‘You Gotta Know That There’s A Backstory:’ R. Kelly Discusses Transgender Son

June 24, 2014  |  

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A couple of weeks ago, R. Kelly’s child, Jaya, came out as transgender. The 13-year-old, who now goes by Jay, revealed that he has identified as a male since he was seven years old. While Jay’s mother, “Hollywood Exes” star Drea Kelly, has been accepting of his new identity, as of three months ago, the preteen said that his father was still unaware of his transition.

“I believe I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me who I was supposed to be,” Jay recently told InTouch Weekly.

Kelz sort of discussed Jay’s new identity during a recent chat with WCGI’s “The Morning Riot” and to be honest, we were slightly confused by what he had to say.

“Well, you don’t really want to open this up with saying my daughter is becoming my son,” he told his interviewer.

The host explained that she was simply quoting the blogs and the father of three responded:

“I know, but don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit. But as far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see—with your own eyes that is. That’s the best way to go about this business I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people and it was never true.”

What’s interesting is that Jay has already confirmed his transgender identity. But the controversial R&B singer says that people should even question what they “see with their own eyes.”

“Even when you see it with your own eyes, you gotta know that there’s a backstory. It’s a background, that’s why you can’t judge nobody.”

The conversation was concluded with Kelly saying that he never addresses things that are said or written about him (and his family).

“I don’t address that though. That’s the thing. Why do you think I’ve been here for 27 years and still relevant? Because I don’t address sh*t that’s dumb. I just don’t do it.”

Clearly, he doesn’t plan on actually addressing this anytime soon…or ever for that matter.

Watch his full interview on the next page. Thoughts?

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  • Ntshanuku

    That kid is ugly to be a girl anyway, so let her be.

  • Odimir Stadard

    This is disgusting!

  • Mrs.Mason

    This is just sad that he still seems to not be focusing on the fact that his child wants to become a boy…seems like he is on the fence about it and not accepting of it at all

  • az

    how embarrasing.

  • in_reality

    Why does anyone continue to give that sexual predator a platform to speak on or the time of day? He had to be taken to court to have him forced to pay child support and suport his kids, so his opinion on his child that he clearly wasn’t piding the basic support for shouldn’t even matter. Between him and Woody Allen, I cant deal.

  • what happenes


  • tammywammybammy

    He could have saved all them words and summed it up with “That’s personal. Let’s keep it moving, period.”

  • kierah

    Why should he address it? It’s not his journey.

    • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

      I was thinking he shouldnt address it because its personal but I like that you stated its not his journey. I didnt think about it like that but youre right he doesnt fully understand why hes daughter feels the way she feels and everything the led her to her decision.

    • az

      It’s his child. He can address it if he wants to.

      • Rayjulian85

        A child is not a piece of property.

  • guest

    All these celebrity parents with trans kids or kids experimenting before they are fully developed. makes me feel that there were/are outside influences contributing to the rearing of these children. makes me sad

    • you’sajoke

      To you. Not to them.

    • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

      I have no problem with the transgender community. I have a problem with children making the decision before they are 18. There used to be a law or some kind of stipulation that they wait a period of time before prep for surgery begins. One girl from True life underwent surger and then wanted to reverse it. At 13 too many changes are happening to her body without adding extra hormones. Hollywood kids do seem to grow up 100x faster

      • eyeconic1

        I have a problem period because it is not right period. Transgender and homosexuality is not right. But, we make it right so that we can accept and people dont start riots and boycott, get their panties in a bunch, etc. I love everyone unconditionally because that is what we are suppose to do. However, we are to hate the things that God hates. Lies, adultery, rob, stealing etc. Its funny how society turn everything around and makes it acceptable because this is what people want and they can profit off of it. We are to be in the spirit not the flesh. Faith not feelings. And we dont speak bad about it because we would hurt people feelings, people would be offended. Get over yourselves. Its wrong period. But, I love you tho. And regardless of what sin we commit sin is sin period and no sin is greater than another.

        • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

          I wont argue with you regarding your beliefs. If you feel that its wrong you have every right to do so. I do appreciate that you didn’t attack! I don’t get the profit part though? Is it superficial profit (like paid interviews etc) or deep like industry making money from pharmaceuticals?

        • Beauty In Truth

          That is “your” opinion, You have no place to tell another Billion-Trillion plus Humans on this planet how to live their lives. Not everyone believes in the same things as you do. Or even a “god.” Stop spreading your Dogma from some “holy place.” You can suggest and give your opinion. But other peoples lives are not your place eyeconic1.

          I do agree with age limits however, as most things really should wait until you are an adult. In that case the United States “official age of adulthood” should be lowered if we are going to allow these young children make such life-altering decisions. In that instance they should be able to chose whether or not they go to school, abide by their parents, etc. When you are 18 you can decide. Usually have to be out of the house too.

          • Ana Key


          • angeliese

            They do need to lower the age or all consent a child has. 18 is way too old for your parent/s to control or neglect you or to stay in the system if you have no parent/s. I think it should be 16.

            • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

              Thats what I’m thinking. Even if the waiting period is 1-2 years I think that it would just better mental helath wise to prep them for whats to come. The age of consent varies from state to state. Whats your stance on abortion rights of the underage? In GA(not sure if its just my area or the entire state) you are only allowed 3 and thats if you are of age.

              • angeliese

                Girls should be allowed to abort at any age without parental consent, and certainly should have all access to birth control. Even if both are herbal.

        • angeliese

          Jesus said treat others as you’d have them treat you. There was no special clause that makes ok to hate gay and transgendered people though. You don’t like them. Just say that.

        • Guest

          Have you ever heard of Caster Semenya, the South African runner? Did you know that people can be born with sexual organs of two genders? Did you know that there are variations on sex determining genes (XXY,XYY) in some people? Transgender folk are that way for a reason, and sometimes it is medical. I have a hard time thinking that God hates these folks when he created them.

          • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

            Yes that is different from Jay whose sex is female but gender is male. Eyeconic1 just is not a supporter of the community. Some people feel that they can love the person hate the lifestyle(I never understood why they call it that btw). lol people say it like gays/trans people day to day life is so much different from a hetero one.

            • Guest

              We don’t have any information on Jay’s genetic profile. In the cases of people who have atypical sex-determining gene patterns, their “sex” is declared as male or female. So we can’t assume anything about Jay, really. Agree with the rest of your statement, though.

      • Eri Cad

        All jay said was he wanted to get the surgery and do the medication that doesn’t mean his mother or doctors are administering anything. He’s not done developing. Jay would like to live as a guy and when he is of age get the necessary surgery and medications to complete the process

        • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

          I understand that I was just talking about making major decisions and how fast hollywood kids seem to grow up.

      • angeliese

        Most kids make decisions about who they are going to become before they are 18, whether their parents know, authorize, or support them. Boys and girls are hormonally and physically very similar until puberty around 8-14. If transpeople wait until 18 they may develop physical features of their born sex by that time and have to have expensive and risky surgeries to change them. Hormonal therapy would’ve prevented the development of uniquely ‘male’ and ‘female’ characteristics and the transperson would be able to develop into their chosen sex instead of their born sex.
        That person on True Life only wanted to change back because they faced violence and judgement from the world, not because she didn’t want to be a girl. Having started hormone therapy at a younger age may have have changed that for her, she’d be able to pass more easily.
        Children are pumped with some many things that change their physiology daily from the food, air, water and enviroment, taking a controlled substance that will help them match their self identity up with their physical identity is no different than a child prescribed medication for some other mental condition.

        • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

          No the girl who turned back on True Life said she didnt want to be a boy anymore because it didnt feel right. They can still live as a boy/girl (whatever they are transitioning to) I just feel that at 13 is too young to make major decisions. There needs to be a waiting period so that they truly want/feel they are making the right decision. The facility I worked at dealt with some transgender teens/adults, we even had a girl who was neither male or female(she didnt identify as either). There are a lot of things to deal with and sometimes people dont fully understand that the journey is not easy.

          • angeliese

            There are a lot of 13 years olds that have to make major decisions. I don’t think stripping a child of the right to make well thought out, well researched decisions (pertaining to most, not all aspects of most, not all childrens lives) does anything to help them develop into adults that make good decisions. I’m trying to find numbers (maybe you can?), but I don’t think that the number of people who want to change back is significant enough to even consider it as a reason to ban the majority from moving forward with it. I understand that it is a spectrum, and many people (trans and cis alike) will never be in their ideal body, even if they can afford surgeries and hormones.

      • JustSteph

        I AGREE! Like a story i heard a few weeks ago about a 6 year old girl whose parent let her transition into a boy. I was like, “Who wasn’t a tomboy at 6 and wanted to be a boy, because they thought it was cool?” SHE’S 6! I mean I think the idea of gender is based solely on societal influences (ex: girls like pink and dolls; boys like blue and trucks). However, i feel like undergoing so many changes at such a young age is quite… odd. Your body and mind is going through so much already, just wait it out and perhaps you’ll feel differently.

        • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

          I’m a proud outspoken member of the LBGTQIA community. I just feel like rash decisions should not be made. At 6 no I wouldnt do surgery. Jay is older so hormone therapy and etc is more acceptable. I cant see any dr okaying surgey like that on a 6 year old.

          • meme

            When I first heard about this story, I thought they were talking about someone 21yrs or so – now, reading the story I see she’s 13. At that age, I was the biggest tomboy around. I developed early and looked like a “hot” woman but when guys “hit” on me, I’d fight them like a boy! Two years later, I wanted to go to proms and dances – had crushes on about 10 boys (LOL). At 13, you haven’t developed into the person, physically or mentally, that you are to be. For adults to entertain this notion of her really being a he is ridiculous!

    • Ana Key

      its anyone’s business but his

  • MonicaT

    I agree with R Kelly. I would never discuss, debate or entertain others opinions or comments about me or my family. That would be off limits. There are many celebrities who stand by that and are very successful. Too many celebrities and reality (fake) stars on social media going to the blogs to make announcements, broadcast and argue about their personal and private business. Never entertain BS!