Listen Again: Famous Artists Who Sang Background On Hit Songs

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Famous Artists Who Sang Background On Hit Songs feat

Typically, we don’t really think of background singers. It’s all about the front man or woman, the lead vocalist. But being a background singer is hard work. The notes have to be perfect and a great harmony can be the difference between a classic song and something that’s just “meh.” Check out this list of famous artists who sang background on these hit songs.

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  • Jay

    Daryl Hall sang background on and produced Swept Away by Diana Ross. He’s done the same for a few other songs too.

  • Lost Soul

    I recently heard “All I Do” by Tammi Terrell and “Let Me Prove My Love to You” by Main Ingredient and I love those songs.

    • BalancedViewer

      Lost Soul, u don’t sound Lost at all! I’m surprised I don’t know that cut by the Main Ingredient, but I’ll fix that reeeaal soon. As for Tammi, ANYBODY who hasn’t heard her “All I Do” needs to treat themselves immediately. Umm what a sanger that Double T lady was! .

  • musiclover

    Yes John Legend was actually hitting the high notes on the Alicia Keys song. He performed a brief portion of it on his live DVD from his first CD.

  • donny j

    Im shocked they didnt have James Brown on here.

  • gatsuku2

    There are so many more. Prince sang background on ‘i feel for you’ by Chaka Khan. Michael Jackson sang background on ‘Somebody watchin me’. Thats just to name 2 songs.

    • donny j

      feel for you kinda sounds like a prince song

    • Kenny J

      Prince didn’t sing on Chaka’s cover of the song; Prince wrote the original!

      • Lost Soul

        He also sang the original.

  • IllyPhilly

    Y’all said Whitney Houston did the backgrounds for I’m Every Woman before.

    • Lost Soul

      I thought they said that, but I wasn’t sure.

  • Myeisha R Moses y’all didn’t know that Whitney + Cissy Houston and Luther Vandross sang background on Chaka Khan’s 1980/81 hit “Clouds.”

  • fuzzydred

    Frank Zappa was one funky dude. I wonder how many hip-hop artists have sampled him? Wow, apparently this article’s writer doesn’t remember when “Higher Love” played on BET all the time and made the countdown on Video Soul. I must be getting old.

  • chaka1

    All of these songs are classics. Chaka Khan nailed Higher Love.

  • Anthony Beach

    Actually, on the second “Special Edition” pressing of “Confessions”, Faith’s name was included in the credits.

  • Felicia Ward

    Actually, “Fantasy” isn’t the first time Kelly and Mariah hooked up; Kelly and her sister are all over her album “Music Box” from 1993 (you can hear her really well in “Anytime You Need A Friend”). But thanks for the info on “I Want To Know What Love Is”! For the longest time I wondered if that was Patti LaBelle lol

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I listen to the ronettes song and it still doesn’t quite pull any strings. . .

    • chaka1

      Wow. That song is among the legends.

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        Lol I’m too young to know most of the real good songs


    The Foreigners???? How about just Foreigner!!

  • willmecca

    I always feel like somebody’s watching me..MJ killed that!!!!

  • Kambriel

    Wow got me flipping through my ipod now!

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