Ah-Salamu Alakum: Celebs Who Are Muslim

June 30, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

All around the country and across the world, millions of Muslims are observing Ramadan, the month-long fast of the Islamic faith that involves abstaining from food, liquids and even swearing from sundown until sunset. Did you know these celebrities observing the holiday too?

"Mike Tyson pf"


Mike Tyson

Like a lot of other inmates who learn about Islam while being incarcerated, “Iron” Mike Tyson converted behind bars. The heavyweight-boxing champ was serving prison time after he was found guilty of raping former beauty queen Desiree Washington. After serving his time, Tyson continued to practice his new faith. In 2010, he made the holy pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and shared the experience with his followers on Twitter: “I just left the Holy City of Mecca where I was blessed to have been able to make Umrah…Inshallah (God willing), Allah will continue to bless me to stay on the straight path.”

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  • ReallyJustKidding

    Janet Jackson should start wearing a burka and walk behind her husband

  • jlmer

    Everyone of these “celebrities” have an IQ about two numbers lower than their shoe size!

  • Joel Busher

    Society is created by the religion/doctrine of the people. It is religion that defines the values of a nation. It is a myth that there can be religious freedom in a nation for religion or doctrine creates community values which direct the p…olice powers of the state or nation. The question is whose religion, whose values, will control public authority? Additionally, when one religion is overcome by another religion, for example, as the Christian religion is overcome by the religion of atheism in America, the police powers of the state or nation changes direction.

    George Washington called government a machine. This machine is the most dangerous instrument in the human community, a machine guided by community values. A machine that determines life and death, liberty or imprisonment, property and taxation, the definition of marriage, fines and penalties, and citizen’s rights and obligations.

    It is the duty of patriotic Americans to uphold Christian values in the public square in order to secure the right direction of the police powers of the nation and state. It is a sacred duty to uphold the Sabbath, a weekly public assembly, for reviewing the laws and of land and magistrates who execute them in order to control the machine called government.

    Again, the values of the people direct the police powers of the state. If those values are changed, it redirects those police powers. The undermining of Christian values in the United State has put Christians at risk by the very laws that are to protect them. There can be no separation of Christian values and state for the former defines the later. jb Google – Article VIII Union of Holy Assemblies – a new constitutional amendment restoring Christian values in civil society.

    Constitution of Massachusetts 1780
    Art. III. As the happiness of a people and the good order and preservation of civil government essentially depend upon piety, religion, and morality, and as these cannot be generally diffused through a community but by the institution of the public worship of God and of the public instructions in piety, religion, and morality: Therefore, To promote their happiness and to secure the good order and preservation of their government, the people of this commonwealth have a right to invest their legislature with power to authorize and require, and the legislature shall, from time to time, authorize and require, the several towns, parishes, precincts, and other bodies-politic or religious societies to make suitable provision, at their own expense, for the institution of the public worship of God and for the support and maintenance of public Protestant teachers of piety, religion, and morality in all cases where such provision shall not be made voluntarily.

  • Chi Nwosu

    So what that these celebrities are Muslims? If they were Christians would this article have been posted? It’s not as if adopting Islam is alien to African people.

  • David Stevens

    from Quran

    Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123)

    is this freedom of religion which us constitution mentioned ? I don’t think so
    would you like a Muslim neighbor like that ?
    Osama bin laden and his followers are good and devoted Muslims because they are doing what the Quran says now do we need this kind of religion in America ? of course not

  • Harry McMasters

    At best they are lightweight Muslims. Notice those who spent time abroad couldn’t take it. They’re not real Muslims. They’re Muslims like all the other fads Hollywood people take on for a period and drop it. So lost. So desperate to belong to something…

  • Norris Allen

    Where is the surprise ?
    These slow witted Muslims would all be on welfare but for a lucky break .

  • astrojohn

    So, 13 out of the 15 are black – interesting…

  • astrojohn

    Janet Jackson – where’s your BURQUA????

    • Andy

      She had a burka – but it fell off in a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Cody Williams

    Anyone can be anything they claim, but claiming to be one and acting like one are 2 completely separate things. I 100% guarantee most Muslims around the world would claim these guys are NOT.

  • ImMikeSpike

    Notice the authors left out prominent Barack Hussein Obama from the list and his brother, Malik O’bama of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt called the Obamas terrorists before Barack turned over Egypt’ leadership.

  • Vista-less View

    1)Busta Rhyme (5 Percent) NOT muslim

    2)T-Pain (has a Muslim father) T- pain himself didnt say he was Muslim

    3)Dr Oz (Had muslim grand parents) But is himself into New Age religion

    4)Snoop Dog (Was once affiliated with the nation of Islam) who themselves have little to do with Islam with the exception of Arab sounding names. Snoop is NOW affiliated with The rastafari movement. He in fact was NEVER Muslim.

