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Sanaa Lathan recently found a stalker sleeping in her house claiming to be her husband and she’s not the only one dealing with a fanatic. These celebrities have been followed, accosted and almost killed by these super fans gone crazy. Check out this list of the craziest celebrity stalkers.

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Wendy Williams’ Future Protege

How far would you go to get put on? One Wendy Show fan has been showing up to the set almost daily to demand to see Wendy. So far the cops don’t know if he’s a deranged super fan or a man determined to get a Wendy Williams professional hookup. Either way, they’re understandably concerned.

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Jennifer Aniston

Having a favorite Starbucks can be a dangerous habit for an A-List celebrity. Twenty-four-year-old Jason Peyton was arrested by police while waiting near one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite spot with a sharp object, a roll of ducttape and a bunch of crazy messages about how much he loves Jennifer. Luckily he was arrested before he could do any real harm.

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Sanaa Lathan’s “Husband”

Did Sanaa get married without letting anyone know?

That’s what 28-year-old Shawn Caples said when he was found sleeping in Sanaa Lathan’s laundry room claiming to be her husband.

Sanaa actually had to hide in her own home the next two times he showed up.

Thankfully he’s been arrested and ordered to keep his distance.

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Conan O’Brian

Conan was stalked by a priest! Reverend David Ajemian sent Conan tons of letters and DVDs before trying to force his way into a taping in 2007.

Ajemian says he was just trying to get into the priest-comedy game and thought Conan could help him out.

Unfortunately for Ajemian, that’s not a thing and he was stripped of his priestly position after his arrest.

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Jodie Foster

What’s crazier than a priest? How about a presidential assasin? When Jodie Foster joined Yale in 1980, her stalker, John Hinckley, Jr., enrolled just to be close to her.

He wrote Jodie dozens of letters and then shot President Ronald Reagan because he thought it would make her happy.

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Taylor Swift’s Assassin

Taylor Swift just got a restraining order against her own stalker, assassin Timothy Sweet.

He didn’t enroll in Yale, but he has been calling Taylor his wife, sending her tons of letters and threatening to kill anyone who stands in their way including Secretary of State John Kerry (for some reason).

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Serena Williams’ Twitter Terrorist

We’ve been trying to tell ya’ll about live tweeting your location. That’s the way Serena’s stalker Patenema Ouedraogo kept up with her whereabouts and followed her everywhere.

Finally he was caught trying to break into her house to confess his love…and do god knows what else. Luckily for Serena, she wasn’t home at the time.

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Miley Cyrus’ Die Hard Fan

Miley has been stalked for years by a man named Devon Meeks. And he’s just as crazy as he is dangerous: he says that he can hear Miley flirting with him through the radio. And when cops apprehended him in front of her home, he said they might as well shoot him in the head because he’d rather die than be without Miley.

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Sandra Bullock’s Gun Nut

Sandra Bullock came dangerously close to being a victim of gun violence earlier this month, when Joshua Corbett broke into her home. He hung out for over an hour before he was arrested but luckily Sandra wasn’t home. But when the cops arrested him, they found a gun on him and an arsenal’s worth back at his house.

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Rihanna’s Home Inhabitant

When your Rihanna famous, even your home isn’t a safe place. Jonathan Whooper showed up at Rihanna’s rented house on the regular and believed he was her husband. The judge granted her a restraining order, but we don’t know how well the mentally unstable follow those.


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Ahsanti’s Peen Picturer

Ashanti’s stalker Devar Hurd really loves showing Ashanti his junk.

He texted so many cell phone pics to Ashanti, her mom and her mother that he was arrested in 2010.

As soon as he got out, he jumped on Twitter to Tweet hundreds of the filthy pics to Ashanti’s family. Naturally he’s headed right back to jail.

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Madonna’s Gun Shot Victim

Madonna hasn’t had any stalkers — since her bodyguards shot one back in 1995. Robert D. Hoskins was trying to climb the fence on Madonna’s property to tell her that if he couldn’t have her he would “slice her throat from ear to ear.” He did a 10-year prison sentence and hasn’t been heard from since.

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Beyonce’s Worldwide Stalker

Beyonce’s British stalker Bassey Essien handed her what she thought were fan letters.

Turns out, they were full of crazy rantings which claimed that Beyonce was an imposter who had murdered the real Beyoncé.


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Gayle King

Gayle’s stalker thought she could connect him to Oprah.

He broke into her Greenwich, Connecticut home and tried to force her to share his political ramblings Oprah.

Thankfully, he was arrested and Gayle was safe.

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Halle Berry’s Super Smart Stalker

Halle Berry’s Stalker had been hanging out inside her house for days until he was noticed.

Then Halle beefed up security and they caught him scaling the walls to spend another day in her house.

In his pockets, they found spy-level detailed notes on how he got in and out unnoticed — even when Halle was home.

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