Syleena Johnson Tries To Explain Her Blue Ivy Comments As India Arie Slams Her And Others For Criticizing A Child’s Hair

June 16, 2014  |  

On the red carpet for Think Like A Man Too (the same red carpet where Kevin Hart discussed his issues with Torrei at), Bossip talked to Syleena Johnson about the controversy she caused when she decided to crack jokes about Blue Ivy’s hair, jokes that referenced ODB and Terence Trent D’Arby of all people. The BeyHive came after her pretty intense, and in turn, she basically laughed off the attacks. But when speaking to Bossip, she let them know she’s actually a big Beyoncé fan and thinks Blue Ivy is adorable…but she still took a few joke jabs here and there:

“Oh God…They brought up a picture of the girl’s hair. Her hair was off the chain. But she is the cutest, most adorable baby…So I’m like, okay, they didn’t comb her hair today. But I’m just jokes. In real life, I’m a Beyoncé stan. I love Beyoncé. And her daughter is too cute. The people on Twitter? I can’t do the computer thugs, but I was told about them because I didn’t really get to see them, because my sister sometimes runs my Twitter account because I was getting ready for this. But you know how they do, girl. You could be like, Beyoncé had a booger on her arm and they’d be like, ‘You don’t worry about her boogers! Don’t talk about her boogers! [laughs]’ They be going in. But no, we love–Me, Tamar and Keke, we love Beyoncé, we love her baby…but the girl’s hair wasn’t combed. And you know what, a lot of our babies’ hair don’t be combed. We just caught hers.”

But someone who isn’t laughing is India Arie. The “I Am Not My Hair” singer took to social media to say that people are going way too far:

Why does ANYone get the idea that its ok to make fun of a child?

In public no less?

This celebrity culture that hypnotizes people into thinking a person is LITERALLY NOT REAL because you see them on television is a spell the watcher HIM or HER SELF MUST BREAK.

Blue Ivy — is a CHILD.

and ANYONE thinking to themselves right now:

“But she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth so what does it matter what I say”

Denying ANY PERSON their humanity , is a GAME we should ALL stop playing.


Because it’s the kind of PERSON YOU WANT TO BE.

Why NOT be a person who is loving towards human kind as a whole AND people as individuals?
WHY NOT be a person protects the hearts of children?

I think! all these people making negative comments would feel the SAME WAY if Blue Ivy’s hair were TOO DONE. If she had a relaxer, of Hair pulled too tight at the edges.

being gentle with a child’s hair is simply appropriate – this goes the same for ALL children.

come ya’ll Lol

Were ARE better than this.

Check out Syleena’s comments in full below, and let us know what you think of what both women had to say.

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  • Lacey Dadrey

    Selena is wearing someone else’s fake hair on her head. She should be the last one to talk.

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  • KT

    We are the only race on the planet that are never seen as individuals… Smdh all day long.

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  • TruthSpeaks

    Common sense is not teach in high school/college because there are a lot of ignorant people around who graduated from either of them. Common sense come from learning from home life/experiences and observing other people’s lives (and the mistakes they made) as well as owning one’s mistakes and not making excuses. Syleena is a joke, who is she kidding because she’s a fan of Beyoncé she’s saying that she can joke about Blue Ivy’s hair? Please, lady need to sit down in corner some where because for a grown woman, she’s an embarrassment to herself. I’m not even a fan of Beyoncé or Jay-Z but heck, I’ll stick up for their baby girl. I have what I called “funny hair”, could never wear an afro unless I cut it shorter like almost shave down like some black men get their hair cut at any barber shop. When my hair is long, it’s like Blue Ivy, and when I blow dry it many people think I relaxed it. Like Syleena, they wouldn’t know that black people’s hair comes in may different textures. Blue Ivy’s hair looked lovely and just fine and if Beyoncé had relaxed it, all hell would had broke out. Leave Beyoncé alone if she wanted her daughter’s hair to be natural, it’s none of anyone;s damn business……included Syleena Johnson who need to check the rules in the joke book. SMDH

  • Yahya Fleming

    This is how one dreads their child’s hair, naturally. You do not comb it out…it doesn’t mean it isn’t clean nor kept.

