Picture Her Rollin’: Malia Obama Gets A Car for Her Sweet Sixteen

July 6, 2014  |  


The Obamas have always been pretty good about keeping their family life low-key, especially that of daughters, Sasha and Malia. But Malia got a big surprise when she recently received a car for her 16th birthday. The Daily Mail reports that according to sources close to the family, although Malia’s got her own set of wheels, she won’t be on the road alone for at least another year.

The FLOTUS even joked:

“Ladies and gentlemen in DC, watch out!”

“Malia Obama on the road – kinda frightening.”

Malia shares her birthday coincidentally with our country, but D.C. law states she can’t be too independent just yet as drivers cannot drive without an adult until the age of 17 and after six months of being licensed.

Proud papa President Obama released few details about how the family celebrated (Rapper Pitbull performed on the White House lawn, but that may have just been for the 4th of July celebration), but he did have this to say about Sasha’s progress on the gas pedal:

“And, of course, this is always a special day for us because this is Malia’s birthday.”

“She’s getting her license, but she has to practice a little bit before that happens.”

E! Online did report that Malia managed to get in a trip to Disneyland earlier this week to start the birthday festivities off right.

The Obama girls are literally growing up overnight and we’re happy to see they seem like such smart , well-adjusted young ladies. Happy Sweet Sixteen to Malia!

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  • Stan

    My youngest daughter turned 21 today. Unfortunately, I lost nearly all I had during the past 6 years of Obama’s ineptitude….not to mention scandals and corruption….so I have nothing left to give her for her birthday. Thanks, Obama. (P.S. Brittany thanks you too)

    • JamesMcGill

      Is there anything that the President could have done, or not done, which would have helped you?

  • Stan

    The IRS was/is corrupt as is Obama’s presidency. Nixon was corrupt and resigned and now it’s time for Obama to do the same. If he isn’t man enough to do so, it is impeachment time!
    As for Obama’s daughters and keeping them out of the limelight, that’s pretty tough to do when they are on vacation all the time.

  • Douglas Ricks

    little nappy-headed ho.

  • clingermac

    An Obama anywhere is “kinda frightening”.

  • sally marler

    Happy Birthday, Malia, best wishes!

  • zztom

    She has no license, but they bought her a car??????

  • ActionHero

    The Republican dummies commenting negatively here might want to recall that Mitt Romney wouldn’t even reveal how much he was hauling in. I suppose the IRS, given how the Republicans have politicized IRS operations, wouldn’t dare haul him off for tax evasion.

  • LoneMassConservative

    I wonder who her real parents are. The Obamas are fictitious frauds and I believe nothing about them.

  • GreatNorthern

    Too bad she has to deal with having 2 turds for parents.

  • bob

    OBUMMER You have made Adolf Hitler, literally, get off his BUTT-throne in the midst of the flames of hell, walk into the bathroom, and sob quietly in the corner of a shower. Holding a bottle of cheap whiskey in his shaking hand, no longer secure in his position as the world’s least likeable human being

  • Kreader98

    The Obama’s are millionaires. They have their own money. When the Bush family bought their daughter’s car’s nobody Said a word ! #Stop the hate !!!

  • Guest

    I bet a lot of daughters had a SOUR SIXTEEN thanks to Obama.

  • Julie007

    Why are fools coming out of the woodwork claiming that Malia received a car with taxpayer money? Do they think the Obama’s personal bank account is empty? Some people do not have two brain cells to rub together.

  • eyelostmyname

    As much taxpayers money as her folks spent on vacationing in Hawaii…some $44 million…I hate to see the tab for her 16th birthday party. they have already bought her a car and I am sure it is not a hoopty. What’s next, Air Force 1-and-a-half?

  • Marty Osborn

    The President’s Daughter is a example not only for Americans and other countries to behold. She is a example in time. She will grow up to do marvelous wonders. She will be God’s hope for so many whenever they doubt the world we live in. She will over and over again make her Father so proud. The President one day will look at his wife and say,” That’s our daughter…”

  • tayKy

    That is one scary looking kid


    A new car and a trip to Disneyland on taxpayer funded AF 1, it’s good to be king.

  • Tommysmallss

    I was already a taxpayer at 16.

  • Lars

    I don’t think I would enjoy driving in a motorcade with a bunch of machine gun toting Secret Service agents and a helicopter gunship overhead.

