4 Year Old Destroys Babysitter’s Plan To “Blame The Black Man” In Home Robbery

June 24, 2014  |  

It’s no secret that “blame the black man” is a time honored tradition in America. And since there is still so much fear and suspicion that lingers when it comes to black men, it’s proven quite effective, even today, when you want to pin a crime on someone.

But luckily, four year old Abby Dean of Whatcom County, Washington was there to save the day with her heroic honesty. As a child, it can be hard to speak truth to authority figures, hell even as an adult. But when Abby’s 17 year old babysitter claimed that her employer’s home had been burglarized by two black men, it was Abby who stepped forward to set the record straight.

The extremely intelligent four year old told a Fox affiliate that “Wednesday was the worst day in my life.” She was there when the house was burglarized and told reporters that the robbers “… told us to get out of the house ’cause they wanted to steal stuff.”

They stole a number of the employer’s belongings and Abby recalled that they nabbed her kitty bank, iPod, Xbox and Wii.

When questioned by authorities the babysitter told police that one of the thieves looked like the next door neighbor, a black man.

Cody Oaks, Dean’s neighbor, was handcuffed and questioned by police for hours until Abby chimed in to tell authorities the truth.

She said,“It wasn’t the right skin color.” She said that the robbers were white and not black. Once Abby spoke up the babysitter’s edifice of lies started to topple and she confessed to the crime, admitting that it was her 16 year old boyfriend and another accomplice who had actually robbed the house. Abby’s mother said she’s very proud of her daughter, noting that within 30 seconds her admission changed the questioning scene which had been going on for five to six hours.

Oaks, the neighbor, says what he finds troubling is the fact that the babysitter doesn’t realize the type of danger she could have potentially caused for him and his family and he hopes she learns from this situation.

The babysitter and her two accomplices were arrested and may face robbery, burglary and perjury charges.

Take a look at this video of Abby explaining the ordeal to the news crew. Listening to her speak, it’s clear that the babysitter didn’t understand what type of child she was dealing with. This little girl is too sharp for the shenanigans and potentially life altering, bold-faced lies.

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  • lovinthesoundz

    to me the fact that the police took the white womens word for it at first and arrested the black next door neighbor without speaking to the kids first or any neighbors first to corroborate the story or see the history of the neighbor ..speaks too many volumes…if HE the neighbor could be recompensed for the frustration of that alone , would be part of the justice in this case I believe

  • hanalei

    A person’s reputation is one of the most important things he/she has. If that is defamed not only does it affect jobs/business, it also affects all aspects of life.
    And while I understand the person making the accusation is young, there are consequences, and these consequences should be enforced.

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  • pammy

    These white people are on a roll…when they are not out co-opting/appropriating the natural hair movement, they are blaming the big bad black man for robberies they performed. Gotta love it!

  • Moca

    Sad how a 4 year old white girl has more power than a black man who owns a home! The system of racism white supremacy knows no bounds! This little girl already knows how much power she has calling herself a “super hero” why? Because she told the truth?

  • Meghan

    So.. They’re gonna take the word of a 4year old instead of a decent working law abiding adult? If anyone missed this, well racism is alive and thriving. Even in the context of this news story.

  • jimmy kraktov

    Sweet little girl. Stupid babysitter! Kids half Abby’s age listen and understand what’s being said in their presence and are often far more observant than adults. I doubt that the babysitter will ever get to be as on the ball as Abby is now. She’s four times Abby’s age. That’s gotta hurt.

  • Stanley

    The girl was not necessarily racist. She was steering the cops in the completely wrong direction. White boys did it, say they were black…the cops would NEVER think of seeing if they were white, WAY too many suspects

  • Homo Mc Dildos

    What does a 4 year old want with an Xbox and a Wii?
    This kids story doesn’t add up at all. TAKE HER IN FOR QUESTIONING.

  • Timothy Rigney

    Uhm – Why was there a *sniper* involved in this at all?
    And PLEASE tell me they had a warrant? Please? Pretty please with sugar on it?

  • Mr. Jon

    We are living under a system of WHITE SUPREMACY! As much as white people will deny it, citing “How does white privilege benefit me, I work for all I have, blah blah…” This is a prime example of it.

