Teen Indicted For Murder Of 8-Year-Old Boy Who Died Trying To Save His Sister From Being Sexually Assaulted

July 7, 2014  |  

Source: Family photo via CBS 6

Mairese Washington, 16, of Virginia has been indicted by a grand jury on second-degree murder charges in relation to the killing of 8-year-old Martin “Marty” Cobb, CBS 6 reports. Family members say that little Marty murdered while trying to protect his 12-year-old sister, who was being sexually assaulted by Maitrese.

The teen was arrested two days after the May 1 incident. Last month, a judge ruled that Mairese would be tried as an adult for Marty’s death. Earlier today, he was officially charged with second-degree murder, malicious wounding and strangulation. Sadly, it seems that this wasn’t the first time the troubled teen has been accused of attacking a child. Another mom in the Richmond area revealed that she also had Mairese arrested for attacking her three-year-old son with a hammer back in 2010.

“You’re the man of the house. Protect the ladies. He tried to protect his sister,” Marty’s heartbroken mother, Sharain Spruill, told WRIC. “He tried to protect his sister and he got killed.”

“He was a happy child,” she sadly continued.

Pastor Theodore Hughey, who says he knows both the victims and the suspect, says he’s confused by the senseless acts of violence.

“I could not grasp why anything of this nature would take place, and I even ask the question, ‘Why?'” he said. “The only thing I could say is mercy be shown to him; I don’t know what provoked him.”

He adds that Marty and his big sister were inseparable.

“You never saw one without the other,” he said. “Even if they rode a bicycle, both of them were on the same bicycle. So, you couldn’t get them apart from each other.”

“For something like this to happen, it’s really shaken the entire community,” Theodore continued. “Whatever areas we have to help [the family] with, we’re going to be there for them.”

We send our prayers to the families impacted by the terrible tragedy.

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  • LogicalLeopard

    Horrible, horrible, horrible situation. I pray for the families and all involved…Now look, I am NOT placing blame on the mother, because the fault of this is all on the ….but I do question whether it’s wise to tell young boys that they are the “man” of the house. They’re boys. Maybe if this is a 16, 17, 18 year old, but not an 8 year old. Like I said, I’m not placing blame on the mother, because realistically, most 8 year olds would have tried to protect their sister. But the comment got me thinking about how many people tell their kids that.

  • sha

    The teenager is sick and has been for some time. I wonder if his mom tried to get him help or did they just keep moving when he got into trouble but based on previosu incidents it seems that was the case. Not sure treating him as an adult does any good at this point. He needs mental help and will go to jail. Also articles about the poor victims indicate they apparently are victims of their environment as well. This in its entirety is sad and brings up more questions and should sprout more resolution options than simply tossing this sick minded kid away into the system.

  • always right

    To me the worst part about this story is the fact that this boy had a violent background. I would like to know what was done with/to him after he attacked the 3 year old with a hammer? It’s cases like these that show and prove how flawed the legal system is especially for kids. This boy showed violent tendencies years ago and I bet he had some psychological issues to go along with those violent tendencies. Now his life is going to be lost to the system and this little boy’s life is just lost, not to mention the toll all of this is taking on each family. This whole situation just turns my stomach.

  • Rashida

    How heinious. If he is found guilty he gets everything he deserves. Lock him up and never let him out… Rest in paradise to this true hero!

  • I live here the hold community is hurt over this it’s a lot more to this than is being reported here. Lesson the poor little boy didn’t know, never interfere with a male that is in the middle of having sex unless you have a equalizer [gun, knife, bat etc].

    • smh

      “never interfere with a male that is in the middle of having sex unless you have a equalizer”
      that has to be the dumbest thing I have read. You interfere whenever it is RAPE. I can understand not interfering with someone having CONSENTUAL s3x, but as long as it is force, interfere away!

