8 Famous Lesbian Women Who Were Married To Men

June 16, 2014 ‐ By Julia Austin
Lesbians Who Were Married To Men


There are actually a number of famous lesbian and bisexual women who were married to men at one point and time. Here are eight.

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  • Michael A Cutting

    Never heard of most of them who cares

  • unclevito

    All perverted losers. Thanks for letting the world know who the sexual sickos are. Hope none of them have young children they can abuse.

  • candygirl7

    Personally, I don’t care if one man “marries ” another man or one woman “marries ” another woman. Your life , your decision. However, the author of the article has referred to the other person in the relationship as a “partner” to which I totally agree—I can’t accept the term when a gay couple uses “wife” or “husband” to the same sex partner. You can’t be a wife to another woman or husband to another man. You are partners to one another in your same sex relationship. I have heard Wanda Sykes refer to her “partner” before as her “wife”. But then, I am a traditionalist and not basing my feelings on religion, just the way society has treated the relationships between men and women for thousands of years.

  • therain

    It’s sad you give attention to these confused people, without trying to help them.
    Well, sykes is actually a sick wacko, but sad about the others.

  • bromham

    Real bunch of big names here then

  • Goodnews2

    What about Whoopi ? And Sykes was married once to her sister. That should count too.

  • Mark Lambert

    How are women who marry men and bear their children lesbians?

  • SU

    Is the one in purple transgender. there appears to be a pretty large bulge in the crotch area. Plus I thought these peeps were supposed to be famous. I only recognised one or two people in the pics….

  • Anne Brewitt

    They left out Angelina Jolie, who has had numerous affairs with woman.

  • You Got To Be Kidding

    It is only a matter of time when us straight guys will become obsolete.


    Nothing Nastier or More Disgusting !!

  • Lorin Chane Partain

    confused seems to be a more accurate term.

  • barnyard1

    They all have on thing in common, they all love pu$$y on the stick.

  • rose alma

    kind of a stretch to call a few of these ladies lesbians, Anne Heche is just a mess, next time go to the inquirer with this crap

  • Johnny Tightlips

    F999 off with this Shi*

  • David Farmbrough

    I think the term you’re looking for is “bisexual”.
    Oh and by the way, can you please not spread these things over so many pages? It’s an absolute pain to navigate and you could easily get it all on one page.

  • tannerose5

    Frida looks like a man, including a mustache.

  • June

    Should read: “One point IN time”. I hate when people can’t quote correctly-there are phrases that should be checked just like using spellcheck!

  • schs1977

    What man in his right mind would ever want to have a relationship with any of this women? Men are not attracted to bitter, anger women.

    • cybersleuth58

      What woman in her right mind would want to be with a man so shallow? Maybe you need to consult a mirror yourself. Who is angry and bitter again? These women are all wealthy and happily partnered. lol.

      • barnyard1

        Sounds like you need a new butt plug.

  • ReichfueherSS

    A more ugly group of NO TALENT DYKES CANNOT BE IMAGINED!

    • cybersleuth58

      How many loser men can make the same unoriginal comment? This from a man whose username is a celebration of genocide? I’m sure these women will be crushed you find them unattractive. You’ve got to be the catch of the day for any young female neo-nazi. Yum!

  • mixispikalet .

    how can a gal that looked so hot when young get so freaking wrinkled up ugly as an old gal?

  • Let-it-go

    I am waiting for the day when no one has to “announce” their sexual preferences and people evolve to a point that they don’t care. I don’t, as long as they don’t do it out on the streets in front of everyone like dogs, try to force their preferences on someone else (rape) or hurt children. Other than that, I think their civil rights should have nothing to do with what they do sexually in their homes. Those so-called “Christians” that want to pass judgment on stuff like that are not “God” and it’s really not their place to tell God how to judge them. He’s the shepherd and Christians are just sheep, and need to concentrate on controlling their own lives, instead of trying to control every one else’s morals according to what they think God wants. It’s unrealistic and impossible to think Christian morals can be rammed down everyone’s throat. Christians cannot all agree anyway on what should or should not be a “Christian” life, since there are SO many different kinds of Christian faith.

    • BA

      How is it Christians “ram” their beliefs down peoples’ throats? By stating their positions?? If that is the charge then what is it that Madame Noir is doing with her post?

  • Janice Allen

    Bunch of mal contents with identy problems. Notice the foucs is always on sex; not relationship. And they all seem very wealthy; maybe paid to carry on a political lie; celebs are actors; who play roles and the wiediest role get the dough.

    • cybersleuth58

      These are wealthy people. You don’t have a clue how they really feel. As for lesbianism being only about sex… How do you know?

  • andres herrera

    Lesbians give the best bj’s.

  • Devon

    No surprise some of these ‘women’ turned out to be dykes…some seriously ugly people ….oy……and depraved!

  • Frank

    Frieda Kahlo was bisexual? LOL!!! I am just amazed at what gays can get away with saying. Eleanor Roosevelt, Alexander the Great, U.S. Grant and a host of other historical figures have been dubbed gay, without a shred of proof, or even sufficient evidence. The authors are usually careful enough to say that people, “speculated, ” that they were gay. It’s a clever little disclaimer to avoid libel suits. Eleanor Roosevelt was said to be gay because Franklin D. had an affair while president. Not everyone whose husband plays around goes gay. Same with Freida. Her husband was a known womanizer, so that means she went gay. NOPE!!! When is someone going to call these people on the outrageous things they say? They always make these accusations after the people are dead, so that they can’t defend themselves.

    • cybersleuth58

      WTF? Gays aren’t getting away with anything. This wasn’t written by us!