    All it takes to criminalize a black man is a white person’s word… Meanwhile, the people who did not even commit the crime are not going to get charged. ‘Murca!

  • lockstress

    Folks of color are ALWAYS being bamboozled to taking the high road. How many people were falsely arrested because of this merry band of idiots.
    So quick to believe it was a black person that did any crime but the caucasian boy was robbing the family.
    Press charges to the full extent of the law on all of em and take the baby for ice cream I say.
    Make the parents accountable then maybe they can start doing their jobs the right way this time around.

  • Mr. Jon

    “May face charges” is code for “This one we’ll let slide…”

  • Between the lines

    I read the story and I am proud of the girl. But I have some issues here in which one: the law was broken by law enforcement. Two: the wording of this article shows covert racism. When you watch the video, the black man had a gun pointed at him, he was cuffed and brought in for questioning. That is not standard practice and it is illegal. He was only a suspect and he was not dangerous. No weapons were reported as used during the robbery… Law enforcement should have asked him in for questioning without such force. he was a suspect. Big question…if he were white would that have happened with the same force? You think the babysitter had a gin pointed at her while she was being cuffed? Or any of her accomplices had a gun pointed at them?
    Covert racism. Here is an excerpt: “It’s no secret that “blame the black man” is a time honored tradition in America. And since there is still so much fear and suspicion that lingers when it comes to black men, it’s proven quite effective, even today, when you want to pin a crime on someone.” With lines like “time honored tradition in America,” “still much fear and suspicion that lingers when it comes to black men.” This is not news reporting. This piece shows opinion and bias, not just reporting a story, but we get to learn a lot about the author here. Covert racism is the worst kind.

  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    I’m glad the little girl spoke up, but this is no “feel good” story. The cops surrounded the neighbor’s house and could have killed him. The babysitter and her bf are disgusting people to need to be shunned by society.

  • Big Buck

    why is it that when white people do anything against us we have to be the bigger person he should sue that lying lil thing five hours being interrogated by the police is not a joyus experience for black men i dont know how it is for white people but i can asure you they treated him like he killed somebody all because white girls can destroy peoples lives and never be held accountable it was malicious what she did and felt like because of society she would be able to get away with telling the lie nobody involved is going to jail maybe probation but certainly not jail time a slap on the wrist and not a very hard slap this world is so f^^^^d up…

    • Timothy Rigney

      I’d love to know what the end game would have been if the little girl *hadn’t* spoken up.

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    If this child couldn’t speak, Cody’s life would have been ruined for ever! #JesusFixedIt

  • SadforDad

    That father was (1) humiliated and (2) faced the chance of being put in jail for years. He was the real victim of her recklessness. I but she didn’t even consider what would happen to him and his family if she put the blame on him.

    • Timothy Rigney

      Sadly, I think she probably did.

  • Ignatz

    How come the article doesn’t mention that the cops sent a SWAT team to arrest a guy. Accused of burglary by a baby sitter, and they send snipers.

    Nothing excessive about that, no sir.

  • SuperTrooper1420

    The beauty of kids is that generally, they are very direct and matter of fact about things. She stated everything so plainly, lol. I am glad the babysitter was exposed. I mean can black folks NOT get blamed for stuff? Sheesh.

  • meallday

    Mom: “Why would she involve the children?” – SAY WHAT! Thant is not the issue….Why would she involve black people or EVEN her NEIGHBOR in general. SMH!

    • Timothy Rigney

      Gotta remember they woke up the Momma Bear. This is *HER* kid that was dragged into this.

  • OfficerFriendly?

    How about the police doing a better job before they go handcuffing and interrogating somebody!!!! The police just believed her story without question.

  • Dude Manly

    how is this news-worthy?

    • David

      How is your definition of “news worthy” ascribed to all of us? You’d probably prefer an article about LeBron or another one about Congress angry about everything.

  • Genesis Kravitz

    That 4 year old is so smart! I wish her all the best!

