Ah-Salamu Alakum: Celebs Who Are Muslim

June 30, 2014  |  
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All around the country and across the world, millions of Muslims are observing Ramadan, the month-long fast of the Islamic faith that involves abstaining from food, liquids and even swearing from sundown until sunset. Did you know these celebrities observing the holiday too?


Mike Tyson

Like a lot of other inmates who learn about Islam while being incarcerated, “Iron” Mike Tyson converted behind bars. The heavyweight-boxing champ was serving prison time after he was found guilty of raping former beauty queen Desiree Washington. After serving his time, Tyson continued to practice his new faith. In 2010, he made the holy pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and shared the experience with his followers on Twitter: “I just left the Holy City of Mecca where I was blessed to have been able to make Umrah…Inshallah (God willing), Allah will continue to bless me to stay on the straight path.”


Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson sure loves the spotlight. However, it may come as a surprise that one of the flashier Jacksons is actually a Muslim. He converted to the religion after taking a trip to Bahrain in 1989. Married to an Afghan native, the Jackson Five member explained how he felt after converting. “Having embraced Islam, I felt born again,” he said in an interview. I found the answers, which I had failed to find in Christianity.”


Janet Jackson

Jermaine isn’t the only famous Jackson member that is Muslim. Youngest sister Janet will be taking part of Ramadan since tying the knot to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana. Much like every other aspect in her personal life, she kept this relationship a secret and the announcement of her third marriage was made well after she tied the knot. Jackson was also secretly married to her second husband Rene Elizondo for years before revealing that he wasn’t just her boyfriend; he was her husband.


Ice Cube

Born as O’Shea Jackson, Ice Cube converted to Islam during the height of his career in the mid 90’s. Off of the stage, the mild-mannered Compton native has delved into the world of acting and has established himself as a bonafide actor. The “Today Was A Good Day” rapper is currently starring in the comedy sequel “22 Jump Street.”


Dave Chappelle

You probably wouldn’t know it by some of the material that’s found in his stand-up routine but Dave Chappelle is Muslim. He converted back in the late 90’s but don’t expect the comedian to go around talking about the religion. He revealed why he’s so secretive about it with in an interview with “Time” magazine: “I don’t normally talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing,” he said. “And I believe it is a beautiful religion if you learn it the right way. It’s a lifelong effort.”


Shaquille O’Neal

For more than a decade, NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal has dominated the boards and the basketball court. Raised in a household with both a Christian mother and a Muslim stepfather, in 2010 the four-time NBA champion revealed that he converted to Islam and he was planning on taking the holy pilgrimage to Mecca in the near future.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Born Ferdinand Alcindor Jr., Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had one of the prettiest and deadliest skyhook shots in NBA history. The six-time NBA champ converted to Islam in 1971 while he was a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Cementing himself in the faith, Abdul-Jabbar learned how to speak Arabic and spent a significant time in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to get a better understanding of the roots to his religion.


Busta Rhymes

He started out in the group Leaders of the New School but soon he stood out from the other two members and Busta Rhymes pursued a solo career soon and has never looked back. While he doesn’t broadcast his religion, Busta Rhymes, who is Muslim, received some flack a few years ago when he released the song “Arab Money.” Both British and American Muslims deemed the song to be disrespectful to Islam.


Snoop Dogg

Calvin Broadus, Jr. may change his name as much as he changes religion. He started out as Snoop Doggy Dog in the early 90’s before dropping the second name and just going by Snoop Dogg. Born in a Christian household, the “Gin & Juice” rapper was reported to be a member of the Nation of Islam in 2009. But after a trip to Jamaica, he went through a spiritual awakening and emerged as Snoop Lion who was now a Rastafarian.


Ellen Burstyn

Perhaps best known for her Oscar-nominated role in the 1973 film “The Exorcist,” Ellen Burstyn got her start on Broadway before transitioning to the silver screen. Raised Catholic, Burstyn studied under the tutelage of a Sufi Muslim teacher when she was in her late thirties. The “Requiem for a Dream” actress has described herself as a spirit opening to the truth.


Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is definitely not your typical rapper from Chicago. Born Wasalu Mohammed Jaco, the politically conscious artist is a devout follower of Islam and is known for address societal issues such as racism, poverty, gun violence and the disparity between the have and the have nots in his lyrics. Never hiding his religion, some of Lupe’s songs contain Islamic references and recitals.


