Don’t Call It A Comeback…Really: Nene Leakes Tweets She Will Not Return For Next Season OF #RHOA

July 5, 2014  |  


Remember when Nene Leakes was on the fence about returning for the next season of #RHOA because she believed she as well as the other cast members were due for a raise? Apparently producers feel her $1 million dollars per episode is more than enough.

The Bravo network has reported that although all six of the Atlanta Housewives have been invited back for season 7, Leakes is still standing by her request for a raise. The reality star was rumored to have been hit with a major pay cut and her screen presence was reduced to part-time.

Leakes may have put the rumors to rest after taking to her Twitter account on Friday and releasing a statement:

“I’am NOT comin back 2 RHOA because I was fired, NO I quit, NO I wanted more money, NO they cut my salary & yes all this is BULLS**T”

I love Leakes as much as the next person but all good things must come to an end and she may have stayed on the show a bit past her prime. Leakes was the only original cast member remaining on the show as well as the highest paid out of all of the other present wives.

Leakes will be far from unemployed if she stays true to her departure. After finishing up as a “Dancing With the Stars” contestant she took on a 10-day role hosting Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity show in Las Vegas. In addition to her spot on #RHOA she also had a spin-off, “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding” which covered her wedding ceremony to Gregg Leakes, whom she re-married in 2013 after divorcing him 2011.

Time will tell if Nene stays true to her tweet, but if she does, will #RHOA be the same?

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  • ChoklateHulk

    Who wrote this article? Nene gets 1 million for the season not per episode…

  • Nyella2

    MN talks to much. All they do is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Maybe it was a SCHEME, for them to come to Nene with the BS! (rofl) (Ode to Kandi’s Aunt Bertha!)

  • Yolanda Harris

    I know NeNe is limited to 140 characters on Twitter, but if
    she would have communicated A LITTLE better, maybe her tweet wouldn’t have been
    so confusing to some people. I mean, I get that she was being sarcastic and
    trying to say that all the rumors are B.S., but for a million dollars an
    episode, you would think she could afford to brush up on her
    English/communication skills.

  • Authentic

    Nene, be gone! Never like your acting from day one! Never! You were always fake and put on a show for white people. You do not represent black women. Period. Are you still saying Bride Maid? Embarrassing! Bye Felisha!

  • Donna Lockwood McCool

    She is not worth the imil a show.Please tell me what her talent is.Every series she has been on has gone off.

    • Authentic

      I’ve read her talent is snorting.

    • Mrs.Mason

      there aren’t many cast members on any of the real housewives shows that do have an actual talent…they are just trying to make it somehow in the industry to get that check

  • DoinMe

    That is NOT what Nene was saying. Really MN? SMH

  • Annette

    I probably will not watch RHOA without Nene…she is the JR of Dallas. No one else has her strong personality. Bye bye RHOA.

  • keith whitaker

    its all bull sh.t

  • cordelearts

    $1 million per episode… that means all of of that integrity women talk about they want to see in the media… their remote says otherwise.

  • Pamela

    I was hoping she would not return!

  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    RHOA can only be improved without the clown known as NeNe! No talent, no intelligence, no trained mind. Bye-bye and hope it sticks.

  • Jack Howard

    The less sheboons the better.

  • chance

    Leakes, Gunvalson and Singer can all go from their respective reality shows, they need more interesting people, these have run their time out.

  • Newsjunkie

    Well good! This show has ran it’s course like any other Reality (fake) show for that matter. It seems as most shows these days are not original. She should be grateful of the exposure.

  • BiscuitBunny

    The post is wrong? Ah, darn it. Just as I was about to rejoice!! Nene was the reason I stopped watching that mess. Even Kim Zolciak bustyman and Kenya triflin’ a lil’ Moore couldn’t put me off. Nene is the worst- I couldn’t stand anymore of her.

  • Tee Tee

    Nene Makes the show pop!

  • John

    I only hope that it is true she is leaving. Her appearance in Las Vegas was not a wonderful as she hoped or the cast hoped She’s not he star she thinks she is. Too bad she became such a jerk. I think a lot of stars should be put down and then your fees wouldn’t be so high.

  • lvloon

    I wish she would so sick of her and her crap

  • alani

    She is my favorite! I will not watch if she goes.