  • FromUR2UB

    Woooow. She went as far as to implicate a real person…her employer’s neighbor!! Since she had no regard for this man’s life, she deserves to go to prison…find out what she was about to put him through. And, it’s good she’ll be convicted felon when she gets out.

    • Mr. Jon

      Under the code of white supremacy the police department will protect her. Unwritten white supremacist rule #1… always look after your own.

    • Timothy Rigney

      She’ll “find Jesus” there.

  • KT

    This story and other things in this world (Trayvon, Obama having to show his “papers,” 911 dispatchers reporting their racist thoughts, etc) only confirms to be that most black people in America are just seconds away from jail, prison, and being forced to prove your God given rights as a US citizen due most in part to racism, stereotypes, scapegoating, and just out right hate.

  • Define2

    If someone lied on me, caused me to get arrested and traumatized and embarrassed myself and my family they would most definitely have to pay me something…if not for the child he would have been jailed.

  • kingjames2boston

    eff the police all day erry day

  • Pam_L

    So typical of one of them to ‘play the race card’ when it suits them. That poor man should sue that lying, ratchet white witch for everyting she owns, and that’s probably not much if she and her buddies were trifiling enough to steal a 4 year-olds kitty bank and iPod.

    • KT

      Ikr… Smdh already on a Tuesday when it’s 80 degrees.

  • Tricia

    If anybody should be sued it’s the police department. 5 hours of questioning a man that lived right next door. And in the 5 hours I’m sure the man not only denied having been a part of the robbery but probably had an alibi. The police should have had the brains to question why a man living next door would rob a house while anyone was at home rather than casing the house and waiting for everyone to leave. The whole thing makes no sense. And finally a little white girls word saves the day. Only in Amerikkka.

    • Manny Bruce

      Maybe the Police believed that the neighbor thought he could get away with the crime by walking into the house backwards but failed to factor in the babysitter recognizing the back of his head. Lol
      Sometimes you have to laugh in order to keep from crying.

  • Desi K. Robinson

    Of the charges the babysitter will face, none of them were reckless endangerment, or accomplice to murder for putting that neighbor at risk of being made into Swiss cheese with that sniper clearly aimed at him in front of his own home … smdh …

  • Kevin T

    Cody should have asked the police are they detaining him, if not I have nothing to say without a lawyer. To be handcuffed for hours for something you had absolutyley nothing to do with is criminal. It’s clear the police assumed (reasonable suspicion was that he was black) that he committed the crime, without properly questioning the real culprits, who probably looked like them. It’s one thing to question, but it’s another thing to be handcuffed for hours—it’s usually a scare tactic used on innocent minorities, as seen here, ugh. He should still file a compliant or talk to a lawyer about how to proceed. Racism is alive and well…

    • BobbyJimmyThomas

      guess you’re not black.

  • nss

    I’m so glad that little girl wasn’t scared to tell the truth.

  • Charles Seay

    The man accused can’t be serious when he says that he doesn’t “… think she realizes the dangerous position that it put …him and what it would have done or something hing to that effect. Of course she knew and that’s why she actually said you did it bro. and why she gave them your description. The babysitter said it was the neighbor next door.

  • KT

    The babysitter should be charged with child endangerment. She had her friends robbing the home while the girl was present….. smh. Let us do that. That child and our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and unborn children would be placed in social services….

  • cubanflowers

    another Delilah with a cry wolf tale……

    since these chicks landed on plymouth rock….

    they have been blaming the brown… red and especially the black man…

    for the crimes committed by the pink man…

    praise father God that the baby show signs of breaking the cycle of lies…

    there is hope for delilahs yet… with this new generation…..

    be blessed.

    • Emsy

      Dnt get too hopeful yet. She is still pretty young and has not been taught about the racist lines of differentiation

      • cubanflowers


        be blessed

  • Ty Blackmalemisunderstood Simm

    U question the brotha for 5hrs, undoubtedly trying to make him confess to something he didn’t do, but when u found out they weren’t black, the questioning took 30mins!! Y were ALL angles explored first!!!

    • KT

      Handcuffing the black neighbor without evidence. Just the eye witness account of a lying racist dumb babysitter.

  • chamoola

    The story happened in Washington state. Where are you guys getting Milwaukee from???