Jemima Khan

Former British model Jemina Khan converted to Islam before marrying world-renown Pakistani cricket player Imram Khan. Despite the heiress’ Jewish heritage, she moved to Pakistan to raise a family. However, life in her new homeland proved to be too much of a cultural difference and caused a rift in their marriage. She has remained a Muslim following her divorce from Imram and subsequent move back to London.



He received a lot of attention right out of the gate with his debut single “Locked Up” in 2004. Although he was born here in the U.S., Akon spent a lot of his childhood in Senegal. A gifted musician, the Newark transplant learned how to play five instruments. Akon has been evasive when questioned about how many wives he has but he did give a shout out to Allah in his song “Senegal.” One of the best career moves the practicing Muslim ever made was signing Lady Gaga to his label before anyone knew who she was.



If you are familiar with any of T-Pain’s music then you know about his affinity for exotic dancers. The “I’m Sprung” rapper grew up in a Muslim household in Tallahassee, FL. Born Faheem Rasheed Najm, T-Pain tied the knot to his wife in 2003 but has been very vocal about their shared hobby of bringing other partners into the bedroom. His song “Up Down (Do This All Day” is currently tearing up the charts.


Dr. Mehmet Oz

He doles out sage medical advice and useful tips on how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle each weekday on his show. But many would be surprised to find out that Dr. Mehmet Oz is a Muslim. The Turkish American citizen grew up in a mixed Muslim household. His father believed in Islam while his mother came from a more secular Muslim background. Recently the television personality was in the hot seat during a senate hearing on the authenticity of weight loss products in Washington, DC.

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  • Milly

    It’s Imran Khan, not Imram Khan.

  • SuzyQue

    Janet Jackson? Obviously not a practicing muslim.

  • SAD but TRUE

    Our Government gives Mussies extra perks in jails for being a Mussie. If they were not a mussie they convert after they hear of the extra privileges they get if they are a mussie.

  • Guest

    My conversion to Islam as an African-American was inspired by the movie “Roots”.

  • Haligonex

    Religion, is it really necessary?

    • goldengrain

      Perhaps not, from some perspectives. I like the idea with religion without dogma, though. I think there is a spiritual side to our existence. I also think children should get reinforcements in ‘being good’, from school and parents and religion. There are negative influences in school and the home may not be ideal and some kids really only have religion to show them there may be a better way.

      My husband is a deacon. He attends bible study classes. I don’t go because it is so Jesus-centered. If a person could bring holy books from various religions and discuss the nature of spirituality I might go, though.

      Religions should not lie, and I think they all do if they expect you to take their holy books as inarguable truth, and it is just that very approach that is causing much of the discord in the world today. If the messages in these books were treated as suggestions, there would be a lot less killing.

      • Haligonex

        Thankyou for your easy to read, well thought out entry.

  • westbest

    I don’t recall any of them condemning the violence of Isis ….. why is that?

  • Fallic

    The dumbest people in Hollywood. And most of them are not truly Muslims. They are the made up superstitious mumbo-jumbo 5% garbage.

  • Craig Dobson

    Get real man a lot of the names mentioned are about as Muslim as Sammy Davis Jr and Ivanka Trump are real Jews.

  • BigBat111

    Ice cube is not from compton, he is from L.A.

    • KingHasNoClothes

      Compton is in L.A.

  • zay

    Get it together people dont be ignorant. Don’t let Fox news and CNN be the only place you learn about a religion. If it was so bad it wouldnt be one of the fastest if not the fastest growing religion. Its a beautiful thing and just like any other religion the people who follow it have flaws but dont base a whole religion off of the actions of a few people. Seek knowledge for yourself. Im a proud african american muslim! <3

  • randi


  • Pam Yakum

    people would be surprised how much overlap there is between the Bible and the Quran. The religions are even closer than Judaism which is the root religion.

    • Norman Robinovitz

      Indeed, I would be surprised! Primarily because I know that your assertion is, on its face, patently false.

  • Pam Yakum

    your anti-Muslim rhetoric is appaling!

  • Faozi Ali Baaqail

    Who is the idiot who did his research, most of those people are not even remotely christian let alone Muslims. Sheesh

  • fateh31 .

