Once You Go White…

March 1, 2011  |  

Now, before you get yourself into a tizzy claiming that I’m encouraging interracial relationships, selling out, abandoning the black community, whatever– know that I’m not speaking on that subject. There are plenty of people doing that already and that is not the purpose of this post. This post is just an ode to the brothers on the lighter side of the spectrum. The ones we say “hmm” to when we’re watching a movie. They’ll make the Afro wearing, dashiki clad, militant sister look and think twice and reaffirm the beliefs of the “I don’t see color” black girl. So without further ado, a list of the white dudes we swoon over…

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  • Nick

    Robert Deniro only dates black women, had a kid with 1, married her, and adopted her other kid who was black. Did you read the article before you decided to go on an anti-white man rant?

  • jaded

    Mark Valley from Human Target is definitely on the list.

  • 1flyynerd

    Hello Paul Walker, Ryan Phillip they are ooh so handsome.

  • NM817

    Sorry Shaun. So sorry that you've had bad experiences, but I've dated several white men who would put some of these guys to shame. I've turned down numerous wedding proposals from a white doctor, white lawyer, and a white NBA player. Sorry dude some of them want us just as much as you do. But at the end of the day a brother stole my heart. You need to quit trippin'. There are several white celebrity men out there who date black women exclusively. Stop hatin'!

  • Erica

    Hugh Jackman is a hottie!

  • wtf?

    Pathetic. Not one of these men has any interest in black women. How much self-hatred can a sister have?

  • anon

    This is what is so sad about some black women. NONE of these men have any interest in a serious relationship with a black woman. NONE. Fantasizing about men who have absolutely no interest in sisters is sick.

    Good enough to play with but not good enough to stay with is how 99% of white men view black women. I know a lot of black women don't want to hear this truth. But it doesn't change the fact that in 2008 fewer than 1 in 150 white men chose a black wife.

  • Yolanda

    Robert Downey Jr. is definitely on my radar now. Where was he?

  • MzDez

    Jason Statham. Hottest balding white man on planet earth, period.

    • Lisa

      Oh yeah….I agree

  • bronzelite

    Her name is Kimberly Russell she played on Head of The Class with Robin Givens. Matthew McCaunahey dated Sally Richardson. Justin Timberlake dated Beyonce way back when.

  • bronzelite

    George Clooney was engaged to a Black Woman before. She is an Actress as well, he basically dumped her once he became famous. I have no respect for him at all!

  • BeMae

    Olivier Sitruk and Raoul Bova. Lord have mercy.

    I have a thing for French and Italian Men. They dress well (they really don't know to wear jeans here in the US) and smell fantastic.

  • DON

    Most white males dont find black women attractive unless they look like white women painted black. This is from a white coworker. The white race does not usually find blacks in general good looking or pretty and that is a fact. So black men and women dating white males or white females are the lowest IR percentage because of that fact.

    • trish

      You guys are so transparent. Black guys always spread this lie because if black women truely started to consider the benefits of dating outside their race then none of you would get laid, have a place to sleep etc. So Don and others the more you say it the more I know it's a lie.

      • Nick

        Michael, as a white guy I agree. I have no problem with interracial relationships and think there are beautiful women of all colors who are worth serious relationships with. I detest it though when any any ethnic category (I dislike the term race), does it while putting down those of their own ethnic category. Just as I dislike when anybody excludes any group out of bitterness and anger. And I know a lot of black guys who are great to their girlfriends, black, white, etc.

    • 1flyynerd

      This opinion is fluff. most of the time when I see an interracial relationship between a WM and a BW she is normally a darker complexion with natural or locked hair. Um maybe they're not interested in the socially modified (american) BW but the more exotic BW.

  • Joseph

    At least put up white men that date black women. Most of these white guys have not dated a black woman at all. How come Madamn Noire doesnt have a post like this for the black men who enjoy looking at white women.

  • Kc

    Leonardo Dicarpio

  • tiff

    Where is Paul Walker dammit!?

  • Cameron

    btw, make a Latino list and include Javier Barden peas 😀

  • Cameron

    Why everyone keep sleeping on that sensitive Cancer, Josh Hartnett (sp) ?