    5)Ice cube also was once affiliated with the Nation of Islam (He admitted it was at a time in his life when he was looking for his personal identity. He was later heard saying that he has grown since then

    6) Janet Jacksons HUSBAND is muslim (because she in solidarity with her husband during Ramadhaan doesnt make her Muslim).

    any one can be muslim with faith and practice of the religion. It isnt a club however where because you know someone that is, it means you are too. :/

  • Vista-less View

    It’s quite ridiculous how the majority of these ppl are NOT muslim though some of them come from homes with one or more muslim parent or extended family who are muslim. Just because your parent is muslim doesnt make you after you have made a life for your self. Islam is a religion not a race. Must be too hard to really research a story before you write it. shm.

  • Mike Gilmer

    All but three have one thing in common with the Dear Leader. No surprise.

  • Tom

    Good to know who to boycott. Goddamned muslims are a cancer on the world.

  • Darth Kenyan

    Mike Tyson is the perfect Muslim. He’s very violent, a sexual predator, and abuses females.

  • wllmjunior

    Surprised? Only by Burstyn. Poor Ellen. The rest? Typical.

  • IHaveTheAnswers

    So it’s basically a list of men apart from the two women who had to convert for marriage and one spiritualist hippie actress. No real surprises there.

  • Jeff

    That any of these people are Muslim is no surprise, they turned their back on what made them famous and rich, and it wasn’t that filthy lying murdering terrorist religion. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • jim

    Amazing, since most of the slaves who came to America were sold into bondage to Europeans by muslims from eastern Africa.

  • kozushi

    It’s easy to be “Muslim” when you live in a country that doesn’t enforce Islamic law.

    I especially like the guy who brings ‘others’ into the bedroom with his wife and him – like that wouldn’t get you executed in a Muslim country!

  • Brian V Hunt

    Islam is a set of ideas and not a race. Islam is misogynistic, homophobic, and looks forward to a day when the world is rule by a Caliph. There is nothing to be proud of by being a Muslim. It is an ugly fantasy that no one is required to believe – in at least not yet in the US.

  • Savage65

    Very sad to see these lost people.

  • Jack Frost

    I self-identify as a gay Muslim transexual native American space alien.

  • Illeana

    Why the high standards for Muslims but not for Christians? Pretty easy to fall short no matter what your religion.

    • kozushi

      Because under Islamic law, you’re executed for violating those standards. In Christianity, you aren’t.

    • got no time for ignorance

      in christian religion i believed it said in one of your scriptures its better to shave your head then to cover up and i believe us muslimas have more freedom then u cuz at least we will get hired for a job based on our personality rather then our looks we cover up our hair not our brains and muslimas had there freedom in the year 891 rather then 1891 where woman in america got there freedom us Muslim woman always had the right to an education and more cuz woman are like royalty in islam if its practiced in the right way what u see in the media is not what islam is about but if you took yr ignorance and turned it to researching the facts and stop listening to what the media says then u would know what the real islam is and islam is perfect but muslims are not its not islam that causes violence its the people who are interperpiting it wrong and switching it for there own gain so before u talk trash about nothing u dont know then i advise u to keep yr mouth shut cuz ignorance is not good dont judge a book by its cover

      • Illeana

        Are you replying to me? No, I think you must have clicked on the wrong name.

  • Merry l Christmas

    p.s. Jermaine. Christianity did not fail to provide you with answers. Remember you were Jehovah’s Witness — which is really not Christianity because they do not accept that Jesus Christ is God and there are other significant differences.

  • Steven Cateris

    Not really surprising – I know a lot of African-Americans and Turkish-Americans practice Islam. The only real surprise is Ellen Burstyn.

  • theodusjohnson11

    So if you are washed up and have no talent become a Muslim?

  • franco diablo

    its all good and religion has its place, all of them, but c’mon,in this day of information, we all know what Mohammed did in his lifetime and it was atrocious ,to follow a person like that and call him a spiritual leader, you got to ask some hard questions or you’re in denial.

    • kozushi

      And most of the Koran, his speeches, is just about “you’re either with me or against me” over and over again in only slightly different permutations. Maybe back when there were no other books written yet in Arabic it was a hit.

  • Pablo Brown

    They may call themselves Muslims,but they sure as hell don’t act like one. Have you noticed hardly any famous women convert? That’s because it’s a repressive religion for a women,and what women in her right mind would give up her freedom and fortune to become a second class citizen?