    You Republican fundamentalists wrote the book on euphemisms
    as well as inflammatory language – not the Democrats! It is interesting how you all consider the Constitution and SCOTUS decisions to be sacrosanct only when they are consistent with your ideology. Of course, when principles and precedents run counter to your prejudices, you undermine them at every turn. Individual rights, free of government intervention, such as religious freedom for HOBBY LOBBY, is fine, but you are also fine with state
    governments interfering with rights conferred to women with regard to their very own bodies. Most of you oppose sex education, birth control, abortion, and when unwanted children come
    into the world, you oppose ADC funding to assist them – duh! You religious fanatics in this country are as dangerous to our national security and freedom as the fanatics in the Middle East.
    Who, by the way, is advocating killing babies 28 days after
    they are born??? What’s wrong with you?

    • Darth Kenyan

      Please explain how modern Democrats differ from Nazis performing experiments on humans, and aborting children with birth defects. You’re killing children that are HEALTHY. Spin it all you want, you’re a murderer.

      • fateh31 .

        Democrats = Nazis.
        I don’t know whether to be angry or merely feel sorry for you. You really are in dire need of long-term counseling. You people claim that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and principal role model, yet you spew
        such hateful, absurd venom – please get the help you need!

  • Buddy Deroy

    Mostly blacks, no surprise there.

  • C David Hill

    well , just look at them,…….turds of a feather

  • bloggulator

    Get the name right for heaven’s sake! Jemima Khan’s ex-husband is Imran Khan. D’oh!

  • david


    • goldengrain

      Wow. Don’t they know that if you join and then opt out the Koran mandates that they kill you?

    • Norman Robinovitz

      Yeah, it gives you free reign to act on your impulse. It’s much like, well, just being yourself. Particularly so if you are a male.

  • 18_18

    Obviously, these black people don’t know that the reason their ancestors were slaves in America, is because Muslims from No.Africa went south and captured them and resold them for profit. Then they were shipped to America to be slaves. so much for Islam.

  • Patriot556

    Tyson is half witted socio-path so his status comes as no surprise.

  • ReallyJustKidding

    Janet Jackson should start wearing a burka and walk behind her husband

    • Norman Robinovitz

      That so yesterday’s Islam.

  • jlmer

    Everyone of these “celebrities” have an IQ about two numbers lower than their shoe size!

  • Joel Busher

    Society is created by the religion/doctrine of the people. It is religion that defines the values of a nation. It is a myth that there can be religious freedom in a nation for religion or doctrine creates community values which direct the p…olice powers of the state or nation. The question is whose religion, whose values, will control public authority? Additionally, when one religion is overcome by another religion, for example, as the Christian religion is overcome by the religion of atheism in America, the police powers of the state or nation changes direction.

    George Washington called government a machine. This machine is the most dangerous instrument in the human community, a machine guided by community values. A machine that determines life and death, liberty or imprisonment, property and taxation, the definition of marriage, fines and penalties, and citizen’s rights and obligations.

    It is the duty of patriotic Americans to uphold Christian values in the public square in order to secure the right direction of the police powers of the nation and state. It is a sacred duty to uphold the Sabbath, a weekly public assembly, for reviewing the laws and of land and magistrates who execute them in order to control the machine called government.

    Again, the values of the people direct the police powers of the state. If those values are changed, it redirects those police powers. The undermining of Christian values in the United State has put Christians at risk by the very laws that are to protect them. There can be no separation of Christian values and state for the former defines the later. jb Google – Article VIII Union of Holy Assemblies – a new constitutional amendment restoring Christian values in civil society.

    Constitution of Massachusetts 1780
    Art. III. As the happiness of a people and the good order and preservation of civil government essentially depend upon piety, religion, and morality, and as these cannot be generally diffused through a community but by the institution of the public worship of God and of the public instructions in piety, religion, and morality: Therefore, To promote their happiness and to secure the good order and preservation of their government, the people of this commonwealth have a right to invest their legislature with power to authorize and require, and the legislature shall, from time to time, authorize and require, the several towns, parishes, precincts, and other bodies-politic or religious societies to make suitable provision, at their own expense, for the institution of the public worship of God and for the support and maintenance of public Protestant teachers of piety, religion, and morality in all cases where such provision shall not be made voluntarily.

    • goldengrain

      The problem is that we do legally say we have freedom of religion. That means every advantage we give Christians we must also give to Muslims. Because of this, we are much better off if we keep thinking of ourselves as a secular state.

  • Chi Nwosu

    So what that these celebrities are Muslims? If they were Christians would this article have been posted? It’s not as if adopting Islam is alien to African people.