  • Jaques Hendrick

    Jimmy Hendricks opined that “heaven is populated with all the good people from millions and billions of years gone by. No one ever leaves heaven, right? Everyone is happy but its awfully crowded, don’t you think?” Want to spend all of your spiritual days in a big crowd? How about those that had to leave us very early in life? What do you think?

  • Jaques Hendrick

    What did jimmy Hendricks say about heaven?

  • The Oracle

    Normalizing sinful lives is one of the reasons we see the U.S. in peril.
    Disobey God; ignore His will, folly on you. History proves this comment true.

    • Dana W

      You are insane. :/

      • Mia C

        There are a lot of cultures that went WAY downhill and descended into madness including periods of debauchery coupled with political destruction and intense, crazed violence once they normalized gay relations and man-boy pairings. Happened in Greece, Rome, Japan and even some Melanesian islands.

        And not one of them had the gays marrying which is the height of normalizing sin.

        There are plenty of unintended consequences that will come with giving little boys to 2 grown men for adoption and allowing them to lead away trips for Boy Scouts, etc.

  • dvanilla

    What’s famous about this?

    • cybersleuth58

      It’s famously ignorant.

  • OneHumbleAmerican

    The KEY to this headline “…..at one point in time…..” This indicates one has CHOSEN his or her own “orientation.”

  • db

    Billie Jean King is not “famous” for beating Bobby Riggs in the so-called Battle of the Sexes.” She was already famous for being one of the greatest tennis players in history, and because of her crusade to make women’s tennis an internationally respected sport, and to have women properly remunerated for their hard work. The Riggs thing was simply a blip in her overall campaign (a culturally odd blip), but the context was her massive work turning women’s tennis into a major sport. That’s her greatest achievement, in my humble opinion.

  • flightphysician

    “…whom she has one child with.” Who is your editor?

  • bud brank

    Bisexual,means you are so screwed up,that you can’t even tell what you are

  • Darth Kenyan

    Lou Diamond Phillips turns women into lesbians. too funny.

  • Darth Kenyan

    What’s the CURE for lesbianism?
    Six Days and Seven Nights, with Harrison Ford. Anne Heche turned straight, married a GUY and had a BABY. Lesbianism CAN be CURED. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Dana W

      You have issues.

  • Darth Kenyan

    So they WILLINGLY lived a LIE and DECEIVED a straight person. You just can’t trust a homo.

  • mikemoair2

    who cares?

  • brb39

    They forgot Moochelle

  • VegasSmitty

    They forgot Hillary Clinton.

    • RobL

      And the ghost she used to speak with in the WH: Eleanor Roosevelt. Both big time lesbians. Probably gave them something to talk about.

  • CommonSense

    Homosexuality and bisexuality are often only thought of in terms of sex, not love or happiness or commitment. People focus on the sex act. To me (a straight woman, married to same man for 26 years, with two kids) it’s about ATTRACTION. You are attracted romantically, sexually, to whomever you’re attracted. We can’t really help that. We love who we love. There are homosexuals that are into monogamy and want long term relationships, just like there are heteros that do nothing but move from one sexual conquest to another or worse, are married and continue to seek sex elsewhere. To me THAT is the breakdown of the family.

    • IAMreigns

      It is a about demonic possession which can come in various forms and be in a person from the time they are very young or in the womb. That may sound “unintellectual” but an intelligent person will accept that what is presently outside his realm of knowledge may yet be true…

      Practicing unHoliness will destroy – people, the environment, health, happiness etc. It is the Will of the Creator G-d – you cannot change the outcome unless you change the atmosphere of uncleanness…that is why they were ordered killed – homosexuals, those who practice beastiality etc.

  • Hermione Volino

    Looks like Baxter is dating her granddaughter. And if anyone says anything, I say the same thing to young women who marry old men.

  • Kenrjr2

    How come you didn’t mention Hillary? What difference does it make?

  • PH.D.

    Last thing in the world I care to read about is married perverted women.

  • Tangair

    I don’t see Hillary. Is this because you named these as past relationships?

  • joe schmekle

    with two exceptions, WHAT AN UGLY BUNCH OF DYKES!

    • cybersleuth58

      Too bad they are not dykes. News flash: Women who sleep with men are not dykes.

  • dingismaximus

    I thought it said famous…

  • Taco

    You really had to reach to come up with this group. Most of them are no-names and none of them are real lesbians.

  • Jello

    I do wonder if these women were always gay and thought it will be better to pretend to be straight or did they get sick of men. If they were born this way then why get married so many times or remain in a hetero relationship for so long if it is not enjoyable.

  • cap

    Ayyy, Frida…shave that uni-brow!

  • honeybuch

    I know it’s not the topic, but I love the picture of Meredith Baxter. I love that she has a natural-looking face instead of a fake-looking hollywood plastic surgery face!

  • alice m

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  • CCBanks

    Which proves that homosexuality is SIN and a CHOICE. What about all of the supposedly “Gay” men who were quite capable of having ERECTIONS for YEARS with WOMEN??? You people are SICK and liberals are GODLESS PIECES OF SHYT who are led by their father the DEVIL to undermine that which GOD has created, the FAMILY.

    • Jello

      If it is a choice, then each adult individual has the choice to do whatever they feel like it and makes them happy. Do you always do what you want and makes you happy? or since you believe there is an actual Devil then I guess you are one of those individuals who allow others to dictate your life for you.

