“I Stay Inside And I Cry Because I Don’t Have My Children”: Mom Who Left Kids In Hot Car For Job Interview Speaks

June 24, 2014  |  


Over the last few months, we’ve told you about the story of 35-year-old Shanesha Taylor. The summarized version of the story is that Taylor left two of her three children (the other, a 9-year-old daughter, was reportedly at school during the whole thing) in her vehicle in a parking lot while she attended a job interview. This whole situation occurred in Scottsdale, Ariz., so that means it was very hot, and temperatures in the car shot up. Two women walking past the car heard crying and found the two kids in the hot car with the window’s cracked. Police were called, and when they came, Taylor returned from her interview and was arrested. She told them that she left her kids there because she had no one to watch them and was homeless. Aside from having her story make national news, she was charged with two counts of felony child abuse and lost custody of all three of her kids. And as for that job she risked everything to interview for, Taylor claims that she was actually offered a position at the insurance company, but we know that such an opportunity has now eluded her because of her legal issues.

Since her story broke back in March, police have said that Taylor actually had part-time employment, and even had a home address listed, causing some to think that she was duping everyone. However, in her first real interview, Taylor spoke to the New York Times about why she made the dangerous decision she did, how her life took a downturn with the recession and what she wants for herself and her family in the future.

According to Taylor, she struggled in 2008 after quitting a job as a mortgage loan officer for a brief time. She spent her savings and wound up juggling part-time customer service gigs that paid a lot less.

“I had to downgrade to an apartment; it got difficult paying day care, apartment, car payments, insurance — all the basic needs in life.”

So she tried to enroll full time in a community college in 2010 and her mother and stepfather occasionally helped to watch Taylor’s oldest daughter while she went to school to be more successful in the job market. But despite early obstacles, Taylor became pregnant with her first son with a man named Antoine Duncan, and that made things more difficult. It’s unclear what Duncan had going on with his employment and finances, but after losing her apartment, the couple lived in a motel and Taylor eventually went back to work, doing customer service work for $12.35 an hour to help make ends meet. But as for her schooling, Taylor’s student loan debt became so much of a load that she stopped going to community college in 2012.

Things got worse. Her work hours were cut, a child-care subsidy she was receiving was cut and she became pregnant with her third child–another baby boy with Duncan. But this time, Taylor stayed with her three kids at the home of her mother and stepfather. After she was fired because she had to leave work early to go on bed rest while pregnant, Taylor tried to pick up part-time work as an office aide for about $8 an hour, but with few hours per week.

After that, Taylor claims that “family matters” caused issues with her and her parents, so she left on her own, and stayed with friends or relatives who could take her and the kids for a short time. But she did admit that sometimes they all had to sleep in her car. As for Mr. Duncan, Taylor said they fell out because of monetary strains:

“We don’t communicate well sometimes, and that’s pretty much it. Finances had a lot to do with it. You know, not being able to make ends meet sometimes strains a relationship.”

So she was on her own. Taylor says the prospect of making enough to finally be in a good place financially caused her to make the decision she did to leave her kids in the car on that fateful day. With her parents at work and the babysitter she was hoping would help falling through, she took the kids with her. She said that she wanted and needed that insurance job badly.

“Thirty-nine thousand the first year, $65,000 the second year, $89,000 the third year. And the fourth year, with proper work, I could have had my own agency.

I felt like this was my opportunity to basically improve life for all of us, and the one key part of it is now not available, so what do I do now? That was my only thought: ‘What do I do now? What do I do now?’ That was kind of what started the whole chain of events that day.”

Taylor acknowledges that she made a big mistake, and said it was hard to explain to her daughter why she had to be in jail. “I had to explain to her, well, I did something wrong, that’s why I had to go.” But Taylor has received a lot of support, particularly from complete strangers who feel like she’s being punished too harshly. That includes Amanda Bishop, the woman who started that YouCaring fundraiser for Taylor, which raised $114,775. Taylor says she’s grateful for the support, including the financial support, and while it could help her provide better for her kids, it doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t have them at this time.

“People ask me all the time, ‘Are you happier now?’ They feel that I should be over the moon. When, truth be told, I stay inside and I cry because I don’t have my children.”

And not surprisingly, Mr. Duncan has come back around…Taylor says they are working things out (and doing couple’s counseling) so they can be together and provide a stable situation for their kids in the future.