  • David Stevens

    from Quran

    Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123)

    is this freedom of religion which us constitution mentioned ? I don’t think so
    would you like a Muslim neighbor like that ?
    Osama bin laden and his followers are good and devoted Muslims because they are doing what the Quran says now do we need this kind of religion in America ? of course not

    • goldengrain

      I have heard it said that Islam is a form of government that masquerades as a religion. It then, under a country’s freedom of religion laws, tries to institute it’s laws, one by one.

      • David Stevens

        I can’t mention and explain all the verses it will take too long
        the best is to read a quran English version the best is called {dawood by penguin publication }or google hate verses of quran
        there is no such thing called moderate muslims those are not muslims
        the bottom line is that Osama bin laden was a good muslim because he was doing exactly what the quran says
        I think all americans should read the quran so they know what they are facing

      • David Stevens

        here another verse for you

        from toilet paper quran

        from quran
        The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them (9:30)
        islam is not welcomed in America
        if any other religion or cult have these hate and murderess verses
        BAN it too
        in America we don’t care even if you worship a cow as long as you’re peaceful and you will not fight and kill someone

  • Harry McMasters

    At best they are lightweight Muslims. Notice those who spent time abroad couldn’t take it. They’re not real Muslims. They’re Muslims like all the other fads Hollywood people take on for a period and drop it. So lost. So desperate to belong to something…

    • coneyislandbaby11224

      Yeah, kind of like Madonna saying that she’s Jewish.

      • Dee S

        When did Madonna ever say she’s Jewish? Never, that’s when. Which makes sense, because Madonna is not, and never has been, Jewish.

  • Norris Allen

    Where is the surprise ?
    These slow witted Muslims would all be on welfare but for a lucky break .

  • astrojohn

    So, 13 out of the 15 are black – interesting…

  • astrojohn

    Janet Jackson – where’s your BURQUA????

    • Andy

      She had a burka – but it fell off in a wardrobe malfunction.

    • goldengrain

      Muslims practice differently. Not everyone follows Sharia, and from what I hear, Sharia interpretation, itself, can differ. The Koran says women should dress modestly, it does not mention the degree of covering. Strangely enough, it says that men should also dress modestly.

      So, some of Islam is hateful against women, but some additional hatred, regarding dress, is added by those who interpret the law. Sad

    • The best

      What about the Catholics molesting little boys

  • Cody Williams

    Anyone can be anything they claim, but claiming to be one and acting like one are 2 completely separate things. I 100% guarantee most Muslims around the world would claim these guys are NOT.

  • ImMikeSpike

    Notice the authors left out prominent Barack Hussein Obama from the list and his brother, Malik O’bama of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt called the Obamas terrorists before Barack turned over Egypt’ leadership.

  • Vista-less View

    1)Busta Rhyme (5 Percent) NOT muslim

    2)T-Pain (has a Muslim father) T- pain himself didnt say he was Muslim

    3)Dr Oz (Had muslim grand parents) But is himself into New Age religion

    4)Snoop Dog (Was once affiliated with the nation of Islam) who themselves have little to do with Islam with the exception of Arab sounding names. Snoop is NOW affiliated with The rastafari movement. He in fact was NEVER Muslim.

    5)Ice cube also was once affiliated with the Nation of Islam (He admitted it was at a time in his life when he was looking for his personal identity. He was later heard saying that he has grown since then

    6) Janet Jacksons HUSBAND is muslim (because she in solidarity with her husband during Ramadhaan doesnt make her Muslim).

    any one can be muslim with faith and practice of the religion. It isnt a club however where because you know someone that is, it means you are too. :/

    • The best

      You know them personally…. If not then what you are saying is not valid

  • Vista-less View

    It’s quite ridiculous how the majority of these ppl are NOT muslim though some of them come from homes with one or more muslim parent or extended family who are muslim. Just because your parent is muslim doesnt make you after you have made a life for your self. Islam is a religion not a race. Must be too hard to really research a story before you write it. shm.

  • Mike Gilmer

    All but three have one thing in common with the Dear Leader. No surprise.

  • Tom

    Good to know who to boycott. Goddamned muslims are a cancer on the world.

  • Darth Kenyan

    Mike Tyson is the perfect Muslim. He’s very violent, a sexual predator, and abuses females.

    • The best

      Catholics are the most violent…check the history

      • Darth Kenyan

        Think so? Which Catholic caused Mohammad to behead tens of thousands?

        Which Catholic caused Mohammad to have sex with a nine year old?