      • IAMreigns

        What makes you happy can have destructive consequences because there is the Will of the Creator Who has set out what is clean and unclean…if you party with uncleanness which is unHoly you are with the spirit of darkness, which sadly destroys not only you, but also those around you and entertain you. It is a curse…

        • Jello

          Wow. this was a while ago.
          Yes, you are correct. This is the case in the Christian “belief”. Not everyone has the same belief and to some people that is just things written by the men who lived during the times of Christ and after. They wrote their beliefs and what they thought was proper and improper. If you are a Christian, then please follow Christ’s example and his teachings as he did. Do not judge others, for you are not without sin. In the Christian belief those that commit the sins will have to face the one and only judge. I believe one of the biggest sins is thinking what you do is better than what others do. Do not believe everything you see or read, for it is a manipulation created by men.

      • BA

        “I guess you are one of those individuals who allow others to dictate your life for you.”
        Well which is it? Are Christians those vile horrible people who “force their religion down other people throats” OR are they “individuals who allow other to dictate their lives for them”. Can’t have it both ways.

        • Jello

          I do not belong or believe in any organized religion, but most religious fanatics, including Christians are both. They have others dictating their lives, and try to force their beliefs on others.
          People get lost into the world that their elders made them believe is real and continue this pattern of judgment, without actually reading carefully and interpreting things on their own. Like I said, an adult has their own individual choice to do what makes them happy. Believing everything you read which was written by men to take away the freedom God gave us to live a happy life.

  • Guest

    This kind of shoots the `born that way` theory all to crap. Many of these women were married for a long time.

    • Dana W

      Religion or family pressure. 20+ years ago, you stayed in the closet.

  • Los Gayringo

    You are Pathophilac and celebrating what Darwin would say could be the worst brain failure possible in Evolution?

  • Redford1

    They all look alike; same cast over their features. A kind of implosive, sullen rejection of life.

    • IAMreigns

      It is an unclean spirit that changes the appearance…

      • cybersleuth58

        How can you be that ignorant?

        • IAMreigns

          The carnal mind cannot discern the things of the spirit…says the Word of God. The Wisdom of God is the foolishness of man – says the Creator of all…

          You can continue to deny the Truth – that does not make your blindness true…

          Even those who are carnal can often see how homosexuals have a changed appearance…

  • HmmLetMeThink

    So pretty much: they’re not born that way and have the ability to chose?

    • cybersleuth58

      No. These women are NOT lesbians. They are bisexual. Gawd how dumb are people?

  • jrwlsju

    Every woman I have ever known has had at least one sexual experience with another women. I get the sense that all women are bi. Men, not so much. We tend to pick a side and stick to it.

    • Jello

      I believe that not all women are bi. It is so much of it in the media that a lot of young people and some old become curious, but if they like it then they have always been gay and just not really admit it to themselves or possible been aware of it.

      • jrwlsju

        I wish I had $10 for every woman I have met in my life who was bi, I would have enough for a new computer. In my observation, women seem to be fluid in their sexuality in a way that men aren’t.

  • David Forrester

    God created man and woman to be happy together. He designed it that way. For our extreme happiness if you do it right. OK, sure, You can break all of His principles at any time but the end results speak for themselves. What an ugly bunch. Look into their eyes. Loneliness, lost, out of place, no life worth living. Crystal clear. You reap what you sow. Case closed. Hope people can learn from these mistakes

  • kjj

    typical dykes, all look like men,

    • cybersleuth58

      Too bad they aren’t dykes. Most are WITH men.

  • Hooks and Jackson rapes S Moon


  • jaydeebee

    If Frida Kahlo was bi, why is it a shock that she would have a relationship with a man? As for the Anne Heche fling with Ellen, I thought it was a given that she did that as a publicity stunt.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Stupid dykes.

  • MrJsw111 .

    Famous… I don’t think so.

  • kudos7777 .

    So the implication of this stupid article is that the gay life style is a choice!

  • tazan

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  • tazan


  • Fat Lip

    you forgot Maddona, Mr Obama, H Clinton (with Gadafee), etc etc

  • Shay

    Had no idea Alice Walker was gay… wow.

  • 23616563

    At least this puts paid to the old question posed by men ‘Why are the best looking women lesbians?’ THEY’RE NOT!!!

    • cybersleuth58

      Yes, they are. News flash: these women are not lesbians.

  • Charlyse

    Are you are you a serious journalist? Married to and divorced “from.” Guess you were absent that day. Do they have proof readers on the internet?

  • avnrulz

    ‘Came out as straight'; now there’s a confused person.

    • Jello

      Anne Heche came out as straight because she was always that way. She was in a soap opera at the time and nobody other than soap viewers knew who she was. She found the perfect opportunity to make a name for herself and live a luxurious lifestyle. She used ELLEN for fame.

      • cybersleuth58

        YUP… Ellen was her little science experiment… Yawn.

  • for fucks sake

    bisexual. the word you’re looking for is bisexual.

  • http://www.bianymeans.com/ Travis Mamone

    Um, yeah, bisexual women can marry men. Duh!

  • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

    Ya know, there actually are bi people.

    I was the best-man at one of my fellas weddings to a gal and another one of my fella’s ex-wife proposed to me. I said no.

    (¯`’•.¸¸, (¯`’•.¸¸, (¯`’•.¸¸, (¯`’•.¸¸, º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°º°”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • David Lister

    Anne Heche, Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres: I fancy them all!
    Looks like I’m gonna have to chop something off :(

    • gerihewitt

      Err, Ann Heche famously dumped Ellen DeGeneres in 2000 for a man. She still gets a lot of flack for it from certain rather hypocritical members of the “LGBT Community”

  • martine

    Um..what does any of it have to do with being black? And those people are called bisexuals. This is the first time you have heard about them? OK, back to sanity.

