Stop The Shenanigans: Celebrities Who Let Drama Get In The Way Of Their Talent

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The following people on this list all have music that I’ve bumped at one time or another. However, their music and their talents in general often take a backseat due to the drama they get caught up in. Whether they’re bickering with folks on social media or throwing ‘bows in public, these people are too talented to take part in all the shenanigans they enjoy entertaining.



Azealia Banks

Pretty girl. Vicious lyrical abilities. Penchant for drama.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it for the umpteenth time: Azealia Banks is a talented young MC. However, she makes it hard for those who have never heard her music to give her work a chance when she’s focused less on promoting that, and more on calling out everyone from Pharrell to Tiny and Rita Ora on social media.

MadameNoire Video

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  • whatsup

    Ummmm where the heck was Tamar on this list!!!

    • Dreamincolor

      Well the only person she’s ever had any “beef” with is K Michelle.

      • gogi

        A beef in which she started. …she has a lot of mouth. She is full of drama. The list isn’t about beefs…its about drama

        • Dreamincolor

          However the difference between that situation and that of others on this list is that they have more than one occurrence with drama with their peers. Which is my guess as to the reason she wasn’t included on this list. I don’t think she initiated any “beef” at all her words were def misconstrued but you are entitled to your opinion. Also the main difference would be that she has a label that’s behind her who is able to and deter a lot of negative attention. She’s had her share of drama but it hasn’t really taken away from the music. In most cases drama and beef are all one in the same, no?

  • Guest

    I was a fan of K. Michelle years ago when she released some music and then she just faded and then she appeared on Love and Hip Hop and told her story and I was rooting for her to win. I enjoy her music because she is very passionate but all the drama is totally unnecessary and her latest issue with Elle turned me completely off. Elle may not be mainstream but neither is K. I am a huge fan of Elle’s and maybe it will take some time for other people to appreciate her music but K’s 15 minutes is just about up.

  • Tee Elyse

    I don’t think all of these celebrities necessarily like or find themselves in a lot of drama. Most of them, yes, but not all. Once you are in the public eye and you do anything wrong, it’ll be brought up time and time again! Most times, these actions/reactions happen once or twice, but when the media dwells on them and folks have multiple opinions about them, it makes it seem like a lot. I know that’s the case with the August Alsina situation anyway. The hat fiasco, as well as the 106 incident are the only two times he’s really done anything, and folks harped on him hard. His album wasn’t even out five minutes and folks were already writing him off. He’s young, he definitely needs media training, but after having listened to his album over and over since it dropped, as well as seeing how humbled he was winning his awards the other night, I definitely am a bigger fan than I already was.

  • claudineabelson

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