        The Crusades were a RESPONSE to Muslim atrocities, moron.

        • The best

          Your religion like to molest little boys, steal land. Eat people, etc I can go on and on. Religions are meant to divide people. One god. NO IS BETTER. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. People make a big deal out of minor situation instead of what really count

      • Darth Kenyan

        Are you twelve yet? I read many of your comments from your profile. Your arrogance is surpassed only by your lack of intellect.

  • wllmjunior

    Surprised? Only by Burstyn. Poor Ellen. The rest? Typical.

  • IHaveTheAnswers

    So it’s basically a list of men apart from the two women who had to convert for marriage and one spiritualist hippie actress. No real surprises there.

  • Jeff

    That any of these people are Muslim is no surprise, they turned their back on what made them famous and rich, and it wasn’t that filthy lying murdering terrorist religion. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • jim

    Amazing, since most of the slaves who came to America were sold into bondage to Europeans by muslims from eastern Africa.

    • goldengrain

      Yes. The religion specifically says a man can have slaves, but then Muslims, within the religion, are allowed to lie to you about that and deny it.

  • kozushi

    It’s easy to be “Muslim” when you live in a country that doesn’t enforce Islamic law.

    I especially like the guy who brings ‘others’ into the bedroom with his wife and him – like that wouldn’t get you executed in a Muslim country!

  • Brian V Hunt

    Islam is a set of ideas and not a race. Islam is misogynistic, homophobic, and looks forward to a day when the world is rule by a Caliph. There is nothing to be proud of by being a Muslim. It is an ugly fantasy that no one is required to believe – in at least not yet in the US.

  • Savage65

    Very sad to see these lost people.

  • Jack Frost

    I self-identify as a gay Muslim transexual native American space alien.

    • roger

      Oh not another one, they are everywhere now.

  • Illeana

    Why the high standards for Muslims but not for Christians? Pretty easy to fall short no matter what your religion.

    • kozushi

      Because under Islamic law, you’re executed for violating those standards. In Christianity, you aren’t.

    • got no time for ignorance

      in christian religion i believed it said in one of your scriptures its better to shave your head then to cover up and i believe us muslimas have more freedom then u cuz at least we will get hired for a job based on our personality rather then our looks we cover up our hair not our brains and muslimas had there freedom in the year 891 rather then 1891 where woman in america got there freedom us Muslim woman always had the right to an education and more cuz woman are like royalty in islam if its practiced in the right way what u see in the media is not what islam is about but if you took yr ignorance and turned it to researching the facts and stop listening to what the media says then u would know what the real islam is and islam is perfect but muslims are not its not islam that causes violence its the people who are interperpiting it wrong and switching it for there own gain so before u talk trash about nothing u dont know then i advise u to keep yr mouth shut cuz ignorance is not good dont judge a book by its cover

      • Illeana

        Are you replying to me? No, I think you must have clicked on the wrong name.

      • goldengrain

        When you learn how to write in complete sentences, capitalize properly, use proper spacing, and punctuate, I will read your comments.

        You are just showing your ignorance by posting here as well as wasting people’s time.

    • goldengrain

      Well, because when you read the bible you will find that the only real requirement of a Christian is that he believe in Christ. All else are good things for you to follow and learn if you are serious, but it is expected that all people fall short of perfection. Because of this it is a religion of tolerance. If you read only the red letter (supposedly Christ’s very words) it seems in some ways to be very similar to aspects of Hinduism or Buddhism (both native Indian religions), so much so that some believe that Jesus migrated to that country during his lost years and came back with a new, revised, version of Judaism, which we now call Christianity.

      There are no mandates or penalties in Christianity as to dress, or that you have to pray, or visit a holy place, or go to church, or take Communion, or celebrate Christmas or Easter. There are no dictates as to how to run your business, etc. Everything is a suggestion, not an order from god. There may be some Christian sects that are stricter than others, but if you read up on the basic religion, it is very liberal.

      It also says the kingdom of god is within. That means you get your own special personal spiritual connection to the deity. That is what is most important, and not the outward observances or rituals. So it fits, like many other religions, into many counties with various political frameworks. It does not try to change the government that it finds itself in. Sure, there are sects within Christianity, but it really is meant to be accepting of people just where they are in life, and not force them into an artificial format.

      Nothing in Christianity tells you to convert the non believer and if he will not convert, kill him. They don’t kill their womenfolk if they want a divorce or are disobedient to men.