  • kita

    All bulls@#$ to the side, most of you are talking like you are standing next to the baby instead of looking at a picture….. With the wonderful world of technology you can make a picture look anyway you want it, stop being so quick judge. P.S., Ill take this any day over breaking you childs neck or issuing a beat down just to put pretty plats and hair bows. A simple wash, grease, and big tooth comb through is good enough if you ask me.

  • Melanie Draughon

    So glad that someone is speaking up. Who cares about babies hair, as long as she is being taken care of. These were probably the people who were criticizing Gabby Douglas, while she was flipping and dipping, and bringing home the gold. Folks I’m so ovr it. New Issue PUHLEAZZZZZE

  • kita

    This is so crazy how do you know she did not just wash it grease it and comb it out and leave it alone? Society if so full of people trying to take away the free will that God gives us. Get a life and stop acting as if you are around this lady all day everyday. You are looking at a picture you don’t know if it lent or a glare from the sun, if its matted or curly, hell it could be photo-shopped. I’m sure many of you do things that are not becoming of a lady/mother I would like to see you post your short comings for the world to criticize. When it comes to children we as adults should come up with better ways to constructively criticize.

  • RepublicansSUCKS

    Blue is Beyonce’s child and Bey will do whatever she wants with HER child’s hair.You better believe that little girl is well taken care of and you best believe Bey is using natural products on her without tying it or putting a bunch of garbage whether lotion,pomades,bows or barrettes that makes black little girls heads look like frigging Christmas trees!

    Leave it alone

  • Thank you, finally someone with some sense.

  • For real

    Syleena, why not try wearing your own hair instead of a weave. I can see that your roots are nappy. How does that feel? I am proud of blacks that go natural with their hair, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace your blackness. God made my hair this way and I love it!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    India Arie nailed it. This has gotten way out of control. Some of my people need to stop parading around our self-loathing. Some folk romanticize hair that can be bought and are repulsed by that which naturally grows out of their heads. The worst part is, the women I see criticizing Blue Ivy most harshly haven’t worn their real hair since the Jacksons were on tour. #girlstawp

  • Brittany Nicole

    Ppl are crazy we are not talking about blue…its not like she can comb her hair . …blue can’t even read how is any of this affecting her? it has nothing to do with knowing your heritage! nobody said anything about a perm or a weave we said a COMB! get a grip ….

  • Laya90

    Bye India stop reaching. Worry about your next album being neglected. Its not that deep for an essay. You are blowing up to hard girl bye. Keep it moving Syleena, you don’t need to explain this in every interview

  • Zippy&theCandles

    saw something about blue ivy’s hair on youtube and one chick was saying Beyonce needs to do something about her hair because it “looked poor” and that just saddened me, and made me realise that maybe the natural hair deal is much bigger in america than here, which is just tragic. Natural hair is beautiful when taken care of, and is as God intended, or he wouldn’t have given it to us. The shame is that black people are the first to judge one another

  • Daughter of a King

    Thank you India!

  • Icare

    Indi Arie ain’t never combed her hair and neither has Whoopi. Who wants their child to view unkempt pictures years later and end up in a doctor’s chair with viable proof that the mother looked far better than the child. It can never hurt to groom and oil your child’s hair and teach them and train them to look appropriate at all times. Kudos to those who care enough for Blue to speak out.

  • gn

    Well said, India Arie. Leave the kids out of this stuff.

  • Bridgette Strong

    Taunting a two year old and making jokes about her hair is wrong… PERIOD! Beyonce’s mom Tina is a licensed hair dresser I am sure if Bey wanted her hair laying down it would be no issue. Unfortunately rubber bands and bows and things can break a babies hair off and Blue’s hair looks very soft.. Beyonce is probably trying to make sure its strong enough before adorning the babies head with all the cutesy girl barrettes and things.. LET IT GO!

  • Windows2thesoul

    Black women are about the dumbest creatures on the f’ken planet. There are MORE IMPORTANT things to discuss then hair. A childs hair. Adults hair. You name it. It is sooooo ridiculous. Why don’t you all teach your boys how to be men. Leaders not followers. And waiting for the next hip hop album to drop, the next athlete sneakers to come out, and stop roaming the streets sailing drugs. Teach your girls how to be ladies instead of dropping it like its hot BS. Teach them to pull their pants up. Sign pettions like that and leave this child (and others) ALONE. India Arie is right. you are better then that. But you refuse to show it.

