mmmdot

                      If you want to go there calling OTHER black people animals we can go there, and it’ll get fxcking ugly for you, because everyone and their mama is hunting black MEN down on the streets like they’re prey, not black WOMEN. The ONLY ones who seem to be hunting black women are butthurt black SHE MALES like you. Grow a pair and stay out of WOMENS BUSINESS, you dumb azz BASIC BXTCH.

                    • kj1986nyc

                      You keep on saying that but black women better pray America doesn’t fall. Because things will not be good for you at all!

                    • mmmdot

                      Look, you psychotic BXTCH, go take your daily dosage of ZOLOFT and give it a rest. Better yet, make it the whole bottle. Stop worrying about what GROWN black women are doing, and concentrate on making it to the end of the day without getting locked up. Get the FXCK out of WOMEN’S BUSINESS and be a man. Kay?

                    • kj1986nyc

                      GROWN black women are just a bunch of tax supported mammies.

                    • mmmdot

                      The same way GROWN black men are tax supported jailbirds that have nothing to offer but the STDs they caught from being ANOTHER MAN’S prison bxtch. Take the d!ck out of your mouth, concentrate on fixing yourself, and mind your own RATCHET business you dumb azz bxtch. Stop TROLLING this website FOR WOMEN and get a life.

                    • kj1986nyc

                      I can do whatever I want you dumb mammy. You don’t pay for my internet. Trying staying off welfare for one month.

                    • mmmdot

                      You stop acting like PRISON is a HOTEL with a REVOLVING door you stupid, ratchet, STD-ridden PRISON BXTCH. “I can do whatever I want” = “I ADMIT that I have NO LIFE. I’m going to continue to act like a completely PSYCHOTIC OVERLY EMOTIONAL BXTCH, continue to troll black women, and continue to blame black women for my all problems instead of ACTING LIKE A MAN and concentrating on fixing myself.” You’re nothing but a miserable black “male” troll using a public computer. *ALL of us TAX PAYERS* pay for YOUR internet, you PRISON THUG CONVICT. Get a life you lonely ugly bastard.

                    • kj1986nyc

                      If you look anything like the average black woman, you’d look like an ape with a weave! You probably smell like you’re on your period 30 days out of the month and supplement your income skeezing for a dollar bill in a trap house!

                    • mmmdot

                      And the police and pretty much EVERYONE IN AMERICA uses YOUR black “male” monkey azz for target practice you barbaric zoo creature. So why don’t you do the world a favor and just WALK OUTSIDE, so you can die in a hail of bullets. Mmmkay?

                    • mmmdot

                      And the police and pretty much EVERYONE ELSE IN AMERICA uses YOUR black “male” monkey azz for target practice, you barbaric zoo creature. All the gun sales are to get YOU. So why don’t you work on convincing EVERYBODY that you’re NOT a WILD ANIMAL that’s about rape somebody, sn@tch a purse, or commit some other violent crime, you CONVICT? Or better yet, do the world a favor and just WALK OUTSIDE, so you can die in a hail of bullets. Kay, bxtch? Thank you.

        • Guestest

          So are you really going to question her sanity and not Breezus’s? Breezus is the one who needs meds because he stay trolling on blogs that are made for black women just to degrade us… Get it together!

          • mmmdot

            Of course he is. These misogynistic, black-women-hating black “men” don’t understand when black women have NORMAL reactions to their fxckery. The expect us to feel cowed and they expect to lower our self-esteem by talking to and about us this way–it’s all so that black women are easier for them to dominate and take their frustrations out on.

            • Guestest

              You are articulate and you speak the truth. Keep it up! I love your potty mouth by the way Lmao!!!

              • mmmdot

                LMAO!!! Thanks. I don’t want to have to go there with other black people but some of these misogynistic black “men” NASTILY trolling websites for BLACK WOMEN have made it so that I talk to them the same way I talk to racist trolls: I give no fxcks about what I say to and about them. They are really that horrific.

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