  • Merry l Christmas

    p.s. Jermaine. Christianity did not fail to provide you with answers. Remember you were Jehovah’s Witness — which is really not Christianity because they do not accept that Jesus Christ is God and there are other significant differences.

    • goldengrain

      This is tricky because there are several verses in the bible that say we are all gods or sons of god. People say they don’t, but most religions pick and choose what they or their sect says should be significant or the correct interpretation of the verses in the bible.

  • Steven Cateris

    Not really surprising – I know a lot of African-Americans and Turkish-Americans practice Islam. The only real surprise is Ellen Burstyn.

  • theodusjohnson11

    So if you are washed up and have no talent become a Muslim?

  • franco diablo

    its all good and religion has its place, all of them, but c’mon,in this day of information, we all know what Mohammed did in his lifetime and it was atrocious ,to follow a person like that and call him a spiritual leader, you got to ask some hard questions or you’re in denial.

    • kozushi

      And most of the Koran, his speeches, is just about “you’re either with me or against me” over and over again in only slightly different permutations. Maybe back when there were no other books written yet in Arabic it was a hit.

  • Pablo Brown

    They may call themselves Muslims,but they sure as hell don’t act like one. Have you noticed hardly any famous women convert? That’s because it’s a repressive religion for a women,and what women in her right mind would give up her freedom and fortune to become a second class citizen?

    • sayingitaintso

      Just to be clear, just because Islam requires a little modesty for women (and men), it does not make it a repressive religion – it is not the religion that is repressive, it is the irresponsible men who interpret the religion as they see fit (no different to other religions and lawyers interpreting law).
      In future, before making such far reaching statement, please take the time to conduct some research.
      It’s “Imran Khan” not “Imram Khan” – just saying.

      • Andy959

        It’s not the religion, it’s the people who practice it? I think that’s splitting hairs. A religion isn’t separate from the people who follow it after all.

        • kozushi

          Exactly, the religion is inseparable from its adherents.

        • EnlightenOne

          Read Imran’s statement again! I’ll make it easier for you:”…it is the IRRESPONSIBLE MEN AND LAWYERS…. No different than many so-called “Christians/Christ-like!”

        • goldengrain

          Don’t forget that the religion encourages them to lie if it furthers the religion in some way, so don’t expect an honest answer to your questions.

          They’ll tell you that all the bad parts of the religion are ‘cultural’ and not really a part of Islam, but they will not tell you that they are not activlely fighting such ‘cultures’. That’s because they want to pull you over to their side, little by little, until they can install such ‘cultures’ over here.

          What hypocrites. What sort of religion is it where lying is ok? Geeze, I really think it’s a political system and the religious aspect is just to keep the peasants in line.

      • EnlightenOne

        Two snaps and a circle!

      • jlmer

        Tell me, Just Saying, why does the Koran allow the killing and beating of wives? Sharia law mean anything to you?

      • roger

        Im ran just because he khan.

    • Mohamed Kargbo

      @Pablo Brown, you are absolutely right. In Islam we don’t look or go after famous women. In fact, on the contrary, we go after humanity in search of peace, get peace for those women who are weak, oppressed, destitute and in need. We don’t know celebrities. The famous women you are referring to may not want to appreciate the values of equality, we all sit down on the floor in the place of worship, we take our shoes off, we prostrate and go down on our knees in pure humility. The famous women you are referring to may not want to go through all this trouble. But then if they do come, we would not be there to acknowledge their fame, we would only acknowledge them as sisters. You will probably need to understand our religion and our holy book, by so doing you would have ensured that your brain is engaged before you put your mouth on gear.

      • Poolala

        What woman would want to join a group which regards them as 2nd class members? Moslems’ insistence on this is cloaked in the excuse of “modesty”. One can be a devout practitioner of any religion without being hidden behind veils and such. Women can be devout practitioners of any religion without being forbidden to go out and about without a male escort, and so on and so on.

        • goldengrain

          Well, you see, in a country in which males are civilized a woman can go about her business without being in a shroud. I am suspicious of any religion that allows for slaves or multiple wives or that sees women as less of a citizen than men or children as property.

          For the civilized world to accept Islam, the religion must grow up. It must mature into the current century.

      • jlmer

        If you’re so bathed in humility why do you have to tell us you’re so humble? Why aren’t you speaking out against all of the murder, rapes, etc. your muslim brothers are committing in the name of your Allah?

