“You Think My A** Is Fake…Understand This Your Man Loves It” K. Michelle Is Tired Of Y’all Talking About Her Booty

July 13, 2014  |  


I’ve never understood the sex appeal of a fake butt. It’s one thing to get a little help in that area if you feel like you’ve been under-served, but to add a whole entire continent to your anatomy that sits there like a DMV clerk and literally does nothing (because let’s be honest they aren’t the most active things in the world, they just kind of sit there stiff and in the way) befuddles me. I mean some of them do look nice, but then what?

Well, K. Michelle has had enough of her “haters” making her cakes a target for attack. The Love and Hip Hop star and singer has admitted in the past that her derriere was more the result of a good old surgical fat transfer rather than a few bowl of grits, but she wants everyone to get over it already and took to Instagram to deliver this message:


K may just be taking her bitterness out Instagram after her new man, basketball player Bobby Maze’s ex-girlfriend allegedly just took some shots at him for spending more time with K than his own daughter. Either way, I struggle sometime with remembering what K. Michelle was actually famous for in the first place. It seems all I ever hear about lately are her men troubles, her being messy on social media and her behind. It’s unfortunate because I suspect she’s truly talented, but just needs some guidance and grooming. In most cases, her attitude is more distracting from her talent than her assets ever could be. It wouldn’t hurt if she took a peek at Moguldom Media’s Bottoms Up either.

 Do you think K. Michelle is being oversensitive or does she have a point that people are too concerned with her body parts?

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  • marcellakhealy

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  • NativeBeautyy

    But you need fat to have a fat transfer .. Especially for a behind that big. Js, why pay money for something you obviously feel strongly about, then lie..? She needs to just tell the truth & shame the Devil.. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice but all the extra baggage she brings is going to be her downfall. Being angry and full of drama is NOT an attractive trait.

  • naynay11206

    That’s right K let them know

  • Nancy

    Damn and she is a soror, smh….

  • sha

    She needs to put her big butt girl panties on and get over it and deal with the real comments that come along with her fake @$$! Calling people ugly because she has a ridiculously ill-proportioned butt is childish as hell.

  • Dona Deri

    Seems the insecurity truly lies within her. Why even respond? IF you’re happy and content with your new enhancements, there’s no need to respond to people who think otherwise. An opinion is an opinion, not always “hate”. Focus on your music and stray away from the one thing making you seem very negative. Love and Peace

  • Courtney Banks

    Nothing wrong with plastic surgery. The real culprit is the society we live in that forces women into certain beauty ideals. A woman who gets plastic surgery is no better then one without, a woman who wears makeup is no better than one who chooses not to.. The point is people should have the choice to choose for themselves. It is their bodies after all… Even if her booty is fake, what of it??

    • GymJunkie43

      I totally agree. I am saving up for Lipo as we speak. I think the problem that K Michelle has is that she didn’t go to quality people. A quality cosmetic dentist will not put medium veneers in a small mouth. A quality plastic surgeon will not put a giant XL butt on a small frame.

      • mmmdot

        “A quality plastic surgeon will not put a giant XL butt on a small frame.” YES!!! This times 1000, girl.

  • GymJunkie43

    Hate on what? K Michelle looks no different than the next assembly-line manufactured girl – fake teeth, fake hair, fake lashes, fake butt.

  • Mrs.Mason

    more music please and less drama!

  • honeypa72

    Her and Keke Wyatt need to get a reality T.V. show called Messy Chick’s, Inc. Seriously. There is a certain amount talent K. Michelle has, but not enough to overlook her messiness. Keke on the other hand will go far if she seeks help and continues to take whatever meds she’s on. Just saying….

  • coolyfett

    big tities turn to tear drops as fat axx turns to flab
    sores that was open wounds eventually turn to scab
    trees bright and green turn yellow brown
    autumn caught em, see all them leaves must fall down, growin’ old

  • lockstress

    This Kansas City hood booger needs to go somewhere. Please stop reporting her stories. Ugh…she’s a skid mark on the drawers of life!

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      She’s not from Kansas City… so where did that come from?

  • Lissa329

    K…this is why I stopped following her on all social media. GET TO MAKING YOUR SECOND ALBUM AND STOP BEING SO MESSY. In fact, put the damn phone down! I’m even thinking about skipping tonight’s LHHATL ep bc she’s gonna be on there being messy. This woman is so talented with her piano capabilities and her voice but her personality makes her so ugly. She and August are losing fans quick!

    • Lissa329

      and yes, even Stevie Wonder can see that your exercise ball a#$ is fake. You don’t get thick like that from the cornbread and the cabbage.

    • Selena McQueen

      Nah tonight episode with her and joseline looks hilarious

  • enlightenment

    WHAT? WTH did she expect? If you get surgery to augment your butt, people are going to talk about your butt! If she wanted people to focus on her music and talent and take her seriously, she should

    1. stop being so ratchet
    2. stop starting drama
    3. never augment her booty. (Duh! Of course people are gonna talk about it)

  • 011290

    K. Michelle needs to rethink those veneers can you say “horse mouth” and the other thing well that’s another story. And she’s NOT cute…..at all!

  • Tea

    I like K. Michele but come on girl move on. Folks always gonna say something about something. If you can’t stand the heat girl you need a new career.

  • ShellyKelly

    I was surprised to find that she can actually sing. It seems as if she wouldn’t want all this other “stuff” distracting from her talent.