“This is one of those eye-opening situations that makes you feel like there are some things that are bigger than yourself, so sometimes you have to learn to communicate in order to make life better. Because, I mean, I understand that a two-parent household is better than a one-parent household, and they love their dad to death; it’s ‘Daddy’ all day. So it’s letting go of your own notions of how things are supposed to go.”

She told the New York Times her hopes for the future, and if those felony charges don’t land her in jail, she’s hoping for the best, including returning to school:

“Ten dollars an hour is basically going to keep me broke, keep me dependent on food stamps and Medicare and things like that. I don’t want to live like that forever. I want to get out and do something bigger and better and be self-sustaining.”

What do you think of what Ms. Taylor had to say in the New York Times interview? Does it make you look at her situation in a different light?


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  • NotSoSmart

    What is wrong with you desktop warriors today? The internet has become a place to beat up on people for mistakes. How about we switch focus to the couple in who clearly wanted to collect insurance money for the child they left to die in a hot car? This woman was going for a job interview every resource she had available fell through. She loves her kids as is noted by what I have seen of her FB posts and was pursuing the American DREAM to support them . I am glad that the charges are dropped. As for the father. I am sick of hearing stupid terms like baby daddy and baby mama… You are a parent period. Why do we create stereotypes for others to use against us?

    If you are going to cynical and critical of her effort when you are in church on Sunday…IN the name of Jesus ask God to forgive her.

    Then ask him to forgive you for being judgmental…

  • Phoenix Ares

    So despite ever-growing signs that things weren’t going well, that she was headed for a struggle with not one but two, she continued to get knocked up, bringing yet more mouths into the world she couldn’t care for. And I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? Or their father(s)? I don’t think so.

  • Kendra Johnson

    I’m really mad at the father. She did ALL that struggling and where was he? Did he care that his kids and the mother of his children had nowhere to live? You mad about money but you leave her to fend for herself with those kids alone? And now he’s back? Are you serious?

  • Chris Green

    I have encountered people in my career who actually do not care about the welfare of their children nor for their decisions. It’s clear to me this woman does.

    Yes, she has a history of making some unhealthy decisions, but who does not have a history of making unhealthy decisions in their lives? It’s clear that she wants to do what she must do to get her children back, and it seems like she is the type of woman who should have her kids back upon understanding that her behaviors and thinking needs to change. I think she would be the first person to openly confess that.

    We live in a society which thrives itself on discouragement instead encouragement. I think this woman needs continued encouragement along with having a support system who will hold her accountable at the same time. Insults, wrongful labels, and condemning her as a human being doesn’t accomplish anything except contributing to the problem.

    As far as her relationship decisions: She has the right to go with her heart. I am glad to read that her and Mr. Duncan are attempting to heal wounds and see where things go, if not for the relationship, for the well being of the children. No one really knows what his intent is, so it’s a waste of time jumping to conclusions based on stereotype conditioning. It’s possible to suggest during her downward spiral that she started feeling worthless and insignificant; specifically after having a falling out with her parents and having to leave. We don’t know the circumstances to that and it may have stemmed from her ill-decisions, but such ordeals would make anyone emotionally vulnerable. Thus, having Mr. Duncan around and receiving affection and recognition may have led to the romantic feelings and sex that resulted to the other two children. A lot of people have these circumstances.

    There are a lot of positives with this woman. She desires to finish college so she can better her chances of securing a better life and environment for her children. I have encountered people who didn’t even care to do that. She confesses that she made a mistake. I have encountered people who passed the buck, chose denial, or straight refused to admit nor understand why it was a mistake.

    I think the best approach is continued encouraging support for this woman along with encouraging her to feel more confident and content with herself. Positive people make better decisions overall, we know this; thus do we really believe continuous condemning and wrongful labeling would help this woman? I agree with accountability and responsibility. Both would be a lot more difficult to help her with if she is constantly demoralized by wrongful labeling and condemning.

  • Chuckle2000

    The bottom line is that this comment section is full of people who have either made a big mistake in the past or are one big mistake from being in a situation as bad as this woman’s, myself included. None of us are immune no matter how careful we call ourselves being. It’s human nature. So keep yapping and judging all you want, you will be salty if heaven forbid that day comes for you.