  • Bob

    Has anyone mentioned Hilary yet? She entertained Mellisa E. at the WH while Bill was in Europe.. Is she the best potential presidential candidate that Dem’s have on a their short-list?

    • Guest


    • cybersleuth58

      WTF? You are seriously ill, man. Get a life.

  • Pip

    This is the stupidest media post ever, and its actually homophobic too! Why are the private lives of these people of interest to anyone but their friends? Publicly outing celebrities (or semi celebrities) private lives, or outing anyone really, for money (IE: commercially like on a yahoo website) is nothing short of vulgar! When a celebrity breaks the law then chatter away but a person’s private life should not be the public’s playground!

    Shame on me for clicking on it!
    Shame on everyone involved in writing and producing this.
    Shame on Yahoo and all the other websites who published this bile.
    Shame on an industry built on sucking energy!


  • redalexmc


  • kudos7777 .

    Gay agenda gone amok! The gay mafia is really taking this to the next level! putting a tag on these women ignoring the circumstances in their lives.

    • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

      I have a secret…We ALL were always here, just didn’t tell ya. Is that what you want? Hey I’m 43 and still haven’t told my friends, boss, mother/father/siblings, my priest or my dog and of course God, Allah or Budda or my higher power that I’m gay yet. Yes, I am on sui cide watch punk…Oh, or any one in the Marine Corp either. ……………………… BIA TCH!!!!!

  • GeaVox

    What a bizarre channel! Petty-minded non-news and who-cares-news, inane comments of the small-minded intent on media masturbation! I got here accidentally, clicked on the wrong link – and will NEVER return! – but I HAD to try and shake someone awake here, lest there should be some intelligence after all…

    In case you haven’t noticed, there is a global crisis, several ,separate Jihads rage across Asia and Africa, funded by the rabid and fabulously wealthy Wahabi Nations – Saudi Arabia, Qtar, Kwait, UAE… Climate Change, Collapse of biodiversity – including the INDISPENSABLE BEES, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact, right-wing advances throughout Europe and ‘Kreesteeyayn’ religious fanatics, 100% inbred and 100% insane, seeking to overthrow the rule of law in favour of a hate culture that is AS misogynist and homophobic as Islam… and you want to be reading this PAPWAKEUP PEOPLE!!!! Stop taking whatever is keeping you in this QUIESCENT STUPOR!!! Unless you ACT NOW you will BE the slaves of the future, your children WILL be born into debt slavery and indentured labour. Watch ZEITGEIST The movie and the two sequels, find out how your world really work and FIGHT BACK legally, peacefully, and democratically PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS! Your elders fought for them, some even died for them!
    Sheesh! Unbebloodylievable!

    • Guest

      Had a little too much coffee today momma? Damn. Go to CNN girl. Damn.

    • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

      Hey GeaFox, you hear about this yet?


      OMG OMG OMG! Google it. Yikes!

    • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

      Hey, read your entire comment and thank you very much.

  • rkj

    whatever they are they arnt famous cos I don’t know any of them………even the????

  • Prickly

    I’d call some of these women like Anne Heche Opportunists more than lesbians.

  • SickOfConservatives

    The irony is most of these black lesbians are thought leaders in the black community, particularly among women. It’s no accident most sistas can’t keep a man.

    • GeaVox

      Sounds like you know from personal experience :D

      • joe franklin keith

        say that!

  • Fred

    Famous? 2of them are

  • Anonymous

    This article is so ridiculous. Frida Kahlo was supposedly in a relationship with Josephine Baker for a split second, but 99% of the time she was writing love letters to Diego. Whats the point of simplifying human sexuality? Grow up

  • t bell


  • philly gal

    I personally could care less who alice walker sleeps with but what I do care about is that this one trick,one book pony is an anti semitic pig….

    • yahoo

      philly gal I will bet you actually mean “couldn’t care less’ …the contraction of could not care less…..a much stronger statement.

      • Mariel Thomson

        It’s an idiom, means the same thing either way.

  • Brinny

    What is the point of this article. Love who you love.

  • petrameyer

    I hate those slide shows! Put it all in one long article.

  • Robyn Hode

    More trash journalism by Julia Austin, if someone will pay her.

  • mginsd

    And nary a mention of Vita Sackville-West?

    • gerihewitt

      She had open marriage with her bisexual husband. They remained together until she died. Such stability obviously doesn’t fit in with the clearly anti-bisexual agenda of the author.

  • BobLobLaw

    Boss sip, now you know this doesn’t have anything to do with blackness. Will you please stop trying to be sneaky, and just come out and say that you’re trying to push the gay agenda? Somebody on your staff, if not the entire staff, must really have a taste for the rainbow because every day there’s some gay article, even when it’s one hundred percent about non black folk. Black folks don’t need anything else destructive pushed on us. Keep the gay out. Gay is gayness…not blackness. Just saying…

    • Live_in_LDN

      Is someone or something forcing you to click on articles that don’t pertain to your interests?

    • nacho calender


      • Medusa Jordan

        Are you trolling?

      • paul

        i have 2 lasi living above me and there are a pain in the neck

        • Darcy O’Dell

          Well, that proves it! I know lots of straight people who are pains in the @#$%.. what does that prove?

    • Mia C

      We do have so many forces dragging us down. This site promotes a lot them too much. (Drugs, women who look like or act like hoes) Why push gheyness down our already broken family’s throats?

