Exclusive: Angie Stone Allegedly Almost Came To Blows With “R&B Divas” Staff Member Accused Of Cheating With Her Man

July 11, 2014  |  


Sources: WENN, TV One


We told you yesterday about the reports that Angie Stone and boyfriend/manager Ashanti had broken up after more than eight years together. If you watched this season of “R&B Divas: Atlanta,” you know that Stone was hoping that she would walk down the aisle with him at some point (she DID catch the bouquet at Monifah’s wedding…), but as of right now, that’s not going to happen. As the story goes, they broke up because he was cheating on her with a member of the “R&B Divas: Atlanta” production crew. There was supposedly evidence of his infidelity that Stone found, including text messages and phone records. Crazy, right?

Well, a source from the show told us that yes, the two have gone their separate ways, and most of the cast and crew found out at one time or another that Ashanti was being unfaithful. They also say that part of Stone’s behavior during the reunion (the storming out part) had to do with that betrayal. But the source says that as far as the part of the story about the MARRIED staff member cheating with Ashanti, they’re not so sure. They’re waiting to see the evidence Stone claims she has.

Claims Of Ashanti Cheating With Show Staff Member:

“I haven’t seen any real proof. The person she’s accusing has been married for 20 years and just renewed her vows in March. From what I here, he [Ashanti] has a few ‘friends.’ That’s the reality. Whether or not one of those friends was one of the people in our production crew, I don’t know. We’ve all heard and got wind of it. Everybody in the cast and crew knows. I just found out someone who’s a friend of the family that I’ve known since I was child was messing with him for the last six years. But as far as her saying it was someone on our production team, and claiming that she has phone records and text messages to support it, well if you do, provide it to us. Obviously, that’s a breach of our agreements. You can’t be sleeping with somebody that’s on the show. But she’s yet to provide that documentation to the production company or legal. She’s been saying it for some time. But we don’t have the proof on our end to support her claim.”

Stone’s Reunion Outburst:

“The behavior during the reunion was bizarre when Wendy asked about the status of her relationship. She walked off the show and got upset, was flustered and ‘resigned.’ I was like, ‘Is this because you know how crazy you look and this is your way of kind of spinning it around?’ I know they’re not together and I do know that she has a different manager. I’m hearing Debra Antney who is Wacka Flocka’s mom is now her manager. I know that much. I just don’t know why she’s fixated with this one staff member and has been since the very beginning. She’s tried to physically put hands on her. There was one scene that I wish they would have shown. The person in question was trying to convince her to come back out and Ashanti looked at the woman, and [Stone] didn’t like the way that he looked at her even though she was talking to the both of them. She just went back in her dressing room. I don’t know if it’s just a personal thing, but I really don’t think the person on our team would do that.”

Considering how down Stone seemed for Ashanti (whom she met while he was working at an airport and then made into her manager), all this is pretty sad. But what do you believe? By the way, check out the moment Stone walked out of the reunion after some heavy questions about her man from Wendy Williams:

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  • jazzee65

    MEAN….:( how can you can she is ugly? she is a beautiful BLACK women, who inspires many black women through her songs… and remember beauty is within, not just on what you see on the outside..so we know how u live ..hmmm !

  • teasipper

    Personally I know he is cheating on her, I walked in on him all in my homegirl……no lie, and this was this year!!!!

  • vernamchurch

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  • shellyTheGreat

    dang! if this is all true, then I guess I can’t feel too sorry for angie. we really have to be careful when dating because a lot of these men out here are weak opportunists who will prey on any woman for a come-up.

  • jesse

    I think if he was looking for a complete come up then he will marry her.
    If you want to get married at angie’s age, you dont wait 8 years. 18 months max. Older women should know what they want and be able to drop men who fall short.
    Best of luck ang. I hope you find a great guy/relationship that leads to marriage

    • JaniceHopkins

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  • *MalteseObsessed*

    U can see in his eyes/face/gestures when it’s brought up (marriage) that he’s not trying to marry her, MOVE ON Angie, u can do better, he’s just along for the ride!!

