Bobbi Kristina Goes After Angela Bassett For Biopic Casting Decision: ‘At Least The World Doesn’t Mistake Me For The Wrong Sex’

June 30, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

We seriously doubt that Angela Bassett intended to be shady when she expressed why Bobbi Kristina was not considered by casting directors to star in the biopic about her late mother’s life. But unsurprisingly, the 20-year-old aspiring singer and actress certainly took it that way. In case you missed it, Angela, who’s directing the anticipated bio film, recently shared why producers didn’t really think to have Krissy audition for the film and her primary reason was that she is not a professional actress.

“I did not think about that. I did not think about casting her,” Angela told Entertainment Weekly. “And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft. It’s an attempt to illuminate the complexities of human behavior and life. And this is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the light on. You have to drive the story—there’s a technical aspect.”

As you may recall, when news of the Lifetime biopic first broke, Krissy expressed that she should’ve been cast to play her mother. Angela’s response seemed pretty reasonable and quite understandable. However, to a person aspiring to be an actress, we can also see how her response could have been perceived as a tad bit slighting. Krissy took to Twitter shortly after Angela’s interview went viral and shared a few choice words regarding the comments.

“Ha! Ms. Ang “basket case” has such a damn nerve,” the former reality star tweeted. “My Lord, at the least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex. She has #XTRAequipment.”

“When I win my first Grammy or Oscar, *Shrugs* hmm whichever comes 1st, I’ll be sure 2 shout UR name out b**ch ! hah Ur Test Results= MALE. Lmao”

Tough girl act aside, it appears that Krissy’s feelings may have been a little hurt by Angela comments. We don’t anticipate that Angela will be responding to her attack anytime soon—or ever for that matter.


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  • shirl in DC in DC

    I totally missed this fight. BK is lucky AB is a classy woman. No worries BK is paying for her dumbness. BK was very stupid and entitled. Poor thing. How disrespectful she was.

  • wiggletail

    well, bobbi looks a lot worse for saying these things about basset, even if it were true! to say things in a spirit of hurt, anger, jealousy and resentments only proves, angela bassett is the better person, the more discciplined and mature…and certainly the more physically beautiful.

  • Ria Pendergrass

    Her response is typical of a spoiled, immature, youth not ready for adulthood. The name calling is proof that she’s not in control of get emotions. So sad. 🙁

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  • Mariposa

    Angela I commend you as a black actress, Bobbi needs to understand and grow up. Things you work for. All she could have asked if she would have helped in the production. Just because your parents are famous doesn’t mean you will be. With an ugly attitude like that no one will want to be bothered.

  • Mollymae

    Ms Bassett could have been more tactful and considerate of BK’s feelings, especially since Ms Bassett is making money off of Bobbi’s dead mother.

  • Jasmine

    OUT OF LINE! Bobbi Kristina is disrespectful, not only to Angela Bassett and other gifted actors/actresses, but also to her mother’s legacy. It’s bad enough that Whitney tarnished her own legacy while she was living, but for her only child (and daughter at that) to be running around acting coonish after she passed is the icing on the cake. Ms. Bassett’s comments were completely legitimate and it’s clear that she was not throwing shade. Bobbi Kristina had NO reason to pubically respond with anything other than an Okay. Smh. Out of control.

  • LRealbabe

    Thank the Lord that Angela Bassett stands her ground when dealing with a
    spoiled child. That Bobby Kristina needs a lesson on how to be
    respectful.I remember Whitney Houston back in the 80’s and she was
    always sweet, respectful, humble and polite. I hope the Kristina gal
    might catch on to Whitney’s Grace! She is pushing too hard. I hope she
    grows up.

  • jtrose

    Bobby your mother was beautiful. Get your nose and teeth fix and they will come running to you for the part. P.s your mother also had her nose made smaller. Whithney was beautiful.

  • LRealbabe

    Thank the Lord that Angela Bassett stands her ground when dealing with a
    spoiled child. That Bobby Kristina needs a lesson on how to be
    respectful.I remember Whitney Houston back in the 80’s and she was
    always sweet, respectful, humble and polite. I hope the Kristina gal
    might catch on to Whitney’s Grace! She is pushing too hard. I hope she
    grows up.

  • ddaw

    She needs to keep Quiet if she is ever going to win a Oscar .,Mrs Angela Bassett would be the Best Teacher for Ms. Bobbi Kristina..The spoiled Brat has had it too Easy..Mommies Gone Now..Experience..& Acting Classes & Discipline needed

  • LRealbabe

    Thank the Lord that Angela Bassett stands her ground when dealing with a spoiled child. That Bobby Kristina needs a lesson on how to be respectful.I remember Whitney Houston back in the 80’s and she was always sweet, respectful, humble and polite. I hope the Kristina gal might catch on to Whitney’s Grace! She is pushing too hard. I hope she grows up.

  • Deon

    Drugs can really mess the mind up. Get real girl! You can never walk in Angela’s shoes!

  • Skeptic

    I think people are missing the BIG picture here.. you’re going to profit from making a movie about her deceased mother but not give her an opportunity to be a part of it.. NOW that’s disrespectful!

  • Tina Scott Carter

    Bobbie Kristina needs to grow up. What is said was very disrespectful. She should be thankful and happy that someone thought highly of her mother to honor his way dispite the negativity the some of the media displayed. I love me some Whitney Houston. Bobbie Kristins syop acting like a spoil brat.

  • She’s being unreasonable, but I can’t help but feel for her a bit. She’s been wounded deeply…even when she was little she watched her dad beat her mom, then her mother died as she was coming into womanhood. She needs to get away from hollywood, into grief counseling, and get on the road to healing, or else I’m afraid her mother’s path will also become her own.

  • A very immature response and while we feel for her and wanting to honor her mother, the perfect honor is to have a professional do it right.

  • permafrost

    Looks nothing like her mom, is not an actress… but also why would she want to play her?the woman just died 2 years ago: that would be too emotional of an experience I would think. I think that’s the real issue no one is addressing. She misses her mom so bad she wants to play her. When my aunt died, my cousin was so distraught she considered plastic surgery to look more like her mother! The grief is real! Her family needs to keep her away from the public for a while and get her to counseling.

  • JP NYC

    Her response if proof positive that she is disrespectful and is not ready for “primetime”… opportunities in ALL industries are EARNED, not birthrights!!! As for a Grammy or anything else, I wish her the best of luck! If she has that magic formula to achieve an Oscar or a Grammy, please share it with your dad… 🙂

  • Tisa

    Bobby Kristina was very disrespectful to her mother’s friend, as well as, her elder. She needs to take a chill pill and get her life together and stop acting like a brat. She is not a professional actor and needs to perfect her craft like everyone else if that is what she wants to pursue instead of thinking things will be handed to her. She wants to benefit off her mother’s talent instead of her own; grow up!

  • OG

    I think Bobbie Christina needs to get some help, that was drugs talking. To think that even on a good day she could pull off playing Whitney Houston. To disrespectful and Whitney on a good day would not approve of her daughters actions. I think Yayah is going to do it justice.

  • nss

    Bobbi Kristina needs to get her life together before worrying about playing in a movie. She’s too unstable

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  • Mlaw

    Bobbi Christine is in pain. She needs help and not an acting gig.

  • Omari

    Angela Bassett in her 50’s (Ms Parker) Beautiful, Bobbi in her 20’s (Fava Fav)…….

  • Susan Bloom

    Serious actors and actresses are just that… professionals who know what they are doing… former reality stars cannot be put in the same class with them, it is a whole other ballgame…
    Bobby Kristina looks nothing like her mom, maybe she can play her daddy in a movie if anyone ever wants to make a movie about him? Delusional brat!

  • G-Dog

    Dang! Y’all didn’t leave me anything to say.

  • robbiecee

    Soemone needs to tell Bobbi that her behavior is exactly why Angela DID NOT consider her!

  • Gayle Teresa Henderson

    Ive seen that child act and if you cant make it on aTyler Perry show what makes you think you need to make a movie? Grow up Bobbi Christina. you’re showing your mothers worst traits.

  • Shortie1982

    Bobbi Kristina is not cute. The little cuteness she has she got from her mom because her dad is ugly. Angela Bassett is beautiful and she needs to quit hating.

  • Babi Chellz S Fly

    no they just think she is a crak head and who the hell ever thought that Angela Basset was anything less than a women girl seat down somewhere

  • Jeff R. Lewis

    Earn your stripes… then you can talk…

  • Shirley Marrero

    Tell her to Play her Daddy…. You know how Crack babies are !!

  • Melanie

    She is her father’s daughter for sure, in looks and in deeds!

  • DeNise Davis

    Bobbi Kristina has a few of her Dad’s characteristics when he was younger.

  • Cognizant

    Miss Brown’s behavior shows that she is unmistakeably her father’s child.

  • Bobbi Kristina has a great deal to learn, and that is why she is here on the earth. My prayers are being extended out to her, and the family.

  • GG

    Bobbi grew up being GIVEN everything she wanted , not what she NEEDED since her parents were too busy getting high. She was evidently never shown real love, understanding and how to earn what you get. Hopefully after she’s finished making a fool of herself a few more times she’ll get it and realize all that nonsense drama won’t get her anywhere except the back pages of a newspaper.

  • Lynn Jeter

    Let’s say prayers for this young lady. It’s obvious she needs lots of prayer and education about entertainment. It’s a business. Study and work on your craft, whatever that is. Know the shoulders you stand on.

  • Sparkles50

    Poor little Baby crying out for attention. So sad she is getting the wrong type of attention. It’s clear she isn’t ready for the big screen by her remarks and responses. She would not have made her mother proud only could have been a big disappointment and that’s very clear. Bobby Kristina feels as though she has the right to have this roll only because it’s about her mother. Well Bobby Kristina if you would have been homing your craft as most aspiring young actors do instead of getting drunk, acting out, and made a name for yourself in a positive way instead of thinking things will be handed to you simply because you are Whitney’s daughter this could possibly been a reality for you. In the mean while GROW UP & FACE THE REAL REALITY…..