    • Daughter of a King

      Don’t condemn all black women. You agree with India and she is not dumb. Trust me, a lot of us agree with India. Unfortunately, the ignorant individuals are the ones who seem to be the center of every topic practically. I feel your frustration.

  • Guest

    I agree with India, taunting a two year old is wrong. And furthermore Tina Knowles is a licensed hair dresser if Beyonce wanted her hair done otherwise it would be. I’m sure they are aware of hair care regimens… LET IT GO!

  • az

    India’s remarks were too deep for the situation.

  • tanell zaria

    Here’s my opinion. You don’t have to like it. First of all, yes Blue is a baby. She can not tame or take care of her own hair. I feel like her mother whom is all about style, fashion, and beauty should put more effort into combing her daughter’s hair, if not her, then hire someone who can. Natural doesn’t mean “Do not comb”. I am an african american woman who is also natural, but I wash, coindition and comb my hair. And second, as far as people getting their panties in a bunch about people talking about Blue’s hair…they talked about JESUS! Hair is a part of her, IT’s NOT HER. So to me, commenting on her hair, is just that, commenting on her HAIR. It doesn’t take anything away from her cute adorable face, but a comb and maybe a bow every now and then wouldn’t hurt it either. Either way, she’s still an adorable baby.

    Now with all that being said, we have so many homeless, abused, and hungry babies/chidren in this world right now. I wish they would get the attention this article is getting. Yes, I did respond to it, only because everyday I check my yahoo news to find out what’s going on in the world, and this seem to be an ongoing topic. We (including me) need to focus on the real issues…this is really not one of them.

  • Nubi1984 .

    What’s getting me above everything else, is that black people can find the time to come together and actually petition to get somebody’s hair done, but can’t come together and petition on things that really matter like: gun safety, improving public schools, college tuition…I mean there is so much more to talk about and petition about, but we have to use our freedom on hair?!?! Come on now, something’s gotta change…I know we have a better mentality than that after all these years…come on now…let’s not be crabs in a basket here!!!! Personally speaking I know which kind of black people are making such ignorant comments about Blue Ivy’s hair, it’s not all of us, but we all have experienced that one (or several) black person(s) that all they did was talk about somebody’s hair, clothes, etc…that one that lives in the ghetto and whose family is struggling just like yours, but want to throw stones…yeah, you know who you are! This is sickening…moving on…it’s the same o’l, same o’l!

  • Teqi

    People, stop acting like she’s got a natural hair style. It is obviously been untouched. Black women, you know good and well that having your mom/sister/grandma/auntie do your hair was a bonding experience. No one is saying that Blue needs a press & curl or a perm, but some olive oil and a bow could make all the difference and I find it unfair to her that she doesn’t get at least that much.

  • pika12

    I agree with India 100%, well said. Syleena and other cruel baby attacking haters are not worth elaborating on. Let a baby be baby and let her hair remain natural and free! Folks need to mind their own business!

  • kiki j

    I’m with India (for the most part) on this. ONLY THE BLACK COMMUNITY ARE THIS CRITICAL OF OUR OWN PEOPLE ESPECIALLY A CHILD AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. Yes I take this personal. I grew up with a mother who didn’t know what to do with my kinky too short hair and got made fun of at school and by grown family members ALL the time. I grew up hearing stuff like “idk why your mom won’t do your hair”, “she should be ashamed of herself letting you walk around like that.” While they thought they were criticizing my mom they were the reason I had a complex and was frying my hair for years. My point is yes it may offend Beyonce but it will torch this child’s esteem and something like that can take years to recover. People are cruel and don’t know or care how much really affects a child. When Blu is old enough to Google this I pray she has strength to not let it overcome her. BLACK WOMEN STOP TEARING EACH OTHER DOWN. We have enough people doing that to us they don’t need any help with that.

  • sugamorgan

    If more Black women wore their natural hair people would not be surprised by Blue Ivys hair without her weave Beyoncé has nappy hair too.

  • KT

    Johnson needs to attend grades 7-12… Smh…

  • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

    I agree with India. Every thought we think doesn’t have to come out of our mouths. People these days love to kee-kee and I love to laugh too, but some things are out of bounds. Those same folks would be ready to fight if anyone even looked at their child the wrong way. No one is above criticism, but when it comes to children we should be more mindful. Also, a lot of people of color are obsessed with hair and it’s definitely showing in this case.