  • iRoqq

    Channing Tatum anyone? Sexiest white man alive.

  • Lil P

    Yes Michelle – Paul Walker is my #1 swirl wish!!!

  • pebbles

    enjoy the fruits black girls maybe its our time to get treated right. open up your mind and stop being sooo hell bent on finding a black man. just let the right man come into your life. think about it black men will traval all over the world 4 happiness but we feel the need to let them tell us to stick with them when they clearly have given up on us and thier owm babies. not saying that all black men r that way but i say why punish yourself by having only one option to choose from. keep an open mind u too brothers u have the right idea date the person who treats u like u want to b treated not because they r in your race..

  • pebbles

    alot of white men date black women and marry them what rock have u been under. once u go white u know u been treated right. sorry to say it but its true the white girls who have babies by black men in my town end up in the welfare office.look at all the famous black women who have white mothers don't know their father or he left when they were very small black girls should open their minds up a little more to white men i think sometimes its us who keep holding on to black men when they clearly don't have a problem with going outside their race. i say enjoy the fruits have an open mind because your soul mate might just b a white man. and shaun, alot of time white girls especially the pretty ones won't date a black man unless he have money. how many black men have u seen on white actress arm. not many. don't hate brothers u still the best but its a new time. accept it!!

    • don

      Why would a white actress date a black male, her white card would be revoked by most white males. Even if she found one that looked good. Lenny Kravitz is the only black male I know who can get a pass since he is a rocker. Pebbles show me a black woman who is dating a white male model or actor, since you want to bring that up. I know a few black men dating actresses and dating white models who make more then them. If you can show me where the white male models are dating black women, i would like to see it.

  • Mimi

    After reading the comments, I've noticed something…
    For the past year and a half, I have been a frequent visitor of numerous "black blogs" and whenever there is a "WM/BW" interracial topic, there is an occasional comment, which "informs" us, black women, that we "are not desirable to white men". There will be comments posted here that help us, black women, see the "lustful errors of our ways". Or the "you are the nubian queens that are suppose to stand next to her black king" type of comments.
    Whenever there is a "WW/BM" interracial topic posted on Madame Noire and there are comments like "black women are vile…" or "black women are [insert negative trait] and white women are [insert positive trait]…". 10 times out of 10, there is a rebutal response that is written by a woman (a black woman usually, sometimes, even a white woman), but there is never a response written by a black man

  • happinessisme

    My man is!

  • What a great wide slice of post-racial warmth, celebratory lust, and humor. Thanks, Renay. The best part is how you've gotten so many others to share their own breadth. Broad tastes, additional tastes, are never any sell out, ain't no abandonning of other people you care about, they're what make you a bigger part of the whole world. (I grew up Eurasian American in Zimbabwe, not even on the political map people usually have in their heads on that).

    The broader conversation you've already invited people to have on this page and is already happenin is really wonderful: you're adding art and wide sensual palette and enjoying people beyond age groups, and so much more, while bringing your own blackness along with all your other colors to the party. And knowing, touching us with how it's a party. So differences in taste, opions, allathat, is just inside the friendship of peeps all in da same fiesta, can I get you some desert?

    You keep doin it, Renay

  • This was a great wide slice of post-racial warmth, celebratory lust, and humor. Thanks, Renay.

  • Courtney

    Don't forget Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. He is hot.
    And Liam Hemsworth and his brother

  • Gregory

    America is all about moving on up, where ever one stands is considered only to be temporary. In the western world, no matter how beautiful a woman of color is, she is always the last to the party, the bridesmaid and never the bride, etc, etc. That is the great american injustice.

    • trish


    • Network News

      LOL. That is not my experience. Two successful white men have asked me to marry them. The second one I married. However, not one black man has ever asked for my hand in marriage, and I’ve dated quite a few. A huge factor is education – it will catapult you to other dimensions. Be driven to the top of whatever you want to do so that you are independent and have confidence. This mixed with the sexiness and strength that our mommas gave us will attract the right partner.