  • HOMEY2

    How much is it costing us /

  • SheDevilsRule

    That’s a great gift for a sweet 16 B-day. She’s the president’s daughter, I hope they got her something fly & not worry what the naysaers think about how much they spent. people are WAY to quick to jump on anything the pres spends money on.does & not just Obama.

  • Dion

    In my mind I see this girl growing into a woman brainwashed by her brainwashed father and mother; this is not to ridicule her at all. I feel sorry for her.

  • george

    A new car paid for with taxpayer money.

  • Confused

    MadameNoire, where did all these ignorant, right winged, non-black, non-female people come from?! I feel like I’m on a Fox News blog or something. Wow. 🙁

  • Russell J Apgar

    Did we the tax payers pay for it. If so I want it back.

  • Pat Newborn Strickland

    One ugly kid! Who cares if she is 16 0r 60!

  • concerned

    I got her a stalk of bananas!

  • wmasscowgirl

    I am sure it is not like the car we got at 16. I bet it’s brandy new and expensive! And I bet she felt she deserved it and I wonder how much was paid for by us? Her driving lessons will be, since the secret service will be involved. And since we pay their salaries and for their perks, I am sure we paid for that car.

  • kimmey

    She looks depressed. And that is one ugly dog. Why did that family get into office? They don’t belong there, it’s not the racial issue; they just don’t belong….Seems like Malia knows it.

    • Internet thugs r us

      Girl, shut up. If anyone doesn’t belong somewhere its you on this website. Run along, stormfront misses you.

  • Xracer

    And the President agrees that it’s OK for her to get an abortion without his permission…

  • RVN6768


  • george

    a car at taxpayer expense no doubt

  • pick a name

    who cares? send some bananas, thatll make her happy

  • Larry Lang

    I wonder how she enjoyed the Mariachi band that played at her birthday. I’ll bet she really enjoyed having a token Mexican at her party.

  • Don Oshier

    I wish you many more to come little lady! Happy Birthday!

  • midnighteye

    Have sympathy for the kid, how would you like to be saddled with a pair of know-all useless would-be commie creeps as she is? Maybe she’ll join the Tea Party one day, that would be perfect.

  • Bill

    Who cares.

  • cat2009

    I just want to know who paid for Pitbull to be there and who paid for the car, And was Pitbull’s appearance on his own or was there a charge.

  • ronda ellman

    They are growing up fast, as all kids do. Happy birthday!

  • obamasuckscok

    Why not just send her into space like they used to do with chimps? That is a ride I would pay for.

    • Internet thug

      Please, you probably ride the bus everywhere, shut up.

  • JRB

    Who really cares? To me she is like any other American Black girl that turn 16 years old? So please stop it don’t make it a big deal “THANK YOU.”

    • Trolling on the river

      You cared enough to post so stfu

  • sdfsdf

    What, not pregnant yet!

    • Guestest

      Nah.. She ain’t like those 16&pregnant h o e s on tv

  • Rich Ratliff

    I want to know what car the US taxpayers bought her.

    • whatev

      Nice try but it doesn’t work that way. The presidents family (any administration) is billed for every slice of bread and paper towel.

      • Rich Ratliff

        You really don’ have a sense of humor!


    Ever notice how leetle Malaria seems to actually detest her ‘father’, and avoids being near him in nearly all the photo ops? Wonder what that’s about…

    • whatev

      No, you weirdo. You’re obsessed. Wonder what that’s about?

      • REALLY…

        Too bad you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘obsessed’, troll… I’m not, by the bye… Just correct.

        • Trolling with the homies

          You are not obsessed. You are a troll.

          • REALLY…

            A troll, by definition, is one who posts garbage on these pages under a guest name or a variety of them. Look in the mirror.

            • Trolling with homies

              Yeah that’s you all day. Troll on, trolling stone.

    • princesspr

      UMMM, NO! I do not wonder that! Someone is just hoping his IGNORANCE is witnessed by all! But, NO ONE notice this; because it doesn’t exist!

  • just Sayin


  • Notgonnatellya seefirstname

    How much will this hip hop party cost us?

  • Merrill Wasserman

    I am 47 yrs old and I still do not have a car of my own.

    • JRB

      Ask Obama for help to buy you a car?

    • princesspr

      ….and who fault is that! REALLY! No, For Real! You blame the president for your NON-PRODUCTIVE behind for NOT having a car! NOW, I have read it all! GET YOUR LIFE!!!

