Pitbull In A Veil: Eve Marries Mr. Gumball 3000 In Ibiza

June 15, 2014  |  
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ve marries mr. gumball 3000

Rapper Eve married her longtime love, Maximillion Cooper aka Mr. Gumball 3000 at Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal Beach in Ibiza, Spain on Saturday. They were joined by family and friends including rapper Bun B who served as the Master of Ceremonies.

Eve wore a wedding gown designed by British designer Alice Temperley with a cathedral-length veil. The couple wed as the popular Gumball Motor Rally came to a close. Cooper is CEO of the rally as well as a fashion designer. He has four children with an ex-wife.

The couple dated for about three years and became engaged on Christmas Day of last year.  They met at the 2010 Gumball Rally.

The newlyweds told Us Weekly:

“We are beyond happy to celebrate our marriage with all of our friends and family and start our journey in our new life together.”

“It’s been such an amazing experience and we are happier than we ever thought we could be. Thanks for the well wishes.”

It’s crazy to see Eve go from the First Lady of Ruff Ryders to the First Lady Of Gumball. From four wheelers to race cars, we’re happy to see Eve has found love and congrats to the happy couple! Check out a few pics from their special day:

Eve maries Mr. Gumball 3000
eve marries mr. gumball 3000
eve marris mr. gumball 3000
eve marries mr. gumball 3000
eve marries mr. gumball 3000

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  • Alberta

    Black women when will you learn NOT to marry divorced men..He’s leftovers..its not likely you’ll have a long marriage. and he got kids! lol

  • Myopinionsowhat

    Congrats to Beautiful Eve and May it last FE peace out


  • Sarah

    Congratulations and best wishes to Eve and her new husband. May they have a long and happy marriage.

  • M Lane

    Why does she have to be a “pitbull in a veil”?? There is nothing pitbull about her. I love you Eve and always been a fan. Congratulations. I wish you peace, love, and happiness!!

  • Rita

    Did anybody ever think that it could have been the wife, who got bored. The wife who may not loved him anymore. I mean, damn.. women do leave their husbands. I’m just saying

  • Yah

    who came up with the crappy title for this article? i know eve is a rapper and called herself a pitbull, but really? respect her marriage and femininity, people. she grew up – why don’t you?

  • santiago

    learn from a pitbull in a skirt!!and she has no babies….

  • Mimsy

    I’m just happy she covered those awful chest tattoos! Congrats

  • Kelly

    Ok lets see: Attorney with design degree, owner of multimillion dollar business, English gentlemen who had kids within a marriage….Sounds like a winner to me.

  • Cassandra Williams

    Why is he the caught, eve is worth 8 mil by herself, how many women could he catch worth 8 mll and he is not attractive. pleaseeeee

  • MonicaT

    Beautiful couple!

  • Guest

    Meanwhile black women like Ciara, Gabrielle Union, Lauren London, Erica Dixen, Tammy, and Mario Batali’s fiance etc.. are all with multiple babymama men, or cheating men, WHO HAVE MULTIPLE KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK and people post pics of them on social media with captions “Awe”. We need to redefine happiness for black women. If people can place all of these standards on black women, so can black women when choosing a quality mate. He has multiple kids but he conceived them all within marriage, big difference.

    No one cares if he’s white, it’s about black women putting themselves and their future first for a change and marrying someone who views them as worthy.

    Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama, Eve, Lanisha Cole, are all good examples of choosing quality, and going by things correctly.

    Not only did Eve choose well, she also followed the “No wedding no womb” process, meaning if things did not work, she would have not been stuck with child out of wedlock.

  • lockstress

    Congrats to Eve.
    I love the dress.

  • BigSoulRocker

    Spain, was one of the first locations to enslave blacks after the 8th century war between the arabic community and northern africa blacks. I don’t agree with interracial marriage or their off springs.

    • debinbrooklyn

      Indeed Spain was of the first to enslave Africans but African men were in Spain screwing European women, creating “north africans” long before.

      • BigSoulRocker

        Stop lieing….