  • tellinitlikeitis

    I have no sympathy for this woman and truth be told her man came back because of the money- I sure hope they don’t give it to her all at once.

  • Tracy Jones

    I pray for her but somethings are just common sense. Stop having all these kids and depending on everything but GOD. I empathize but I don’t sympathize with her situation because she had control over quitting a job, having this third child and the person she chose to have it with. If life is hard for four how in the hell do you think it’s gonna be for five. Faith without work is dead so get off the pity train, drop that zero and do what it takes to get your life back on track.

  • Dontwastemytyme Beatit Smith

    Wht she did wasn’t right @ least she was doing something with herself then relying on the system for the rest of her life…. Things happen…… Why is this man back around!? Oh Iknow because she has money!!!!!!! If he cared anything about her & the kids he wuld hve NEVA left! He could of take a day off & watched the kids while she went on an interview if he was any type of a man & she still wuld of had her kids….. He dnt feel an ounce of guilt tht the kids are in the system!? & to top it off its his kid thts in there!!!!! Smfh!!!!!! He’s a scumb bag!!!!! I wouldn’t give a Dean if my kids chanted we want daddy he wuldnt be coming back @ all cause he left us HIGH & DRY!!!!!!!!!

  • Prophetess Essie

    Did I miss the part where she decided to STOP getting pregnant because she was already POOR and broke?

  • Nedrea Scott

    As a Social Worker, I feel like you are being revictimized all over again. I would not have taken the children from you, and as a Social Worker, we are supposed to try and help you help yourself. I am proud of you for trying. As my Bishop says: Don’t worry about who see’s you going through. Let people see God work stuff out in your life!” Using what Bishop says. However, again from the professional standpoint, the Social Workers who took the children need to be assisting you un-biasedly, so that you can get to the place where you want o be in life.
    Please keep your head up Shaneisha, and keep trying. Your struggles mean a lot to those who know how hard parenting can be when you have so much going on. If you ever see this post, know that I encourage you, and love you. God Bless you!!!

  • ashley79

    I’m confused you can leave a baby strapped in a car seat in a hot car and not get charged but you get charged if you leave them in a car and they live you get charged, lose them, and face jail time?!?!

  • Ole judge mental cows, yeah U

    Y’all some ole angry birds, I hope to live the oh so perfect lives of some of you commentators since y’all a clearly the spawn of Christ and have NEVER made mistakes!

    • Guest

      A “mistake” is accidentally leaving a zero off your tax returns or missing your exit on the freeway. What she did was make several conscious DECISIONS. Like deciding to leave a job without first securing another and leaving her children alone for hours in a hot car in a notoriously hot state. Those are things she DECIDED to do. Sorry if you think people are “perfect” because they condemn her for doing dumb stuff like that.

      • Guest

        I just want to add that I’m glad the children didn’t die. All too often these cases of children left in hot cars don’t end so well.

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    Woe its me!Girl bye

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Sounds like a whole lot of dumb azz decisions but i ain’t one to judge…hope she don’t get pregnant again while they’re doing couples therapy or whatever…i have a feeling he aint shyt

  • eldonpittman

    Her thoughts seem shattered. She is blaming everyone and everything for her bad judgment. If she keeps saying things like she’s saying…..she will never get those children back. And what about the father..is he working or just hanging around until the donated money runs out?

    • Twinmom

      He is just there till the money runs out

      • j.j.n

        Another bad decision she is making. How much you want to bet that the issues with her mother had to do with her poor decisions? Im sure mom told her to leave Antoine alone. Now he’s back. How about be single with your children.

    • SunFlower78

      I agree, she lost me when she said she quit her job…

  • FoundLove

    Uhmm….why did she quit her job as a loan manager????? I stopped reading after that…why did she have mire children when she was in a financial strains! Sorry boo boo but you gets no love from me!

    • kitkat

      I disagree. I was expecting a child in january of 2008 and already had a son, working a decent job that had turned into a nightmare. I made the decision to leave bc the stress wasnt good for my child or myself. After leaving I literally watched “20,000 lose jobs at A.A” and “35,000 at United Airlines” and what I thought would be an easy transition to find work became impossible. So don’t judge without knowing her reasoning. Now i don’t agree with leaving the children in the car, I understand and had a somewhat similar experience. Just pray for her and her children.

