From “Kissing You” To “Love Of My Life”: Songs You Didn’t Know Raphael Saadiq Wrote And Produced

July 14, 2014  |  
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I’ve been a huge fan of Raphael Saadiq for years. From his Tony! Toni! Tone! days, to his solo efforts like Ray Ray and Instant Vintage, he can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus, aside from having an awesome voice and playing a mean guitar, he’s behind some of my favorite R&B/soul/neo-soul joints over the years. He’s worked with just about everyone, and there hasn’t been a song he’s contributed his talents to that I haven’t appreciated. Here are just a few of his many musical contributions to your ears.

Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo

This isn’t the first time Saadiq and D’Angelo made magic together (but I’ll let you click through to find out the other time). The hit song that was the lead single from the critically acclaimed Voodoo album was co-written and co-produced by Saadiq. He plays bass guitar on the song, which won a Grammy for Best Male Vocal R&B Performance.

Kissing You by Total

I think anytime you hear some killer guitar or bass guitar open a song, it was probably played by Saadiq (see his work on Teedra Moses’ “Take Me” for another example). Saadiq produced this song, which I consider Total’s best, played guitar on it, and provided background vocals in the bridge (“Yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaaaaaah”).

Lady by D’Angelo

If you paid attention to the video, you probably noticed Saadiq in the background playing the bass guitar in a Polo Sport sweater…Saadiq actually did more than that, as he co-wrote and produced the song alongside D’Angelo.

Brotha by Angie Stone

To help show some love to the brothas, Stone teamed up with Saadiq for this jam. The R&B titan produced this beloved song, composed it and played the bass guitar on it (obviously his specialty).

Love of My Life by Erykah Badu

This was actually a big surprise for me, but when you really listen to “Love of My Life,” it all makes sense. Saadiq produced this Grammy-winning song for the Brown Sugar soundtrack. The ode to Hip-Hop was also a big hit on the charts, peaking at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Tell Me ’bout It by Joss Stone

Saadiq was actually behind the funkier sound Stone adopted in 2007. He was the main producer behind her album Introducing Joss Stone, and produced this hit song. He arranged the horns, and of course, played the bass guitar and electric guitar on the track, which was Stone’s first to chart on the U.S. Billboard charts.

Soul Sista by Bilal

It makes sense that Saadiq would be behind this sensual jam, which appeared on the Love and Basketball soundtrack and was the lead single for Bilal’s debut album, 1st Born Second. Saadiq co-produced the song with ?uestlove (who appears in the video playing drums) and Dahoud Darien.

Fine by Whitney Houston

What do you know about this cut from her compilation album, Whitney: The Greatest Hits? The song was written and produced by Saadiq and Q-Tip (credited as Kamaal Fareed). The orchestra that can be heard playing strings in the song was arranged by Saadiq. Again, this man can do no wrong I tell you…

Show Me by John Legend

Yet another beautiful song that opened with a killer guitar, Saadiq was co-producer of the song about a person of faith trying to make sense of all the tragedy going on in the world. Saadiq also plays the strings on this haunting yet beautiful effort from the Once Again album.

Better Man by Musiq Soulchild

A song featured not only on Soulchild’s album, Luvanmusiq, “Better Man” was also given the chance to show on the soundtrack for the hit Tyler Perry movie, Why Did I Get Married? (the good one, not the sequel…just saying). And you guessed it: Saadiq played the strings on this song as well, but also did his thing on the keyboard too!

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  • Doris G

    HE is and has always been a GENIUS!!! I love his album Stone Rolling too.

  • I want to see all 10 songs, but I don’t have the patience to deal with your photo galleries. I really wish you would find another photo gallery app or at least one where you didn’t have to move the entire screen to see each photo. You should be able to just flip straight through them.

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  • Jae

    Thank you for this post. I am a lover of this man and all of his music. I’ve always bought his cds and downloaded his songs, but I was actually surprised at some of the music, that you posted, that he wrote or produced. Ray Ray is in my top 10 favorite cds, its just dope all around. I had just moved to the Bay Area when it came out, so as funny as it sounds I felt so connected to him more, because I could relate to references he made about Oakland, Ca. Again thank you for this post, and please keep us posted on anything new from him and even more songs we may not be aware he wrote and or produced. This mans voice is sooooooo DOPE!!!

  • Jane

    Love him Love him…. he had a song called ooh girl ….i almost cried the first time i heard it

    • LoriEHutcherson

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  • lscpisces85

    Listen Raphael Saadiq is the truth! Basically almost my entire wedding selection for the DJ is songs written by, featuring and or starring him…. I love that dude (get it Love that Girl)

    • CarolynJSmith

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    • Jackk

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      • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

        wat was said? im nosey.

  • 1st Amendment User


  • Krissy


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  • dingo_egret

    Brother is multi-talented. Surprised he wrote some of these songs, but not surprised he could pull it off. He’s one of the most underrated musicians, producers, etc.

  • orchidjones

    you gave all the easy ones true Raphael fans already knew about. give more challenging songs…you’ve even missed Temptation-by the original Destiny’s Child!

    • beezy


    • MNEditor2

      This slideshow was moreso for people who aren’t really that acquainted with his talents outside of TTT. There were other songs that could have been included, but we just wanted to stick with the well-known ones that non-fans might be surprised by. Thanks

      • Lost Soul

        I liked Why Did I Get Married Too.

  • Starrr

    Yesss! Behind Prince, Raphael Saddiq is the BEST artist alive. He’s genius. I fvcking ADORE this man and every song he touches.

    By the way to whomever wrote this article, he’s more famous for his bass, rather than his guitar.

    **proceeds to listen to Untitled and SWOONS**

    Instant Vintage is my favorite album EVER made. It’s sooo gospeldelic!

    I love this man so much named my daughter after, “I really love you, I love you Deja”. When she was little she used to think he was singing to her. Lol!

    P.S. Google Raphael Saddiq Tiny Desk concert for pure joy.

  • lalanika

    Wow I had no idead..I love all these song!

    • marthasfortner

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