Peter Thomas Confirms Real House Husbands Spinoff

July 1, 2014  |  

This Spring there were rumors that Peter Thomas, husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey, was shopping around a RHOA spinoff for the fellas called the “Real House Husbands of Atlanta.” This definitely didn’t sound like something we’d put past the attention-hungry Bar One owner, but when we caught up with him on the red carpet of the Debra Lee PRE dinner Saturday night we had to ask him if the rumors were true and he confirmed that they are.

Check out what Peter had to say about the spinoff and when it’s coming out and what other business ventures he has going on. Think you’ll watch this new series?

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  • Saswatc12

    No, hell non

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  • Kristen

    He and the other househusbands need the money!

  • Grim Reafer

    They see how popular Kevin Heart Husbands of Hollywood is.
    That is different though lol.

  • ATL_Pussywillow

    Spare me. Hell to the no! BORING!!!!

  • kris


  • Emily Scroggins

    No I will not be watching.

  • chance

    Won’t be watching, Apollo lives off of his wife, Greg is a puppet for the money, Todd is on the gravy train, and Peter uses his wife’s money to be a club owner. They are not that interesting.

  • Anybody remember that show Househusbands of Hollywood from a few years back? I wonder if this show will be similar to that…

  • honeybee808

    Ugh, I’m sorry this is happening. I’ll prob watch, because I pretty much watch everything on Bravo, but why? I thought the hourly special they did with all the men was incredibly boring and way too long.

  • Lucy20123

    Bravo must be hurting for shows so they want to do “Real House Husbands”. So I guess there is another show I will not be watching on Bravo.

  • ohdearme

    I can’t stand Peter, if he thinks people want to hear him talk about a man cave, how he treats his wife when she’s sick and gossip like the ladies he’s sadly mistaken!

  • Mercedes Carter De Ville

    Why not? why should only white gay men get Bravo’s money. If it’s successful, wonderful! if not, oh well! There is a place for black men on realty TV.

  • zimexpat_2usa

    I don’t think it will last just one season.

  • Carolyn Klein Lagattuta

    No thanks. Tell these dudes to get a real job.

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  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Enough with these lame spinoffs!!

  • Sunshinegirl

    I think this is actually a great idea. When they guys were participating more this season, and their storylines started to unfold, I thought that they were more interesting to watch as a dynamic than the ladies. Even at the reunion and how they gave the guys their platform to speak… it was equally entertaining. I wonder what’s going to happen to Apollo though?

    • T. T.

      I think we’re the minority here Sunshinegirl but I agree with you. I rather enjoyed at the end of this season when they all met up at Bar One and gave their thoughts, opinions, and advice between them. So I’ll tune in until it becomes some men doing female ish, but if they step up and be men who lead and take care of their families and don’t take the mitch route on things I’ll give it a shot.

      • bubbleyes72

        I agree, I find the men to be more entertaining for I like to see how man act when there are no women around. Guess this is why I prefer to have more male friends than female.

  • NOLA

    Do not like that guy. From what I’ve seen when I did watch that show, he came across as a controller and a person who likes the power and celebrity but, does not have the money to follow thru with his big ideas. I will NOT be watching anything that has to do with the housewives/husband franchise. Husbands was done by Kevin Hart (it’s funny but, lost steam as well). Luv Kevin Hart and his concept. Peter wants a lot and in my opinion, uses Cynthia to achieve his desires. He is controlling.

  • lockstress

    Soooo,,,now that we’ve taught our daughters how to act a fuggin fool for chips and dips…we are gonna cap off and teach our sons the art of bitchazzness too??? NO THANKS! #weneedmoremalerolemodelsforoursons!

    • NOLA

      Lockstress, WELL SAID. Peter is a user and a bore. I like Cynthia but sorry to say she’s boring as well. The message that all the housewives send out and the Kardashians is, DO ANYTHING to be in public eye and have NO respect for each other nor your self. It’ s all about the $$ and being seen. Women fighting each other and acting like pure fools is stupid. But, stupid is as stupid does….all for $$$$.

      • lockstress

        Nola…I know right? I mean I just cringe at what I see on television.
        I grew up with ROLE MODELS! My parents first then I got to see people who worked, intellectuals, real wives, mothers, students yeah…on tv.
        This “selfie” generation of do nothingers but want everything is sickening. Self absorbed oversexxed dummies!

  • Scorpiolicious

    hmm i guess, i mean Kevin Hart started this trend with the Hollywood Husbands and so he just biting his style.. plus Apollo is locked up and i am not a bi fan og Greg and the only one i would call “Interesting is Peter because he very verbal.:)So I won’t be watching this.. plus we don’t know who all is coming back on the show as far as the women

    • Steddy

      All of the women are returning to RHOA…

  • Britney Robinson

    So they stole the idea from Kevin Hart. I would rather watch Kevin Hart’s show. Those men are boring.

    • B Cooper

      At least you can tell the Real Husbands of Hollywood is supposed to be satire!

    • Rhonda Warren

      Right. Kevin should roll out a new season quick because this mess Peter is talking about is foul. They were probably trying to get a Real Husbands series but Kevin Hart’s is much more funnier and entertaining. What does Peter have to talk about…NOTHING?

  • Shelly

    Nobody is going to watch that crap. People tune in to see the ladies, not the husbands.

  • Andy Cohen

    He’s really keepin’ it real.

  • Vera Wilson

    We won’t be watching. The guys are like puppy dogs to the women on the show except Peter. He is just out there and not really making a living to support his family.

  • shelly

    hell no.

  • dustyrose

    Dumb, dumb idea.

  • Glim

    Oh bwoi

  • Dontbelievemejuswatch<3

    Dammit we have to deal with the Baileys some more…I’m sure Cynthia was happy Peter turnt up this season cuz I know they felt the axe slowly coming down on them because of their inability to hold the viewers attention and because of how boring she is. Also, their lack of funds and how it was dwindling. so I should say congratulations Peter… Now you can make some real money for your family and be a man for your wife

    • J L

      the shade is real, lol.

      • Dontbelievemejuswatch<3

        Ijs lol

    • Lele

      Dang, lol

      • Dontbelievemejuswatch<3


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