  • gg

    The child appears to be smarter than the babysitter.

  • coolyfett

    hard sigh……this really hurts to read.

  • Craig Short

    This lady is raising her baby girl right.

  • Playa_of_the_Year

    Blaming a black man, in this post racial country? I’m shocked

  • BlkInMass

    That Abby is truly a “Super Hero” I love this Lil Lady!!


    the babysitter & her accomplices MAY face charges?! TYPICAL

    • Mr. Jon

      I read that as “may not face charges”

  • John

    When I see the “get out of the house” part the lights and sirens go off. So you go to the nearest person and call 911 and the police will arrive in no time. Too easy. Based on that statement alone the police should have grilled the babysitter right away. I wonder at what point was 911 dialed. So much of this story was not told here. The young criminals get an “F”, the police get a “B-“, and baby girl gets an “A”.

  • Wow. If this was 1935, black dude would have been hung before that child would make any statement of innocence. Even if she did make her statement in time, he still would have been hung. This case proves, we’ve come a long way, but not far enough.

  • GeDon Davis

    That filthy young woman. This bothers my very soul. Tis a shame that babies seem to be the only ones of pure truth and innocence.

  • JanetMermaid

    Racism is alive and well in this country.

  • Cara

    Aww kids and drunks always tell the truth!! Im glad that babysitter got busted and she should have some kind of legal action taken againist her 17 or not. She was there to do a service for the family and then to have her friends come in and take stuff…smh

  • Elle

    MadameNoire, can you please provide accurate “news” articles? This incident happened in Washington state, not Milwaukee. My respect for this site continues to go down. Nonetheless, the actions of the babysitter were inexcusable no matter the location. Another sad reminder of the world that we function in.

    • jrmint

      My article says Washington…I don’t know where everyone is getting Milwaukee from?!

      • Glim

        Clearly you came on after it was editted. That is, after the corrections were made by MN.

  • Britney Robinson

    Why did the police even question him and handcuff him? There was no real evidence. And why would he steal from people next door, that would be a stupid move. Shows the police were the true racist in the story. If I was the guy I would sue to police station. If he had accused his white neighbor of stealing they would have just questioned him not handcuffed him.

    • Jasmine


    • Britney Robinson

      Another thing what would have happened if the little girl hadn’t seen the robbers? An innocent man might have gone to jail. Scary to think about.

      • red

        I also agree

      • Mr. Jon

        Exactly. Then they complain that black people have such high prison rates, when things like this happen all the time.

        • gemjunior

          All the time. Probably more than half the black men in prison are not even guilty, right?

    • Gigi Sev

      I would sue the police for the way they handled the situation and I would sue the girl for her involvement

    • Red

      I agree…

    • coolyfett

      Britney welcome to our world…..

      • Britney Robinson

        Black man’s world?

        • coolyfett

          Kinda sorta….they try to kill us off or lock us up in our youth, but then try to disregard us in our mature years.

    • fhsmct

      If she said it looked like the neighbor, that’s all the police need to suspect him.

      My next door neighbors’ son and nephew once broke into and robbed my home.

      Stupid move?

      Yes, but it actually happened.

      A block away, another neighbor’s television and valuables were stolen, during a break in by, you guessed it: the kids next door to her! . . .

      • Britney Robinson

        Hmmm I wonder what the key words in that is. OH yeah KIDS. KIDS are stupid, but a grown man who owns a house or is renting from one in a middle class neighborhood knows not to steal next door. Yes dumb kids like hmmmm the ones who actually stole from the house do things like that.

        • fhsmct

          Not really: another friend and his wife, also living here (Prince Georges Cty, MD) had their $600,000+ home broken into by grown men (eventually caught) who lived in the same community.
          I’m not justifying what the cops did, just that, even these days, when someone says “the Black guy did it”, cops jump to conclusions (just ask Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr!) . . . . .

          • Britney Robinson

            Grown men as in college students? Grown men as in relatives of the people who owned the house? I mean there is more to the story. Either tell all the facts or don’t tell the story. Community as in Community or neighborhood because I think you meant neighborhood.