  • tipper3

    She lacks her mother’s beauty and talent.

  • Nikky

    First, Bobbi look like her daddy. Second, she just showed her butt. Meaning, if there would be other parts for her to play, Bobbi proved to the world what a big spoiled brat she is. Angela Bassett has a proven track record hands down. Even when Angela was in a “B” flick movie, she acted her butt off. Bobbi needs to grow up.

  • Lawrence Cully

    Bobbie Kristina, you aint no Angrela

  • smrfny

    Agree with SunFlower78. Sounds like she’s a blossoming Diva with her daddy’s temper and attitude. She needs to grow the hell up and lose the “tude and be thankful she’s been able to get where she is on mommy’s coattails. Inconsiderate and spoiled little brat!

  • Patti Toney

    Really? She needs to sit her “highway gap” teethed butt down somewhere. Mrs. BASSETT IS one of THE BEST IN the game. She made the right decision to not cast her. She’s not ready for The” bigtime”. Her Mom would be so Disappointed in her foul potty mouthed child! So sad.

  • Dorleen Bowers

    THAT’S YOU….

  • Dorleen Bowers


    • annabel

      life time dont count, krissy can do a movie for the theater

  • arealsouthernbelle

    Yes, Bobbi Kristina, because being disrespectful ALWAYS works when you are trying to get ahead (sarcasm). Girl, bye. You need to grow up, develop a PLEASANT personality, and figure out exactly what it is you need/want to do in life. You are NOT an actress. Ms. Bassett knows the acting industry inside-out and is very well-versed in her craft. Your mother knew the music industry inside-out and had one of the most beautiful voices in the world. Both of these women have/had true talent, and they have remained at the top of their game for years when others have come and gone, because of their talent. And just because BK pissed me off with her comment about Angela’s looks: Girl, LOOK in the mirror at yourself. When it comes to looks, Angela has you beat hands down. Nobody out here is thinking she is a man, you snotty-nosed brat. Now, go sit in a corner and think about that. In the meantime, nobody needs/wants to hear from you until you grow up.

  • maxzine

    I act every day for the past 55 years, and I could have played her mother, hands down, I just don’t act on camera, I act in front of real people each and everyday and guess what, I don’t get paid, Catch catch me if you can, you have missed the best thing of your life Maxzine!!!!!!!

  • Simba711

    I’ve seen so many great takedowns of BK online over this, so I’m not going to repeat any.
    Well, only this one : ) She can play Bobby in a New Edition movie.

  • Angela B. Do not have to cast Krissy NEITHER does she have any business classifying her, as a NON ACTRESS. Angela should at least either be a mother figure or big sister personality to Krissy and find a way around words to explain leaving her out of the movie. Respect they say is reciprocal; Krissy is one young tough girl, although I would not advice her to talk back at Angela the way she did; but if anyone asked me, Angela asked for it, after all she is the older and supposedly wiser one that should have coined her words more acceptably. I don’t see nothing wrong in Angelina, encouraging Krissy in giving her a little role just in encouragement in their almighty acting career. My take.

    • Guest7

      Bobbi Kristina, is that you?

      • My name is Esther Chikere and not Bobbi Kristina, why would you think I’m Bobbi Kristina, because I dared bare my mind on what I really think on the situation?

  • kellz

    That’s just her ignorant father side talking.

  • LaLaBound

    Child! How ugly an attitude! In other words – You have to earn it! When you get your first Oscar? Um, do you plan on taking acting lessons and working hard to be cast in a lead role? And what makes her think she can play her mama??? I don’t like how she dissed Queen Angela. She is one of the most ageless, gorgeous actresses.

  • Coleen O’Rourke Williams

    Not trying to be mean at all, but did Bobbi consider the fact that she looks nothing like her Mother? She shouldn’t be so offended. Someday they will make a New Edition biopic and she’ll get her chance.

    • annabel

      and whitney said her child look like her

  • Jon

    Bobbi should not have said that, lookin’ just like ha ugl’ass daddy.

  • ChocolateSophistication Marsha

    She need to grow the hell up. Who takes someone like this seriously, especially for such an important roll. By the way, she would have never been able to fill Whitney’s shoes by far. Go tell her star in the Body Guard II.. lol, that should be a start for her should be humble beginnings.

    • annabel

      she dont need to fill her mom shoes her mom was a human being and did not walk on any water.

  • Redbigguy

    Bobbi K has Just proved She is still the same SPOILED BRAT that she was on her Mom & Dad’s Reality Show “Being Bobby Brown” and as Tough as her Mom was in the Business with Not Dealing with BS She Herself “Whitney” would have agreed with Ms. Bassett and told her “Don’t Cast My Daughter … “She’s Is TOO IMMURE”! GROW UP Bobbi K or You will never be successful in the Business or even LIFE!!! YOUR STILL JUST YOUR MOMMY’S BRAT!

  • Pansy CaramelGoddess Rogers

    I’m sorry Bobbi Christina doesn’t have what it takes, to act her way out of a brown paper bag. And she looks very little like her mom and definitely she can’t sing.

  • dan

    Bobbi needs a reality check… shes ugly as hell… fix your grill and your face… Angela is strong and gorgeous… You could NEVER even come close to her… so go home gap tooth

  • Kimm

    The rant of a hurt, misunderstood and ignorant girl who wants her mommy. No need for Angela to attempt to respond – she is bigger than that.

    • annabel

      angela movie will be a flop

  • Donna PremDas-Auffant

    That girl really called someone out on their looks? Seriously? Angela Bassett is a beautiful Woman…BK looks like her daddy in drag. :-/

    • annabel

      you look likea pig.

  • Guest

    That girl really called someone out on their looks? Seriously? Angela Bassett is a beautiful Woman…BK looks like Bobby Brown in drag. :-/

    • annabel

      no she is not

  • May Baby

    At first I was shocked and appalled by her comment but I had to remind myself that she is young. Angela is one of the strongest in the game. Instead of throwing shade, she ought to be taking notes. I for one NEVER thought Angela looked anything like a man.
    Have a seat and respect your elders sweetie!

  • reva dean

    She’s just not ready…..point blank!

  • kickash

    I know she not coming for nobody looks when she is the spitting image of her daddy

    • annabel

      her daddy is not ugly so….

      • ok

        yes the f he is!

  • GooeyGomer

    Way to burn your bridges before you’ve even crossed them, dbag.

  • David DrFunkenstein Storms


  • Kubi

    Very disrespectful. Classless.

  • Bobbi Kristina, I’ve tried supporting you through this “phase” since Whitney passed (marrying Nick Gordon, mismatching shoes, shutting out your grandmother, Cissy), but now you’ve gone too far! Yes, I understand your passion about telling your mother’s story honestly & fairly, but to INSULT & DISRESPECT Angela Bassett by calling her the “b word,” you know Whitney raised you better than that, especially since Whitney had a close relationship with Angela since their days on “Waiting To Exhale.” Angela spoke very kindly about your mother during the BET Awards tribute in 2012, so to suggest that Angela was being “shady” is not only unfair, but completely wrong!!! Bobbi Krsitina, you need grief counselling to say the least, since your mother has passed, it’s been one questionable choice after another, & yes I too question whether or not Angela Bassett & Lifetime will do this movie justice since no one in your family has been contacted (which is a huge mistake), but you know better than to act like this!! #Fix it, Jesus

  • oldskoolnyker

    This is a joke right? Surely this is a damn joke and Bobbi is obviously talking just to make us all laugh right? Someone tell me I’m right…

  • tellinitlikeitis

    Bobbi- you look like a man with a gap the size of Texas- on your reality show you appeared to be drugged out in every episode- Angela was brilliant for not casting you. you can’t even sing. You wore two different shoes who’s going to take you seriously

  • Maya

    Children these days have no respect for the elders smh

    • LaLaBound

      Basically. Nor do they know that they have to WORK HARD at what they want.

  • Nina

    Well Bobbi, if you couldn’t find a job then, you certainly wont find one now. Angela Bassett is not a woman I would act this way with. If she wanted to be involved and dint get the casting role, how about talking to Angela and tell her you would like a minor role or to be a part of the set. I guarantee she would have accommodated that request. Furthermore, this story is too close to home, why would you want to be the emotional basket case on set? Just sit back and watch real actors do their jobs.

  • I’m not sure why she thought she should inherit the part just because that was her mother, that is bananas. Even if she’s going the heredity angle, she looks a hell of a lot more like Bobby than Whitney. Furthermore, insulting a woman who obviously has a lot more influence than you do is not real intelligent.

  • Deebeezy

    The real reason Bobbi K shouldn’t be casted is because the process of telling her mother’s story might be a little bit much for her to handle emotionally. This film will be delving into some serious issues Whitney dealt with that I’m sure most daughters wouldn’t want to bring to light much less act out. And no disrespect but, Bobbi K. looks NOTHING like her mother. She looks exactly like her father and that might be a little bit of a stretch for the audience. Sorry.

  • sherina Jenkins

    Bobby Kristina is delusional!!!! Cast HER as her mother….she looks NOTHING like her. I don’t think she has ANY ACTING EXPERIENCE. BOBBY KRISTINA has insulted Angela Bassett….who is a wonderful actress. Why? Bobby KRISTINA is immature & insecure!!!! When she gets her Oscar & Grammy Bobby Kristina says she’s going to do this & that…..SHE’S DELUSIONAL. DENIAL stands for DON’T EVEN KNOW I AM LIEING. Denial is not just a river in Africa. Angela is a successful grown woman & I doubt she’ll respond to this LITTLE GIRL WHO DOESN’T KNOW HALF OF WHAT SHE THINKS SHE KNOWS!!!!

    • commonsense4sure

      ‘Half’ is being way way way too generous!