  • Melissa Carter

    If any of us saw Blue in the grocery store, just a regular unknown person, with her hair all over her head, we would ALL be saying, “Why doesn’t that babies momma do something with her hair before bringing her out like that?” Because, looking an unkempt mess is unacceptable in our society. NO ONE has said give her a relaxer, weave, hot comb treatment or a million little braids with a billion beads. Just COMB it. Sheesh. If we see a little white kid with a rat’s nest on their head, we will ALSO say, her momma needs to comb her hair. It’s not so much about appearance as self care. Would YOU leave the house without at least running a comb or brush through YOUR hair?

    • Me

      What a Negro-pean wrench! Mind your business and leave that baby’s hair alone, go worry about what YOUR kids’ hair be looking like!

    • WiserWords2

      No dear, we wouldn’t all be saying that.

  • Kathryn Lewis

    All that was said, comb her hair. You don’t have to press, perm, braid, twist, just comb it. Natural should be combed.

  • Is Blue Ivy’s hair healthy yes. So all this other ying yang about she needs to comb it is hog wash. Her hair grows out of her scalp like that as long as it is being cared for and not matted, it matters not the actual style. I’ve seen black children rocking weaves which is a crime against humanity. I’ve seen black children as young as her with severely damaged hair either by heat or chemicals. That’s a travesty, or black children’s hair that has been put under so much tension their edges are bald.

  • CAliQueen

    I like Syleena. I just wish she had left the issue alone.

    • Lost Soul

      Me too.

  • Yolanda Hinton

    Right on Indie these.adults r so.ignorant. ..and blak ppl know tht this is the same thing white ppl did to us…but they think this is funny…to do this to a child…..and if it were their xhild and Bey put them on her site and made fun of the kid thwy would want her head…and adults r wondering why kids r committing suicide in our community when we use to never here about this in our community only he white community. Of adults would do this to this child imagine what they r soing to the kids in their communities

  • Come on people

    With the invention of extreme zoom lens on cameras, how do we know that they were or were not in public. I think people forget the power of the paparazzi. They could have taken the picture from 10 miles away.

  • Reallytruly

    This is too damned stupid.

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    Why lol at the end?She is so fake!

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    Blu Ivy’s hair is treated no differently that most kids her age. My kid is around the same age as her. I comb her hair and a few minutes later you’d think I never did ( at least I notice it)… its all a bout the texture. Luckily for me my child has loose girls so people thinks it looks cute. Might point is I dont feel its fair to criticize B and J saying their child’s hair isn’t comb.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    I agree with what India. Arie said, this is a 2 year-old child and a child’s hair must be handled delicately and gentle. People need to leave this baby alone and worry about their own kids and how their hair look like.

    • Yes Blue Ivy already has more and healthier hair than half the people throwing shade up in here.

  • Ms.D19

    I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of either Beyonce or Syleena-but it seems immature to comment on a child’s hair and her apology seemed a little back handed. Oh well-she should have just declined to further comment and let it blow over.

  • bigdede

    Syleena is on a reality show trying to make something of her singing career. The last thing she needs to be doing is dissing a super star singer’s child’s hair. She needs to not be dissing anyone just worry about someone buying her album

  • angela fumi

    When it comes to Beyonce issues, alot of people are so naive and biased. The fact you loved Beyonce doesn’t stops you from saying the truth! Blue Ivy is a cute baby, but her hair needs some combing. Its just an advice to the nanny; because we all know for sure that is the nanny that is taking care of her not her parents!

  • starapple

    Well said, India Arie. We should condemn these attacks on all children, not just the children of the celebrities we “like.” I sincerely hope that had this been an attack on North West, for example, that we would have been just as swift to denounce it.

  • GardenRose

    Some BW have an unhealthy obsession with hair. I really don’t understand all the hoopla and I hate to sound like a separatist but I can guarantee that most of the people that have a problem w/ her hair are Black American.

    • hello

      I agree, it’s black folks, the same that had a problem with Gabrielle Douglas hair. It’s the “oh don’t let them white folks see you like that” mentality as goes with all other things that blacks do that is not in line with the dominant culture. SMH Black folks don’t have a problem when a non-black child’s hair isn’t done…

    • LOL not hardly. I’m in an office full of white women who are just as obsessed with their hair and make sure they get those roots dyed blonde religiously. Where’s the line between “problem” and choosing to style your hair however the h*ll you want? I assure you none of them are natural blondes do they hate their hair because they dye it?

