Fired For Being Social Media Messy! 9 People Axed For Poor Internet Etiquette

July 11, 2014  |
Big brands have a love-hate relationship with social media. On one hand, they’re jumping aboard a great marketing opportunity — you’re directly targeting an audience while still keeping that “cool” factor with a few hashtags and Instagram memes. On the other hand, one wrong move will throw you into the receiving end of hate-tweets. “#BoycottingYou” and “#NeverBuyingYourStuff” is a company’s worst nightmare. So when a company representative says something controversial online, best believe that he or she will be fired faster than you can say “bad for business.” Unfortunately (and sometimes fortunately), a few high-profile reps got the boot for being a little too vocal on social media. Quick to cut ties with all the outrage, companies say, “It’s been real, but uh, you gotta go.” Let’s take a look at people who have gotten fired for stirring a little too much trouble on the internet.

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  • Jayne

    So sick of hashtags

  • Jayne

    Why is Rhonda Lee on this list?

  • Rolling stone

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  • Gabie Aldrich

    Adam was targeted by that psycho! ABC is going to show his other show next week so her little plan didn’t work!

    • elizzym79 .

      Exactly. I don’t agree with what he said. However, the women involved was not telling the full story. He did initially apologize and it wasn’t good enough. She then got her followers to harass him. If he had initially target her…he’d be a bully and she’d be the victim, despite the nature of her response.

      • Gabie Aldrich

        Totally! I love that ABC decided to still show his new program. IMO it’s WAY better than having a show on Travel.. Have you seen her site? It’s chalked full of hate for thinner people. I am plus sized and I told that woman she was not my voice.

        • JaniceHopkins

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  • May Baby

    Someone please tell me what was so bad about Rhonda Lee’s comment?

  • uniquefashionista

    My mama always taught me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all……..especially on Social Media. The Destiny’s Child song “Survivor” has a verse that sums it up: “You know I’ll never diss you on the internet, cuz my mama taught me better than that!”
    We live in a world where you are always a representative of your job and your family even when you aren’t working. You have to always be careful what you say because you never now who’s watching or listening to you.

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  • fromanotherplanet

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