            • fhsmct

              My neighborhood is an key component of my community!.

              And, I mean grown @$$ men!

              Getting back to the story: the fact remains that, if a finger is pointed saying “the Black person did it”, nothing short of irrefutable evidence is going to take the spotlight off of the accused. Lionel Jeter, the case oin Boston where the man shot and killed his preg wife, falsely claimed the assailants were Black and the police went on a detention tirade,the recently settled case in NYC where that group of Blacks were falsely accuesed the examples, unfortunately are unending.

              Pull up any of Leonard Pitts, Jrs editorials about the police harrassment his sons and others have experienced “just because”. . .

              • Britney Robinson

                Yes but you still haven’t explained who they were. Were they home owners?

                • fhsmct


                  • Britney Robinson

                    And they were apart of the neighborhood not the community? That story sounds fishy. I mean why would people in a half a million dollar neighborhood steal things? Was there a personal reason behind it? That sounds personal.

                    • fhsmct

                      Why do upper middle class women steal when they clearly have the resources?
                      Who knows WHY people do stupid things but, the fact remains, they do! . . .

                    • Britney Robinson

                      That has been proven that they do it as a cry for help they are miserable it is psychological they steal while people are around. But two people burglarizing from the neighborhood they live in sounds personal not mental.

                    • fhsmct

                      Im no psychologist nor psychiatrist so I can’t begin to explain nor justify why they nor others do what they do . . .

                    • Britney Robinson

                      Once again this is facts, obviously you don’t know all the story also you confuse neighborhood and community so that is a big hole in your story. I could believe someone stole from a community but in their own neighborhood not adding up unless like I said it was personal not for gain.

              • Britney Robinson

                You must live in a ritzy ditzy place because generally they are separate. You live in a neighborhood within a community they generally are not the same.

            • fhsmct

              You’re a relatively young person: I sincerely hope you never have any of the experiences some of us have had with the folks in Blue . . .

              • Britney Robinson

                I don’t get this comment it is deterring from my real point and questions. I KNOW black people are easy targets but my point is the police in the situation are wrong. It was NOT likely he would have robbed the home next door. I mean serial killers can be black but the average is a white male in the late 20s early 40s. So this is statistical, statistically a person isn’t going to rob next door, unless they are kids.

                • fhsmct

                  I never said the police weren’t!
                  And, in this instance, statistics are far too often irrevelent:
                  Prime examples:
                  The average shoplifter is an upper middleclass, middle age or older white woman but whom do police and store detectives target? Black folks.
                  The average hard drug user is a white person but whom do the police target? Black folks
                  And, former mandatory sentencing guidelines aside who gets tougher, longer sentencing for the same offence: Black folks.

                  • Britney Robinson

                    What does that have to do with anything. I know those facts already. My point was not that it doesn’t happen just statistically it made no sense and the police had to be racist.

                    • fhsmct

                      Racist police?
                      Naaaaaaaaw; why surely you jest?!
                      The next time a police officer tails me as a drivea around, I’ll have to remember that . . .

                    • Britney Robinson

                      You are deterring fro the point and throwing up nothing in my face. Just dribble.

                    • fhsmct

                      Next time I’m pulled over “just because” (which has happened to me more than once), I’ll have to remember “it’s dribble”.
                      I’m an college educated, former military officer, working as an Operations Duty Manager at a major airport so I serious doubt I fit the profile of a suspect.
                      Again, I seriously hope and pray you never have these type experiences but they do happen to far too many of “us”
                      Another prime example: ask actor Lavar Burton . . .

                    • Britney Robinson

                      OMG YOU ARE TWISTING EVERYTHINg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You saying the things you are saying to me is dribble because it isn’t what I am talking about and because I already know the facts, you aren’t telling me anything new. I am black you judgmental blank oooh you make me want to curse!!!!!

      • Tricia

        Even the kids knew not to break in while anyone was actually home. A person breaking in while someone is home usually ends very badly. Assault, kidnapping, rape and even murder are usually the motives in those cases. “Get out we’re going to rob you” has never and will never happen.