      • Brittany Nicole

        Thank you good grief lol why we always gotta hate our hair just because some may view style differently I personally hate when I have a ponytail and my baby hair isn’t laid lol …(speaking of gabby douglas) i absolutely love my hair tho

        • I didn’t see a blessed thing wrong with Gabby’s hair. I never understood what the hubbub was about in all honesty. She looked athletic and like a gymnast with her hair pulled back and in clips. I’m natural so there won’t be any slicked down baby hair lol but to each their own with styling their hair. Which is the whole point.

          • Brittany Nicole

            There wasnt thats why I never spoke on it when everybody else was going In on her…it was fine to me ppl were just tripping ….I was just speaking on how I like it lol ….baby blue tho ….smh beyonce petty period lol

            • lol. I feel ya. I was like whats the big deal with Gabby’s hair though? My ponytail was looking the same when I ran to the store just the other day. LOL! But she’s a baby (Blue) she don’t need to have her hair fried, dyed, and laid to the side. She’s alright she don’t need to stunt for no paparazzi. lol

      • GardenRose

        Notice the word “some”

        • I guess some white women have an unhealthy obsession with their hair too agreed?

      • WiserWords2

        Some of them may hate their hair color. Keep in mind, we live in a society that values long, blond, straight, shiny hair.

        • So in other words its a social norm for women to want to style their hair, overall, in a fashion that is deemed the most attractive? I thought so, which begs the question of why black women are so denigrated for it.

  • Tee Elyse

    I agree with India… comb your own child’s head and let that rich baby be before her momma buy all the weaves across the US and leave ya’ll with none!!! LOL!!!!

    • WiserWords2

      Now that’s funny!

  • Mimsy

    Is the outrage because Blue Ivy is Beyonce’s baby?? Because ya’ll didn’t mind slaying Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt over Zahara’s nappy dry bush. And yes, Blue’s hair DOES look a mess.. nothing wrong with the baby, but if Beyonce can put on a lacefront in her sleep, then why not take some time with your baby? Or hire a black nanny to do the child’s hair.

    And FYI. If Blue was regular Blue Carter from the neighborhood, these same ‘indignant” folks would be commenting just the same. Get over it and comb the child’s hair.

    • SuperTrooper1420

      Right people talked about that little girl like a dog and nobody defended Angelina … Good point.

    • Jessica

      You mentioned “nappy dry bush” so are you the same person that commented about Don Imus’ “nappy head hoes” and became outrage that a white man dared talk about black hair? Yet, you would be the first to line up at a beauty supply store to buy Indian Remy weave. Sad….self hating and issues with hair.

      • Brittany Nicole

        When your hair is “nappy” it is more so a result of not combing and taking care of it….dry also speaks of the same thing…having thick hair does not equate to naps …period. comb her hair and moisturize ir which is healthiest option for her hair anyway…I have thick hair and I do not wear weaves all the time nor am I shamed of my hair…I dont perm it and I just rocked a fro last week lol however I would NEVER get out the bed and just walk outside period….and beyonce doesn’t look tjat way when she leaves out the house so there is no excuse for her childs head to look like that.

        • Tanycha

          I must admit, my hair gets nappy especially after a workout. The tiny curls will clump together and form a little pea shape. Yes, I said it. Pea shape as in peasy. It’s cool. I take care of my hair, wash it weekly, condition and moisturize it, but it remains nappy. Sometimes, I even rock the peas, but my peasy locks are always moisturized.. In all, I’m happy to be nappy. That’s just me. LOL!

          • Brittany Nicole

            Im not talking about tight coils that may cause friction im talking about not combing your hair in three days matted naps lol ..but esp after a workout thats understandable lol

          • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

            “Nappy” should not be used negatively. The peas are the result of your curly hair “curling.” Why insult your hair or anyone elses for doing what it does naturally? I agree.

        • WiserWords2

          Does Beyonce mind you following her around? You must be, if you know how her child looks each time she walks out of her house.

          • Brittany Nicole

            Obviously Im not,but by my observation (since thats all we have anyway) it looks that way…youre reaching for a point but you dont have one…just like i dont see her every day you dont either so its all based off of our own observations via social media…and btw what i said was beyonce leaves the house put together, so should her child period….and an afro does not equate to disheveled hair.