    • Lorraine

      I totally agree with you. BK needs to learn some class…….oops sorry, class cant be bought………’s something that is inherited or ingrained in us from the nurturing of our parents. She should publicly apologize to Ms. Basset. Ms. B your are truly classic………….continue to ignore that ignorant Brat. Hey Bobbi you probably should go get some acting lessons…..then maybe you can continue to dream about that awards.

    • Mohamed

      Sherina Jenkins you have said it all and to crown it, she should in fact apologise publicly to Angela Bassett….!!

  • Divine

    Bobbi K if your mother biopic was the movie you were waiting for to show the world your skills as an actress, Well that was a big mistake from you and your Big mouth is not gonna help anyway therefore let it go and start to respect adults and work hard if you want that dreams of yours(oscar,grammy) comes to pass.

  • Cassandra Smith

    It appears Patti Hickman is working to stir the pot and far too many of you are taking the bait. Let her simmer in her meek mind and soon she will drown in bewilderment.

  • allan

    That young lady has serious problems. Ruining her career before it even starts………

    • Divine

      how sad! i feel for her i really do.

  • Tasha

    Bobbi Christina needs to take several seats. This sort of behavior is exactly why she is not in anyone’s cast. No one has to put up with that attitude, especially since she hasn’t proven herself to be a worthy actress or singer.

  • Leonard

    It is really sad when someone who’s trying to get into the game of acting disrespects someone who has a proven track record of work as an actress. BK has basically “blackballed” herself out of Hollywood until she puts in the work to become a serious actress. She only has “yes” people around her; no one to tell her the truth about what needs to be done and not worrying about hurting her feelings. No one will ever take her serious until she does that.

  • TheReal2014

    Stupid and immature and spoiled. Ugh. A sense of entitlement is forever present with the offspring of the celebs and its beyond annoying. And if anyone has a male gene its Bobbi looking like the son her father never had with a dress on!

    • annabel

      what entitlement, she did not ask to be here.

  • iHateClones

    That was so petty of Bobbi Kristina… and Angela was right, acting is a craft. And if you are going to tell a story of one such as Whitney Houston it needs Jamie Foxx in Ray type acting. I have seen BK act. She was on Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and even tho her role was small it was mediocre at best. So she needs to hone her craft before she can take on a role such as the one she crying she didn’t get. Just because Whitney was her mom it doesn’t mean she can bring her story to us…

  • Ann Estrello-Brown

    Wow…. That was quite the response from Miss Brown…. She looks nothing like her late mother, poor thing looks just like her father. Maybe she should reconsider her decision and ask Ms. Bassett if she can play the role of her father. That little girl looks and acts just like her father…. BK=MALE BROWN

  • Guest

    Angela should punch her in her mouth to close that gap!

  • Meeka

    Uh-Oh Little bobbi acting crack-headish like her dad use too!!!Mistake the Mrs.Angela Bassett for a “male”?Girl,stop cause your Big Bobbi’s twin!!So,um who looks like a “male”?The disrespect,but you want respect!!! O,but we are talking about lil bobbi!!! Girl bye!!!!!

  • Lissa329

    Only the immature get mad at the truth. Bobbi Kristina is a brat. She better learn a trade QUICK before that money dwindles down and she exhausts all her options. Just like her father.

  • kipperdale

    Grammy or Oscar??? That little girl has a lot to learn. First of all respect. Angela Bassett is Classy, talented and beautiful. Qualities this young woman does not possess and probably never will. She doesn’t have an ounce of the talent her mother did, until the drugs took over. How many people would have really watched the whole movie if she had been cast as her mother? What a shame she turned out to be such a little spoiled girl.

  • Gena_Jean

    As Much as I LOVE Whitney and pray for Bobbi’s success in the entertainment world, I must admit that Bobbi is not the Entertainer that her Mother was and her Father is continuing to be. Angela is a professional actress and must look for and hire TALENT. Just because Bobbi is Whitney’s daughter does not make her the perfect person for the role PERIOD! Bobbi need to continue to work on her craft and get it to where it needs to be. She was NOT a natural on “For Better of For Worse” and Tyler knew that from the jump but wanted to give her a chance.

  • Newbie

    In addition to not having the acting chops to work on such a short and tight schedule. I am sure Angela B. thought she was doing the girl a favor because the child would have to play her “dead” mother. If that girl was any type of actress, she would know that it could be a potentially difficult emotional journey for any actor, let alone the deceased actor’s daughter. Acting the part of her mother is more than speaking lines, it is about getting into the headspace of a person and internalizing her spirit and then breathing life into a character.

    If she really wanted the role, then she would have asked for an audition because that is what actor’s do…they audition for roles.

  • naynay11206

    Child Bye this girl is special

  • justbeingexpressive

    She’s just upset/mad that she doesn’t have the natural-born talent that her mom had!!! She can’t expect someone to just cast her if she doesn’t have “it” and she definitely don’t!

  • UrbanBreeze

    Miss Thang proved what I could already see … she isnt nearly as beautiful as one would have to be to portray Ms. Houston in a light which did her justice. That being said, I think Bobby Kristina has the looks and attitude to perfectly portray her DADDY in a film … she already performing just like him to the teeth (literally). She will get her Oscar then … if anyone is ever interested in making a film about Bobby that is.
    She needs to choose a lane, right now she in the wrong one. Prayers needed.

  • Channing Ford

    Some people think their mother and fathers famous name is going to carry them all the way.. Well I agree with Angela…. Very well spoken but to act like a 5 year old when your told no and stomp away like somebody stole your tricycle is not cool and definitly not professional. She seems to have alot of growing and maturing to do!..Just my thoughts.

  • buhle

    Hell if lookin like a man meant i get to look like Ms Angela Bassett then by all means “manify me lord!!!!”. How dare she??? Angela was telling the truth and it hurt yes, but Bobbi acted like the child she is

  • ladyladiea

    Lil woman, lil woman, burning a bridge with Angela Bassett is not one you want to burn long term or otherwise. If ever you develop as an actress, woman, adult or friend. You do, or did have favor with Bassett, she does have the power to produce, act and hire anyone she pleases. The fact that she did not hire you was a business decision and not a personal one. However what you have said and done reflects much more upon you than it does upon her. Her powerful friends have heard what you done and said, as well as yours. unfortunately, any acting you might get now will be second rate at best.

  • DTX

    So disrespectful this young lady is clearly delusional. Sorry but you don’t look good enough neither are you talented enough to play Whitney Houston. It is what it is. Character is not inherited its created and you clearly have some more building to do.

  • Toni Staton Harris

    Angela Bassett, the classically trained ACTRESS she is, is spot on. Bobbi Kristina should climb down from her entitlement pedestal and take Mrs. Bassett’s words as instruction and not criticism. ACTING is a craft that requires skill, training and study. Study to show thyself approved…..[They] don’t have time to placate the whims of a spoiled entitled young woman who hasn’t put in the work. First, Whitney’s life story was too big for Lifetime, now you’re mad because you aren’t in it. Enough. Get some training, show that you have the chops to be an ACTOR, pay your dues and beat the pavement, then gain some respect for your profound skill not just your name.

  • Shaun Kirkwood

    I, for one, have never mistaken Angela Bassett for anything than what she is: a dynamically talented actress and a gorgeous, healthy looking woman. However, Bobbi, no one will mistake you for what you are: a foul-mouthed, immature chap…

  • Mela

    Bobbi K needs to get a grip. Acting is serious business and Angela Bassett is too classy to even go back and forth with that child. Angela played roles I didn’t think she needed to play(Biggie’s mom) but she was best for the role. She got proper training and started from the bottom. It takes years and hard work to get in the acting business. There are so many great actors who have been looked over and passed up for years before they got their big break. Many of them will never make it. Surely BK knew her mom better than anyone, but she’s not experienced enough. Had she been, I’m sure she would have been considered. Playing a few episodes in Tyler Perry’s sitcom is simply not enough.

  • Natalie Henderson Ray

    Rachett with a capital RRRRR Childish, uneducated and ill mannered. Krissie – go get some eddumacayshion!!!!

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      lol….. but so true!

  • Vimassive Coke

    She is just down right rude. At least she proved Angela’s point to be true. She is still childish and feels that she should be entitled… Not the case. And I am pretty sure Angela will not answer which is why we love her. Classy and a great actress.

  • MsDiva100

    My thoughts exactly Sunflower78

  • Dianna Jackson

    I understand she maybe hurt about what Angela Bassett’s had said. But its is the true she not ready for that part. She need to take acting if she chose to make that her career. then she need to be on time. And learn to have respect for her elder. Angela Bassett’s did not deserved what Kristine said about her. She need to be ashamed her self. I am sure her mother did not raise her to be so disrespectful to people who are much older then her. And just because she twenty that does not give her any reason to not have respect for people who are much older then she is. I hope and pray she let somebody guide her and the right direction. before its be to late.

  • Phyllis BlackBoop Mincey

    Whitney Houston was a beautiful woman, where as her daughter looks like Bobby Brown on crack, wearing a dress. And why in the world does she think she will ever win a Grammy or an Oscar? What hit song or movie has she ever put out. She should go to rehab, get her mind and body right, take off those ridiculous wigs and weaves she’s always wearing, and maybe, just maybe, she might be taken for a serious performer.

    • Lisa A McInnis Gee

      i can see her now…do you know who my mother and father ‘were’??? her dad has not been in a movie since thin line between love and hate and your mom was ‘respected’ for her craft. you…not…so…much.

      BK better get on an ‘A’ game and real quick cause sh*t just got real for her…

      AB has crossed many bridges in her acting ‘career’ (of which BK has yet to do) so BK may be the first to burn about 30 – 40 bridges with a couple of ill worded ‘twitter’ post!

      twitter this: #dontbitetheactinghandsthatyouwantandneedtofeedyou

  • candy cane

    I agree that Kristina hasn’t acted enough and not to mention that she looks too much like her father to play Ms. Whitney; nobody would believe that.