    • amundefined

      He said he’s afraid of divorce. She needed to run fast and far a long time ago. This wasn’t their first conversation about marriage, I’m sure.

      • *MalteseObsessed*


  • chasta1 .

    ANGIE STONE AGE!!!!! She’s too old to have a boyfriend named Ashanti! Yes, I know it’s an ancient African Empire (not Angie Stone, LOL), but I see her with a Henry/Ernest/, William at the most! Based on what I have viewed this season, he seems not to be all that into her. It’s like Harriet Tubman and Tupac! I hope she finds happiness, yet something is telling me it will not be with Ashanti. But, that’s none of my business!

    • ThaTruthful1

      Harriet Tubman and Tupac LMAO!!! I can’t stand you chasta!

    • OnyxPearl

      No you didn’t @ “It’s like Harriet Tubman and Tupac”. CTFU!!!

    • donna


  • ThaTruthful1

    Angie and these younger dudes(i.e. D’Angelo & Calvin Richardson) but that’s none of my business (shout out to Kermit)!!! Can’t trust no dude name ashanti anyways look at him at least Calvin and D’Angelo has s e x appeal LOL!

  • LiiSH

    She took him from the Airport? SMH…

    • poppi

      He was an auditor at thr airport. That’s a decent job

  • SuperTrooper1420

    I have often wondered if I’d come to blows over a man … I just can’t see it. If anything i’d slap the piss out of him, not the other party. LOL.

  • The uncut Truth

    Really? Angie really? How did you not know he wasn’t that in to you? The cold way he talked to you….he told you he wasn’t going to marry you no time soon…(8 years into the relationship) he got a free ride for the last 8 years off of you….in the words of Fred G. Sanford…”You big dummy you!”

  • tee-tee

    Ask angie how she got him!!!! He was married living at home with his wife and daughter at the time when she met him. She knew he was married too. He walked out of his families lives to be with her or should i say be with her money. How can you be with a man who owes more than 30,000.00 in child support???? It’s called Karma

    • T. T.

      Woooooowwww, from one T. T. to another that was some good tea! (Hell I know I’m corny just humor me

    • Lost Soul

      Wow! How did you find this out?

      • tee-tee

        Shaun ex-wife is my sister

        • donna

          WoW learn something new everyday

    • Machone

      Some black men today ain’t got no shame in using a women for a come up. Instead of some men trying to improve their lives, they would rather leech off of you. Pathetic….

      • Bree

        Why do yall do that? Why is everything always slective to black men? It’s never men…always black men. SMH.

    • KT

      Amen lol.

  • blackdolphin

    Angie is not a Teenager. She has a daughter, son, and a grandson. She knew exactly what the deal was. Not her first rodeo. She was thirsty to be married, period. With her life experience, she should have been able to tell 5 years ago that he was not marriage material. With her attitude and personality, I wouldn’t marry her either.

    • Machone

      Damn, I didn’t know she was a grandmother.

      • Bree

        Well dang she does have a 29 year old daughter. She’s 53 years old lol.

  • cleojones

    not surprised. Their interactions on screen speaks volumes. Let go and let God…

  • starapple

    “From what I here.” It’s hear.

  • Bry Shonyea

    I’m sure this really shows my age.. (21) but who the hell is Angie Stone.? I only know like 3 people on the show. Like Keke Wyatt, Faith Evans && Latavia. The rest of these birds go straight over my head.

    • Hi

      Well, I’m not sure if it shows your age because I am only 24 and I used to love Angie Stone when I was younger. You should give some of her old stuff a listen. Her “No more rain in this cloud” is beautiful. I’m in love with her “Brotha” song. At least check those 2 out 🙂

      • OSHH

        “Lover’s Ghetto”, “Everyday” and “More Than a Woman” with Calvin Richardson are my favs’s by Angie

        • shellyTheGreat

          Oh yes, I love “More than a woman”…I just recently discovered it because Pandora plays it.

