15 Signs You’re Dating A Boy And Not A Man

July 16, 2014  |  
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Does your boyfriend have a little more growing up to do? If he’s anything like the men on this list, it could be time for him to drink a tall glass of grow-up quick.

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He Still Think He’s Going to Be A Rapper

Not that you’ve ever seen him log any studio time. But it is his number one excuse for not going back to school.

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He Has A 100% Junk Food Diet

Because it hasn’t changed since he was six years old. You’re actually sort of impressed that anyone can live that long without eating vegetables.

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And He Has No Idea How to Cook

Why bother to learn when someone’s been feeding you since birth?

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He Still Takes His Laundry To His Mother’s House

Or hands it over to you now, because that’s your new job.

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Every Time He Gets A Cold It’s The End of the World

He’s 6’2″ and completely incapacitated by the sniffles.

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He Lives Every Day Like He’s In A Rap Video

Even though he can’t really afford the life. Who cares about rent when he could be saving up for a pair of Air Jordan 10’s?

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Speaking of Sneakers

His collection is getting way out of control. There’s enough shoes to make a down payment to a grown-up house sitting in his closet — in his mother’s basement.

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His Parents Still Pay His Bills

Even though he’s way too old to still be getting an allowance.

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He Won’t Go To The Doctor Or A Dentist

Even when he sort of needs to. Not that he’s bothered to get any health insurance. He’s still convinced he’s going to live forever.

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He Still Sleeps Past Noon

Because he’s still on his old college schedule.

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You’ve Never Heard Him Say “Sorry”

It would require him to man up and he’s clearly just not ready to tackle that hurdle yet.

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He Still Lives With Ma Dukes

And he sees zero problem with it. He’s taking care of her. Even if things look like they’re really the other way around.

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He Still Uses Paper Plates

That way he won’t have to do dishes or make his bed or clean up the house or tackle any other grown-up chores.

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He Has Commitment Issues

He loves you, but he’s having trouble letting go of all of that quality time with his boys…and all of their quality time at the club.

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He Never Outgrew His Video Games

Meet the man child in his natural habitat. You’d make him choose between you and the game, but you’re afraid of who he’ll pick.

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