    • midnighteye

      Then you deserve to not get very much older.

  • Internet thugs r us

    Damn the trolls are in full effect on this post.

    • JRB


      • Internet thugs r us

        You keyboard gangster

    • anonymouse

      Blame madamenoire for linking their stories to mainstream message boards. Some of those people don’t know how to act and if I wanted to deal with them, I would post on those websites.

      • Internet thugs r us

        Oh, is that what it is? Ugh! This was the one place I could go and not have to deal with these cyber thugs.

        • anonymouse

          yes, you should’ve seen the crap that was posted when b0ssip linked the trayvon martin verdict to a mainstream message board……the racist comments were in full effect and some of those people still post there. I agree with you, these are the few sites where we can talk among ourselves and now we can’t even have that because these sites want clicks and they don’t care who it’s from.

  • Mr. X

    Hope the btccch croaks to death and if you have a problem with that then you can just svck on my 357…….

    • ladylove

      that is uncalled for and I do not support the Obama’s in any way

  • tess

    i’m sure the birthday for his daughter was MUCH more important that the birthday of our country (especially since he HATES AMERICA) i know it probably galls him that she was born on that particular date!!!!

  • whodat59

    What six-figure number is the taxpayer cost for this Obama entertainment?

    • princesspr

      The same number the Bushes used!

  • Just The Facts

    I hope she got a car from Govt. Motors,,,,,,,,,,

  • Mayo’naise Jackson

    Congrats Mails!

  • Don miller

    It’s a wonder these kid don’t commit suicide having a despised father and mother like they have.

    • Teresa Bulik

      shame on you.

    • princesspr

      YEAH! Well been despised didn’t hurt the BUSHES!

  • larry

    She would be my favorite of the two. I hope she does great things without leaning to far to the left or right.

  • Anita Ho

    Rather manish, just like her mother, Aunt Esther…

  • Love my Sheltie

    What a bunch of bull. She isn’t allowed to drive let alone drive alone..

  • shibdude@yahoo.com

    Given the first paragraph why is this article being put all over the internet. I can only assume they will pass off the cost of her car to the taxpayers somehow.

  • Bronco Guy

    No offense to the daughters, but it is not a good idea to have children in a sham marriage.

  • Jack Dogg

    Another “it” joins the world. Poor girl looks just like her ugly mama/it/whatever she is.

    • Anita Ho

      I believe they prefer to be called transsexuals…

    • Teresa Bulik

      She looks like you

    • princesspr

      NOTHING like a computer thug! It’s just so easy!

  • LindaPearall

    I was 16 once. I did not get a car. My dad was not the president, thank goodness.

    • princesspr

      Many fathers who are NOT the president buy their newly 16yrs. old cars! Come join the real world! It scary at times — but, it’s fun! TRUST!

      • Definingimage

        Princess… Goto work

    • LindaPearall

      Yes, a lot of kids get cars when they turn 16 these days. Guess it depends on your parents income, where you live, how spoiled you are. Some kids get everything they want at any age. Wonder what kind of adults they will grow up to be…

  • Jack Dogg

    BTW for all you posters below. Obama is filthy rich right now.

    • Love my sheltie

      Really? How so?

      • ladylove

        you know exacxtly how
        pretending you don’t shows what a real fool you are, a complete and utter fool

  • Jack Dogg

    But but but he was going to get her a minimum wage job so she could EARN the money for a car. What with the Secret Service guys and gals protecting her it will only cost us about $5,000 per hour 24 hours per days.

    • princesspr

      You do realize the family will have Secret Service for the REST of their lives? Granted, it may not be an extensive as it is now; however, Secret Service will ALWAYS be a part of their lives. WE, are paying for Mrs. Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton. Not just this president ALL previous presidents! SO WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, — AGAIN! Research….is a beautiful thing!

      • wmasscowgirl

        Those rules got changed, so that outgoing were NOT going to get it after a few years, and the families would get nothing, but then this president came in and changed that AGAIN, so that now he and his family will get secret service for the rest of their lives! I hope the next press comes in and changes it back to bye bye after you leave! Sorry, no ex president needs it after a few years.

    • wmasscowgirl

      That’s right – I forgot that BS line!

  • Leon

    Manlia looks just like Manchelle….