  • Jamie

    Just one of the many reasons i dislike this heffa she really should humble herself and do like some other celebs and let the negativity roll off her back stop feeding into their comments because that’s all they are they won’t change her life unless she allows it to and then maybe she would be more likable!!

  • provokethought

    I’m sorry….no matter how defensive she may get, her behind still looks a hot mess and so unnatural.

    • ShellyKelly

      Very unnatural. The fake behinds are usually so large and their waists are so small that I wonder if they struggle to find clothes that fit properly.

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    She can rant all she wants at the end she still paid for a saggy diaper booty. She couldn’t honestly think she looks good and she need to chill out with them extra long weaves. Good grief its dang near down to her ankles.

    • VickieFCameron

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  • mmmdot

    …And her butt STILL gets more attention for being freakishly big, rather than actually being an appealing physical attribute. She really needs to have a seat. In fact, she needs to have several seats because she will need every single last one to fit that ginormous monstrosity of hers. Whatever she does, she needs to stop walking around here thinking that people are actually impressed by circus freak-show hanging off her backside..:Eyeroll:

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    Mentally unstable and tri polar.

  • gl

    Ummm K Michelle doesn’t know a girl may not have a fake booty or one as big as hers, and still look pretty…even prettier than her? Big booty does not automatically equal hot.

    But I can see why she would be pissed at the harassment over her choice to surgically “enhance” herself; that’s why celebrities stay lying about whether they’d had anything done, folks will not leave them alone if they admit they have.

  • Artrell

    Question: Isn’t that the point of a fake hug butt? Why would you get it that big if you don’t want ppl talking; hating or not. These women with this low self esteem kill me, doing all these things for attention, and then wanting to rant when you hear something negative. That’s what comes with it….

  • jb

    When we get older, the most important thing about our buts will be whether or not we need help to wipe it. Priorities folks……

    • Kylie

      Lmao, I’m dead in the ground with that one.

    • sarasefree

      lmfaooooo u got rotfl with this one……poor the that nursing assistant eh

  • 1Val

    Just two quick questions for anyone who knows the answers:

    First, Who is K. Michelle?
    Lastly, Why is she almost famous?

    • BabyBlue

      Well, she’s a little person with a fake big booty and she could be famous for laying on her back with different basketball players oh yeah and she sings

      • sarasefree

        lol…..u sum that up almost nicely….scratch basketball player and add anyone that plays any type of thing

  • sarasefree

    WOW!!!! so looking deformed is equivalent to beautiful now *sigh….what a sad world we living in ehh.

    • 1Val

      Obviously, this article is skewed to impressionable women struggling with body image to feel that is appropriate to be objectify for parts of their anatomy. It is much easier to undergo comestic surgery than to become a successful black woman in society. Only insecure women equate self worth to men’s attraction to them.

  • mpress

    Cute girl clearly trying to compensate for something. Home girl out here looking like a midget. Dudes use her like a blow up doll and take off. I guess it provides her the passion to sing those songs so strong so hey…that may be the silver lining. All I know is ppl who are made of glass that throw stones are always a pebble away from shattering.

  • T. T.

    Y’all just had to plug y’all documentary on booty shots didn’t you! I see you MN and Moguldom Media.

    • yoda

      yes all that promoting is annoying

      • 1Val

        Where did MN and Moguldom find black women coveting obscene derrieres?
        Its mind boggling to think that any woman would desire to look like a sex blow up doll with a disproportionate rear end.

        • yoda

          i have no idea. i’m good with how i’m built and i think the women around me feel the same. this big butt stuff has nothing to do with real women i’ve seen. i think some women are stupid enough to be influenced by the media with this big behind mess.

          • 1Val

            Perhaps women working in entertainment industry are their audience.

            • coolyfett

              sad but true.

        • KAYSUE


          • 1Val

            Carry on…

  • TT

    Her butt makes her look deformed

    • IllyPhilly


  • OhMeSoSassy

    What a waste…she’s the miserable, ugly one…and she’s the ugliest of all…deep down inside… Poor little stupid thing…

  • Boog

    I was done with her when she admitted that she’d never been to a museum. As a child, nor a parent. Is that me judging?

    • BabyBlue

      Of course it’s judging but, I’ve judged her when she thought loud talking and neck rollin would get her a record deal and sell millions

      • thatguy0101

        She said that?!?!?

    • B Cooper

      Not even the Civil Rights Museum? Isn’t she FROM Memphis?

      • Dee

        right?!?! not even on a school trip??

  • BabyBlue

    Whatever happened to doing squats to get the butt you want? Having a fake one messes up your proportions

    • Guest

      They want a big booty. Squats will tone up what u already have, but won’t make it bigger.

      • Starcru

        Actually, doing various butt exercises WILL give you a bigger, rounder and more tone butt. People have to understand that squats alone will do nothing for you. Working ALL of your lower body will.

      • BabyBlue

        All I’m saying is that she should work with what she has and thank god for what she’s got. Squats ain’t hurt nobody

    • ShellyKelly

      That reminds me of a poster on the wall at my gym that reads: “Squats…because that azz ain’t gonna get round by itself”.

      • alexagpina

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      • BabyBlue

        I love it lol. It’s true

  • Selena McQueen

    Ugh she’s sooooooooo annoying next…..

    • Stacy D. Smith

      She really is. Her attitude is awful.

      • Selena McQueen

        Right and it takes away from her talent

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