  • MatureBlackWoman

    For her to think that that was an appropriate way to treat a truly wonderful actress like Angela Bassett shows a level of disrespect that will make her Hollywood Poison. NO ONE will want to hire or work with a homely, spoiled brat that disrespects her elders. I feel sorry for her with her upbringing, but as an adult, she still had the choice of how to behave. Besides, she does not resemble her mother at all, so why should she have the role? She needs to leave her bubble of delusion and see the real world for what it truly is.

  • kookla

    Well, she certainly burned that bridge. What an immature response.

    • Lisa A McInnis Gee

      let’s remember, AB has crossed many bridges in her ‘career’ (of which BK lacks thus far) so that may not be the ‘only’ bridge she just burned…ijs!

      black hollywood is not that big and this twitter fire will spread fast…

      • kookla

        Exactly. BK could have graciously wished her the best and continued on with her pursuit of a singing and/or acting career. She’s had everyone from Oprah to Tyler Perry in her corner. This latest response is going to get her blackballed real quick.

    • annabel

      what bridge angela don t own any studios.

  • Ms.D19

    Everybody loved Whitney, but we have to admit-her and Bobby did a sad job raising this girl…Both parents may have been talented at one time, but neither had any class or sense to pass on to their little girl and it shows every time she opens her mouth!

    • Goldie

      I completely agree. All Whitney could do for me was sing, and be a gorgeous clothes hanger for beautiful outfits. I cringed every time she opened her mouth in an interview and simple-minded drivel fell out. It’s not hard to see how she wound up as arm candy for an ill-mannered, washed-up addict. And Bobbi is doing no better; when her money dries up that hubby of hers will hit the bricks – and it won’t be pretty.

      • Ms.D19

        Seriously…I really worry about what is going to happen when the money gone…that is going to be a sad state of affairs. And of course she burning bridges

  • Rhonda Fomby

    Just because she’s Whitney’s daughter is not a good enough reason to cast her as Whitney any more than her being Bobby’s daughter is a reason to cast her as Bobby! Hopefully, Ms. Bassett…and the rest of us…will be around to see the day this little upstart wins anything besides a paternity case!

    • annabel

      who do u think whitney would have wanted idiot. do u think cissy would have wanted dionne to play her in a movie, if whitney was alive. dont be so fucing stupid.

  • Korey

    Just because the bio pic is about your mother doesn’t mean you should play that role. You never know, Bobbi could have taken that role and use it to make her mom look really really good or really really bad. Plus, sorry to say but Bobbi looks more like her father than her mother and in looks alone, it just would not be believable. You wouldn’t be watching a Whitney biopic… you’d be watching Bobbi Kristina (who looks JUST LIKE Bobby Brown) playing Whitney Houston. You’d be taken out of the movie quickly.
    Also, playing her mother in the film could paint Bobbi into a corner. It would be her claim to fame and unfortunately be her only major film role to her cred. She’s better off helping Angela Bassett in a consulting role or a story-by credit.

  • Zaroizer

    Well if you look at both of them Bobbi Kristina looks a lot more male that Angela Bassett does.
    Or am I the only one that thinks Bobbi Kristina looks like Bobby Brown with a wig on?

    • Goldie

      His face does look better on him than on his daughter.

  • nancy

    BK made be able to play parts of her mother but it won’t be singing, she should focus on getting some help an try to turn things around in her life right now it doesn’t look good for now and being disrespectful to Angel one of the most outstanding actress in the business is unexceptable

  • Adolph Briscoe

    On the positive side, maybe this incident will aspire Bobbi to work hard to perfect her acting and singing skills. Though having two successful parent may open the door for you, it will not give you a free ride. Besides, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown both became stars after years of work. Bobbi needs to shut up and get to work.

  • Guest

    On the positive side, maybe this incident will aspire Bobbi to work hard to perfect her acting and singing skills. Having two successful parent does not give you a free ride. Besides, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown both became stars after years of work. Bobbi needs to shut up and get to work.

  • A-LA

    Yeah that was mature.

  • Simone Mackey

    Little girl got a lot of nerve. I understand she was upset but she was completely out of line. And Angela Basset is stunning, healthy and looking good at 55! Little girl needs to follow that route and stay away from drugs!

  • ashley79

    Can this kid be quiet? Grown folks are speaking. She needs to go back to the kids table until she learns.

  • NativeNuYorker

    She absolutely proved Ms. Bassett’s point. Also, let’s face it. Bobbi does not resemble her mother AND does not have stage presence. Her acting skills are minimal and she can’t sing – ’nuff said!

  • Ebony

    If keeps acting this way she’ll won’t get cast in anything.

  • Ebony

    And Bobbi Kristina this is why you’re not cast to play the part.

    • Deborah Xavier

      I feel sorry for this little girl. If she wants to act she should go to school and learn the craft. This kid is hurting we have to give her a little slack. The attitude is the answer to the problem, get some support you could trust.

  • Germaina

    I said this on a prior post, but this little outburst proves my point. Ms. Bobbi Kristina really needs to get her life. Seriously. Stop riding on her mother’s coattails and find her own way. Get a job, join the military, go to college…this is getting pathetic. I’ve always felt over the last few years that this little girl’s train was off the rails. I was willing to set aside judgement after Tyler Perry told us to leave this girl alone, but after this last performance, I think she really needs some professional help. Something is off and her family can see it like we can, but everyone’s afraid of disturbing their little gravy train. Angela Bassett could have opened doors for her if she wanted to be an actress, but she just slammed that door in her face. Fortunately, Mrs. Basset is a lady and is probably not even slightly affected by the tantrums of a spoiled little brat. The movie will continue on schedule despite her misgivings and she could have offered some insight as an associate producer or screenwriter, which would have given her a key role in the movie AND perhaps some experience in the industry. Never mind that now. She needs to get help and get it together….yesterday!!!

  • Shelly Kempker

    What a mess. Did u see her hair as a child? BR&WH never did anything to her head. And the show they had was really a mess tooo. Just trying to make some money and wasn’t good at that either. Angela Bassett has way to much class for all that BS mess

  • GymJunkie43

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Whitney Houston was known for being an irresponsible diva, long after she smoked her vocal chords right off. The world is not going to bow down to you just because you are Whitney’s daughter.
    Angela Bassett is not someone you come at, she is someone you take notes from. Unfortunately Bobby Kris did not inherit her mother’s striking beauty so she might not ever want to imply that someone looks like a man. The girl looks like Bobby Brown with a $3 wig.

  • Shai Haley

    ….did she really just say that Angela Bassett has been mistaken for being a man? I am assuming Bobbi Kristina hasn’t looked much in the mirror because she most certainly more closely resembles her FATHER in drag than her mother ANY DAY. Secondly it is clear and obvious her attitude STINKS…your sense of entitlement is absurd Bobbi Kristina. I am sure Angela is not even going to entertain such foolishness by responding….

  • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

    When Whitney was still here Bobbi Kris always seemed to be a polite and nice young lady. I know the child has been through a lot, but really to go there on Miss Angela like that? One of our national treasures in acting? Even if she felt slighted and was hurt she surely could have put her words together better than this. What a shameful display of ignorance. I don’t know how far she thinks she will get in life or in the business with that sort of attitude. Someone needs to take her to the side and give her an attitude adjustment. I so wish Miss Maya was still alive to do the job. Good lord in the morning time. Just sad. SMH.

  • njozi

    Seeing that attitude, could you imagine trying to direct her? People don’t realize that acting is a craft and it takes skill. That’s why even some of the rappers like Will Smith, Queen Latifah and LL went to acting school so they could get more roles. Mos Def is a stage actor and a rapper. That stuff don’t come naturally. Bobbi seems like she felt she was owed the role and she didn’t even want to audition.

  • ladybug

    Bobbi k honey you got a lot of growing to do mama. That was spiteful and immature. Angela has been in magazines because of her beauty. BK never has and probably never will although bk is pretty Angela is outstanding. Sn DIDN’T YOURE MAMA TEACH YOU TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. How dare you call someone of AB’s age a b!t*h? I’m in my 30s and I’m not that bold! With all her Twitter rants she’s already blacklisted herself and she dont even know it! I seen her in Tyler Perry’s show and she we ok but not really. More like her mom just passed so give her a sympathy break kunda of okay. Angela was right respecting WH enough to cast an experienced actress.

  • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

    Sad and childish outbursts for someone trying to get to Mrs. Angela’s status. SMH Lord please help these young adults that’re too prideful to know when and when not to speak.

  • Broderick H

    I agree! Acting is a craft. Just because you look like or have some relation to a character does not mean you fit that role. PLUS.. It’s Hollywood, if she wants to be a singer.. Actress or whatever in the entertainment business; she’s going to have to develop tough skin from critiques and numerous people.

  • Linda M McCuff

    This was Krissy’s mother and Ms. Bassett claims to have been close to and inspired by her.If that is true why couldn’t she just say that to Krissy personally, It would have been better accepted. And yes, of course Whitney’s daughter is hurt and disappointed by this public rejection.. What Angela needs to remember is that she was once a rookie actresses, and somebody stop to give her a chance. People are a trip, always forgetting where and how they got their start, and are so unwilling to help the next person. Her snobbery has cost her a opportunity of possibly making a real difference in a life. Now all she’s accomplished is making a mess. This situation and the messy way it was handled, in my opinion taints the entire project. Way to go Angela Bassett.

    • ladybug

      I Think That’s What’s wrong with the industry now, too many mediocre actors getting roles because of who they are instead of what they can do. Bobbi has been given a couple chances and she’s an ok actress but she’s not great. Considering who Whitney was I think She deserves her role to be casted by someone more experienced. I respect what Angela is trying to do. Bobbi Kristina’s little Twitter rants she always goes on is just gonna get her blacklisted before she even gets started in her career. She’s acting like a spoiled rebellious brat and it’s not cute.