  • Lexi

    Hayden Christensen!!! Hello…

  • Asha

    HannDee said it best! I love her list o and u forgot CHANNING TATUM!

  • Melissa

    ???How in the world did Shia, and Justin made the list I'll never know??? Only one name should be there Hugh Jackman that man is gorgeous and not to mention but he also has two adopted children and one his son is black.

    • Cameron

      Oh wow, for real? I didn't know that Hugh adopted a Black son – girl I am with you on the Shia and Justin — HELL TO THE NAW, LOL.

  • monique

    i cant do black anymore

    • Gregory

      can black do you anymore

  • Disgusted Diva

    Yeah, dating white men has its perks and they understand getting that touch up every six weeks and don't throw me in the pool with my new 'do. They are sweet and kind and very good family men, heck I am considering dating this Asian guy and he is like gold.

    • Courtney

      Go for it. I would love to date an Asian guy. I find them very attractive.


    I'm a black women who ONLY dates outside of my race — I usually date latinos and white americans and its great …more options

    • Gregory

      You just hate yourself.

      • NM817

        The odds are not in a single sister's favor to marry a black man these days. If you have to step outside your circle to find love, why not? Black men have been doing it for years.

        I like men. Race is not a factor for me. It's when you purposely exclude your own that their might be some self hatred.

    • Tiffany

      Good for you. race doesn't matter.

  • Han Dee

    Sorry but this list is awful! You've missed out some seriously good white chocolate contenders:
    Chris Evans
    Paul Walker
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Robert Downey Jr.
    James Franco

  • guest

    there all hot…. BUT None OF THEM HAVE EVER STEP OUT IN PUBLIC WITH A BLACK WOMEN ON THERE ARM SO WHY ARE THEY EVEN RELEVANT?….. you should have done a list with fine White men who date or have dated black women….

    • Trish

      That's a pretty stupid statement. Just because some of these men havent' dated black women doesn't mean we can appreciate their hotness. I'm sure these men have not dated Asian, Hispanic, Native American women. Do you think these women don't appreciate because of this.

    • Jay

      That doesn't make sense why would you appreciate someone who does not appreciate you. Its ridiculous and self defeating.

      • trish

        We don't need your permission to appreciate good looking men. Why are you even commenting on this issue?

  • you missed a few good people like Robert Downey, Jr., Ryan Reynolds. That's all for now!

  • Jane

    Your missin Eric Dane (Grey's Anatomy) "MC STEAMY"

    • monique

      oh yes he should have been first

  • Tracey

    LMAO! Most of these guys don't even date White guys. Come on BWE!!!

  • Luna Noire

    Even though he's as pretty as I am, I have mad love for Johnny Depp.

    And also, Robert DeNiro, but he sure ain't pretty. Just the opposite.

  • FauxBLAsian

    What about Channing Tatum?!

  • prettypisces

    How could you forget Paul walker!!!

    • Prissy

      RIGHT!!! Paul Walker is GORGEOUS!!

      • Eugenia

        Oh Yikes, I forgot about Paul Walker, how could I he's gorgeous.

  • VivaBam!

    So because you don't know someone personally you can't be offended by what someone did to them? Yeah, you sound like a Justin fan-dense! He left her out to dry and acted like a punk until the heat was off. He's not a man. All his fake blackattude can fool some black girls but not this one.

  • Jillian

    RYAN GOSLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eugenia

    Yea from someone who has dated and is marrying a white guy. Even better get out and find out the truth for yourself, you'll be surprised and pleased.

    • Disgusted Diva

      YES! They understand my satin bonnet and find it cool that I have so much pride in myself

  • lacquerglamour

    My serious relationships have been with white guys. @ considering, yes there are plenty of white guys out there that are into everything you stated. And I am definitely co-signing Peterina, Timberlake can go somewhere and sit down. After that whole Janet thing I was done with him.

  • yep

    chris pine, adam levine, Ryan Phillippe…and more

  • RadioRascoe

    I agree with Peterina..Justin is butt!!

  • Peterina Pan

    After the way Justin treated Janet he shouldn't be on anybody's list. WACK.

    • Prissy

      Girl shut up. She was to blame as well.