    • EP

      @ Bry

      I feel sorry for people in your generation because yall missed out on a lot of good 80’s and 90’s artists/music. The 90’s had some great music. Now, all you guys have is Rihanna, Beyonce, Nikki… not much talent but in the eyes of young people under 25, these women are like gods to them.

    • Music

      How are you 21 and not know Angie Stone?!!!…Lawwwddd. *Just kidding*. Angie has a few songs I used to listen to as a kid.

    • shellyTheGreat

      Youtube “I wish I didn’t Miss You.” I’m 25 and I know very well who she is. I did have to use Youtube to remember what Monifah sang though. Syleena Johnson sang the hook on Kanye West’s “All Falls Down.” Meelah was in 702, which was a popular girl group in the mid 1990’s. Everyone on R&B Divas was popular around the same time though.

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        I LOVE I Wish I Didnt Miss You! Thats my jam!

  • Tigger83

    Not like this is a surprise. 9 years and not married? Ummm…NO. The man was working at an airport when they met and goes to being her manager. Who in their right mind would want to leave that job? He clearly was riding out the relationship with her as long as he could.

  • Machone

    She met this dude who was working at an airport. They dated for 8 years and still no ring? And he never seemed into her? Dude was looking for a come up. TYPICAL…..

    • Regina Davis Clark

      And that come up will happen now that everyone knows and are curious about who SHE is. He’ll be followed by the media, interviewed and what the Heck maybe even a reality show. That’s how it always happens…..just ridiculous.

    • ThaTruthful1

      Honey I was tripping off that too. You found this n! g ga working at the airport, he’s living with you for 8 yrs(no ring), and he manages you!!?! Where’s Mama Joyce when you need her now that’s an opportunist.

      • Hello!! No lie, he is straight hustling her

  • Boyfriend of eight years?? Gorl..

    • MiaSara

      Right! LOL

    • Define2

      Lol she already knew…he wasn’t trying to marry her…

      • Lmao but she slmost beat up somebody over it.

    • ThaTruthful1

      8 years b!tch please you ain’t getting no ring LOL!

    • KT

      Lmbo.. Ikr..side eye…

  • EP

    Oooh… this is MESSY! I thought she left because Wendy questioned her relationship and said that her man called her an idiot or something and Angie got pissed. Oh well, he didn’t really look like he was all that into her anyway. She deserves better.

    • donna

      He supposedly called her “fu€*ing idiot!”

      • Music

        I can imagine him saying something like that.

        • donna

          Yeah, that is why she stormed off the stage when Wendy told her someone over heard Ashante call Angie a “fu€*ing idiot!” When Angie left Wendy asked why did she leave & KeKe said “it was because of the idiot comment!” And when Angie went back stage that was when she told Ashante what Wendy said that he supposedly called her a”fu€*ing idiot!”

          • Music

            That’s Crazy! I know she’s hurt now, but it’s probably best that they go their separate ways. Personally, I think if a dude has enough guts to call his girl an idiot, then he’s capable of eventually becoming physical.

            • donna

              They came back on stage & Angie “resign” from R&B Divas. Wendy asked Ashante did he say that to Angie? He said no he did not say that, he would never do that or something along those lines & Angie will be back to R&B Divas!

            • donna

              Did you hear Angie say things with her & Diamond got physical?

  • sugarbutterbean

    angie stone need to sit down big ugly chick aint even got a chance if that sickly eyed man cheats and who wants him /? he is so ugly maybe the sex is good but him and angie are two hurt looking birds

    • Nakela Prude

      That’s mean!

      • deloresjsherman

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    • rosariopwetzler

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      • alexagpina

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    • shellyTheGreat

      what’s ugly about angie?

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      She’s not ugly