    • Guest


      no one burglarises the home NEXT DOOR ; they go to different section of town or a new town altogether and cops know this very well that he would be a very UNLIKELY suspect in this case

      • fhsmct

        Tell that to the guy, in this article, who was cuffed, detained and interogated for hours! . . .

        • Manny Bruce

          Sir , you just allowed your self to get hooked into a pointless discussion. You and I knows that criminals do not dertimine the crimes that they will commit based on geographical distances but instead on opportunities. If roommates steals from other roommates and they live in the same apartment then why can’t a person steal from a neighbor. By the way, ALL crimes are psychologically driven regardless the reason and ALL crimes are personal to the victim or victims. With that said , the police only had her statement with out the evidence to support it.

          • fhsmct

            ; – )

    • Mr. Jon

      When you are black the burden of proof falls on you automatically.

    • blah82

      Exactly…. He was handcuffed and questioned as if they were going on strong evidence. Anyone else would have simply been questioned. This is illegal detainment.

  • PattyCakss

    “The babysitter and her two accomplices were arrested and may face robbery, burglary and perjury charges.”……..MAY face charges. They should have been charged instantly, what in the.. sigh. The police were more than happy to arrest this black male without concrete evidence, but these white guaranteed criminals may not be penalized.

    • Yes. That word “MAY” got underneath my skin really bad. All it took was a the phrase, “The home was burglarized by two black men and one of them LOOKED like the next door neighbor.” That was enough for them to get this man out of his home and cuff him. I responded to someone else’s comment on another article about black men taking responsibility and accountability whether they want to or not. This is a prime example. Great observation, Adriam80.

    • Manny Bruce

      LOL!! With the arrest of the black neighbor they had already called ahead with his measurements for his prison uniform and had a reserved card with his name placed on a top bunk . Most lickley the white female babysitter’s parents will soften the hearts of the victims to not to press forward with imprisonment, but for the black neighbor who they probably knew and interacted with would have received no such mercy. The black neighbor : ” What the F**k John ! Our families just played Monopoly together last night !!!! “.

      • Manny Bruce

        Oh , and did you catch that the black neighbor stated that he saw POLICE SNIPERS by the tree. They had already judged him guilty and were ready to execute him. If the Police had killed this man the child’s statement would have been hidden or changed..

    • Roval

      Read it as: the charges against the suspects weren’t finalized at the time of the news report… I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna be let go after leading the police on for 5 hours.

    • Kelley

      Don’t expect all the details or accurate details from an article you read on the internet. Could be that they have every intention of charging them but have not decided on exactly what those charges will be. There is also the interpretation factor where the author may have miss interpreted some of the statements or facts.

  • Lee Lee

    Tell the truth, Shame the devil…

  • Carol Hairston

    Out of the mouth of babes!!! Lies will always be found out!!

  • Adriam80

    I’m glad the little girl spoke the truth, but this happened in Whatcom County, Washington. Just to be clear, as it is on the link provided.

    • vwells1

      You’re right. Thanks for that.

  • Arii

    This is a smart little girl! I hope she lives up to her full potential in life.

  • hollyw

    Look at God?! From the mouth of babes! “They got it back because of me being a superhero. But mostly, I want too be a doctor!” HA! Go on, girl, you can be whatever you wanna be, that’s what you get when you tried to steal her Wii AND her piggy bank smdh! Dummy kids!!

  • Kendra Shavonne Mua

    Awwww. She is a super hero. Nice story.

  • donny j

    See pinks been blaming stuff on us all these years and automatically they blame the next door neighbor. smh

    • az

      Yet Black men still hold white women (and men for that matter) on a pedestal.

      • Mr. Jon

        Every race does, not just black people… It is the effects of living in a white supremacist world. It’s a shame.

  • Shondra Giles

    BUGS BUGS BUGS. My group of children love that book. I’m happy all ended well in favor of everyone that were innocent.

  • bigdede

    My hometown!! I’m so proud right now. This also goes to show that parents are the ones who teach their child to be racist. Thankfully her parents raised her to speak her mind and tell the truth. Milwaukee is one of the most racist, hyper segregated cities in the US. But there are still good people there.