    • Anita Ho

      Aunt Esther, Junior…

    • wmasscowgirl

      Poor thing.

      • Don’t hate congratulate

        Yeah, poor thing who’ll have more $$$ and privilege than you ever will. You mad???

  • Debbi Stambaugh

    I am so sad for these two who will never really get to be normal teenagers,

  • DrSheilahere

    BTW. Who paid for the car? Or, was it a gift?

    • princesspr

      Is it not usually a gift when your parents give it to you?

      • wmasscowgirl

        Dummy, a gift from some ‘supporter’.

  • DrSheilahere

    If the girls can come out of this union unscathed by such poor role models, they will soar.

    • princesspr

      Yes, OK! the President and The First Lady are poor roles models! HA! HA! They are such poor roles models; both when to Ivy Leagues college on scholastic achievement; and then became accomplished Attorneys — Corporate Executives and now the President of the United States. YES, you are right they are such a poor role models! PLEASE recognize the sarcastic tone! GO SIT DOWN and BE QUIET!

      • wmasscowgirl

        I think you have this wrong. they went to Ivy league colleges but not for scholastic achievement. They went because they were black and got scholarships because of their race. The became attorney’s, yes, but neither of them were “accomplished’ attorneys,, both never did anything but fill a seat. Again, to fill the quota. Corporate executives? Of what corporation? And if they were such, then they are part of that 1% that they hate so much! President? Sure, bought and paid for and using race, like they did all along. Role models? Yes, indeed! Of what blacks are doing to demand rights that they think they deserve over whites and why they should get things that the rest of us don’t, and if they don’t, they scream race! Yes, I am sure they are coming out just like their parents want them to! They are going to get everything they want because they are black,a nd then they have the added demand that they are kids of a president so they will get even more handed to them! And Secret Service for the rest of their lives, since he changed those rules too!

        • Stormfront awaits your return

          This sounds like the average white kids life to me. White folks get stuff handed to them all the time because they are white.

          • ladylove


          • “Conservatives” say the darnde

            Not true in most cases.

            The average “White” person does not get things handed to them, There are more caucasion people in this country (For now) so odds are they are better qualified,More WELL SPOKEN not all “Yo yo yo son” on average than the other two major racial groups in the country.
            Look around you, more importantly LISTEN, which do you think an employer wants?..be honest.

            .now whos fault is that? Mine? because I’m white? I am Irish. Tell me how many of MY ancestors condoned or could even AFFORD slaves? WE were the white slaves.

            I assume you are speaking of job promotions?
            You cannot be referring to scholarships because I have a stepson just out of High School and we cannot afford to send him to college, If he were Black he would qualify for all KINDS of freebies..But he isn’t, so nada.

  • sandtrap99

    a RAPPER on the white house lawn – what more do you need to know

    • Pik_Pik

      Yep. America belongs to all who pay taxes.

      • sandtrap99

        and also to those who don’t

  • Guestest

    Kids who get cars at 16 are very lucky. My mom didn’t have enough money to get me a car at 16. Youngins who are this lucky better be appreciative! =)

    • Guest

      Shut up hater

      • Puddin’tane

        What a couple of slimebags.

        • princesspr

          WAIT! Let me get this straight and be clear — CRYSTAL! The man buys his daughter a car at 16yrs (which MANY parents do) and he is a slimebags!
          NO, that would be you to use this form to speak negatively about a CHILD parents! President or no president, the “couple” purchase a car for their daughter; how does that classify them as slimebags!

      • Chloe Smith

        Bad day at the office Guest? Why did you call Guestest a hater? If anyone is the hater here, it is you. On a side note, Obama is one of the worst presidents ever. Here’s to an impeachment!!

        • princesspr

          YEAH! The PRESIDENT has a little over two years left; let’s just see how that impeachment will work out! HA HA HA!!!! The only ones who need to be impeachment are MANY members of the GOP who are so worried about what the President wants to do; they can’t focus on their OWN job! Heck, many of the issues the President want to do were created by the GOP; but, they HATE is so big — it’s NOT recognized because all they know it coming from the President; so, it must be negative!

        • John Richter


      • Pik_Pik

        You’re a sicko

    • Greg Skies

      tHAT’S CAUSE your mom was too busy whoring her self out and snorting coke.

      • Love my sheltie!