      • Linda M McCuff

        I’m not as passionate as you are about this, but I will say when you’re right you’re right, and you are. I think that from a perspective of a seasoned professional it would have been better to see this as a opportunity to help a young woman that the world seemed concerned about. And this was a missed opportunity to help give the kind of guidance and encouragement I think she needed. But instead this just may have alienated and isolated her even more.. I’ve said that a public rejection was more hurtful then picking up the phone and just saying that to Krissy. After all the story is about her mother.If I apply for a job, I’d rather hear that I’m not qualified by phone or letter, not by television or a magazine article. The world is raining on her now like a Georgia thunder storm, and I’m really concerned for her. Thanks for the exchange, and have a nice day.

    • Shai Haley

      ….Are you really Bobbi Kristina posting as someone else?!

      • Linda M McCuff

        Shai when you come for me, at least make some sense, okay. I’m not a child nor a toy so play games somewhere else. I really hope you get this, my name is exactly the way it reads. I can stand on my own, and I really don’t have to imitate nor try and pass myself off as someone else. If you desire an intelligent conversation, lets have one. But this nonsense is not my style. So you have a nice day. 🙂

        • Shai Haley

          Oh honey, what did I say that didn’t make sense? I do believe I have a pretty good handle on the English language. Don’t you think? I was simply making an observation that you appear to be Miss Bobbi Kristina in disguise, and I was asking if in fact that was the case. No shade thrown. No games being played either so if that’s the way you took it, then shame on you.

          Fact of the matter is, Angela Bassett said nothing that isn’t further exemplified by Bobbi Kristina’s rude and disrespectful outburst. Based on her reaction, who honestly would even want to work with her? Certainly no professional. Now, next time YOU ma’am would like to come at me, make sure YOU come correct with something with backing. Have a phenomenal day.

          • Linda M McCuff

            Shai it’s one thing to come after someone and stand by it, I can respect that. But to back peddle afterwards leaves me with the understanding that nothing civil can be accomplished here. And I won’t waste anymore of my time, so lets drop it.

    • G Saia

      Angela was being interviewed and she answered the question with honesty and respectfully. Bobbi Kristina is a self entitled brat…who quite frankly is in no position to dog anyone for the way they look. I get that she is mourning but that doesnt give her free reign to react like an ahole

      • Linda M McCuff

        G.Saia I absolutely agree she is spoiled and has a definite spirit of entitlement, and as you said mourning doesn’t give her the right to being a butt hole. Yes all of that’s true, but what I believe is that if Angela had shown a little more care in this situation, there might not be anything to discuss on that score.There is a right and wrong way to handle a situation, and then there is the better way. The approach was wrong. She rejected this young woman publicly, so of course she got upset. She was dead wrong in the way she handle Ms. Bassett, but in Krissy’s mind Angela came after her. It was Angela’s snobbery that caused this riff, plain and simple.

    • Natalie Henderson Ray

      Angela Bassett has a master’s degree in theater from an Ivy league university. She has years of experience in theater as well as movies and television. She was never really a rookie actress, and probably never met Bobbie Kristina, Bobby Brown or Whitney Houston in real life. She answered a question asked of her by an interviewer, and answered honestly and correctly. She did not disparage Miss Brown, and she told the truth. The girl is not an actor, and probably never will be at this rate.

      • Lisa A McInnis Gee

        yesssss, she does!

        she may not have met bobby brown but she was in ‘waiting to exhale’ with whitney houston and she probably met BK on the set if whitney ever bought her anytime during filming. and who’s to say she didn’t let BK know ahead of time that they wouldn’t be considering her. and maybe BK thought that would change and when AB did the interview, it made it ‘real’.

        all we can do is speculate but i think her reason for not casting her are valid. plus, how would BK fare emotionally playing the part of her deceased famous mom and with parts that reflect her mom in a negative light? if this is how she behaves when she didn’t get the part, can you imagine how she’d behave under these circumstances?

        with so little experience, i just don’t see BK channeling and capturing her mom’s essence…just my opinion.

        • permafrost

          It would just be too creepy: playing her mom, and having to do scenes with an actor portraying her dad and some little girl playing her…too much, too much. If anything maybe she could have played her self as a teenager, MAYBE…

      • Linda M McCuff

        I sorry Natalie everyone had to start somewhere. And yes Angela Bassett was a rookie, she did not come out as perfected actress, she had to learn to be who she is today.And because of her claims of being so good a friend to Whitney a kindness could have been extended to her daughter. Yes she answered questions asked her, but that conversation should have happened not only with her daughter, but Whitney’s family. The story is about the late Whitney Houston. This whole thing is a unnecessary and thoughtless over sight on her part. This entire situation is now tainted by her snobbery and her unwillingness to be charitable. That’s my opinion…

      • Linda M McCuff

        Ms . Hernandez whatever Ms. Basset has achieved are is not the issue here. Its her handling of this situation with Krissy, that’s what I take issue with. All that was needed was a little common courtesy, a phone call telling her that she was not qualified for the position. And not even Krissy could have taken issue with that.It should have been private. But of course Ms. Brown’s inability to be civil is the cause of her troubles now. I’m praying for them both, but especially Bobbi Kristina. Thanks for the exchange and have a nice day.

      • permafrost

        You’re joking right? She knew Whitney personally, they made and promoted a film together.

  • Jay

    She’s a junkie. Moving on.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    Bobbi Kristina take a seat, and learn how to be a lady with at least some class, and nobody is going to bother with you looking and acting like the world owes you something. And remember people loved your mother, we don’t have time for your childish performances. Too bad Whitney didn’t have another child maybe he or she would have piked up the Cissy Houston seeds.

  • lockstress

    This petulent disrespectful CRACK BABY!

    • annabel

      i bet you were a heroin baby

      • lockstress

        Clearly you feel a way about the crack baby comment. I’m sorry sweetie.
        No…no heroine. Just whiskey or champagne. That was the “drug” of choice for my parents. Moderately by the way.

        By her parents own ADMISSION they did drugs soo….why are you upset again?#drugbabiessticktogether!

  • RealityTV

    Why is it that when someone is a musician, actor, model; types of careers – think they can automatically have the talent to be in another career? It takes years of study as well as practice. Even then, eg a writer can’t automatically be a singer or an actor. Nowadays, it seems that just because reality shows have sewn up most of tv, that it means you have a talent to act? Im afraid that most reality tv people think they have a talent or want to get famous immediately, without putting in the work. I also think that as reality shows have taken over – people are getting famous without little or no talent. BK is a case in point. Famous parents, being on a reality tv show – automatically means she has talent in entertainment. The idea of ‘it’s my right’ is prevalent. We should stop watching these idiotic programmes that dumb us down. Maybe that way we can have less people believing in entitlement. If we can’t then – when the older generations go, we’ll be left with …… BK winning an oscar or grammy.. enough examples in the charts / films / programmes in tv as examples. It’s about being famous, rather than having a talent.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    Your right Bobbi Kris,she definitely should’ve cast you to be your mother’s biopic……to play your dad in his early years.
    Don’t go there babygirl!

    • ZeroFuxGiven

      O <—- I liked your comment so much I put a ring on it.

      • cantcommittoahairstyle

        *wipes thugniggatear* thanks.

        • Lisa A McInnis Gee

          literally lmao at y’all!

  • nerrivik 18

    Krissy is an entitled little brat. “My Mom and Dad were famous so I should be given prime roles by default even if I have no class or talent.” And as playing her mother Whitney Houston, HA! Has Krissy looked in a mirror… ever? Poor hoodrat inherited all her dad’s dog features. Bobby brown has got to be one of the ugliest Black men I’ve even seen. Ick! Krissy sweety, you are NOT a pretty child, sorry genes don’t lie. and your behaviour has proven now that you’re both ugly inside and OUT.

  • guest

    Bobbi K. why would you attack Angela she was very respectful in her answer you are not a actress. Angela is humble and grateful something which you know nothing about. For you to disrespect her and call her a man was just wrong. In order to get respect you have to give it. You will never be on Angela’s level because you don’t have the work ethic that she has. Hell you even quit for Better or Worse and you couldn’t act . You need to learn some humility you are not entitled because of who your parents are. You need to earn your shot at being a real actress. And you will never get that shot if you don’t leave the drugs alone. You don’t need a part in a movie you need rehab and i’m being serious. You need to grow up no one owes you anything.

  • Honeybee

    Well she won’t be getting any roles now for sure. That was so disrespectful.smh

    • annabel

      um she got tyler perry and oprah in her corner. angela basset not a a lister who owns production companys. if anything clive can have angela blackballed

  • Faith

    Just because you come from a family with a person that may have talent, the next family member may not be as talented. Bobbi Kristina she did show some immaturity. Instead of going to twitter, she should have just said something more nicer. It does show how immature she is.

  • NotToday

    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. She looks nothing like her beautiful late mother….

  • A.

    What a horrible, disrespectful and unreasonable tweet. It’s quite apparent that Ms. Bobbi Kristina is emotionally and perhaps mentally imbalanced.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Who said black don’t crack ?! That’s a lie. Bobbi only 20?? Sheeeeiiittttt.
    I’m 20 but ppl stay saying I look 16/17. My friends look younger too. Sorry Bobbi but you need to lay off the drugs

  • Stacy D. Smith

    See, she CAN act Angela! A damn fool. Even at 50+, there isn’t a man on this planet confused about Angela Bassett’s gender. That’s one bad black woman!

    • ladybug


    • annabel

      yes they do. what man wanted angela before courtney vance. big a listers is in krissy courner.

  • Marta

    If we’re gonna go THERE, Angela looks like a gorgeous woman, while Bobbi looks just like her dad, not a very feminine face to say the least. Dont go there Bobbi, you have NO room!!