    • Jamal

      Tell that to Zoe Saldana and Dania Ramirez.

      • BigSoulRocker


  • rainbow

    Happy for her

  • yolo

    OK NOW, you seem to have a lot of negative responses. You must be unhappy in your own home, why else would you be so negative about someone else’s life! Go find you some happy. Its all around!!!

    • OK NOW!

      Stop being bias and comment on the negative comments that are bashing BM? I am happily married and my father is in my life…and both are black/AA men! So I do have a problem when ‘TROLLS’ or fatherless BW are bashing BM!

      • nutbush

        What comments are bashing bm? I found that only your comment meantioned interracial marriage.

        • OK NOW!

          No I will not go ‘back and forward’ with a contradicting mind, like yourself and read your own comments…they are negative! How could you have missed those negative comments about BM bashing!

      • Guestest

        You sound so damn stupid. Black men stay bashing the hell out of black women on the internet.. Open your eyes !

        • OK NOW!

          And also white men? Go to Yahoo and other blogs——>

          • Guestest

            Lol we expect that from WHITE racist men!! It hurts way worse coming from our own race of men..

            • OK NOW!

              But you appraise this white man for marring this black women? So they get a pass…judgmental confusion?

              • Guestest

                What are you even saying? You are assuming things now. I don’t put white men on pedestals. I don’t believe you get what i am saying. Those white men are racist!

  • I’m so happy for Eve & Max, they make a very attractive couple! Can’t wait until they start adding to the family! HUGE UPGRADE FROM STEVIE J! Congratulations to Eve & Max!

  • Ebony in Hartford

    Smart, smart cookie. She wanted the hell out of Philly, and never looked back at her Ruff Ryder days. That’s what it’s all about, using your talents to get yourself OPTIONS. A young, famous, beautiful woman has a world of choices; don’t be Whitney Houston!

    • Realtalk

      She could have gone to Europe herself and created whatever life she wanted for herself without a man … She didn’t need this guy to “leave” the hood

  • May Baby

    Congrats to the beautiful couple! Love looks good on you!

  • Chanda

    That last page is fiyah! What’s with all the tight people on this thread? Nobody is perfect (not even you) and step-families do happen. You may become a step-parent yourself one day. He has a past and so does Eve, deal with it. Congrats on the newlyweds though. I wonder wonder who’s next (getting married).

    • Realtalk

      The family he created is not his past.

      • Chanda

        His first marriage is.

  • Monroe

    There’s some lonely hatin azz ppl on this article. Leave the thugs and the ray rays with no job alone, with 4 baby mama’s and maybe you can find love like Eve too…



    WHAT A SIMP!!!



    • Alexious Johnson

      One man’s trash; is another man’s treasure….

      • guest

        Funny how black women NEVER say that when a black man marries a white woman. It’s always “he married a white man’s trash.”

        The hypocrisy of black women when it comes to interracial marriage is truly amazing.

        • Alexious Johnson

          I’ve never said that about anyone’s interracial relationship….I am the product of an interracial relationship…..exhusband was white..The guy I am seeing now is not…His ex was white….it makes me no difference….As long as you are loved and happy and in a healthy relationship. ..
          And I am not responsible for the thought process of other “black” women, nor am I to be generalized by what you assume is my ethnicity…

  • FromUR2UB


  • SheDevilsRule

    They make a cute couple. I wish them happiness forEVER!!

  • T. T.

    Congrats to the couple.

    On another note Eve is giving me a Golden Brooks from Girlfriends vibe. They look as if they could be blood related. ☺

  • uniquefashionista

    Love is a beautiful thing. I’m so happy for the beautiful couple.

  • Machone

    And it didn’t take 10 years of dating and 2+ kids for him to finally put a ring on. Congrats to Eve!

    • OK NOW!

      Don’t even try to put him on a higher pedestal…he made a boat load of small age children with his ex-wife and divorce in a short amount of time!

      • Fifi

        So people must stay married for the sake of the children?
        You sound like a person who would emotionally blackmail their husband should he want to leave…
        So what the kids are young; better than being raised in a dysfunctional home where the parents traumatise the kids by fighting everyday.