    • sayingitaintso

      Just to be clear, just because Islam requires a little modesty for women (and men), it does not make it a repressive religion – it is not the religion that is repressive, it is the irresponsible men who interpret the religion as they see fit (no different to other religions and lawyers interpreting law).
      In future, before making such far reaching statement, please take the time to conduct some research.
      It’s “Imran Khan” not “Imram Khan” – just saying.

      • Andy959

        It’s not the religion, it’s the people who practice it? I think that’s splitting hairs. A religion isn’t separate from the people who follow it after all.

        • kozushi

          Exactly, the religion is inseparable from its adherents.

        • EnlightenOne

          Read Imran’s statement again! I’ll make it easier for you:”…it is the IRRESPONSIBLE MEN AND LAWYERS…. No different than many so-called “Christians/Christ-like!”

      • EnlightenOne

        Two snaps and a circle!

      • jlmer

        Tell me, Just Saying, why does the Koran allow the killing and beating of wives? Sharia law mean anything to you?

    • Mohamed Kargbo

      @Pablo Brown, you are absolutely right. In Islam we don’t look or go after famous women. In fact, on the contrary, we go after humanity in search of peace, get peace for those women who are weak, oppressed, destitute and in need. We don’t know celebrities. The famous women you are referring to may not want to appreciate the values of equality, we all sit down on the floor in the place of worship, we take our shoes off, we prostrate and go down on our knees in pure humility. The famous women you are referring to may not want to go through all this trouble. But then if they do come, we would not be there to acknowledge their fame, we would only acknowledge them as sisters. You will probably need to understand our religion and our holy book, by so doing you would have ensured that your brain is engaged before you put your mouth on gear.

      • Poolala

        What woman would want to join a group which regards them as 2nd class members? Moslems’ insistence on this is cloaked in the excuse of “modesty”. One can be a devout practitioner of any religion without being hidden behind veils and such. Women can be devout practitioners of any religion without being forbidden to go out and about without a male escort, and so on and so on.

      • jlmer

        If you’re so bathed in humility why do you have to tell us you’re so humble? Why aren’t you speaking out against all of the murder, rapes, etc. your muslim brothers are committing in the name of your Allah?

  • JonO

    Notice the majority are black….just saying….

    • Jeff

      Yes, just saying.

    • tenchu

      Why you just saying that? Notice you seem to have an inferiority complex when it comes to black folks hence you trying to put them down – just saying

  • mr215

    list does not impress me. no outstanding intellects, scientists, humanists. there are much more outstanding persons who are atheists and Jews of note.

    • hr123

      mr215 You must not be very bright. But ill give you a clue why. Read the title of the article and find the key word.

  • darthgidget

    i never thought that you could be Muslim and drink alcohol and smoke weed and take other drugs. And Janet Jackson? Please. What Muslim woman acts and dresses like she does. I guess it is no different than Nancy Pelosi- being catholic and supporting abortion and gay marriage. She is a catholic in name only as much as Janet Jackson and Snoop dog, even Shaq are Muslims in name only. I have more respect for real Muslims than these faux muslims.

    • kalrl

      stop judging people, only God knows the difference fake and real muslim.

      • jlmer

        Fake or real, makes no difference, it’s a “religion” based on evil!

    • fateh31 .

      Please, Nancy Pelosi does not support abortion. She supports a woman’s right to choose. This means that decisions regarding birth control and pregnancy are very personal ones to be made by a woman in consultation with her doctors and her conscience – not dictated by her employer or some geriatric male Republicans.

      • Marilyn Zeman

        She does support abortions, and that is why several years ago when she wanted a photo op with the Pope he refused to do so.

        • fateh31 .

          Wrong again! You so-called pro-life people, who are usually pro-gun as well, insist on misrepresenting the pro-choice position. Sex education, birth control and as a last resort, termination of a pregnancy, are decisions that should be left to a woman and her doctor – end of story. You all cleverly use the term “pro-abortion” instead of the proper term “women’s reproductive rights” You Republicans and religious fundamentalists want less government in every sphere of life except when government interference promotes one of your causes. That’s called hypocrisy.

          • jlmer

            Evidently you have no concept of what Republicans believe.

    • ImMikeSpike

      Psuedo- Muslims are like poisonous snakes to America’s children.

  • guesstheguest

    I think I saw T-Pain on my windshield this morning. lol

  • Jasmine

    Omg T-Pain cut his dreads

  • Jules

    Please stop the madness! So I guess my dog can be a muslim if I said it.

    • jfk

      Your mom too pig jew

    • yusaf m khan

      shame on you. You should learn to respect yourself

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    After last night I can’t ever look at Busta & not think of that shirt he had on at the BET Awards…great list MN

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      Lmao momma dee u so crazy