    • Lisa A McInnis Gee

      ik…r!?!? like being in a padded room…she has NO escape route! lol

    • annabel

      so what, if she didnt look like her dad then what. bobby not ugly. whitney looks like her da/

  • kl

    I see why they didn’t choose her childish the acting business would chew her up and spit her out

  • enlightenment

    Wow Bobbi Kristina is rubbing me all the way wrong these days. I understand why she would feel some type of way about Angela’s comment, but her retort was immature and almost proves the production’s concerns.

    At the very least, though, they should have auditioned Bobbi. Give her a fair shot…I guess. But psychologically, would she be able to handle doing a film on her mother?

    • B Cooper

      Or she could have played herself! Probably burned that bridge with the disrespectful tweet.

  • K.Blain

    all I can say is she needs to grow up. And she just keeps on proving it.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    the world don’t mistake u for pretty either Bobbi Kriss…don’t come for my favorite actress i don’t play that shat! u need to go sit ur silly azz down somewhere & grow up some more…somebody don’t told u wrong

  • Patti Hickman

    “At least the world mistake me for the wrong sex”… Is she kidding herself?! She has the body of a 12 year old boy and the face of a man, her dad.


      How is this comment any different then the one you berated above?!?!….sad, hypocritical case. Smh.

      • Patti Hickman

        It’s different because I did NOT CALL HER UGLY. No will I ever, because I don’t think she is. I did not lie, you did. I do know she looks like her dad, a man. And she has no chest or defined hips, the body of a 12 year old boy. How sad you can’t comprehend the difference in ‘our’ two very different comments.

    • Blackbeauty

      Wait, first she looks like the average dark skinned black woman, weave and all, now she looks like her dad? Is that to say all dark skinned black women with weaves look like Bobby Brown? Please kill yourself.

      • Patti Hickman

        She looks like her dad. As do many many women regardless of hue.She wears weave, as do a lot of women, dark skinned or not. You are a confused nit-job.
        Why don’t you kill me, Of course I won’t, I love my life. You want me dead, please come take me out. I know you can’t afford the trip so my treat, I’ll send you the airfare, hotel reservations, rental car, party and food money. I’ll even pay you as if you are a ‘hit’ imbecile. Oh that’s right your bravery extends to your greasy fingertips pecking out empty crap on the free net cafe keyboard. Hey I can come to you for the ‘hit’. Now please kill yourself. Just make sure someone who cares(good luck on that)has the money to bury your sorry azz with, cause you sure do not.

  • Melissa

    Umm when has Angela ever been mistaken for a man. Bobbi, you know what. Angela is too much of a class act to even consider replying to that post. You are really a disgustng human being. I wouldnt be surprised from the pictures of you that you dont have the same fate as your mom, the only difference is we actually miss Whitney.

    • Lisa A McInnis Gee

      OUCH at “I wouldnt be surprised from the pictures of you that you dont have the
      same fate as your mom, the only difference is we actually miss Whitney.”

      somebody call an ambulance…somebody just got cut! lol

  • Shainna Tucker

    Bobbi Kristine is a hot mess. She needs to get off her pedestal. Just because Whitney is her mother, entitles her to absolutely nothing. Angela is paying her no mind. Her reasoning for not casting her was respectful. and no casting director wants to work with that kind of attitude.

    Bobbi Kristine grow up. You want to be an actress? get off twitter and take some acting classes. Learn your craft then you won’t be snubbed.

  • Jonathon W Haywood Sr.

    very sad for her to say tht …..she still needs to grow up… her daddy needs to start being a daddy to her…. i will pray fro her.

  • SunBubbles

    Somebody needs to hug this child

    • B Cooper

      She should have been hugged long ago, with a switch! I watched “Being Bobby Brown” and it was apparent back then, she needed discipline.

      • PEEKAY


      • DoinMe

        Eeeww. Let that raggedy heffa come and stay with me for awhile. I’ll get her together right quick! This girl is a bit too much and needs her wig snatched immediately!

  • Jamal

    Bobbi thinks just because she appeared on reality shows that qualifies her as being an actress. This girl needs to clean herself up and go to school to learn a craft. She thinks she sound be handed everything in life because of who her mother was.

  • Coya

    And I’m sure BK did cross as a thought (she is a supposed actress and singer) but I’m sure as soon as she was mentioned they said NEXT!! No one wants to have to deal with a bad/diva attitude and no one definitely wants to have to babysit grown people. I don’t even have to know BK personally to know she has a bad attitude, probably would show up late and always get into arguments with the directors. They probably figured how BK would be which she happened to prove them right and avoid all that drama. Angela don’t have money to waste…lol She said they only had 21 days, no-one has time to be trying to extend the production, because she wants to show up late, high, drunk or whatever….. #thefooleryisreal

  • Coya

    I agree with most of the comments on this post. BK proved Angela’s point exactly. BK thinks she deserves to be cast just because she is the daughter of WH and the movie is a biopic about WH. She is very childish and immature, and I’m sure she would act like a diva and she really doesn’t deserve to be. Another black Lindsay Lohan, no one wants to put up with a bad attitude no matter who you are or how talented you may be. BK is already starting off rough with her whole adopted brother issues and her drug issues. Now she’s biting the “black” hands that would try and feed her because no white company or director is going to hire her. She’s going through a lot but it’s time for her to grow up. I’m sure she was spoiled and protected all her life and that shows in her naivety and bad attitude. #jesusfixit

    • PEEKAY


    • Phoebe Pasdesignz Stewart

      OMG!!! I was thinking about the “adopted” brother situation & JUST paralleled her situation to Lindsey Lohan’s, too!!! WOW!!!

      • ashley79

        It put her past Lindsy Lohan, maybe up there when Woody Allen came out with his girl friend/daughter.

    • Lisa A McInnis Gee

      it’s clear that she wasn’t ‘watching and learning’ from her mom when she was working b/c if she had, she wouldn’t have responded the way she did.

      her mother ‘worked’ to get the roles she acquired (well, except for the bodyguard one which kevin costner held off on making that movie for a year b/c he specifically wanted her to play it)…she has to do the same.

      bk needs to learn to listen so she can listen and learn…AB didn’t lie; she spoke a truth and BK just “can’t handle the truth”. if she doesn’t like or agree with it…she should take some time to perfect her craft of acting if she wants to be taken seriously and get roles that reflect her actual acting abilities. unfortunately, she’s not going to get many serious or long-term roles behaving like a brat. she clearly has not seen the screens lately…most of the parts go to the same people (union, henson, good, latham, bassett, devine…). if she thinks she’s just gonna walk in and get parts, AB just let her know that it doesn’t work like that baby girl .

      her daddy doesn’t even have it like that…what makes her think she does?

      wait for it, wait for it…bk ‘might’ grow up by year’s end! but i’m thinking not…

      • Coya


    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      If there was a biopic about your mother and you were an aspiring actress wouldn’t you *kinda* expect the role? I mean idk I’m not a celebrity, but that seems a little logical. And black Lindsay Lohan? That’s a little extreme.

      • Coya

        Yes I do and BK acts just like Lindsay Lohan. High on drugs, drunk, bad attitude, being in the tabloids. And you see Lindsay Lohan is trying to do her best to repair her bad reputation. People don’t have time to waste on someone that wants to be a diva, when they can find plenty of eligible people that will appreciate the work and put forth the effort. BK doesn’t have the accolades to be a diva. At least Lindsay had a decent career under her belt. Tyler Perry actually tried to help her and gave her a role, we see how that turned out. I’m sure Angela wouldn’t have minded BK playing the part, but she is under-experienced and with the bad attitude and high risk, who would want to put up with all that? BK proved her exactly right, Angela dodged a big Bobby Brown looking bullet.

      • permafrost

        I would not expect it or want it. The wound is to fresh. It’s creepy and unhealthy actually. Considering how her life turned out, why would you want to step in her shoes that way?

    • Voice of Reason

      I agree, but with Lindsay, she was already an actress with talent before she became a rich brat. Bobbie is just a rich brat that hasn’t really done a damn thing! Young people today don’t believe in working for theirs… Everything must drop into their laps… Smh

  • juicyco

    i thought angela was very nice when asked about that she could have laughed and said because shes funny looking is awkward and cant act

  • OSHH

    Wow and this what what is wrong with quite a few youngin’s entitlement and respect issues galore. BK remarks were just ignorant and unnecessary.

  • az

    as ugly as Bibbi Kristina is. She’s the last persn to critique somebody’s looks.
    Young ppl have no respect anymore.

    • Lele

      You’re not lying Bobbi Kristina look more like a man (Bobbi Brown)

      • Rhonda Fomby

        I think everyone is responding to the rude comments (which actually make those who said them no better to Bobbi Kristina’s remarks to Ms. Bassett) about Bobbi’s looks. What her looks have to do with her acting ability is beyond me.

        • Toni

          I totally agree and I also agree w/Kristina being considered for the part of her mom; I mean who better than Kristina to play the part

          • Lisa A McInnis Gee

            based on bk’s acting thus far i’m not so sure she can channel and capture that strong energy and presence that her mother had. i don’t see it. perhaps with a little more training and more years of on-screen experience, maybe.

            and there’s also her emotional state to think about. they have 21 days to make the movie. if bk has any sort of emotional breakdown that could lead to delays. if she was serious about playing the role of her mom and serious about the craft of acting, she would have presented the idea herself as well as wrote the script since she has first-hand knowledge of her mom’s life. and lastly, she’d fight anything in the script that presents her mom in a negative light (b/c there will be parts like that). again, another delay. they’d be right back to square one with casting someone more ‘removed’ from the subject of the movie.

            ‘my opinion’ is she would have not been a good choice for at least these reasons alone. again…just my opinion.

            • Monica Hill

              I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. This young lady is immature and unstable. The comments on her looks is in response to her comments. Unfortunately, she is not a classic beauty, she does look like her father (exactly like him). That is neither here nor there. The biggest and most important is that she is not an actress and you need to be a strong one to play Whitney Houston. Angela’s reputation and credibility as a writer and director is at stake. She is not going to just cast anybody. #BKsitdown

            • permafrost

              Way too close to the subject matter

          • Sunny

            Someone who can actually act.