  • Samantha Westby

    Naw….. this isn’t cute. So I’m assuming that the next door neighbor told the cops that he was innocent, attempted to prove his innocence in the time that they had him handcuffed but they ninjas took the word of a four-year-old white girl over a grown black man?


    • PrettyBrownEyes

      Thank you!

    • bigdede

      It’s not that they took the word of a four year old over the Black man’s. The babysitter lied and said it was him. The little girl spoke up and that made the babysitter backtrack. Then after the babysitter admitted she lied is when they released him. Growing up in Milwaukee, I can tell you, the man is thankfully they didn’t shoot him. Milwaukee police LOVE to shoot and beat Black men.

      • York

        It’s not that we don’t understand THAT part of the story. It’s the point that the media will probably sensationalize how “smart” the cute little white girl is for telling the truth while downplaying the fact that they had no concrete proof that the black neighbor did it to begin with. How that look that he has a FOUR YEAR OLD to thank for his freedom lol.

        Anywho, i hope there’s a way he can bring some charges up against her. She needs to learn how others are impacted by her foolishness.

        • mlynnea

          OMG!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!!! This story made me so freaking sick and they’re blowing up the fact that a 4 year old told the truth. I’m glad she did, but the truth is that this man’s life would have been over like plenty of others who didn’t have a little white girl to come to their defense.

      • Mrs.Mason


    • hollyw

      This was obviously an unfortunate racism situation; however, it IS nice to see a white girl with some honesty towards the black man before they turn her racist, as well, ijs lol………j/k.

    • thebayarean


    • MzDiva

      They took the word of the white, 17 year old babysitter over his. He was released once the little girl spoke up and said he wasn’t the right skin color.

    • msyellarose

      The baby told the police the TRUTH. That it was not him who commited the crime and it was the white babysitter that was lying. The police had no reason not to believe a 4 year old who would more likely be telling the truth anyway.

    • daren III


      but theres no racism anymore in the u.s. right?

    • FromUR2UB

      In this case, I’m glad they did.

    • Stanley

      DANG!!! I see why you got all of the likes!

    • Doctor Who????

      The 4 year old was a witness so her word carried more weight.

  • IllyPhilly

    It would be wrong if the Cody sued her and her family. Could he even do that?

    • hollyw

      H*LL YES!!!

    • Mrs.Mason

      He should definitely sue….defamation of character or something…she put his life in jeopardy which could have altered his family situation….I swear these teens need to learn lessons from someone because obviously the parents didn’t teach her nothing!

      • myc

        What would suing her prove? She’s breaking into houses & stealing; that’s a clear indication she & her family have no money/wealth. You can’t get blood from a turnip. It’s Pointless and moreover frivolous. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person.

        • Britney Robinson

          No it isn’t. Rich kids steal. Kids now days do bad stuff because they think it is “cool”.

        • Mrs.Mason

          It is about learning a lesson and being accountable for her actions….she needs to learn that for every action theres a reaction…rather it be good or bad

        • guest

          Once there has been a civil judgment ordered, that debt stays collectable. If she ever goes on to have a job, car, home or any other asset, the judgment can be enforced. She is pretty young, so I like his chances at recovery

        • Nitebug

          I agree. I wouldn’t sue since it was caught in time and he didn’t lose his job and did any prison time. I would make sure the teens do time and cause them all kinds of legal living hell for a while.

        • Jenee

          His reputation was nearly tarnished, and you say, “Be the bigger person”? SMH

        • Rich kids do this stuff all the time. Even if you can’t get monetary damages out of her, getting a judgement would still be worthwhile. Perhaps instead of money, if this kid really has none, she could get extra community service. I would sue.

          • Mrs.Mason

            that is my point exactly…its not about him getting a monetary judgment it is about her learning a valuable lesson….if all they do is give her a slap on the wrist than she really isn’t learning anything ….except that she can do it again and be more planned out…

        • Gimmeabreak78

          I agree that they may never get any money from them if they sued, but such a suit is not frivolous. Frivolous means without merit. Slander is an actionable civil claim. You can’t just tell a lie to damage someone’s reputation. Getting an innocent man handcuffed and questioned for hours is notsomething anyone should just sweep under the rug. Also, since law enforcement is charging her with perjury, best believe that that would strengthen any civil claim the black gentleman would bring forth.