    • Misss

      He wasnt in the middle of having sex, he was in the middle of raping his sister in front of him. SMH

    • Cleveland Cutie

      WHAT!!!??? You can’t be serious…

    • That’s My Story

      I take it you must be on somebody’s sexual predator list as well!!! How could you fix your fingers to type something so vile!!!! But then again, it wasn’t your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or cousin!!! How ignorant do you sound!!!!!

      • You know what I should not have written this comment because I should have known y’all were to emotionally to remove your emotion and read to get the point I was trying to convey I said “Lesson”! Black people stop thinking with your emotion by doing so we will never get understanding!!!!!!!

        • Shawndrea Rachelle

          He was 8. His sister, who he knows he is to protect as her brother, was being sexual assaulted. Do you really think it would have crossed his mind to get a gun or weapon? What if there wasn’t one around? You really do sound ridiculous

          • LogicalLeopard

            Your first instinct was the best. I just wish above all things that the boy would have ran for help, but of course, it’s his sister, and that was his first instinct.

          • Live_in_LDN

            You’re trying to reason with an idiot here….

          • True I believe he was trying to protect his sister, but how do you know his sister was being sexual assaulted and her and this boy ain’t been sneaking around have sex before they got finally caught by her brother?

            • Shawndrea Rachelle

              Wow. I want you to seriously think about what you just asked me. Out of respect for you and every Girl/woman whose been sexually assaulted, I’m not going to entertain that question

              • ” I’m not going to entertain that question” cause out of respect for you and every Girl/woman whose been sexually assaulted the real truth just don’t matter to you?

                • Shawndrea Rachelle

                  You’re closed minded and biased. Stop replying to me.

        • kierah

          You stopped thinking when you equated this little girl’s RAPE with having sex. That’s not emotion. That’s common sense.
          We have to be careful with the words we say and type.

          • True I agree we have to be careful with the words we say and type including accusation of RAPE when we have no proof!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rashida

      You are a disgusting person…

      • Thank you, I forgot what level of people who read this blog!

        • o

          You read this blog!

    • MsBossy

      Your comment has to be the dumbest I ever read. Apparently you can’t read. This story clearly states lil Marty lost his life trying to protect his big sister. I hope you don’t have any kids because they would be messed up in the head. You clearly showed your ignorance.

      • I don’t have to read this story I live here and work in the area where this happen and have been following this story since the day it happen we all was hurting over this senseless killing but I will tell you it’s more to this story than this article is telling y’all! You are not getting the hold story here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Casi

          He should not have been trying to have sex with a 12 year old. He should not have killed an 8 year old. He should not have attacked a child earlier in his history. That is why I keep my child at home and under close guard, because of adults like you!!

          • Are we so emotionally brain dead to the point we can’t drill down and see how we can prevent this from happen again? first if you don’t be a good parent and watch your children around the oppsite sex they are going to have consensual sex before they get caughthgrill

            • 1Val

              What in the sam hell are you saying? A violent sociopath raped a girl and killed a small child trying to protect her but its the victims fault their parents didn’t “rear” them???

              • 1Val you and I along with all the rest on this thread don’t know that a rape occurred but what we do know is a very young boy was senselessly murdered!

            • just wondering!

              are you saying it was consensual sex???

              • I don’t know that and all of you don’t know a rape occurred!

            • Mya

              Please understand that what you are doing is blaming the victims. And even if consent was given for sex in the past by the minor, if that’s where you were going, it does not negate that fact that the child was sexually assaulted and another murdered. I am sure that the love for the little boy’s sister drove him to protect her, not the ‘man of the house’ sentiment, not that that even really matters. Smh. Your thought process is so tragic. And I bet you have procreated.

              • You females can’t keep running around chasing boy down and having consensual sex then when you get caught hollow the victim. l will agree that this young boy was senselessly murdered however I will not say a sexual assault occurred here without proof or base on one person word.