          • Ladya Thatsme

            ummmmmm Someone that can actually ACT

          • Karen

            Just because she’s her child doesn’t mean she has the same talent as her mother, it just doesn’t work that way.

          • Nikki Diamondintherough Cox

            She can not even act…and she doesn’t even have the spirit her mother had come on now…it isn’t about looks it is about class and the talent that is needed to perform ..she has neither do not get on social media and call a woman with the class and stature that Angela has a B…and think that it is cute and the reason people are speaking on her looks is because she spoke on Angela’s who could run circles around this little girl and not even move an inch

          • NM

            Just because she’s Whitney’s daughter doesn’t mean she should be considered for the part. As Angela Bassett stated, she’s not an actress and doesn’t possess the technical ability to channel the complexities of Whitney’s struggle, nor Whitney’s hard work to fame. With her response comments to Angela, it just proves she’s too immature to handle such a demanding tight scheduled role.

          • Connie

            A skilled actress with the ability to remain sober and dedicated to the role will always be a better choice. Aside from being related, what makes her a good choice to portray WH? They only film credit she has is on their reality show. Even then she was a mess.

        • Tsk!

          She brought looks into it when she made that statement about being mistaken for a man. Nd…lol
          Looks has EVERYTHING to do with acting. How many ugly ppl roles do you see in any given movie? Do you see plain Janes being cast to play Marilyn type characters?
          Looks is everything in hollywood

          • Maybe, but Angela B. is beautiful. So Bobbi still comes off sounding like a hater.

        • FromUR2UB

          She doesn’t have any proven acting ability. Her looks are the one thing that can be measured, and she falls short there, too.

    • Patti Hickman

      She looks like the average dark skinned black woman. Weave and all. But then that just may be why you think she’s ugly. Now what you said shows no class or respect.

      • Sorry, I don’t know what “the average dark skinned black woman” is supposed to look like or why you had to categorize her by her skin color. This is about the rude comment she made, not her complexion. I’m a dark skinned (beautiful) black woman (who has never worn a weave in my life) so, your ignorant and prejudiced comment is disgusting and uncalled for. Black women are beautiful in every shade in which we are colored and every hair style we wear. Get it together.


          Thank you, Jacara!!!! I don’t kniw what absolute foolish ignorance Patti Hinkson is on. The only person Bobbi Kristina looks like is her father. I’ve never seen a dark skin woman resembling her. And what does her weave have to do with anything?!?…all dark skinned women wear weave?!…that is, sadly, a black woman thing, regardless of shade. I’m totally disgusted that you brought complexion into this. Soooooooo sick of black people and their issues with colour.

          • Patti Hickman

            Sorry Natyrallmixed the imbecile, but you two are the damned fools. Your feelings, disgust or the self loathing mean LESS THAN ZERO to me. I don’t know or care about you so I feel nothing towards you, no hate, love or disgust. For me you are just a fool behind a keyboard, filled with envy. BK is not ugly, too tough on you that you have the self hate cause of your skin hue. Use skin bleach I hear it makes self haters(you and fatiin)think you look good, so power to you.. uuummm LOL HICKMAN.

            • Natalie Henderson Ray

              Are you BK posting under an alias??? or her husband/brother

              • Patti Hickman

                No dear I’m a 58 woman who is mature and sensible enough to know MOST 20 years old kids come at people they feel dissed them. From your profile pic, you look way old enough to also know. BTW nice swipe at the bro thing, no blood, no kin. Whitney just told the public that, Nick has always been BK’s live in BF.

                • Fifi

                  I expect better from a 58 year old woman. Stop waging unnecessary conflict and just calm down. Maybe a cup of tea and biscuits would do you some good

                  • Patti Hickman

                    I don’t expect anything from you. And keep waging whatever war you want necessary or not. Yes tea is nice, ice tea. No to the bread. I don’t do carbs. Maybe you can keep chicken scratching(tweaking) the carpet looking for the imaginary crack your weak polluted mind told you that you dropped in the carpet. I hope you get that hit from somewhere, you’ve picked a hold as big as your open waiting mouth in that rug. Although, it, crack, never calm you down.

                    • Fifi

                      Shame… you old and senile bitter woman!!
                      If you took my advice re the tea and biscuits; you would be feeling much better.

                      Anyway… maybe you kids have moved out and refuse to visit you. I don’t blame them.

                    • Century 22

                      Look you stupid creep-off, you keep my kids, family, friends out this. Just worry about your kids, and when you’ll see them. Maybe they are out looking for their daddy, if they know who he is. As for you, hey they, your poor kids, are still trying to get you to explain how you had 10 kids with 10 different babies’s daddies. That is probably the only reason they EVERY contact you, to ask ‘mama who’s my daddy’. And I care nothing about the way that you disgust them, blame on you or not.

                  • Annalytical

                    Especially one who claims to be mature and sensible.

                    • Patti Hickman

                      Keeping shaking you head, maybe you’ll shake enough sense into it to know you are just a speck in cyber space to me. If you fall dead 10 seconds from now, I won’t know or care. You should feel the way about me and all other strangers on the net. You people are not as mature as most 20 year olds. If you people were, your old azzes would not be hating on a kid young enough to be your grandchild.

                • Wainey

                  For a 58 year old woman, you sure got some maturing to do..

                  • Patti Hickman

                    And to think a woman of your age. How mature are you to engage in what you call my ‘immaturity. Though you do look very, very mature.

                  • Kambriel

                    And not much time to do it. How are you one foot in the grave being rude on social media? She better stop before someone comes and pushes her the rest of the way in!

            • Kambriel

              In my opinion Bobbi Kris is an unattractive woman – she has a gap so big your could fit a nickel in it sideways and her attitude inside is so ugly it shows outside.

              • Patti Hickman

                She must like her gap, she’s always been rich enough to close it, she chooses not to. As for her attitude, you know(even if you say otherwise) that’s just how MOST kids are, including a lot of kids you know.

                • Kambriel

                  I doubt that very seriously. The children I know were brought up to know when top stay in a child’s place.

            • FromUR2UB

              BK is a homely child. She always was, and I suspect she knows it. It’s her features – big forehead, huge gap, and no shape – and now, disposition, that make her ugly. She would be unattractive in any shade / hue. There are beautiful dark-skinned people, and ugly light-skinned people. So how can that be all there is to why people find her homely. Is that all there is to physical beauty for you…whether someone is light or dark?

              • Patti Hickman

                I still say she looks like the average dark skinned woman. “There are beautiful dark-skinned people, and ugly light-skinned people.” Most people of all hues look just plain average, like BK for instance. I’ve yet to hear anyone call Rihanna ‘homely’ or ‘ugly’. Rihanna has a bigger forehead than BK, no shape and terrible disposition… Then of course her hue is closer to white than black. So most black people, like you, call her ‘beautiful.’ The main difference between R and BK is skin tone. Facial features and body types, the two women are very comparable. I bet BK also does not care how such as you see her. Or how ‘homely you and yours look. As for the gap, she obviously likes it. As did her parents, unlike you she, or her parents could, and she still can, very easily have it closed.

                • FromUR2UB

                  Most people “like” me. First of all, based upon what you know about me, what is “like” me? Secondly, can you produce a statement where I’ve referred to Rihanna as beautiful?

        • Patti Hickman

          sorry idiot but it is you that’s very ignorant for saying that about her. And she still looks like the average dark skinned woman, wide nose and all. Her look.The look that fools like you find ‘unattractive’. And that look, average black skinned woman,l has everything to do with you saying she’s ugly. For the rest of your idiotic BS, hey your thang open wide and swallow hard, I care less.,NOW LAY OFF THE GIRL’s LOOKS. Face it, she can not help it that she looks better than you, is many decades younger than you, much sexier than you, and many dollars richer than you.

      • Shawndrea Rachelle

        I understand what you’re saying. Your wording was off though. She looks like an average woman. Not super ugly but not super beautiful. When you add in dark skinned everybody blows up

        • Patti Hickman

          The only reason, I think, she was called ugly is because she is coco colored. If she looked the exact same as to facial features, yet had a much lighter complexion the fool(s) would have never called her that.

          • really?

            Her comments about Angela only give weight to what AB was saying. I honestly don’t think you are 58 years the way you are defending Bobbi is ridiculous.What she is said was highly disrespectful and uncalled for. Just because someone is young doesn’t give them the right to act any kind of way and say “oh well she’s young” Like that is honestly suppose to give her a pass? That is not an excuse I wouldn’t dare talk to my elder like that. You must be use to people treating you like crap how sad. What Angela said is true Bobbi has no acting skills not even in acting school. Take a look at Denzel Washington’s daughter she is actually taking classes and going to college preparing herself. Not just trying to use her parents fame to get everything handed to her.
            Bobbi is not going to get any where regardless of who her parents are. Her parents are the ones who actually worked hard she did absolutely nothing. Angela has been in this industry for a long time and worked her behind off and does not deserve to be disrespected by some entitled spoiled brat

            • Patti Hickman

              What are you babbling on. Nothing you said here has anything to do with anything I said. I don’t give 2 good damns about BK acting abilities, or that AB never considered her to play her mom. If you want to make some kind of statement about how messed up and pitiful you believe your life is because you don’t have the lifestyle BK has dive head first into that empty pool, cause you never will have the lifestyle her parents(mom) gave her. And wishing her bad luck won’t change that.


        How dare they delete the TWO responses to this ignorant post?!?!?! But leave this one up?….I’m disgusted madamenoire.

        • cece

          They deleted a comment I made on this post, which was not disrespectful to anyone, yet they allow trolls to say whatever they want about the very women that this site is supposed to be for. My mind is boggled. But btw, that may not even be a black person.