      • GeaVox

        women who act like hoes? what, they are 20 ft long by one inch in diameter and can pass sveral gallons per hour? WHAT KIND of women do YOU hang out with weirdo BobLobLaw? STOP TAKING CRYSTAL METHS IT’s ROTTING YOUR VESTIGIAL, REPTILIAN BRAIN! LOL!
        Hilaaasrious litle dog.. gwan! do tricks for us! get pissed and spit, drroool, dwag! hehehehe! Goadng you must be more fun than the Simpsons! … or maybe not… I doubt you can spell anything that isn’t 4 letters! LOL!

      • Medusa Jordan

        Dear me Mia – you really don’t know who the real enemy is do you?!

    • GeaVox

      What is this “Gay Agenda” you drool about BobLobLaw? you speak like a ranting, raving lunatic and expect to be taken seriously? Sheesh! Five minutes in this sewer and I can see more floaters that in the smelliest middens of the Dark Ages!
      E V O L V E M O N K E Y S!!! You are a bunch of black, brown, yellow, pink and grey dirty junkies on crystal meths!

      • MountainMan

        Actually there is a Gay agenda, a Bisexual Agenda and a Demorcrat and Republican Agenda, etc. When there is a group of people of like interests, there will be an agenda. To deny that the GLBC has a agenda, well I don’t know what to say considering the orgs regularly state their intentions aka”agenda in the press and their own publications. They’ve pushed for the right to adopt, marry, etc., but according to you they have no agenda? Maybe you don’t understand what the word agenda means?

        • cybersleuth58

          I don’t know the gay agenda either. I feel left out.

          • MountainMan

            Read up on the history of the movement. The masses were not informed of their long term goals.

          • MountainMan

            Life lesson #981: “offiical” groups. There’s what they tell the public, what they tell their members and there’s what the board talks about. Usually not the same thing.

    • GeaVox

      PS You are also the funniest trained monkey clown this side of the circus!

    • Medusa Jordan

      Funny I should read this when just earlier I was talking to an Arab gay guy about how some black people call homosexuality the ‘white mans disease’. The trouble is , with this attitude, is that it is rooted in irrational bigotry. There are loads of POC who are LGB, and they haven’t caught ANYTHING from the white man! Wanda Sykes and Alice Walker look pretty black to me, and I am sure they would not appreciate your assessment of lesbianism as destructive, whatever the hell that means!

      • joe franklin keith

        Destructive means destructive as in destroying family structure.
        Notice the word de-struct, the root is “struct”.
        Family STRUCTURE IS BEING systematically and purposely DE-STRUCTED in exchange for perverse sexual gratification.
        Gone are the days when your best friend is a non sexual, non romatic bond between two men or two women. The shackles are off and best friends these days have to get it on ….sexually!

        Destructive also means the more gay people there is and the more they control and manipulate the media, the more America will undergo societal breakdown contributing to the rotting decay of societal order.

        It means gay SPECIAL INTEREST groups and many (not all ) gay people are not content with simply being gay and being accepted for who they are but as less than 5% of the population they want to pull the rest of us into their world and color everything with a tinge of gay sending a message to the children of the world that being gay is the preferred way to be.

        This article proves that MANY PEOPLE CHOOSE to be gay!

        Personally my opinion is that if you are confused about something as basic as your gender you can’t help but live a confused life and spread confusion everywhere you go….just look around and anyone that knows any gay people know for a fact their lives are always full of drama.

        • Medusa Jordan

          Your rant is so very inaccurate and raving that it is futile to provide you with any kind of rebuttal. Except I will point out that the most homophobic people are often hiding from feelings that they cannot deal with!

          • joe franklin keith

            “most homophobic people are often hiding from feelings that they cannot deal with!”

            That sounds vaguely familiar to another statement common to gays “most gay people are born gay”
            This article blows that claim clear out of the water….so please forgive me if I ignore any other claims you make.

            By the way the feelings I face when I think about gay people are mostly compassion, empathy and sadness, so sad for them that they live in a perpetual state of confusion rejecting the very body they live in as contrary to their “sexual feelings”

            • dev2008

              People were talking about bisexuality. But it’s true that studies show homophobics are most likely insecure about their own sexuality. That’s why there is so much hatred. And yes science is even proving their is a difference in people born LBGT. God made them that way. Like it or not, take it up with God.

              • joe franklin keith

                Don’t lie on behalf of science, they haven’t a clue why people CHOOSE to have sex with someone of the same gender. IN FACT Only human “creativity”, a nicer way of saying “perversion”, can conjure up “created ways to make body parts do things they were not designed to do. Science cannot determine why men become attracted to men and women to women no more than science can determine why some men are attracted to big butt women while others are attracted to big breasts, little breasts, skinny women, large women, wide hips, long legs, pretty feet or whatever!! Give us a break on the science tip….and again this article PROVES that these women WERE NOT born gay, they became gay and that dear friend is a learned sexual proclivity not an inherent one.

                • Yan Orrstef

                  you are missing the point they were married to men because thats what society expects of you, that’s how you gain acceptance in society by being a sheep trying to blend in and trying to run away from the real you! these woman were always gay, just that they rightly or wrongly tried to live a so called “normal” life, before the reality that they are gay caught up with them

                  • joe franklin keith

                    Respectfully as much as possible I would suggest that YOU are in fact missing the point, giving the usual song and dance about someone being gay from birth.
                    The article is making a point about BI-SEXUAL WOMEN,
                    Translated this means women who like MEN AND WOMEN
                    It’s near to impossible to build a life with, habitually sleep with, have babies with, make love to someone whom with whom you are not attracted.
                    The fact that these women LATER became attracted to women disproves your point and makes mine crystal clear.
                    This article is about women who have sex with men but also like having sex with women and in some cases have LEARNED to prefer men. It is the height of presumption and an exercise in assumption to make an assertion that these women were born gay and were somehow forced to make love to, make children and families with a man with whom they did not like or enjoy…SORRY, try again!