            • blogdiz

              A 12 Yr old cannot “consent ” to sex this is the thinking and ” fast girls blaming mentality ” that is killing the Black community .Child abuse is rampant tolerated excused even swept it under the carpet
              Abused children grow up to be dysfunctional adults and the cycle continues ….Get Help
              BTW..Whats this boys excuse for killing an 8 Yr old ???

              • What is killing the black community is stupidity, hypocrisy, and hiding out face in the sand a 12 yr old cannot consent to sex by mans law however 12 yr. old slip around and consent to sex all the times and you know it.

                • blogdiz

                  I know exactly who you are and what your about now
                  will not engage you any further

                  • thank you very much cause people like you is the main reason our community is in the condition that it’s in!!!!!!!!!!

        • just wondering!


        • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

          Dumb azz i thought it was a typo before but clearly you’ve now typed this twice…it’s “whole” story…not “hold” story u friggin moron!

          • Thank you now is that all you have to contribute?

            • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

              No… ur a f*cking idiot too…there…that’s it!

    • Lianne

      Are you retarded? We’re not talking about two dogs, dummy.

    • Live_in_LDN

      Do you have a developmental impairment? No shade. Genuinely asking as your grammar and spelling are atrocious and you lack of understanding of legal and social concepts is concerning.

      • LogicalLeopard

        Come on man, RULE NUMBER ONE of ridiculing someone over their spelling is CHECK YOUR OWN! *LOL*

        • Live_in_LDN

          I missed an ‘r’. I’m typing fast as I am at work. It does not compare, AT ALL.
          Bless, you tried though….

      • Is that the best you can do then thank you very much!

    • LogicalLeopard

      Well, that’s not the problem. The reason he needed an equalizer is because the boy is literally twice as old as him, and probably twice as big. But the 8 year old is an 8 year old, and naturally he’s going to protect his sister if she’s being raped. Most of us would do the same thing, jump in without caring whether or not the person could beat us up, or even if they had a gun.

      • LL I will say a little boy was senselessly murdered but I am not willing to say a rape occurred without proof!

        • LogicalLeopard

          Since you’re from there, are you saying that you’re not willing to say a rape occurred because you’ve heard contrary information? I mean, people don’t usually kill the little brothers of their sexual conquests for no reason.

          • I have never read or heard where the girl said she was raped and the accused have never admitted to raping her. We live in a society that is eager to accuse males of rape whenever they see fit without any evident other than one person word sometimes there have been cases in this country where a young man have been charged of raping a young girl and the young girl said there was no rape because the sex was consensual but they still convicted the young man of rape!

            • LogicalLeopard

              Well, you probably won’t hear HER say she was raped, because, well…..if she was raped, she wouldn’t be very eager to hold a press conference. So, if she’s not coming out and saying there was NO rape, and others are saying it is, I’m inclined to believe it was rape because he KILLED HER BROTHER. Why else would he do something like that if they were having consensual sex? And hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, all that gets worked out at trial.

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Its sad to say but this type of negro child I would like to see lynched under a tree.
    He has been a menace to society a long time ago.

  • Brit

    I wish that they could bring the chair back just to fry him. Lethal injection is too humane. I know I shouldn’t say this or wish this but I hope those prisoners show him exactly how that 12 yr and 8 yr old felt…..

  • Mya

    Turns my stomach. Poor families, of both the victims and the assailant. Not wishing ill will, but as a statement of possible outcomes, that 16 yr old will be considered bottom rung in the prison system-whether adult or juvenile. He may witness first hand what he attempted to put that young girl through and maybe a taste of what he did to her little protector.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle


  • Mrs.Mason

    no one wins in this situation ….very sad

    • ShootingStar

      IKR everybody lost

    • courtneydfugate

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      Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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  • Lost Soul

    I am definitely not wishing for mercy for the perpetrator.

    • Meka B

      He does not deserve Mercy. He was molesting a 12 year old and then maliciously killed her 8 year old brother – let him fry.

      • p

        Lost Soul said he is NOT wishing for mercy

    • Meka B

      I agree with you 100%