        • goldengrain

          Because it is a religion that encourages violence and deceit. Because practically every country it has entered it has brought bloodshed and violence to. Because it is a political movement that hides under the cloak of a religion, which is why so many Muslims cannot understand the concept of freedom or the separation of church and state. These are alien concepts to them. It is either their way or no way. Compromise is seen as a weakness. Sad.

      • MaxJ

        So its an elite concept for those who we like or who we can use? Joan Rivers off the list for more than one reason!

    • MaxJ

      Not too keen on gays or widow either?

    • Dietza

      Many women in my family are Muslims by choice. Like Catholicism or any other religion, it is not the religion that is oppressive but the organisation of it (generally by men).

      I’m not Muslim, by the way. I’m just intelligent enough not to confuse a whole religion with its abuse.

  • JonO

    Notice the majority are black….just saying….

    • Jeff

      Yes, just saying.

    • tenchu

      Why you just saying that? Notice you seem to have an inferiority complex when it comes to black folks hence you trying to put them down – just saying

    • Kareem Mobarek

      What does that suppose to mean ? We are 1.4 billion strong from every corners of the world.

    • Darth Kenyan

      That’s because communists exploit any tension in a society to attack it. Communists are the puppet masters behind the gay rights, pro-abortion, SEIU, everything that attacks Americans. They’re not champions of gay rights in Russia or China. How many unions are there in China? ONE. The communist party. Create another union and they imprison you.

      • Dietza

        Communists, China, gay, abortion… Anything else entirely irrelevant you want to throw into your comment? SMH

  • mr215

    list does not impress me. no outstanding intellects, scientists, humanists. there are much more outstanding persons who are atheists and Jews of note.

    • hr123

      mr215 You must not be very bright. But ill give you a clue why. Read the title of the article and find the key word.

    • goldengrain

      Frankly, some consider religion a stepping stone in the natural development of a civilization.

    • nadia

      pathetic, uneducated response from a pathetic, uneducated individual.

    • Homer Sexual

      Basically true, and the Jackson’s, sheesh. Kareem, however, is super cool, intelligent and wellspoken.

  • darthgidget

    i never thought that you could be Muslim and drink alcohol and smoke weed and take other drugs. And Janet Jackson? Please. What Muslim woman acts and dresses like she does. I guess it is no different than Nancy Pelosi- being catholic and supporting abortion and gay marriage. She is a catholic in name only as much as Janet Jackson and Snoop dog, even Shaq are Muslims in name only. I have more respect for real Muslims than these faux muslims.

    • kalrl

      stop judging people, only God knows the difference fake and real muslim.

      • jlmer

        Fake or real, makes no difference, it’s a “religion” based on evil!

        • goldengrain

          Yes. We know them by their fruits.
          Evil certainly seems to follow them.

          To be fair, in the US and the UK the Muslim community has been given a lot of credit for cooperating with police and other authorities in tracking down the radicals among them.

        • Billy

          It is “NOT” a religion, it is an ignorant ideology.

          • mohammed

            do u know it buy listning to what people say about it or by u going throw history and quran and the teachings… defo the second one cuz ur a fool

          • essy

            YOU ARE IGNORANT FOR JUDGİNG PEOPLE THAT YOU DONT KNOW.LOOK who is judging muslims,almost everyday i read a white policemen beats or kills another humanbeing just because they are black.

            • goldengrain

              Yes, and those cops are wrong, no way around it. THey should be found out and prosecuted by the law. But two wrongs do not make a right. I want to be clear about this – those cops are wrong. But we do not have cops killing masses of people, capturing women and ‘marrying’ them (using them for sex for the armed forces), beheading people publicly, stoning women and girls.
              Most religions do not appeal to the most brutal and base instincts in man. Most religions try to elevate us. Islam is being used, now, by some very unscrupulous people, to do the lowest things man is capable of. These people bring shame to the religion and it’s good followers. I would not be a Muslim these days. It would be a humiliating thing.

        • randi

          I AGREEE.

      • Billy

        God does not care about fake or real Muslims because he doesn’t recognize Muslims, period.

        • Kareem Mobarek

          And you know this hoow??? Dont jesus teaches not to judge follow your book dont be a hypocrite

    • fateh31 .

      Please, Nancy Pelosi does not support abortion. She supports a woman’s right to choose. This means that decisions regarding birth control and pregnancy are very personal ones to be made by a woman in consultation with her doctors and her conscience – not dictated by her employer or some geriatric male Republicans.