      • j.j.n

        You made a bad decision. Starting with having 2nd child out of wedlock. Then quitting a job. Two kids and no income is not smart. So let the next generation know about your poor decision and inform them that stress is a part of life. Having a supportive, reliable husband makes a difference.

        • 9Boots


        • kitkat

          I may not have had the most ideal situation but I didn’t make a bad decision. Yes i wasnt married when I had children but I had a stand up man who was and still is willing to break his neck for his children. My health at the time was more important to me than my imcome so it was very smart. People quit for different reasons and you can’t judge someone for leaving a situation that they felt was best for them at that particular time. I struggled for a while but I had a support system and i was able to get myself back on track. Like Ive stated I don’t believe in every choice she has made but I do feel for her because I can’t imagine what my story would be if I was like her and didn’t have anyone to help me.

  • Brit

    Call me mean, but isn’t birth control free? Those two extra kids while I’m sure they are blessing, placed an extreme burden on her……smh if you’re gonna have sex and you can’t afford kids use some type of protection.

  • bigdede

    I did feel for her until I read her interview. So she quit a very good job without a backup job? She starts struggling to make ends meet then gets pregnant? Then after she started struggling even more, she gets pregnant again?! Then the baby daddy leaves and not once during that interview did she say he ever had a job. She was the one working. The broke up over money issues. Yeah he wasnt working but you have 2 kids by him? I just don’t get, I don’t. If I’m struggling, he would be wearing 2 condoms and I’ll be on birth control

    • SunFlower78

      I was wondering if I was the only person who caught that she quit a job without having another lined up. Who does that…

      • kierah

        In 2008 no less? That’s when the mortage industry went plum crazy! If she had a job, it was in her best interest to keep it. Unless they are beating you with a stick, you make sure you have something lined up. She had a child to support. You don’t jump ship without a lifejacket. Most of us have had to work a job that sucked for a minute until we got the next one. Ooop, but we shouldn’t judge her mistakes…o-kay…

    • Nedrea Scott

      You don’t know the situation with why she quit. Stop judging people

      • bigdede

        No thanks. I will continue to give my opinion.

        • Chuckle2000

          And it will continue to stink. Ha. Had to say it.

          • bigdede


      • SunFlower78

        It doesn’t matter, she quit and didn’t have a back- up plan with a child to feed, raise and supply a roof over it’s head.
        Unless she was being harassed or assaulted I’m not trying to hear the excuses which she is full of.
        At the end of the day, she has a history of making stupid decisions and it slowly took a tole on her life.
        I do pray that this will wake her up to a couple of things in her life and hopefully have a positive ending.
        As a woman I feel for her pain but as adult she should have known better on a couple of occasions….

        • Chuckle2000

          And you are perfect?

          • SunFlower78

            Never that, never have claimed to be. But foolishness is foolishness. excuses for it doesn’t make it any better or changes the situation.
            You can either be content with your way of doing things (even though they have proven over and over not to work) or you can make a concience decision to start making better choices.

            Sorry somethings are just commonsense and quitting a job as a single mother and not having another one just does not make sense sorry.

        • Nedrea Scott

          So I guess you’ve never made stupid decisions? You had better pray to the Lord that you never end up in a situation like this or even similar because you sure are very judgmental. Don’t s what you wont do because you just don’t know what will happen to you…..Good day

          • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

            I hope that she will be reunited with her children in the future.

  • KT

    And the Father of these children should have been supervising them while she interviewed. He should have a mug shot too. Smdh.

    • Chris Green

      I agree KT. He should have been involved enough to supervise the children when she went for the interview. He does play responsibility in this.

    • Kendra Johnson

      I totally agree with this.

    • Cataptra LeMagicka

      KT, I tend to agree with you. Mr. Duncan sounds like the typical deadbeat dad, not there when needed, but as soon as soon as a ca$h cow calls home, there he is, hands outstretched, I love ya baby. I believe like many others above, as soon as that ca$h is gone, SO WILL HE BE! See and hear it all the time!

  • KT

    She needs couple’s therapy, birth control services, social services for family unification, housing assistance, vocational training, and parent training for the both of them. Cry then access resources.

    • Kendra Sawyer

      The second best answer I have heard.

      • KT

        Thank you!

