“I’m Finally Going To Have A Voice:” Tameka Raymond Talks “Atlanta Exes” And New Business Ventures

June 23, 2014  |  

Plenty of people have opinions about Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond –based partially on news reports and mostly on gossip — but few have actually taken the time to speak with the veteran stylist to form a developed opinion. Thankfully, we can say we don’t fall into that category as we had the chance to chat with the star of the upcoming reality show “Atlanta Exes” this morning and she didn’t hesitate to speak on all the misconceptions about her — and how she plans to use her platform to correct some of those — as well as how she’s expanding her brand with the newly launched fashion and travel site, StyleWhim.com, and raising awareness for Kile’s World, the foundation created in memory of her deceased son, Kile. Check out the Q&A and all she had to say.

Why did you launch StyleWhim.com?

“I’ve worked in fashion for nearly 20 years, having been a stylist, and I have the show coming out in August so I wanted to capitalize on the fact that I’m finally going to have a voice and a platform. I’m hoping that people will get a better understanding of who I am and what I’m about, with my opinionated self. There’s been so many misconceptions. I look at my Wikipedia page, which someone created – I don’t know who – and it says I’m a hairstylist; I’ve never done hair. That just shows you how twisted and distorted information can be so I thought that by starting StyleWhim hopefully people will see my views, the stuff I like, and some of my favorite things.

“I called [the site] StyleWhim because I do a lot of things on the whim. I’m as spontaneous as they come; you probably won’t meet another person who will decide to take a trip or buy something kind of just as a fluke [like me] so that’s where the name came from. And it’s also a play on the word whimsical.”

What was your reaction to being asked to join “Atlanta Exes”?

“Initially I said no. I was asked to do ‘Hollywood Exes’ but because I don’t live in LA anymore, I didn’t want to put on a façade that I lived in Los Angeles when I don’t so [producers] asked me if they were to bring it to Atlanta would I be a part of it and I agreed.”

How was the experience filming?

“It went well. Of course we had moments where it was trying. You’re dealing with women and different personalities so you’re going to have your occasional spat here and there, but that’s how it is in life. You’re not going to hang out with a couple of girls for months on end and not have disagreements. That’s not even realistic.”

Is there any truth to rumors that you quit the show?

“I definitely contemplated quitting the show. I never did quit, but I did think about it. I got mad and at the end of the day I don’t want to be involved with asinine or petty arguments, he say-she say, and that kind of stuff. If it seems like we’re having debates over foolishness or something seems silly I try to run from it.”

Will we see your kids on the show at all?

“I did film with my oldest son. I’m not sure what they’re going to use, but I did not film with my babies. Maybe next season, you never know. We’ll see if it the show goes on and what it’s going to be about first.”

Are you nervous about how audiences might perceive you based on the show?

“I’m more nervous about how I’ve heard editing can go. You can make a face in one scene and it be applied to something totally different. You can be injected into a scene that you weren’t even at so I am nervous about the editing process, but I do trust out producers from what they told us the show is supposed to be about. I’m hopeful it will go as planned.”

How does Usher feel about you participating in the show?

“He’s supportive. He didn’t say anything negative about it. He didn’t say anything that I know of. He didn’t say that he didn’t want me to do it – not that he could – but I’d like to think he’s supportive of it.”

How is your relationship with Usher now?

“We’re fine.”

What other projects are you working on?

“I’m working feverishly on my Kile’s World Foundation. We have a camp going July 7-25 at the New North Atlanta High School which is really state of the art, modern and fly. It’s a performing arts camp. We focus on teaching kids and giving them exposure to dance and theater and chorus and painting, and honing in on their talents.

“We’re still in the process of enrolling kids. I would like for it to be 50 kids total so we can give them the attention they need. I would love to have a lot of inner city children. My son Kile had a lot of access to everything, as far as gadgets, and he was really technologically inclined, but some kids just don’t have that access or anyone to support them or motivate them. Last year we made breakthroughs with so many kids. They came to our camp shy and they didn’t want to talk, but they left dancing. It was amazing. Parents were crying they were so happy.

“Our ultimate goal with Kile’s world is to open a performing arts school in his name. We’re trying to spread awareness. Arts are the first thing to go in most school programs and we want to open a school that requires a high GPA but will also support the arts as well.”

How did you feel when Beyonce shouted out Kile’s World on her Tumblr page?

“That made me so happy. He was a huge fan. Beyonce was someone Kile adored. She met him a couple of times at shows and at the first inauguration of President Obama. He loved her and she loved him back. She would always ask, ‘Where’s my baby?’ ‘Where’s my boy?’”

To donate to Kile’s World Foundation and check out their events, visit KilesWorldFoundation.org.


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  • Mrs.Mason

    im interested to see her on the show as well….not sure of who else is on it but her story does need to be heard from her mouth only….

  • oj9561

    WHO GIVES A DUCK ??????????

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  • onya

    How much surgery did she have,ilk..Usher could careless about anything she does,as king as it don’t involve

    • Ummm Getright

      You are a trolling person. Let the women move on with her life. Do YOU know Usher personally to know how he feels… I’ll wait. She has joint custody of lil Usher and Navid with usher having primary custody. Which is not right as there is no proof of her being a bad mom. She taught Usher how to take care of baby and change a diper during their marriage considering she has 3 kids prior which she still has 50/50 custody of. Stop riding Usher’s D!ck its not a good look on you. And the cherry on the cake. Usher has a mental illness too. He just got his covered up if you watch the footage and read the documentation on Hip Hop Enquirer.( Money truly talks) It reveals all, Usher is not that greatest of a character, especially if your are going to take her children away while she had another dying in hospital.

      • Ummm Getright

        Spell check “you’re”

      • onya

        STFU its a discussion blawg I dont have to feel sorry for anybody she can move on if she want and Im entitled to say what I want who cares about her issues maybe she need to stay off the blawgs and raise her kids she wouldn’t be judged and Usher as stated he doesn’t care as long as his kids are not involved check people mag..you trolling following my comment..go eat schit..

  • Meelah

    Nobody gives a rats a$$ about Tamonkey,her voice or anything she doing..please stop trying to make her famous..how long is she gonna ride Usher coattail.. Why do she want to be famous for being Usher biggest mistake and regret let it go..

    • Ummm Getright

      You should feel shame in what you typed. You behave as if she put a gun to his head to get with her… Ummmm No. She barely spoke on Usher in the interview and kept it short and simple when the interviewer asked the questions. Which by the way she has no control over. TeamUsher is not everything and if you are going to get insulting it shows where your head is. And by the looks of how you are insulting a person you don’t even know… it’s in the gutter. U got it bad… Deal with it.

      • onya

        You trolling that bad are you sucking Tamonkey nuts..or that right nobody likes you this Tameka

  • lockstress

    She should have used her voice to yell at the stylist that put her in that ugly outfit for this picture. Not cute Tameka…I’ve seen you in better.

    • corazon

      perhaps she styled herself ,she did say she is a stylist

      • lockstress

        I get that. But just because she is a stylist doesn’t mean she actually styled herself. The outfit is very unflattering. She has a beautiful body, gives great face and none of that is featured in this picture.

  • Kambriel

    My opinion of her will always be “She is the woman who married the man who should have been my husband” nothing against her but I had crushed on Usher since I was 15 and he went and married her, he’s not even attractive to me now. guess I grew up.

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