      • Mimsy

        No Jessica.. I have naturally curly hair, so I don’t buy hair! I love myself and my hair.. If my hair gets dry, it becomes a nappy dry what’s your point

        • What do you mean by naturally curly hair so you don’t buy hair? You mean you have a certain texture of hair that you do not require a weave? Explain because that phrase was real suspect .

      • QS

        Just because all African Americans do not choose to wear their hair in a natural state, does not mean that they suffer from self hatred. They’re many races of people who change the texture, color etc. of their hair, however, we never accused them of possessing self hate. It should not matter how anyone chooses to wear their hair.

        • az

          ***Just because all African Americans do not choose to wear their hair in a natural state, does not mean that they suffer from self hatred.***
          Standing Ovation

          • LUV


      • az

        You missed the point.

    • bigdede

      Exactly! Even when Angelina Jolie put Zahara’s hair in braids, ppl were still making little snide comments. It’s just self hatred. Even when Beyonce put her daughter’s hair in a ponytail, ppl still talked crazy about that! So it doesn’t matter what a person do with their child’s hair, ppl will find something negative to say.

      • Shea

        true, because they put up a pic a couple of days after this all started with her hair up in a little pony/bun (even though it was an older pic) and people were STILL talking about “well that’s not a hair do, that’s just lazy, her kitchen still nappy” etc. I was just like omg some of you people just need to give your opinions and fingers a much needed rest. nobody is ever satisfied with anything

    • Diane Whauloknat Bridges

      Amen! Celebs get free passes for ratchet behavior ??? Gtfoh

    • Yolanda Hinton

      But u actually think its ok to put it on socal media..let you neighbor catch your child out playing in the dirt and post it online and allow the ignorant ppl to destroy a child’s life…wow…these ppl making these ignorant comments must dont have a heart or kids or life is so sad

    • therealnumber1

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • sha

    Either keep your baby out of the public or comb her hair. I dont care who you are, we will say it looks crazy for a baby/toddler not to have their hair combed – black, white, asian, latino, whatever. I have been natural for 5 years and all that let it do what it does, its not good to manipulate the baby’s hair, yada yada yada – GARBAGE. Plain and simple if a childs hair is not combed or neat people will take notice and comment whether you live in the projects or the penthouse. The baby will never read the comments so its not like they are hurting her feelings. The petition is entirely too much of not enough substantial stuff in your life but hey its an opinion, just like @$$holes, everyone has one but we dont have to always see it to know its there. Please stop posting articles about this child’s hair. Its not that serious. They are not royalty – only entertainers. (STANS BACKUP). India Arie should have not commented, it lessens her credibility as a ‘hair/culture activist’ or whatever it is she is standing up for.

    • blacksun7

      Shut the hell up!

      • me

        you shut the hayle up you ugly asz bytch!

        • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow


      • KT


    • hello

      Asian, white, ect. babies hair don’t be combed and there isn’t an uproar about it. I think India Arie commented promotes her ability as a human. LOL

      • me

        when? and who?

    • I’ll Wait

      How do you know the child’s hair wasn’t combed? This is the question all the Blue Ivy hair critics refuse to answer. HOW DO YOU KNOW?

      • Yolanda Hinton

        So true…i.asked.the same question and crickets….bc they r so weak to conform to society standards which is white ppl and some blacks out here put whites on a pedestal. And cant see past tht

      • Kathryn Lewis

        There were lent balls in her hair.

        • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

          Or maybe she has naturally curly hair, like you do when you’re not relaxing or pressing it stick straight.

          • az

            lint balls though? Hell no.

        • shutuppeople

          Do you all know about soft scalp well I’m having a granddaughter that cry like hell to comb her hair because of that her hair comb every once a week so leave the woman and her child alone we all need to get a life

          • az

            Maybe its the comb that you’re using (not wide toothed) or you don’t put enough moisturizer when you comb it that’s causing her to cry or you’re combing too hard. Just a thought.

          • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

            Try kinky curly leave-in conditioner plus a wide toothed comb while wet or slightly damp. It is not exactly cheap, but it is natural and it works–even a small amount will make kinky hair much easier to detangle. I rarely get a knot in my curly, kinky, thick, type-4 hair when combing my damp/wet hair anymore. I used to cry as a kid, because my mother was combing my hair while dry. Never comb or detangle natural afro-textured hair when it is dry(spritz it with water).