    • hollyw

      Dude. DUDE! I work in social services and I think about this every time for this story, like how she gradually fell through the cracks w/none of this assistance, PLUS a jobless other adult to look out for?? Good grief, man. I hope one positive result of this case is her being assigned a social worker to connect her w/ housing, a job force, and/or school -to-work program to get her ish together…

      • Nedrea Scott

        Yeah I’ll be graduating next year, and seeing stuff like this makes me wonder….she really is trying. She just needs a hand up. Its gonna take Social Workers like us, to really help people like her

      • KT


      • Chuckle2000

        Agreed. It’s very easy for someone not familiar with the system to fall through. Those who have “worked” the system tend to know what their doing.

        • hollyw

          Ikr, as soon as she said her subsidy for childcare fell though, I just smh’ed a little b/c I knew how the rest was gone go lol. For first -time cases, it’s almost always just one big catalyst that causes everything else to start unraveling, and makes a difference between staying above water and sinking.

    • Kendra Johnson

      To me, couple’s therapy is the last thing she needs. Who is paying for that because insurance doesn’t pay for it.

  • Rashida

    I feel for her. No one is perfect but at least she was trying! She a whole lot better than a lot of these women laying up having babies and collecting welfare checks. No one is perfect but she is trying. I hope she can get herself together for her children.

    • hollyw

      It sounds like she is. In afraid an even more pressing concern now is, I hope she won’t have to serve serious prison time for this SO she can continue getting her life back and providing for her kids (instead of our tax dollars, of course).

  • DeDee82388

    She needs to stop playing the victim my mother always told me “people are a product of their own BS” This bird is no exception

  • Aiych

    Why did they not use some form of birth control if they were struggling to make ends meet even for themselves?? This baffles me. Condoms are fairly cheap. Pulling out is even cheaper.

    • Yvette

      It baffles me too.

    • blackrose

      ExACTLY. She was struggling for so long but yet kept getting pregnant. Pregnancy is preventable. Children are a blessing but sometimes we need to be smart about things.

      • Kendra Johnson

        I have to agree with you on that. I know that birth control doesn’t work for everyone BUT there are condoms and the free clinic does have measures and programs to help. I could understand ONE mistake but she kept getting pregnant. I know both of them aren’t that bright obviously. It’s just sad. Maybe the kids are better off. No…foster care isn’t great either.

    • carmatogo

      Ok, but she didn’t. What next, are you going to ask “why didn’t she get an abortion?”? I’m not disagreeing with your logic, but it happened. I just hope she can learn from all this, and other people can learn from her mistake and move on.

      • bigdede

        The first child by Duncan may have just happened but the second time….. stupidity!

        • Chris Green

          So that child’s existence is based on an act of stupidity? I wonder how the child would feel if he was told that.

          • SunFlower78

            I’m sorry but as a woman, if you are not worth a penny when we produced the first child I am definitely not going to produce another under the same circumstances. That is just foolish thinking…people need to start holding themselves accountable and learn from your mistakes not continue to make them.
            Her actions were stupid has nothing to do with the child….

            • Chris Green

              Oversimplification. Let’s keep in mind that these two individuals love each other. They were in their right to decide to have another child. It’s not wrongful labeling to call them foolish when we ourselves have a closet full of decisions and behaviors that would be judged the same fashion.

              I do agree with the accountability part, and it seems to me that she may be accepting that. It’s clear from the article that she is trying to do her very best.

              • SunFlower78

                I agree with that…point taken

              • kierah

                Having the right to do something doesn’t make it a wise decision at all. Love doesn’t feed, clothe or educate babies. She should not have told this story.
                Now I see this incident with the car as yet another poor decision in a long line of poor decisions.
                She was a mortgage officer so she should have some smarts. Too bad she abandoned them to lay up under some trifling man.
                What is being lost here is that her kids could have suffered heat stroke, brain damage, or worse.
                Her babies were 2 years old and six months old. How could she think she could leave them like that? I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. I can barely leave the room for longer than 5 minutes let alone have them unaccompanied for an hour. Advocate for this woman’s children. She endangered their lives and they are still paying the price for her “mistake.” Doing her best? Well, her best stinks!
                What was her plea? Voluntary stupidity?

            • Cataptra LeMagicka

              You know SunFlower, and I hate to “stereotype”, but blacks tend to reproduce just to collect money from welfare, get more food stamps, etc.