                • JusticeB

                  Actually science can prove why men are attracted to women with big breasts and big butts.

              • Tonye Oliver

                Studies? any body can come up with studies to say anything that want it to say, which science is that? God made no one gay, don’t lie against God!!!! being gay is a fact for some people and there are reasons why this may be so, but it is not a NATURAL orientation. Since you mentioned God, note that God made Adam and Eve not Eve and Tracy or Adam and Brian. Get the point?

                • dev2008

                  God made some people gay, straight, bi, trans. Not sure why but it’s the way of the world and yes some test done on MRI’s and brains of gay vs straight people show a difference in the brain. They are studying genes to find out if it’s in the DNA. You’re using religion to hate and I’m sure God hates that more than anything.

                  • Dean Edward

                    Ignoring the aspect of free will choices makes you look stupid.

                  • inefekt

                    God? Are you serious? Life is simply the end result of a series of cosmic, chemical and biological events……..there was nothing magical about it, there was no all powerful being involved. You religious nutjobs need to wake up and smell the reality around you.

                • Teresa Teri

                  It really is very close to impossible to have an intelligent conversation with people who are completely uneducated and don’t know it. In every aspect people run a continuum – that means that they are a variation along a line of 2 extremes – let me say it very simply for you: people are born differently from one another and that’s natural and scientifically proven. Also, this is true in the animal kingdom, in which animals run the same spectrum sexually – again, for you: animals are born differently to one another. PLEASE read a book (you haven’t even obviously read the Bible (and yes, I have) or you’d know better than to judge others, you’d know better than to try to push old testament citings on others – which you definitey do not follow yourself; no-one does – and you’d practice more on that ‘love one another’ command… Course, you are obviously a ‘pick and choose’, uneducated biblically, secularly and scientifically Christian. Gag.

                • Peter_Lyon

                  Since there is no such thing as “God”, he did not make anybody. People are what they are.

                • Vh

                  God made me gay, so….

                  • daffy duck


                    • cybersleuth58

                      No he didn’t wake up and decide he was gay. All caps doesn’t make it true, btw.

                • cybersleuth58

                  Oh, so now logic is reduced to slogans like God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I have a little news for you, God made gays, too.

            • JusticeB

              Are you thinking of transgender persons? Gay people don’t reject anything about their bodies.

            • donalda

              People are born gay, straight or bisexual. A lot of gay people succumb to societal pressure and enter into straight relationships marry and have children. Yet they’re still gay at the end of the day. Bisexual people are open to loving either sex quite willingly as with Anne Heche and Lindsay Lohan. There’s no confusion or switching really. People know deep down what they prefer sexually. I knew I was straight from day one. It’s not something I chose. LGBT folks don’t choose either. It is what it is and people need to accept that.

              • joe franklin keith

                It’s amazing how you folks come up with this stuff completely ignoring the aspect of SEXUAL PLEASURE!
                You like a lot of these folks act as though the familiar adage, “try it you might like it” has no influence on why people switch hit or play on both teams and by neglecting to factor that basic base reality into your opinions and comments is either disingenuous, naive or patently ignorant. Among young people there is a very popular descriptive term for what I am talking about it’s called “BI-CURIOUS” Used mostly by young females it means exactly what it suggests…girls, young girls are CURIOUS about what it would be like to be with their best friend or an older woman. They are curious about what it feel like to experience the touch and sensuality of another female and quite often this is due to callous abusive treatment or traumatic romantic experiences with young boys or actual abuse by older men.
                Start including some comments about BI-CURIOUS teen-agers and you’ll be able to provide some balance to your overstated assessment of why people crossover or switch hit!

                • cybersleuth58

                  I knew I was gay at 4. It has nothing to do with sexual pleasure. It has everything to do with who you fall deeply in love with. When our partners become ill and sex is not an option, do you assume we are no longer lesbians? Of course we are, even if there is no “sexual pleasure” involved. It’s about love and loyalty, devotion to the person we are in love with. How can you be so ignorant and full of hate?

                  • joe franklin keith

                    Dear friend, I hate to tell you this but…. if you were sexualized in any way shape or form, in your heart, your body or in your mind at the tender age of 4, I hate to tell you this but your problems run much deeper than mere gender confusion. It’s clear that if you had any sexual desires one way or another at that age it would mean your sexuality proclivity stems from and had to be rooted in your environment.
                    Just because the precious innocence of your heart mind and body were not guarded at that tender age, it does not give you the right to do the same to my children or any child…..PLEASE GET YOUR GAY AGENDA and POLITICS OUT OF OUR PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, is all I ask!

        • JusticeB

          Bisexual people do not choose to be bisexual, they either are or they are not. The choice is whether they follow their hearts or stick with one gender just to please the Pope.

          • joe franklin keith

            Puh-lease!!! There is nothing scientific at all about variety…it’s a basic human perception that more variety is better and different is more exciting whether it’s more women or more men, more women and more men, more variety, transgender, cross gender, more positions more possibilities for sexual gratification ….nothing scientific at all, base human desire and greed!
            Get Real

            • JusticeB


          • joe franklin keith

            C’mon, everybody has a choice and free will, bi sexual people are no different just exercising their CHOICE to try something different. If you are a women who believes or feels like a man inside that’s one thing but if you are ALL WOMAN and you desire being with other WOMEN who are also ALL WOMAN, then you are doing nothing but exploring sexual pleasure with someone of the same sex…that’s not a born trait except for maybe the fact that it’s not naturally disgusting to you.
            These women in question were clearly not disgusted with men evidenced by the actual lives they have led as hetero women.