            I detangle once a week after I shower, shampoo and condition my hair.

        • Brittany S. Dobbs


      • az

        look at it. you can tell when someone’s hair is combed.

        • Brittany Nicole

          Thank you I am so tired of all this bs that lady didnt comb the baby hair, period…. and you can tell…end of discussion she petty…nobody has a personal vendeda agaisnt blu shes two and adorable however her mother is a grwon millionaire who refuses to put the effort in the “maintaince” of her child’s hair. Back the hell off

        • TheTimeToStopPostingIsNow

          No, not really. It was probably combed while wet and then allowed curled up into corkscrews when dry. Don’t make assumptions, there are many types of afro-hair textures out there.

    • BrigidOdom

      I agree!

    • Tiqa

      Thank you!!!

  • SuperTrooper1420

    I love India but for somebody who isn’t her hair, she stays talking about hair all the time. Move on already.

    • Jessica

      For your information, or lack of, India stands for something. Why are black women so consumed with perfect hair to the point they glue and sew on an Indian’s hair? India speaks with volume on never letting hair define what and who you are. One day you will comprehend it. For now, carry on in your simple thought process.

      • SuperTrooper1420

        Okay … Let me get you together with a few short words since you obviously see yourself as being “elevated.” At no point did I say a word about weave or this baby’s hair. If India’s hair or lack of it didn’t define her, she would not still be talking about it after ten years. She is beautiful and talented but this area is obviously still an issue for her. I hate to break it to you granola chicks but shaving your head and wearing rags does not equal self love and enlightenment. Just live your life and stop sweating the superficial stuff. And the only volumes she’s speaking is insecurity about the issue of hair. Just stating it for what it is. Now, YOU go comprehend what it means to love yourself and not have to beat on your chest about how natural you are. How you jumped to all those conclusions from one sentence is beyond me.

        • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

          O__O. If there was a way to post the meme of Craig and Smokey from “Friday” saying “Daaaaamnnnn” I would put it here. Whew. #thelibraryisclosed

        • Suchalady


        • Yvonne Watkins

          Ms. Arie made ONE reference to the hair comment. The bulk of her
          comment was to address saying negative things about a child period.
          Some of you posters here are the ones focused on hair and in each case,
          the pot is calling the kettle black. A little humility goes a long way.

        • StraightShooter

          India commenting about the negativity going on in the Black community doesn’t mean she is pressed. It means she cares about our community.

          • WiserWords2


        • WiserWords2

          Your comment is full of contradictions. However, the fact that we’re discussing the hair of a celebrity’s two year old daughter should be pretty evident that it is an issue for black women, India.Arie is not talking about herself, so I’m not sure what you mean by stating this area is obviously still an issue for her.

          Another thing that doesn’t equal self-love is a habit of attaching hair, whether it be artificial or cut from another woman’s head to your own head.

          I do agree that we need too stop focusing on the superficial, especially when it involves a child we don’t know.

      • Suchalady

        Your comment was completely off target and misguided…smh.

    • IslandGal2012

      The comment isn’t about hair, please read it again. Its about these trolls on the internet who have nothing better to do in a given day than to swing on a two year old! She’s saying its not ok, its not funny, its not a point of interest, its just not right to make fun of a baby!!

  • JustSteph

    Oh girl… I’m over it. This whole discussion is stupid and I didn’t want to comment on it. But…:

    1. Blue is a toddler, and making fun of her hair is wrong!
    2. I honestly don’t think it’s about texture.. but style.
    3.Don’t act like you’ve never looked at a child’s head and thought “Why her mother let her leave the house like that?”
    4. What Syleena said was wrong! However, just because I love Beyonce,I’m not going to attack her as if she was speaking on my family or Jesus. It’s not that serious.
    5. Beyonce, as a mother, should put more effort into it. It’s not the most important part of motherhood… but it shows that she has enough patience to care for her hair (along with other things).

    In general, people are reading too deep into the story..

    *I am currently natural (five years now), and only had a perm for 4 years.

    • bigdede

      Number 3!! Especially when the mother comes out the house looking like Miss USA.

      • IslandGal2012

        One has nothing to do with the other. Do you think Beyonce loves her baby any less because she’s not taking time to make sure Blu’s hair is up to society’s standards. More likely than not, that baby probably hate having her hair combed and rather than fight with her or traumatize her, she just lets her be!