          • Century 22

            Well cece get your butt off the site and quit trolling the web period. NON of my comments were deleted. Admin knows the trolls, and trolls get their BS deleted. The other BS, hey too bad for you.

            • cece

              LMAO!! Why you mad though? LOL!! Y’all are too much on these websites. You gave me a good laugh. Thanks Boo.

        • Patti Hickman

          Well they did not delete my response to your ignorant self hating comment.That’s all that concerns me.

        • A.

          JustSayin! That’s because you are supposed to ignore ugly folk like Patti Hickman. Hopefully they will delete this one and the other replies so that her comments go ignored. See! Be happy!!!

          • Patti Hickman

            Then why did you, with looks of an acid in the face victim, not ignore an ugly person like me. Could it be that you are not happy.

      • Blackbeauty

        White and “light skinned” (still black, if you ask any white person what color a light skinned person is the answer will ALWAYS be black!) wear weaves as well. Alot. You are one ignorant individual. Please stay off of the internet. You sound dumb.

        • Patti Hickman

          Oh man, Is that all you yahoos from low IQ USA know to say, “ignorant”. How many people has your stupid butt said that to this day, this month, this century… Did you get the rise you wanted the hundredth time? I don’t care how dumb you know you are, or that you are dumb in the net. Or how stupid you are period.

      • shaycas

        That was a pretty ignorant comment, but i guess you can expect that coming from an ignorant person like yourself..Patti

        • Patti Hickman

          Here we go, did you copy and paste ignorant. How many people have you, idiot, said that to this day, this month, this century… Did you get the rise you wanted the hundredth time? look I can not help that you hate being dark skinned, that hate looking African. Get your own help for that.

      • Toni

        dark skin; did I miss something; aren’t they both black women; damn the shade of the blackness…

      • az

        She called Angela Basset a MAN. What about that?

        • Patti Hickman

          She was wrong for that, she looks as manly as AB. However that’s not a reason to call her ugly, to lie. To hate on her. She also looks just as good as AB. She’s 20, and rebellious. She strikes out at what she sees as insults(as do most kids her age, kids of stars or not, we adults should get that). That’s how I see it, a spoiled kid being a spoiled kid, nothing more. Ms Basset probably does as well.

          • Shawndrea Rachelle

            Lol why is everybody ganging up on you? If they don’t agree there’s no need to leave the same comment 20 million times

      • Katrina Shivers


        • Patti Hickman

          Perhaps you should learn to read and understand. I never said that. White women wear weave. Now stop before you choke yourself. I know he CKing the back of that throat. Damn! His last 2 dollars.

    • Tee Elyse

      I was just getting ready to say… if she gunning for a spot in the movie, she could play her dad. She looks just like him. *No shade… Nicki Minaj’s version*

    • Amber

      I was just gonna say, that girl has no room to talk about ANYONES looks with her ugly self. A pure shame that with a momma lookin how Whitney did, she would come out looking like a Bobby Brown with a wig on

    • az

      Don’t project your problems on me.
      Bobbi is brown-skinned…and still ugly both inside and out. And she in fact called Angela Basset, a dark-skinned queen, a man. Don’t defend her b.s.

      • Patti Hickman

        If this incoherent babbling is for me, then go for it. BK still got it all over you, in every way possible. So keep projecting you hang up onto you.

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  • Lese

    That lil girl got some damn nerve!! Don’t come at Angela with that mess. Kristina look just like her daddy Bobby B…… she probably been mistaken for her daddy in drag. She salty as anything. I’m sure Whitney would not approve of that mess.

  • B.

    And Bobbi proved Angela’s point, perfectly. She is ignorant and childish, and why would anyone risk working with her? Angela said a simple truth, she’s not an actress. She couldn’t handled that and lashed out in a very juvenile way. She has to grow up before anything else.

  • SunFlower78

    All Bobbi’s response did was prove Angela Bassett’s point. She needs to grow-up and realize things in life are not always “handed” to you! If she does want to ever have a legitimate career in Hollywood, she may want to start with not throwing insults at one of the top in the game.
    I don’t think Angela was trying to be disrespectful in her comments, Bobbi is not an actress and the one time that she was given the opportunity (Tyler Perry) she didn’t follow through and finish. She has a lot to learn.

    • Kimmie Kim

      I totally agree with your comment.

    • uniquefashionista

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. My thoughts exactly.

    • JustSayin!

      Completely agree and Angela is one of those Actors who takes the craft very seriously – which I commend. Reality TV is NOT acting as an art form. Samuel Jackson is another one who’s been outspoken about giving legitimate acting praise for those who just “appear” on camera. This is why so many folks – even within the Houston camp – are concerned about Bobby Christina – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • katybee

        The only thing is, where momma (Whitney) had an amazing talent, it has yet to be determined what talent Kristina has, other than a big, foul mouth.

        • JustSayin!

          Yes, Whitney was a “once in a lifetime” type of talent that we’ll likely never see again. That didn’t stop her from making unwise choices and lack of discretion when it came to her mouth. With BK, we may never know what type of talent she is/has because of her mouth (which is mainly a maturity/growing up issue).

          • MsArnold

            Agreed. Sunflower you hit the nail on the head. Bobby Kristina continues to play herself.

    • sarasefree

      completely agree…….i swear something is wrong with a lot of kids in my generation, why is it so hard to respect others?….smh

      • Addicted2RealityRubbish

        This generation has a sense of entitlement. I just don’t understand it. I KNOW I raised my children to respect others & to place their nose to the grindstone to achieve & prosper.
        One got it, the other didn’t.

        • Ebony

          My mom used to tell me that world doesn’t owe you anything. I used to her like her when I was her until life knocked me upside my head.

          • commonsense4sure

            Your post makes NO sense at all!

            • belle

              My mom used to tell me that the world doesn’t owe me anything. I used to like Kristina when I was like her, until life knocked some sense into me.

              • commonsense4sure

                Thank you! That makes total sense.. you’re mom was very wise and you are too!

              • Ebony

                Thanks! Typing from a phone is a bit challenging.

            • Ebony

              Sorry for the typos. I was saying that the world doesn’t owe you anything and that I used to be like her until life knocked me upside my head then I learned.

        • LeleHodges

          My family members, mentors, and teachers always told me that we have to work for everything in life and no one will give or help you unless you help yourself first.

        • Charles

          I say that all the time. No one wants to work for anything these days. I agree with Ms. Basset. I would want to work with someone I know who could deliver and more importantly trust to portray someone as iconic as Whitney Houston

      • Phoebe Pasdesignz Stewart

        The sense of entitlement generation…SMH

      • I’d say this has more to do with her upbringing than anything…and also the circumstances of her life. It’s not uncommon for young people who have gone through trauma to act out.

    • sunshyne

      Yea, I agree! You cant show that your easily butt hurt in this business. You have to have tough skin. But Yall expect her to control her mouth and temper when she cant even control that excusse for a brother/husband.

      • Lisa A McInnis Gee

        not her “brother/husband”…too funny, lol!

      • Toni

        When did Whitney bore a son; I must have missed that…

      • Marla Rowe

        To Funny what was it stepbrother now husband

        • Lisa A McInnis Gee

          no marla rowe, he wasn’t her stepbrother, he was like a family friend that whitney ‘unofficially’ adopted. like a ‘play brother’, lol.

          • ThaTruthful1

            Thank you.

    • cece

      Did she really say at least people don’t mistake her for being a man? Bobbi Kristina, _/.

      • Slingbunni

        Yeah thts what happens when parents and other adults lie to children and allow them to feel beautiful when they are not and allow them do develop entitlement expectations

        • Wainey

          Exactly, cause Bobbi Kristina looks like Bobby Brown with a

          • Connie

            Bobby is more attractive!

            • folamix


        • folamix

          She is no raving beauty herself

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly, Kimmie Kim.

    • ImSoSilly

      Well said …. bottom line.

    • Bettina

      You comment is on point! Perfectly and eloquently stated!

      • Priscilla

        Yes” Very Well Said ___Disrespect Want to somebody

        • Priscilla

          Want be somebody

    • commonsense4sure

      She doesn’t LOOK a thing like her mother…. so Angela did absolutely the RIGHT thing and Bobble head Kristicreme needs to grow up!

    • sshadylady

      Bobbi need help I saw a picture of her on the carpet with mismatch shoes on, cast her right.

    • FromUR2UB

      Yeah. Way to get what you want, Bobbi K. That attitude just makes people glad they don’t have to be bothered with her. She has a lot of growing up to do.

    • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

      Exactly and I’m sure too that Angela was referring to her level of cognitive thinking… which Krissy proved to the world… Definitely Bobby’s child. Outside of her downward spiral in the latter years her mom was a classy lady and Pissy Krissy can never fill those shoes.

    • Linda M McCuff

      I completely agree that Bobbi Kristina has a lot to learn and being rude is certainly not the way to go. I do think that Angela being as experienced as she is could have explained that all to Whitney’s daughter. Maybe this young woman could have recieved it from her better that way, instead of a public rejection. If I’m interested in a job, and applied for it, I’d rather hear that I’m not qualified from them by letter and even a email, than on television or a magazine. I guess I get why she was upset. But her disrespectful handling of Ms. Bassett was totally unacceptable. Thanks for the exchange and have a nice day.

      • permafrost

        They really coulda had that conversation in private.

      • SunFlower78

        I would respect the in privacy point if Bobbi initially came to her in private, but she did not. She stated across social media that she didn’t agree with the movie and that the only person qualified to portray her mother was herself. Maybe if she would have contacted Angela herself with her concerns, it would be different. Someone was interviewing Angela about the project and they asked about BK, it was a simple honest answer I don;t think she meant any disrespect. BK just needs to work on being sober and learn some manners.

        Thanks Linda!

    • Lost Soul

      She had an opportunity with Tyler Perry? For what movie?

      • SunFlower78

        It was for TV Show, “For Better or Worse”…