            • Matrixz127

              You are the most f***ing retarded pile of s**t ever! Why don’t you say that crap to a mob of gay people! I’m sure they will enjoy kicking you hard in the face, breaking it! Then cutting your windpipe in two with a boxcutter. Then they would bash your face in and cut it to ribbons, and then slit your throat f***ing b**ch! Assuming you have balls that is!

              (makes clucking sounds)

              And if you want to rebuttal, you can find me at my Youtube account…if your balls haven’t shriveled first that is!

              (makes more clucking sounds)

              • joe franklin keith

                Hmmm ….Perverted, disgusting and violent…traits that make the world a better and more gay place to live

              • Dean Edward

                You are a worthy spokesperson for your cause. Thanks for validating all the negative stereotypes.

              • Matrixz127

                You can stop impersonating my YouTube handle now.

          • daffy uck


        • donalda

          yeah, as a straight woman it takes everything I’ve got to resist the temptation of going down on my straight women friends

        • Vh

          I chose to be gay and my life mission is to convince your children it’s the “preferred way to be”, and it’s all because I “have to get it on SEXUALLY” with my best friend. The shackles are off, what else can I do? And obviously, my life is FULL of drama.

          • joe franklin keith

            Obviously your tongue is placed firmly in your cheek and other places but your sarcasm is duly noted. The point my gay friend is not that these are your personal agendas but rather the agenda of self imposed leaders e.g Gay Rights Groups and Lobbyist. In other words you yourself may have nothing at all to do with promoting gay lifestyles to elementary school children in California, but the fact that public schools in the Golden State are amassing and promoting reading and audio visual materials designed to teach 5 year old school children about what it means to be gay and how it’s perfectly normal to have 2 fathers or 2 mothers is A FACT not fiction!
            You getting it on with your best friend and all the drama that ensues in your life due to it…is your business and if you keep it that way I promise to never ask you to condone what I do with my tongue….Deal?

            • Vh

              God forbid kids from non-traditional nuclear families (note that nuclear families have only been around since the 50s) should feel like normal kids! Those kids deserve to be bullied for absolutely no reason other than who their parents are! (again, did you notice the sarcasm?)

              • joe franklin keith

                Yes sarcasm duly noted right along with your bogus facts straight out of the Gay Handbook and the latest edition of Homosexuality for Dummies. The fact is most children under the age of 7 are not yet sexualized or even give a hoot about the opposite gender much less sex and we don’t need you and your ilk teaching your warped values and morality to our little children ……sorry, no sarcasm this time straight no chaser. We don’t need Left Wing Hitler totalitarian tactics in the USA force feeding your perverse ideology to our children. Teach YOUR children not to be bullies….that ought to be enough, you can start with teaching your own children that knocking folks out ain’t a game before you teach them how to use a rubber….how bout that?

                • daffy duck

                  Joe, very well put! Also, it is really DISGUSTING when GAYS perform and look like total weirdos in their stupid-azz gay parades!! I call these morons “FLAMING GAYS”!! I think that conservative gays who just want to live their own lives are probably embarrassed by these outrageous people!! Ugh!!!

                  • cybersleuth58

                    Why are you going to gay Pride if you don’t like gay parades? I don’t go to christian events bc I don’t support what you do. Why are you stalking us at gay events?

                • Dana W

                  Hitler was Anti abortion, strongly catholic, pro censorship and vehemently pro big military. He also made being gay punishable by prison and occasionally death, Real liberal type huh?

                  • joe franklin keith

                    I understand how difficult it is to be literate in historical facts when you get all your information spoon fed to you from people who make it a mission to twist the truth into lies….but please put the Gay Handbook down for a second and learn a few things

                    1. Hitler as a Catholic is a joke, so was Al Capone lol, aside from that the actual truth is that Hitler was an Occultist. He was into
                    Theosophy, he followed the teachings of Madame Helena Blavatsky, look it up and learn something.

                    2. For you to describe Hitler as an anti abortionist pegs you as someone who is completely ignorant of Truth. He did not want his Super Race, the Aryan race to have abortions and the reason for that should be obvious even to you despite your obvious lack of basic common sense. That YOU would even have you the utter gall and perverse audacity to try to paint Hitler as being anything akin to a Christian pro life fundamentalist…is ABSURD to say the least!
                    3. Regarding censorship, Hitler has a lot in common with you and your ilk, he was the master and architect of the BIG LIE, he pulled the wool of the eyes of the entire world using Big Lies like the ones you tried to promote in your response which was one lie after another.
                    Yet there are millions of morons like you who actually believe that nonsense, portraying yourself as intellectuals going around spouting off this nonsense over a cup of Latte truly and sincerely believing you’re saying something intelligent when in fact it’s down right stupidity and foolishness. The power to censor is in the hands of those who control the media and dear Dana…that’d be you and your folks at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and in the White House.
                    By no means are Conservatives, Christians or Fox Cable News in control of the dribble you’re being fed from day to day.

                    While I’m addressing this erroneous point of yours, I should also say this in fact was the reason I alluded to Hitler at all is his use of GOVERNMENT CONTROL!
                    He pioneered the tactic of sending kids home from school force fed on lies and Government Propaganda. That is what liberals are doing here today in the USA, creating a generation of simpletons that believe the kind of nonsense you stated in your response.
                    4. On the point of the military, I must ask you have you ever learned the principle of context?
                    Hitler’s purpose of being pro military was to take over the world and kill or oppress everyone who was not Aryan, Jews, Blacks, Gypsies yes and even gays but that’s because dear friend as you probably do, Hitler believed in Evolution however he believed in the heart of it…the racists aspects of it which in it’s truest sense places Blacks and Jews at or near the beginning of human development and Aryans at the top evolved part of it which is why dear friend Abortion is promoted and used against Black, Brown and poorer people as it was designed and conceived to do what Hitler wanted to do, purify the human gene pool by cleansing the earth of less developed, lesser evolved races. Look up Margaret Sanger quotes, she was the founder of Planned Parenthood, a devout racist and devout follower of EUGENICS, the natural offspring of the Theory of Evolution.

