Nooo She Wasn’t Ready: Tamar Braxton Clowns Out-Of-Tune Fan On Stage

July 9, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

A word to the wise ladies and gentlemen: if you’re ever attending a Tamar Braxton concert and she asks for singers to come up on stage, be sure that you’re ready to really show your stuff; because if not, you will be publicly clowned on Instagram for all the world to see.

Last night, Tamar Braxton posted a clip from one of her shows from the Love and War Tour. It seems that she invited several fans to come on stage and sing her hit song “Love and War.” Now, if you’ve listened to that song carefully, you know that it is not an easy song to sing…at all. It’s presented a challenge for even Tamar herself at times. It’s not for amateurs. But that didn’t stop one fan from trying…and failing.

And while this is certainly not an uncommon occurrence at concerts, Tamar’s over the top reaction is what makes this video so very hilarious. I was literally in tears. I’m not going to ruin the surprise just watch the video below and be entertained.

My first and only reaction was “funny” but others are saying that Tamar was wrong for putting this woman, her fan, on blast like this.

She captioned the picture: #nolies I miss you <3 #Tamartianfriends #funnersalways #love&wartour

What do you think?

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  • Belinda Joy

    IMO we live in a different day and age where celebrities have blurred the line between their fans and themselves. We want (demand) celebrities be more “real” with us. Then when they are, people cry foul. Tamar was being Tamar and the fan that “chose” to go up on stage should have known she had to bring it! or risk being made of fool of. She didn’t bring it.

  • Talent

    I wonder if Tamar also looked this shocked at the ticket sales. She’s obviously the type who has to put others down to feel better about herself. #immature #insecure

  • cyara

    Tamar will be Tamar! Got to love her for that. As far as the comparison is concerned, Tamar & Beyonce are different people w/2 totally different personalities. #shetriedit #Tamartian #shekeepsit100

    • cyara

      Personally I think it was hilarious. That chick know she shouldn’t have went on stage. She knew that she couldn’t sing, so why go on stage? That should’ve been embarassing enough.

  • llawrence

    Didn’t know body laugh at her when she was on stage crying then saying it was the smoke yea right. I am not surprise because Tamar was just on a radio station talking about a little baby. But that’s what you post when your show is a flop. Now who is a bully?

  • Blah

    …. Like Tamar sounded any better? LMAO.

  • fromanotherplanet

    I’m laughing at the fact this direct-to-dvd Beyonce is on “tour.” LOL Girl, bye!

  • rainbow

    the fan was probably nervous, how dare she?

  • rainbow

    Tamar should not have done that. I liked her, but with this, I lost respect for her. Done!

  • Mirm

    I just saying but you know there are people who can sing but just started off bad.. That happens to everyone all the time but I got to admit… girlfriend thought she was all that and a bag of chips when she whipped her weave out the way to start singing just to have the mic taken after one note…

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I’m not going to lie. I snickered….

  • CAliQueen

    It’s Tamar!!!! She’s messy, certainly you all did not expect more from her. I would’ve tripped the b*tch as I walked off stage. Now that would have been funny.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      LOL that is so wrong but imagining that was funny as heck!

  • SC

    Tamar thinks entirely too much of herself. She’s been trying for years to be a diva and wonders why she can’t make it … Because of her attitude. You don’t see Mariah Carey or Beyonce acting like this towards their fans. And yes, we all know she’s not either one of them yet she aspires to have the same status as them. She will never get that status when she continuously acts messy. It’s not cute.

    • Guestest


  • rell

    oh boy.. clearly none of yall have been to her tour. You would have know that its apart of the show. shes let fans sing her song at the end of the show. if you know you can’t sing dont raise your hand. she even says that if you can’t sing she will take the mic and pass it to the next. relax ppl.

  • R.Thompson

    I didn’t find it funny, rude.

  • WendyBarnes

    Sorry this was funny!!! Tamar’s expression hilarious!!! Not most folk who can’t carry a note would attempt, but Tamar got right back into it not missing a beat

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i don’t like celebrities clown their fans…ever

  • PrettyBrownGirl

    She asked REAL, aspiring singers to join her on stage…that’s why she yelled “Lies!” when old girl clearly couldn’t carry a tune if it was in her pocketbook. There was another young lady in another clip that got up there knowing she (Tamar) asked for singers and when she was handed the mic, she said she just wanted to be a makeup artist…she was dismissed and the crowed called her out for going on stage trying to book a job! Lighten up folks…old girl knew she couldn’t really sing when she got up there…she set her own self up because SINGERS are what Tamar asked for. It was all in good fun. It kills me how people think they know so much about these celebrities based off of a 15 second Instagram clip…

  • Chay

    Oh come on people, the reaction was very appropriate. Do not go on stage if you know you can’t sing, simple as that.



  • Guestest

    See… Beyonce’ would have never made fun of a fan and you’d think Beyonce would because her vocals are almost always on point! Tamar, now you know the troubles you have with you voice so why embarrass someone for laughs ?? Lol shame.

    • Ashlyne Smith

      I was thinking the same thing but then again Beyonce has class tamar is ghetto loud and ratchet

      • sammi

        I wouldnt say she’s classy cause wearing tights with your cheeks out is never class but I will say she likes to have fun with her fans. I dont ever see her playing a fan like that, not publicly at least lol

    • Dee

      Tamar is not Beyonce so….

      • Guestest

        She wishes lol

        • Dee

          i guess lol

        • guest

          I don’t think Tamar want to be Beyonce. She is fine being who she is & how she is. I would prefer to be around Tamar any day considering that she doesn’t change who she is for anyone. I’m pretty sure she still have plenty of fans after that show & her life will continue to shine. No worries!!

          • Guestest

            I agree that Tamar is realer than Beyonce’ but you couldn’t tell me that she doesn’t want Bey’s success! I’m sorry!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    one those funny but not funny moments. poor girl, the humiliation . . .

  • Kenya LadyKool Thigpen

    tooo funny….#shetriedit #epicfail #sheknewbetterthanthat

  • Kay

    Wow. I’m sure there was classier way of doing that…yes, she was off-key but that reaction was too much

  • Selena McQueen

    How dare she play anybody when she still working on her vocals and performances that’s actually a fail for Tamar that was terrible of her smfh

  • sha

    Yes, that was wrong. And I did not think that was funny to the fan who was apparently embarrassed because she walked off stage. That was so not cute.