Dr. Dre Says He’s Losing Billions To Beats Knock Offs

July 13, 2014  |  

There are plenty of consumers who wouldn’t dare drop $300 on a pair of headphones but would like to have something like them for much less. China-based Beats knock-off brands are capitalizing off of the penny-pinchers. Dr. Dre, peeved by it all, slapped a lawsuit against these counterfeit companies, TMZ reports.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Dre claims that he’s losing not thousands, not millions, but billions of dollars because of these Chinese businesses.  Bearing the famous “b” symbol on its merchandise, Beats impostors reportedly made $135 billion in revenue. And  of course, Dr. Dre is livid that he didn’t get one penny from these sales.

GizChina reported that Taobao, a Chinese online market, sells Beats knock-offs for as little as 19 Yuan — or $3!

“…[T]o make up for the obvious demand of these awesome sounding and great looking DJ headphones and ear buds, local Chinese factories have started to produce their own Shanzhai [knock off] versions,” GizChina wrote.

What’s interesting about these Chinese-counterfeited Beats by Dre headphones are that the packaging, down to the actual product, are damn-near identical to the authentic brand. If you’re not careful, you could easily purchase a fake for a premium price, especially if you’re buying from eBay or any other unauthorized dealer.

Sellers are buying inexpensive knock offs from China and selling them in America at a high price for profit.

“You buy cheap from me, you sell expensive in your home country, we all make a lot of money,” said a Chinese woman owns a wholesale company selling fake Beats headphones.

Well, she’s making “a lot of money” for now. Dedicated to protecting his trademark and luxury tech label, Dre’s comin’ for these knock-off businesses. The former N.W.A member is seeking to reap all the profits from these phony companies that have made a killing under his name.

“If the suit is won, this may bring in that last $200 million Dre needs to become hip hop’s first billionaire,” BET concludes.


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  • Elated false connotation Black affluent. Dr.Dre enjoy your sudden wealth. Urban blight is fright many. Fans residing L.A I know. Your response not politician apparently. You are

  • kj1986nyc

    I like Logitech H390 USB headsets. Aint paying 300 dollars for that shxt!. Losing billions? Aint 1 billion enough anyways!

  • NativeBeautyy

    This is exactly why I don’t support ppl like him (nor these DA*n iPhones nor ANYONE who wears weave -excluding cancer patients). Seriously, its about $3 to make anyway & they charge more than triple that.. Way more. Only to pay them about $5 A DAY to make and produce them. I would be selling some sh*t on the side too!! Mommy always said , play pus*y & get fkd .. So its only what he deserves. You can’t f ppl over & then expect no repercussions..

  • *Teacup*

    i’m hearing they are not worth all the hype (his headphones), but at that price tag, no thank you, if i was to spend i’d spend on bose.

  • Wakando Shamar Taylor

    I understand him being mad because they using the name but he have to understand the people buying the knockoffs had no intention of buying the overpriced real ones anyway! So it aint like he losing customers! he needs to drop the prices!

  • Alicia

    Yeah, I went to China last month and saw a TON of Chinese people selling knock off beatas and they looked JUST exactly like the actual beats. IT’s crazy.

  • kierah

    Dre will be getting nathan from these Chinese companies! They have cheap manufacturing over there so as long as there is a market for an item, they’ll be knocking it off. They can close on Monday and move into the next factory on Tuesday. He’s crazy to waste time and money suing them.

  • Nia

    I’m not buying $300 headphones, if I saw where they sold the fake ones, I’d be purchasing. Infact, these $7 Sharkk headphones off of Amazon are just fine.

  • thatguy0101

    These headphones are made in China for no more than $5 dollars or so, maybe even less and sold in the US for $300, These jokers are winning!!!! Maaaan I’ll never pay $300 for some headphones, especially if they arent bluetooth.

    • NativeBeautyy

      Exactly! He’s the REAL thief!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    If he had an economy line that would greatly reduce the problem.

  • vernamchurch

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  • AnnOnimus

    Boo. Hoo. :/

    • VickieFCameron

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