Rapper Meek Mill Arrested For Probation Violation

July 12, 2014  |  


Apparently when he isn’t getting caught up in Elle Varner/K. Michelle love triangles and beefing with Wale, rapper Meek Mill is getting arrested.

Philadelphia news network, Fox 29 reports the DA sentenced the rapper to 3-6 months in prison over concern of his behavior while on probation. It is rumored the rapper posted a picture of himself with a gun on social media.

Recent reports state that Mill missed two meetings with his probation officer and displayed attitude towards her in the meetings he did attend.  Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis commented:

“The defendant’s clear attitude with probation while reporting on May 15, his Twitter accounts being derogatory to the probation department and this DA and others in this court system, the judge found that all these are in tactical violation of probation.”

Mill is on probation for a 2008 gun and drug conviction, for which he served eight months in jail and began five years of probation in the fall of 2009.

Unfortunately this comes immediately after what seems to be some positive steps in the performer’s life. This past Christmas he donated a ton of gifts to a Philly group home  and recently he donated an undisclosed amount of money to victims of a recent Southwest Philadelphia fire in which four children died. He tweeted for help from others as well:

“And since I’m in the hood lets do some great things!  Come donate clothes”food and money for the 4 kids and that …”

He also stated in a Hot 107.9 interview:

“I just wanted to come out and participate and bring my help to the families and everybody that took a loss in this situation, cause I be feeling like nine times out of 10 they never really use us in a way that it could benefit the community, so you know I come out and use myself.”

“Only time I’m really on the news or on the radio it’s something about probation. I feel like I’m in a position [where] I could be able to help these people so easily, get donations and get things they need to help them with their losses right now so you know I’m gonna do it.”

Meek Mill’s sophomore album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” is scheduled for a Sept. 9 release.

I’m from Philly and never actually understood the Meek Mill hype. I tried following him on Instagram and after a few hours found the ignorance and repeated posts about cars, money and girls overwhelming. Admittedly Philly police and the rapper have never been friends and these claims do seem rather vague so I hope they can focus on the good he’s been attempting to do in the community.

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  • Trisha_B

    So he didn’t really violate his probation, they just didn’t like what he tweeted ? Lol ok

  • Machone


    • JaniceHopkins

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  • lili

    I’m confused with this article and the description that shows on the main page. What do his good deeds have to do with his probation violation? Those two things are not related. You guys make it sound like he was hit with a probation violation while in the process of helping someone out.

    • DonaDeri

      Agreed. If he is not supposed to be around any weapons; yet, posts a picture of him with them, then he’s wrong. If he’s not showing up to his meetings or acting nonchalant about them, he’s wrong. People want to say free Meek Mill but Meek Mill violated probation. Am I missing something?

  • juicyco

    as soon as he gets out hes gonna tweet “why wale ain’t tweet ‘free meek'”?

  • IllyPhilly

    Is anybody ever surprised when some rapper goes to jail? When is one going to join the peace corp?

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