              So even though I feel sorry for the children, to be quite honest I don’t buy the hype mama is spouting.

              I’m struggling myself right now, no children, because I *knew* better, knowing I couldn’t afford them{and I’m a guy!}, I do well just to pay my mortgage payment on my home and lot rent fees.

              Don’t even make enough to pay our power bill, car insurance, etc. and honestly, it sickens me when I see people setting up funds and just giving folks money like this that are, or have been using drugs, etc. I never have, always living a clean, decent life, yet, when I ask for help from our local and state agencies, we’re dang lucky if we even get it, usually they always come back with, “if you can’t show us future money management, we can’t help you.” Which is total BS!

              My wife is unemployed and been fighting for disability for over 4+ years now. She has severe asthma and COPD, and should be getting it, it’s not like she never paid into it, she worked for years paying SS and taxes, as did I, and believe me SSDI doesn’t pay enough for one to make ends meet like you should.

              I broke mine down and I make far less than minimum wage on SSDI, comes out to $5.10¢/hour considering a 40 hour work week for 4 weeks. Minimum wage in my state is $7.75¢/hour, if I was at least getting that I could pay my own bills! That $2.65¢ would make a huge difference.

              I’d love to work, I’d rather be working, but can’t due to my medical issues and medications I’m on now. It’s very frustrating, yet, people always seem to feel sorry for people like this lady, that brought this on herself by her OWN actions and makes over 100,000 from people setting up funds for her!

              Sure wish someone would set up a fund for me and would raise over $100,000 for me too, then I could pay off my home, pay my bills and still have some money left over to take care of a lot of repairs I need to make to my home, but can’t afford to take care of. Shoot, I’d probably have enough to buy my own personal piece of property and move my home to it and save those lot rental fees that are totally ridiculous in cost!.

              • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter

                Your wife needs to get a lawyer to help her fight for her ssi that’s the only way she will get it

          • SunFlower78

            to add, I am 36 in my twenties I made stupid decisions, but at her age 35…come one. She has lived enough to know certain things just don’t work. I empathize because today it is hard, hell bread is $3.00 for one loaf…but she has got to get her head in order.

            • Chris Green


              I had 40 and 50 year old clients who have made ill decisions. It’s easy to state what Person A should and ought to do, but it’s a little harder to be willing to guide and counsel these individuals with compassion and understanding.

              It doesn’t matter how long a person lives. We are all human and we fall short on things. Sadly, it’s human nature now to lean on discouragement instead of encouragement.

              At the same token, I agree with accountability and responsibility, however, it’s more difficulty to help instill that when a person is flooded with discouragement for a daily basis.

              Encouragement begins when we stop with the demeaning labels. We all have the right to views though and yours are respected.

              • SunFlower78

                You know like my mother in law would say…Sometimes God will show you who he really is in order for you to acknowledge who he is.
                It’s the same with the world…sometimes it takes for you to hit a wall before you change certain things.

                We all live an learn…I’m not here to demean her by any means, but we will never learn if we don’t discuss

          • bigdede

            Why would I tell the child that?

      • j.j.n

        We learn by talking about it and by questioning her decisions. Just saying, “What next,” is not a solution
        MOMS and DADS, talk to your kids about her history and current situation. SPEAK THE TRUTH…TELL YOUR KIDS HOW THE WORLD WORKS not how it should work.

    • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

      Have you seen the prices for condoms? Granted it would work out cheaper than taking care of a kid, but they are not cheap and being forced to make the decision verses taking care of basic needs as in her situation…What baffles me is Medicaid they are willing to foot the bill for pre and post pregnancy care; however they don’t pay for a woman getting her tubes tie (even though they have more than their fair share of kids) or even condoms. Those would be the primary preventative measures

      • SunFlower78

        I know in the state of Ohio Medicaid cover birth-control. Regardless it seems to me she just has a long history of making questionable decisions and unhealthy choices in life. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for her and she starts to think of the long term affects vs the here and now.

        • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter

          I agree with everything you’ve been saying!

    • Chris Green

      This focus is actually quite irrelevant. Let’s keep in mind she was in love with Mr. Duncan. Millions of people commit the same behavior.

