The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem: Columbus Short Says He’s Done With Binge Drinking

July 12, 2014  |  


After restraining orders and recent arrests for public intoxication, actor Columbus Short is putting down the bottle.

We recently reported that the actor revealed to Access Hollywood that he definitely struggles with self-medicating:

“To be honest with you, I struggle with medicating with alcohol I think, and that’s a real truth. I think that deserves more looking in to. If I want to be truthfully honest, I think dealing with the stress of the situations that I’ve been going through, medicating with anything, I think is dangerous because it becomes a crutch. But it doesn’t change it, the situation. That’s the funny part- I’m in a season where that’s not a part of my life– alcohol, drugs, those kinds of things aren’t around me, aren’t in my life, so it was an unfortunate event that happened the other night. Still yet, I think in the past that was definitely a struggle for me.”

Now TMZ reports Short is vowing to cut out binge drinking although he denies he’s an alcoholic. The actor met with Ed Butowsky, a popular Dallas money manager, who says that the actor realized he may have some issues with alcohol after several high-profile arrests.

Butowsky told the site the two discussed Short’s drinking at length and the actor revealed he doesn’t believe he’s an alcoholic or needs to join a program, but did admit to not knowing when to say “when” and vowed to cut back. Butowsky also says Short realizes he needs to stay out of bars and cut the bad influences in his life. Butowsky encouraged Short to donate to some charities to get his mojo balanced and seek out real estate in Dallas to get out of L.A. for awhile.

Ok, so Butowsky may be trying to make a quick come up in the process while getting Short back on track, but it’s a step in the right direction even if Short still refuses to admit he could be an alcoholic.

The struggle is real for some. We all have that friend (or have been that friend) that pulls complete Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde when they get too many hits of tequila. I’m no alcoholism expert but liquor allows some to deal with issues they hold inside instead of dealing with them in a healthy sober way. Short’s too talented to let alcohol keep his career off track, so we wish him the best in his efforts.

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  • Columbus, you were great as “Harrison” on Scandal! Hopefully, this admission will be the first step to returning to Scandal (if Isaiah Washington can return to Grey’s, so can you)!

  • ladybug

    Binge drinking is the same as alcoholic. He needs help and he’s still too much in denial to go cold turkey. But at least he’s starting to see he has made bad decisions when alcohol is involved. Hope he gets the help that he needs.

    • JaniceHopkins

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  • Molly

    Sounds like he’s still in denial. Just go get some help!

  • uniquefashionista

    I am glad he is acknowledging the issue at hand. Good for you, Columbus!
    It isn’t too late to turn this around. The road to recovery is a long, hard one. But in the end, it is well worth it. I wish him luck.

    • deloresjsherman

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