        Funny I remember your mother and that’s exactly what she did when she was PREGNANT WITH YOU, MUST BE WHY YOU BEHAVE SO BADLY!!

      • Teresa Bulik

        no reason for that remark

    • Guestest

      Both of the people who replied to my comment are stupid =)

    • wmasscowgirl

      I bought my own car when I was 22. No one ever gave me a car, and certain ally NOT at 16!

      • Guestest

        That’s great. It feels good to be financially capable of buying your own. Independent!!

  • FromUR2UB

    It’s hard to believe they’re both teenagers now. For some reason, I always expect other people’s children to be the same age as when I last saw them.

  • ShellyKelly

    The Obama daughters have really grown up!!! I got my first car at 16, and my parents wouldn’t let me drive anywhere except to church and to my weekend job at the grocery store. Good for Malia, I hope she’s having the time of her life!!!

    • princesspr

      I know — RIGHT!

    • biglittlemason3

      Bless her heart, I wish her well, you only turn 16 once.

  • Maile00

    Sweet! Omg when your baby is old enough to drive!! *sad and happy mommy moment*

  • Donna Davenport

    I sure would like to know what kind of car she got but I guess that would be a security issue…

    • morrow

      You can bet that it is nothing elaborate , because mama and daddy we’re still paying off student loans at the time he became president and he will be the poorest president to leave office. They have more money than before but are a long way from the oil barons, peanut farmers, movie actors and beer monguls and gangsters.

      • RON REED

        As long as he has his phone and pen and connections with “great American heroes” like Bill Ayres he will be a millionaire before you know it. Or maybe he will come out of the White House poor like the Clinton’s .

        • larry


          • kyunggwilliams

            my classmate’s
            aunt makes $68 every hour on the computer . She has been fired for 7 months but
            last month her paycheck was $15495 just working on the computer for a few
            hours. visit the site R­e­x­1­0­.­C­O­M­

        • JRB

          Oh yes the Obama and the Clinton can open a ice cream place. And give the poor homeless people free ice cream or maybe the illegal people free ice cream?

        • emma richmond


          • Mardel Rick


        • SageFeldemeyer

          MoRRon Alert!

          • Stan

            That “Moron” would be you.

      • Don miller

        Your kidding right?
        What a dumb azzz

      • emma richmond

        Stop lying, GET your facts right.

      • wmasscowgirl

        I hope you are joking, because these people have more money that you or I will ever have – and their port cries are like Hillary’s – full of crap!

      • az1

        The Obamas are worth $10 million. They can afford a nice ride

      • ladylove

        that was something, Mrs. Obama was complaining they had student loans to pay off, while living in a house worth a million dollars
        now they are worth some 12 million, poor things, poor, poor things,

      • ladylove

        she was earning over $300,000.00 a year and complaining about student loans, seems she has never been satisfied, ever.
        they wouldn’t even have that million house with out Rezko.

      • zztom

        You are a moron or a LIAR. 0bama made MILLIONS on his books. (He didn’t even have to write them)

    • JRB

      What the dad going buy the car with our taxes money?

      • Annette

        Obama already wrote several highly successful books, so he’s a multimillionaire off of that alone… doesn’t need our tax dollars to buy his daughter a car.

        But I bet he won’t buy her anything too over the top, because a lot of people think like you, and he doesn’t want to give people something else to criticize him about.

        • wmasscowgirl

          Ah, the books didn’t make as much money as your think, but he has TONS of money. Nothing over the top? What? You are personal friend? I am sure it’s foreign, and expensive. It might be the cheaper Mercedes, but I am sure it will have a status symbol not he hood. I will bet it ain’t no Chevy!

        • Lars

          Since when did criticism bother Obama? People with his particular mental disease don’t care what others think, since they consider themselves smarter than anyone else.

        • ladylove

          and according to his autobiography, he claimed he was born in Kenya, that was until he ran for president, then he claimd the publisher made a mistake.
          his book with his name on it, claiming he was born in Kenya, and he blamed someone else, gee no wonder he does that so well, he has been blaming others for a real ling time.

        • Christine Cuneo

          Then why don’t he pay for his own vacations?

        • Stan

          Don’t worry! $44,000,000.00 in vacations in 6 years is more than enough to criticize him about. Especially when so many Americans have been jobless for so long!

      • princesspr

        You are so funny! Have to take a jab — even when it’s so unnecessary! How mature of you!

      • ida warre