        • bigdede

          Who said anything about Beyoncé? I was just agreeing with her on number 3. I know you just joined the Bey Agency but calm down

          • Areil Taylor

            You were talking about beyonce when you made the comment “especially when the MOTHER comes out the house looking like Miss USA”.When you say “the Mother”, the mother in this case is Beyonce so you did bring her up. I really don’t care either way, comb her hair if she wants and if she doesnt then don’t. I’m just making an observation on your comment. And no before you TRY to come for me I’m not apart of the “Bey Agency” just made a simple observation

            • bigdede

              Honey, I was just agreeing with the woman’s comment!! OMG it’s not that serious. I wasn’t talking about Beyonce. I was just agreeing with a freaking comment!!!! I don’t care about that baby’s hair. The person made a general statement and I agree with that statement. Ain’t nobody trying to “come for you”. Grow up. You responded to MY COMMENT. I wasn’t checking for you! Let it go!! I have a right to agree with another person’s comment. I just agree with that ONE statement that’s why I said number 3. I agreed with number 3. Geez

            • Brittany Nicole

              She actually was just generalizing probably because in all honesty there are a lot of mothers who walked outside looking like Miss USA and their children look terrible so she did not have to be speaking on Beyonce per se. Just my observation…

              • bigdede

                Thank you!!!!!!

      • sexcgenius

        Is the child wearing soiled clothes? Is she missing meals? Is she in danger? You should grow up!

        • bigdede

          SHUT UP!!! My goodness. I was agreeing with a general statement. I don’t give a care about Beyonce’s daughter hair!! I agreed with number 3, I agreed with that statement. Get a freaking life! I can agree with a general statement.

          • sexcgenius

            What adult says shut up unless they are a complete moron with no vocabulary?

            • bigdede

              And what adult just assumes because I agreed with a GENERAL statement that I was talking about Beyoncé? What adult doesn’t read all the statements but instead attacks someone for agreeing with another person’s comment. What adult names themselves sex genius unless they’re a wh0re

      • Ann

        What a strange thing to concern yourself about.

        • bigdede

          A strange thing to concern myself about, what do you care? I agree with a general statement and that’s strange? When I go to the mall, I do wonder at times why the mother looks good and her children don’t. That’s why I agreed with number 3.

      • DoinMe

        I agree with you. Beyonce has always been careful about her perfect public image. This is the same woman who had her PR team demanding bloggers and newspapers to take down unflattering pictures of her during her Super Bowl performance. So if she’s that concerned about pictures of herself making ugly faces, she should have the same concern about how her baby looks in public. I’m sorry but that seems wrong to me.That baby has looked messy more times than enough. When Angelina Jolie’s daughter’s hair was looking crazy, people went insane. But because it’s Beyonce, it’s all good. Please.

        • WiserWords2

          Perhaps Beyonce thinks her child looks fine. I would trust her judgement regarding her daughter since she sees her daily..Exactly how many pictures have you seen of her child?

          When people went “insane” because “Angelina Jolie’s daughter’s hair was looking crazy”, they were also considered ignorant.

    • WiserWords2

      2. Exactly how much style is proper for a two year old?

      5. How can you tell how much effort Beyonce puts into being a mother by looking at photographs? People aren’t “reading too deep into the story”, they’re reading too deeply into a picture. They have no idea what was going on before the picture was snapped or what happened after.

  • Mynx

    Too many children out there being abused and uncared for to worry about some rich baby’s natural hair.

    • Rochelle

      Dumb issue. But did Syleena Johnson graduate from high school? She sounds like an utter fool. She be like, they be like. Girl, stop worrying about Beyonce’s rich daughter. Get some “Hooked on Phonics.” I hate it when black people, who have been here for generations, don’t know how to speak English. Embarrassing.

    • IslandGal2012

      Thank you, finally someone with some sense! It is definitely not that serious to be worrying about a two year old’s hair!

      • CaroleCairnsosu

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        • DeeznuttzinACA

          Fuq your lying a$$ classmate

          • Zippy&theCandles

            LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! You made my day!

          • Just Me!

            LMAO! Thank you, I needed this laugh. Badly.

    • Pennylane22

      Say it again Mynx!!! So much going on in the world that people could be discussing.. and this little baby’s natural hair spurned a PETITION?