      So you’re basically saying the other two children are mistakes and have no business existing? Would you say that to the parents and the children? “Hey, your parents were stupid to create you, because they had financial difficulties, you were a mistake.” Do you really think that even sounds morally right?

    • Kambriel

      Abstinence is free!

  • True

    Im sorry but I never felt sympathy for her because you should know better then to leave babies in the car alone there is no excuse and its mighty convenient that her ex is now in the picture again where was he when she need him to watch the kids. A lot of people go through hard times but wrong is wrong if something would have happen to those kids I wonder if people would be feeling bad for her, So she should still be charged, I only feel bad for the kids in this situation..

    • yoda

      this man should have stayed in the picture. just because they were having problems didn’t mean he had to basically abandon his duties as a father. maybe if he was around, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

      • Trisha_B

        & he’s only back around b/c of the donation money. Once that’s gone, he’ll be gone too smh.

        • MuscleMansWoman

          You know it! Donation money is the ONLY reason dude is around again. SMH

          • Trisha_B

            & she don’t even realize it. He’s her downfall. Her kids nearly died from her dumb decisions due to dealing w/ a bum smh. Not once did she mention he had a job, yet she got pregnant w/ him twice.

            • MuscleMansWoman

              Right. You know they’re spending that money like crazy too. Probably smoking herbs and renting movies left and right (I hate to stereotype, but this situation and the money is screaming all kinds of “yep-told-you-so’s.”) She should have hired a defense attorney who could empathize with her plight so that she can get her children back, and left that dude to his own defenses.

              • syomi

                “Renting movies left and right.”


        • hollyw

          I thought the same thing, like I know why she crying at night thinking about her kids, he wondering where she did stashed the money!. I could be wrong! But he clearly was part of the problem if they BOTH had a falling out but she was the only one left making these tough decisions with three kids. I hope that dough is nice and safe in an account until her kids are returned…

      • Chris Green

        Yoda, I agree with you. Some relationships fall short, but for the sake of the children, this man should have at least stayed in contact to maintain a good relationship with the children.

        I am glad they are working on their relationship, but the children are priority number one.

      • 99 Sense

        How does anyone know that she didn’t kick him out? I can definitely hear her saying “if you ain’t got no money you need to get the F outta my house!” Or, “I don’t need you, get out!” We assume that because he’s black he decided to up and walk away, but any number of things could have happened. Notice how she said she had to put her own notions of how things should be aside for the good of the family. That tells me she was in a large way responsible for his departure. She admits the kids love him and he agreed to go to couples counseling which if he was just going to ‘hit it and quit it’ he doesn’t have to do. I don’t know this guy from Adam, but after reading her account of events, he may not be the villain everyone wants him to be. Yes, he definitely needs to get a job, but he may not deserve some of the attacks on him.

    • Chris Green

      If you feel bad for the children, do you think jail time and a felony conviction (which would hurt her chances of getting another job to support her children) is most appropriate?

      • SunFlower78

        I think they will mostly likely drop it to a misdemeanor and make her take classes (since the children were blessed enough not to be harmed)…and she needs to remain clean and sober. Child Protective Services reported that she had tested positive for drugs while pregnant with one her children in the past.
        I am not judging for her demons but she does need to acknowledge that she needs help and not continue to play the other people’s fault game.
        She needs to take control of her life, for her sake and her children.

        • Chris Green

          I agree with you 100 percent Sunflower.

    • Chuckle2000

      If she lived in Cincinnati and rolled with the right circles she would have been in the clear. She did wrong but why throw felonies at her when others do a lot worse under far more aggravating circumstances. Those of you withholding your sympathy should remember that behavior under desperation is unpredictable. Let’s hope this lady comes out of this having learned a lesson.

      • SunFlower78

        I live in Cincinnati and I disagree. They have only charged her, she has not gone to trial yet, and they will mostly likely lower it to a misdemeanor.

        • Chuckle2000

          Hopefully so. I must remind you of the incident where the lady made a similar mistake and her child died. No charges filed not to mention she was connected. You should know how Hamilton County operates, they don’t do much to hide it.

    • Kambriel

      Not only that but i live in AZ and yesterday it was 107 outside I can only imagine being stuck inside a car as a child in this heat. No sympathy because there are way too many resources here in the Metro Phoenix area. Not saying she wasn’t trying but something doesn’t sit right with me about her story.