      • Marilyn Zeman

        She does support abortions, and that is why several years ago when she wanted a photo op with the Pope he refused to do so.

        • fateh31 .

          Wrong again! You so-called pro-life people, who are usually pro-gun as well, insist on misrepresenting the pro-choice position. Sex education, birth control and as a last resort, termination of a pregnancy, are decisions that should be left to a woman and her doctor – end of story. You all cleverly use the term “pro-abortion” instead of the proper term “women’s reproductive rights” You Republicans and religious fundamentalists want less government in every sphere of life except when government interference promotes one of your causes. That’s called hypocrisy.

          • jlmer

            Evidently you have no concept of what Republicans believe.

            • fateh31 .

              You simply resent any accurate descriptions of Republican duplicity…

            • goldengrain

              Some Republicans believe that they should push the laws of their religion on to the rest of society. That’s not what a democracy should be about.

              • jlmer

                That’s a really good one. Enjoying your kool aid? Who is it that has taken prayer out of schools and public places? Who is it that is trying to tell ministers what to preach from the pulpits? Who is it that is trying to force Christian businesses to pay for abortions for female killers? I think you have your party’s mixed up! You and the other liberals could certainly use some of our religion!

          • Billy

            Baby killer !

      • Billy

        Such a stupid response. You are simply playing on “words”. She DOES support abortion.

        • fateh31 .

          Billy, you insult people with views that differ from your own; you refuse to accept the idea of reproductive rights for women and you denigrate the religion of Islam and then wonder why America is so hated in the Muslim world. Interesting how you and some – not all, Muslims have at
          least one thing in common: the belief that you have some sort of monopoly on God – you don’t! By the way, is the prefix to your name “Hill?”

          • Darth Kenyan

            You’re a hater pretending you’re not a hater. Seek help. Call Dr. Phil.

    • ImMikeSpike

      Psuedo- Muslims are like poisonous snakes to America’s children.

    • goldengrain

      Well fundamentalist Christians point fingers at other Christians with the same criticism, don’t they? Maybe there are different sorts of Muslims, taking different aspects of the religion in differing ways.

      There are Muslims from the mid-East who disown the Nation of Islam, yet I think these people are sincere and have done a lot of positive good in the world. I’m white, by the way. There should be enough room in a religion for differing viewpoints.

      I think Ali Velshi is a great news and financial commentator. He tries to present facts only and still makes it interesting. I found out only recently that he’s a Muslim.

      There are people, too, whose professional lives are kept apart from their private lives.

    • MaxJ

      Don’t judge them by their religion concentrate on their actions; that is where the heart and mind are right near the money?

    • MaxJ

      are but its fashionable for our thought leaders in Gollywood

    • SUN

      obviously you have no idea how muslim woman look like,not all muslim woman close their heads and wear conservative clothes.islaM is not about how you look ,it is about what kind of person you are

  • guesstheguest

    I think I saw T-Pain on my windshield this morning. lol

  • Jasmine

    Omg T-Pain cut his dreads

  • Jules

    Please stop the madness! So I guess my dog can be a muslim if I said it.

    • jfk

      Your mom too pig jew

    • yusaf m khan

      shame on you. You should learn to respect yourself

    • Jack



    • goldengrain

      Muslims seem to have mental issues where dogs are concerned. I guess it’s in the Koran, but they’re missing out on a lot of love. Maybe if they had a loving dog at home, some would not be so violent.

      • essy

        thats not true,you are prejudice,we may take care of a dog or cat at home

    • Vikram

      It is OK to behead people or stone people to death or cut limbs under Sharia but a Muslim can’t keep dog as a pet.

      • Kareem Mobarek

        Stoning is in the bible open it one day instead of being told whats in there buddy 😉

        • KingHasNoClothes

          As usual we get the Old testement stuff spouted here. The Old Testament is superceded by the New Testament – the New Testament effectively forbids stoning (John 8:7 – “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. The problem with Islam is the violent verses from the Medinan period supercede/abrogate the peaceful verses from the Meccan period.

          • masmanz

            So you think the OT was a mistake?

      • masmanz

        It is OK to use lethal injection under American law. To put people away for life for certain crime. Should we object to that? Europeans abandoned death penalty but we have not.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    After last night I can’t ever look at Busta & not think of that shirt he had on at the BET Awards…great list MN

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      Lmao momma dee u so crazy