        Stop being so bitter and negative!!!!!

        • OK NOW!

          But when black/AA men do it…they are call ‘baby daddies’. Stop being bias, bitter and negative.

    • Chanda

      Eve doesn’t strike me as the type to put up with that BS.

  • newsjunkie

    I hope she does like Tina Turner, Halle Berry,and Iman, and never comes back to the states. They seem really happy with dating outside of their race. #BWdohaveoptions.usethem!

    • sasha

      don’t forget Janet Jackson!

      • bigdede

        Janet’s new husband has already been shown with other women. Bad example

        • guest

          To be honest, janet probably knew that was part of the deal. Billionaire muslim heirs in their 30s dont marry nearly 50 year old women without strings attached

      • sonya

        And i think janet jackson lives a great amt of time in nyc.

    • bigdede

      Halle Berry and Iman still live in LA. I don’t get your post. Halle can’t move to Europe because of joint custody of her daughter and there are hundreds of pictures of Iman with her daughter in LA. Her oldest daughter and business is in LA also.

      • Trisha_B

        Lol people making up lies to justify their reasoning.

    • OK NOW!

      Why do people feel that if a BW only love to date/marry BW…we are limited ourselves?

    • FromUR2UB

      Eye roll and head shake, with a Lurch groan.

    • sonya

      Im African American married to a swiss and living in switzerland. Not to far from tina turner. I love meeting other african american women here. I will never move back.

  • Chelsea M

    Soo happy for her!!

  • Suburban Princess Dior


  • Trisha_B

    She looks so happy! Congrats Eve!!!

  • Guestest

    Congrats to Eve!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    I’ve always liked eve. She seem so humble & down to earth. Congrats girl

  • Just saying!!

    I must admit that when I first heard about their relationship I was very confused. I just couldn’t picture these two together. LOL I guess maybe because she’s a rapper? But regardless looking at these pics she looks very happen and to me that says it all. Congrats to the lovely couple and may they have a lifetime of happiness!

    • Just saying!!


  • me

    THOT.. by definition //// a thot is what a thot does …marry for money

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  • Guest

    See, ladies, that’s how u do it! To the THOTS, take note. Didn’t get implants, no baby first, didn’t try and yank him for his bank. Did not listen to rapper and ball players to determine her worth. She listened to herself and got a catch! And she got wife’d up. U go Eve…class act hands down

    • Reallytruly

      r u serious? STFU.

      • Trisha_B

        Thank you! I’m really trying to figure out what’s the point of their comment lol smh. Eve got a past too. She was what these rappers rapped about. But she grew up. Everyone is capable of love & marriage. Including “thots. ” (I hate that dumba55 acronymn! Lol

        • sonya

          Eve’s past doesnt include being a vaby mama. Makes a difference!

          • Trisha_B

            Not really. Rather have a baby by an ex then have a sx tape out where everyone can see my nKed body lol

            • sonya

              Yet.. she won
              Acted on tv and in movies. Not a baby mama. Didnt continually date losers. Still you want to pretend being a baby mama will get you a husband. I guess that is why so many bw women are married… oh wait! Stevie j is 1 mil behind in child support. Why arent you on that thread blasting his baby mama for expecting child support

              • Trisha_B

                Wtf are you talking about? You needed some human interaction or something? Starting an argument for what? I didn’t even mention anything about baby mamas. Since you so butt hurt about it, you are obviously one. If an ex-stripper can get married than I’m pretty sure a woman w/ a child can get married. So your argument is completely invalid to me. Go elsewhere w/ that black women & baby mama crap smh

                • sonya

                  Tisk tisk tisk. Little trisha b lost her cool. Nope. Im actually successful married and living abroad. Similar to eve’s new marriage minus the ex wife and kids and maybe 25 million. But i suggedt yo go to the tread about the FIFA eye candy…black women are bashing bm. You know you love to sav a hoe.

                  • Trisha_B

                    You are crazy lmao

                    • trisha.b.fan.all.day.long

                      Yet you love the back and forth

      • Funky Phantom

        maybe he didn’t see her sex tape.