      • rainbow

        I agree, he should make an example out of her. we let things like this go too much.

      • Echo Moon

        robbing the family that your babysitting for, the family that was
        trusting you is bad enough all by itself. lying and blaming it on a
        couple of “black guys” makes it worse. but to say that one of the guys
        looked like the neighbor?? that compounds the guilt.
        and i can understand the desire of wanting to sue. but it might also have the exact opposite effect. it could very well make her even worse. make her bitter and more vindictive.
        i would much rather, instead of “suing”, have her undergo counseling on race relations and the ramification/consequences of racial stereotyping.

        • Mr. Jon

          “Make it worse?” I swear sometimes the buck-dancing really bothers me…

          She needs to be punished for what she did… This “turn the other cheek” thing is not what it’s about. You think she’s going to undergo some sensitivity training and become a saint?

          • Annalytical

            Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. Take her privileged butt to court and let THAT be a lesson to her and other bratty kids like her that think people are pawns to toy with for their amusement.

        • Mrs.Mason

          which is basically letting her know that she can do and say anything and get a slap on the wrist…counseling is for people that need help with a situation…she blatantly LIED to the cops…last time I checked that is a crime so she should be punished for it

      • razor

        I agree with everything you’re saying except that her parents didn’t teach her anything. Her parents could have done a wonderful job at teaching her that doesn’t mean she learned anything.

    • AuroraBird

      The babysitter’s family, you mean. Right?

    • MzDiva

      Why would it be wrong? I don’t know if he would be successful in suing Abby’s parents, but he certainly can sue the 17 year old babysitter and her parents.

      • Echo Moon

        why in heck would he sue abby’s parents??? on what grounds? they didn’t do anything wrong. they didn’t accuse him of anything….

    • unigirl

      The babysitter is 17. And her parents are not responsible unless they were neglectful in any way. Also, they probably dont have money.

      • msyellarose

        In this case, it is most likely not about the money, but the principle. The neighbor is correct in that this girl could have caused major problems for him and his family. People must learn to not be so quick to lie or pass judgement.

        • blahahahahahaha

          I’m pretty sure the whole possibility and very likely out come of prison time is what is supposed to learn them their lesson, there is no reason for him to also sue them.

      • Joe Neckbone

        Absolutely NOT TRUE! BECAUSE she is 17, her parents are absloutely responsible; also, because she’s old enough to work (and thus know better), she is responsible for her actions. She thought about it (Mens Raes), then she did the crime (Actus Raes). He most likely can’t sue the police, because they were doing their job – he was accused, and they arrested then questioned him, but when the facts were revealed, they let him go. He can definitely sue her, her boyfriend and their families. It will also teach them (and others who think like them) to stop this racial BS!!!

        • rarahan

          i absolutely agree. I am so sick of these kids getting away with things like this. this could have been so much worse had it not been for this little girl. he could of loss his whole life all because of a lie. sadly this happens all the time.”blame the black man” she needs to be imprisoned. the very thing they were trying to have done to him should be done to her.

    • Lawman101

      I don’t think it would be possible to sue her. I mean, he could sue for defamation or something like that, but his reputation was not harmed. This is coming from an attorney with 35 years experience.
      He can sue, but more than likely the case would be thrown out before it was seen in court.

    • That’s My Story

      Hope he does sue!! But me may have to wait until she is an adult. Statute if limitations may run it’s course in that time frame.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      He absolutely could. I hope he does. This is despicable. If not for the child, he’d be up the river and headed for serious jail time.

      • blahahahahhhaha

        that’s why they are facing charges of purger…to sue would be a waste of time, money, and done out of nothing but spite and vengeance.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          I prefer to call it legal recourse.

        • Mrs.Mason

          making a false claim is illegal and a crime so not a waste of time or money specifically since this little girl spoke up … people need to stop trying to let this go…this is something that continues to happen to black people everywhere ….so sad and pathetic that no one wants to see charges to the teen but they want her to do counseling! SMH