  • WatDatQueenSay

    Bettlejuice… bettlejuice…bettlejuice…

  • alexa

    I hope this is true. So sick and tired of her “I’m so much better than the rest of you.”

  • Sherlnever Too Much Pride


    • Mrs.Mason

      i don’t think people were reading her post….lol idiots

  • Marianne Burns

    OHHHHHHJ Thank GOD can’t stand her and her better than everybody attiutde…… She sucks….

  • RC

    it would really be Bravo’s loss, the show would be a bust without her…no matter what people think.

  • Robert McAdams

    She is negotiating another black ho sho.

  • MercifulLove

    Well, my thing is, isn’t a million dollars per season, the same as saying she gets a million dollars per year? That is a lot of money to walk away from, especially since she really isn’t doing much to earn it. I hope if she if she is indeed leaving that she has other SIGNIFICANT things lined up.

    • Mrs.Mason

      it says a million per episode! Lol i’d stay for that amount…i don’t think she would quit…now the firing part i don’t know

  • anderson

    I think Bravo is depending on Kandi to keep the show interesting. The gossip on her marriage to Todd, her mother etc. I do not find anything else that interesting on the show.

    • B Cooper

      I could do without Joyce. If Kandi can convince her mother to stop filming, her storyline could take off in a very positive direction. If Joyce continues to film, Kandi’s storyline goes downhill! Joyce is too bitter and mean!

  • hollyw

    Shut up, NeNe.

    Everybody knows it’s only true when BRAVO tweets it.

  • Markitha

    Wow…this is an MN #Fail…smh lol

  • akakakana

    Lol…My favorite blog sites are becoming more and more unreliable.

    • ladybug


  • uniquefashionista

    So, she is staying? I was hoping she wouldn’t return . I am so over her.

    • ladybug

      Me too

  • Sunshinegirl

    What the hell? She clearly stated all that was BS in her tweets. Maybe the person writing this should’ve been awake while doing so.

  • Guestest

    That’s a good pic of her up there… That’s all i got. Not into RHOA at all.

    • guest

      Its a complete waste of time. I can’t comprehend such a dumb show.

      • Guestest

        I just can’t get into it for some reason..Not my cup of tea.

  • juicyco

    so…you can’t tell sarcasm?

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  • T. T.

    Sorry MN, but this post is wrong. She was stating what rumors are circulating and she then put those rumors to rest by saying Bullshyt, to those circulating rumors. She has posted that that tweet indicated that she in fact is not leaving RHOA.

    • Chas

      lol I always have to second guess their articles.

      • CAliQueen


      • Mrs.Mason

        i read it 2 times to make sure i read it correctly…these writers tho….what school did they go to? Journalism 101…check your facts!

    • Sunny

      It’s a slow news day. They have to post something.

    • CAliQueen

      Lol I knew my comprehension of this tweet was correct.

      • Mrs.Mason

        they need some new writers and editors obviously….

    • Angel Halo Demeritt

      Exactly and she makes $1 million per season, not per episode.

      • Itzmebytchezz

        I was gonna say 1 million is a whole lot of money per episode.

        • @NCBred22

          This year they did 22 episodes (I think) and Im almost positive that Bravo wouldnt pay anyone 22 million dollars even Nene herself. She’s probably not even made that much since starting the show and everything else shes done beyond the HWs.

          • KjB

            I have to state that there are a few tv shows that pay per episode more than a million dollars…there was Friends, Seinfeld,and a few others and i do believe she was the first to make this happen in reality tv, because she was the longest original Housewife of the whole franchise so she required that salary. Let’s check the facts

            • Paige

              The first of the franchise was Orange County and Vickie Gunvalson (sp?) is the longest orginial housewife. Although, I do believe NeNe makes more because Altanta’s ratings are higher. We should check our facts befor we tell others too. #noshade

              • KjB

                None taken, I believe they both were there around the same time…either way this is just a conversation, and that’s what i meant by “let’s check the facts” , regarding pay per episode and how much, not which RH was first…but thanks for the info.

      • sha

        I was wondering too! She is just a reality personality, not an Oscar winner.

      • Mrs.Mason

        shes not going to leave that check lol

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      I was about to say the same thing…how did they come to that conclusion from that tweet…lol