    • guest

      But he has like 4 kids though.

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        So what ?! From his ex wife.. Isn’t that what married people do? Reproduce ? Not like he has them from multiple women. He has 4 kids from his ex wife.

        • OK NOW!

          Don’t try to place him even higher…he still left his ex-wife with small school age children. He wasn’t father enough to raise them as a whole family!

          • L

            He still raises his kids who knows why they got a divorce it might’ve been the ex wife’s doing we don’t know anything

            • well

              Or maybe he cheated on the ex wife, as all British men do

            • OK NOW!

              When you are separated from your children, it is hard to fully raise your children…and divorce does have a mental effect on children!

              • Wynter

                So does bickering, arguing and just being miserable. What example does the woman who always cries and never smiles set to her daugher? What example does the man who always fusses with his wife and put her down set to his son? You want to raise your children to be happy and true to themselves. How can I tell you what to expet when I settle for less than what I deserve. Sometimes things just don’t work and you have to move on and hopefully both parents are mature enough to co-parent to the best of their abilities. It’s hard to move on but even harder living with years of regrets. Constant & honest communication with your children
                is a must.

          • Aaliyah Noelle

            WHAT ?! They got divorced & he still raises his kids. It’s called co-parenting. It does work. It’s better to be separated, happy & raising the kids seperatly by co-parenting rather then be together & bitter. That would have an even worse feeling on the kids.

            • OK NOW!

              But are you contradicting yourself with the comment, about having children with multiple women? And why do he get pass, because he married his ex-wife…stay ‘MARRIED’!

          • SheDevilsRule

            Stupid comment. I bet his kid’s want for nothing.. Probably more then u can say for your own father. Or baby’s daddy if u have one

            • OK NOW!

              It’s a known fact that you are a sociopath [you type racist and bias comment, then go back and delete them]. My parents are happily married, so therefor he was there to raise me. I am also happily married to a wonderful AA man with children. My parents…my husband and I…’Black on Black LOVE’!

              • SheDevilsRule

                I don’t delete anything. I stand next to what I say. I don’t say racist stuff that mmmmdots lie.

                • OK NOW!

                  Your comment above was deleted by who?

                  • SheDevilsRule

                    My comment ism still there. If my comments dissapier it’s MN doing it.

          • Machone

            If he was black, he would have bastard kids all over the map, owed thousands in back child support, and driving around on a suspended license. LOL….

            • OK NOW!

              That’s your sad life…surround yourself around more positive and great BM. I feel sorry for you, that your black mother wheel you out-of-wedlock with struggles of resentment toward black/AA men. I wish my grand-father and father could give you a hug:)

            • kj1986nyc


          • sonya

            He was father enough to be there and raise them under one roof as a family. And is still father enough to be there for them. More than I can say for too many other men aka baby daddies

            • OK NOW!

              Oh please…that baby maker have just gotten boring with his ex-wife and moved on to the next women. He just a man who made babies…my father is a father who raise his children as a family under one roof with my mother! My husband is a father…who only made his children with me!

          • Wynter

            It’s best for a parent to leave an unhealthy situation rather than stay and place their misery and unhappiness on their kids. I would rather my partents divorce and be happy and instill their happiness in me before they stay together and argue and disrespet each other in my
            presence. Parents are the primary examples for the kids. You don’t want to raise a child to stay in a place where they don’t want to be to appease the world. We don’t know the reason for their divorce. Kids grow up and move out to be come independent assests to society, or so we hope. How selfish it is to waste years being unhappy just for the children to live in an unhappy two parent household. That serves no good purpose for anyone involved, imo. Just because the parents do not reside in the same home does not mean they cannot exceptionally parent them. A father and mother will always be just that regardless of being together as a couple or not.

        • ITA! Max has 3 kids with his ex wife, NOT 4 (according to other sites), and the kids seem to like Eve! I would much rather have a man who has kids with the SAME woman, rather than several kids with MULTIPLE women! It shows a lack of commitment to the women, & lack of stability for the children!

