Tattoos to Avoid By All Means Necessary

February 25, 2011  |  

Logos are No-Go’s

Look at it like this: Is Louis Vuitton paying your bills? Is Gucci putting you through school? No? Well if not, then why are you sacrificing your skin for a brand? As these pictures should show you, just because Louis Vuitton insignia looks good on a leather bag and trunk doesn’t mean it’s going to translate well on your body. I know we’re all a bit materialistic, but this is waaaay overboard. Do better.

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  • Confused

    What I don’t understand is if you’re dark-skinned, aka pitch black, why do you have a tattoo? We can’t see it! It’s like writing on a blackboard w/a black magic marker! What’s the point?!!!

  • sheane

    Just because one has a tattoo doesn’t mean one can’t cover it. And I’m not talking about just using clothing. There is PLENTY of makeup concealer that is used for that very purpose so a woman can look elegant in her gown with out her arm, boob, leg, or back tattoo showing. Or so someone can get a job with a face tattoo. Yes, it may cost a pretty penny to buy said makeup but they do work amazingly. So good in fact that actors with tattoos use them in when they’re working. I do think that these tats are ratchet. But that’s because the people who got them are. I want tattoos. I’m sure I’ll have many but I know where I want them, what size I want them to be and I know that I’ll be able to cover them if need be. SN: Tats can be elegant in a gown. Look at Angelina who has them on her back. She doesn’t cover them and when she wears gowns that show her back the tats don’t deter from her beauty.

  • fucker

    i have a lip tattoo and i have had it for Over 8 years and never had it redone. it still is clearly visible and clearly what it is supposed to be. if you need to get it redone (and especially if you are getting it done over and over again) then you are doing something wrong or the place you are going to isn’t a good place to get tattoos.  and yeah, i did get it there because no one could see it without me showing them. what is wrong with that?

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  • Lady Gaga

    I THINK TATTOOS ARE HORRIBLE especially on WOMEN —IT DOESN'T GO WITH THE 'LADY' IMAGE (girls who tat their necks? arrrgh!!) and few good men go out with girls with tats—one exception, should be MEN with the names of their children–even that isn't good—-although I like henna art (tats used as cosmetic) i've seen some good art on womens bodies WHICH DISAPPEAR WITH TIME and then you could get another one, or have it touched up every two weeks, or change it–we need to laser this (permanent tattoo mess) off

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  • Eugenia

    Tattooing originated in the far east many centuries ago. As black people let's stop passing on ridiculous nonsense that we don't check out except via Wikipedia. SMDH.

  • jada

    In "Madea Voice" Katt how much did you pay this woman/man to put this mess on her/him???????????

  • MagnoliaPeach


  • Whatev

    One of the biggest tattoo fails and sure sudden death of a relationship is getting your gf/bf's name or face on you. When you're secure in a relationship you don't need to do that. I'm so glad I never got any tattoos. Now, it makes me unique!

    • Errol Wilks

      I agree with you 100%!

    • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

      You AIN’T never lied…if you are that damn secure there should be a ring.

    • thickhoneypeach

      INDEED! I say the same thing. My lack of tattoo’s make me stand out in a sea of terrible ink.

  • amartianslove

    I remember I really wanted a tatt, then my friend got a tribal insignia on her ass, aka the tramp stamp and I was grossed out. The black ink, the swollen, the overall look of the tatt was just not cute. I'm glad I never got a tatt and happily put that on my small list of things I love about myself lol.

  • rip Nat Turner

    Somebody call UNDER COVER BROTHER ! Ignorant tats, guys in heels, gucci mane, wacka flocka, are plots by the man to make sure we’re never taken SERIUOSLY !

    • guest

      lmaoo :p

  • why hate on tats

  • Amija

    I never got one because I don’t like needles. I think tats r okay but If u do have one it shouldnt be the first thing I see when meeting u. Oh and tattoos on the neck r never okay!

  • Holly Holloway

    I think the Louis Vuitton and Gucci tattoos could do well for adverts of their products but I suppose their products sell themselves as usually quality items sell. It could be a gesture of how much these brands are liked and appreciated …………………… so permanent what a shame! Our bodies are beautiful and natural sculptures which speak for themselves. It would not be a good itea to graffiti over a statue in the park now would it? Where would the respect be? Tattoo lovers – respect your bodies and yourselves please. You are one of a kind without them – true individuals without showing off how different and attention seeking you are!

  • gin

    tattooing is called body art because thats what it should be art, if you want a tattoo make sure it means something significant to you so when you do age you can have no regrets. follow me on your arm oh yea in a few years you'll be asking yourself WTF was I thinking

  • PinkyDee

    WOW!! Smdh! These kids don’t hAve A clue! The eyes, misspelled words lol make it rain! WTH!!! I have always wanted one but not keen on needles. If I ever get the nerve it will someplace only my husband can see. Stupid people on the face?!

  • Muffy

    The make it rain tat has me cracking up. I have a few of my own. I wouldn’t say I regret them but one I could see without. I got it just cuz I wanted one although there is a meaning behind it. I want more but I am at a stage where I think about what iwill think about it when I’m older.

  • ilovemybabymama

    I really can't condone any of this mess, but I actually kind of like T-Pain's tat. It doesn't look like it's that big, and it's not Facebook's logo. It's an actual message with a meaning and he managed to integrate some pop culture into it. It's the perfect mix of being crazy and subtle at the same time.

  • dee

    am i the only one that notices that the "Stop Staring" tattoo is misspelled?!?! Well… I guess it isn't surprising, given the level of mentality of someone who thinks its cute to tattoo 2 giant eyes on their boobs. SMDH…

  • Deb

    That big, ugly tat with the eyes even has a typo. It should be “staring” not “starring.” That awful thing should be starring in a horror movie!

    • cain

      No BS… I actually blame her, the tattoo artist & both their english teachers!!!!!

  • BEC

    I have tattoo regret. Back in my "ghetto rebellious" days, I got a tattoo of my name on my leg when I was about 21. I hate it. I'm now 36 years old and think it's absolutely hideous. I want to get rid of it!!

    • Prissy

      As you should. Laser treatments can take it right off. I don't have any tattoos and I'm glad I've never gotten any.