        • louvres

          What is even more amusing is that if he was a black man leaving his black wife and kids to remarry with a white woman, the reactions would have been sooooooooooooo different! Loooooooooooooool

          • Aaliyah Noelle

            Lol you right ! I get mad when bw get mad when they see a bm with a wm
            Like… Who cares. They date outside their race so why don’t you?!

          • Trisha_B

            Shhhh don’t speak the truth. They’ll get mad 😉 lmaooooo

        • Guest

          But when I said that about Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson who has 1 kid everybody was saying she had to much baggage.

    • MEH

      Isn’t that exactly what Kim K. did and still got wifed up? Men marry all types of women. Ladies, do you. Live your life and stop listening to ignorant people telling you who you are supposed to be.

      • Guest

        Well, except Kim K. is rich and branded on her own….unlike most of the THOTs out there.

      • Lianne

        And stop using the term thot!

    • bigdede

      Wasn’t Eve a stripper and a thot? Your post makes no sense. Eve was stripping back when she was a teen! Eve just became educated. She look at where the real money was, matured and got him.

      • sasha

        agreed, what we should not is more like it’s never too late to do it right…she might have been a thot back in the day but she had a proper courtship and marraige once she grew up

    • OK NOW!

      What Eve married is a man with four small age children, who divorce his ex-wife in a short amounted time! Is that something to really brag about?

      • sonya

        You left out that he is a wealthy entrepreneur who still supports his kids…i’d brag about that! And yes…courtship is something to be proud of.

        • OK NOW!

          And you have forgotten that he (have) left his very young family…money cannot heal that…he cannot be there for his children fulltime by being a live-in father…but his money can always be there fulltime!

      • Guestest

        Why are you being so negative??

        • OK NOW!

          Correction…why I am being so truthful?

          • Guestest

            You are being negative. What truth said was true. Young women need to listen to her and stop becoming baby mamas (at a young age or any age) for no good men who will not stay around.

            • OK NOW!

              Listen I do not have a problem with IR dating/marring, but have could you bypass all of the other negatives comments that are bashing BM?

              I am done with you, because it hard for me as an AA woman who was raise with my father in my life, to continue going ‘back and forward’, with a fatherless a BW.
              And yes, you are ‘VERY’ bias, I read so of your comments, you never defend BM? Take care and learn how to love and defend ‘ALL’!

              • Guestest

                How about you go to all those sites where black men are bashing black women and tell them that not all black women are the same. Those black men are bashing all black women, yes, you included sista girl. A lot of the black men on the internet put us all in one box. They generalize us all because they see the behavior of what SOME hoodrats do. See how you are going so hard for black men. When was the last time you saw a black man on the internet go hard for us black women. You said you seen my history, if so you should know that i never generalize all black men. I always say some.! You say that i am a fatherless black women. Okay well then you must now know that not all black men are good and not all of them take care of responsibility!!!!!

    • you’re mad

      you sound like you’re 12…and what makes you mad about implants? mad cause you cannot afford it lol.

    • Guest

      Everyone deserves love, and I hate the term THOTS, so sexist and ignorant. I hate narcissists who are just as ignorant and flawed and the people they’re judging. Eve didn’t have a squeaky clean past. She was a former stripper, was arrested for DUI, raised in the hood etc. Not that those things should determine whether a person is valuable as a human being or not because it shouldn’t, but I’m just saying don’t use these things to denounce “Diamond in the rough” black women. She turned out just fine and this man, who just so happens to be white saw the value in her as a person and a human being enough to marry her and bring her around her children, despite her past.

      Black women are always getting the “Background check” treatment BY MAINLY BLACK PEOPLE, but society as well, before we deem her worthy enough for someone’s love. We don’t do that to any other group (not black men, not white men, not white women, not Asian men, not Asian women, etc…) on the planet but black women. Kim K is a good example, and she has a strong black following, GO FIGURE. No wonder Eve married out, can’t blame her. I hope other black women we write off follow suit.

      • hello

        well put but I don’t know about advocating for “marrying out” as the black race is in danger…..