                    Therefore the big lie associated with that organization is the name itself which as a mission is completely contrary to people becoming parents……especially poor Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, etc, etc anyone who cannot produce a pure bred Aryan.
                    The sad part is they got all of you fighting for the right to kill your own babies as if that’s something to fight for….SAD!!!

                    5. Never said Hitler was liberal but of course you read that into my response due to your limited education and stunted lack of knowledge. Hitler controlled people through the government the way Liberals are doing it more and more here in the USA…through the IRS or through the NSA, the EPA and massive piles of government regulations and control.

                    Who cares who you go to bed with….make it your own business and leave the rest of us alone…is all I’m saying.

                    • Dana W

                      I read Mein Kampf over to cover. Try again. :) Here are a few of his gems. Sources quoted. Hitlers Christianity is well documented.

                      And if you think that “controlling what you do is purely a liberal government trait, you never worshiped an popular god or took an inappropriate wife. The conservative wants your, mind, your religion, and your life, and will use all government power necessary to obtain it. And its about who I love, and who I marry, not just “who I sleep with”.

                      To be so historically ignorant of history must be pain to you.

                      “The fact that the Vatican is concluding a treaty with the new Germany means
                      the acknowledgement of the National Socialist state by the Catholic Church.
                      This treaty shows the whole world clearly and unequivocally that the assertion
                      that National Socialism [Nazism] is hostile to religion is a lie.

                      -Adolf Hitler, 22 July 1933, writing to the Nazi Party (quoted from
                      John Cornwell’s “Hitler’s Pope”

                      “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance
                      with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself
                      against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

                      “”My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and
                      Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness,
                      surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what
                      they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s
                      truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless
                      love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which
                      tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the
                      scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders.
                      How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison.
                      To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize
                      more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this
                      that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian
                      I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the
                      duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is
                      anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it
                      is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also
                      a duty to my own people.” -Adolf Hitler, in a speech on 12 April 1922 (Norman H. Baynes,
                      ed. The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922-August 1939,
                      Vol. 1 of 2, pp. 19-20, Oxford University Press, 1942)

                      “We demand liberty for all religious denominations
                      in the State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate
                      against the morality and moral sense of the German race. The Party,
                      as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind
                      itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats
                      the Jewish-materialist spirit within and without us, and
                      is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health from within only on the principle: the common interest before self-interest.”

                      “Just as the Jew could once incite the mob of Jerusalem against Christ, so today
                      he must succeed in inciting folk who have been duped into madness to attack
                      those who, God’s truth! seek to deal with this people in utter honesty and sincerity.

                      -Adolf Hitler, in Munich, 28 July 1922″

                      We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers
                      the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity
                      stands or falls…. We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas
                      of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a
                      desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress
                      of our own people.

                      -Adolf Hitler, in a speech in Passau, 27 October 1928, Bundesarchiv
                      Berlin-Zehlendorf, [cited from Richard Steigmann-Gall's The
                      Holy Reich]“

                    • Dana W

                      That should say worship an unpopular god. No correction function in this blog.

                    • joe franklin keith

                      Seems like the trouble you have distinguishing propaganda from truth is worse than I imagined.

                      But fortunately for you I’m here to give you a little help…you can take it or leave it, your prerogative.

                      Let’s start with this little gem of truth from the words of Jesus
                      “a tree is known by it’s fruit” ( Matthew 12:33 )

                      So if someone says that they’re a faithful follower of The Lord Jesus and then proceed to murder Jews, Gypsies and gays….guess what, they are a liar and you are a fool to believe anything they said much less read their writings as if it’s the gospel truth!

                      Geesh how truly and sincerely naive and sad of you.

                      Another lesson for you homoSEXUAL

                      Look at the word, it’s about sex

                      I’m a man, I like men, my best friend are men…it’s all good but….when I want to have sex with my men friends it becomes about SEX, I become identified as a person who likes to have SEX with others of my same Gender

                      Basic grammar dear Dana.

                      If you hold your friends hand, eat lunch with them or take a walk through the park with your friend it doesn’t make you a homoSEXual, it’s the act of SEX that defines the relationship…
                      Got it??

                      Anyway ….You’ve completely ignored Hitlers occult beliefs and his belief in Theosophy. You completely ignored his implementation of Eugenics based on his practical understanding of the Theory of Evolution which places Black people as one step removed from monkeys and Aryans as the pinnacle of evolution. You also completely ignored what I pointed out about Margaret Sanger’s true intent of Planned Parenthood and how it is tied to her Hitlerian like world view, doing the work of the NAZI party in a clinically sophisticated way duping the people they despise into fighting for the right to kill their own babies.

                      You have a lot to learn….keep reading

                      But try different material because you’ve been Mein Kampfed into a bunch of nonsense!

                    • cybersleuth58

                      Guess you don’t like history bc those quotes aren’t propaganda. Anyone who has studied world history knows that Hitler was well connected with the Vatican.

            • cybersleuth58

              The only people promoting lifestyles are conservatives who want to force Christian Taliban beliefs on the rest of us. No one is asking you to be gay, so stop trying to force Christian Sharia law down our throats.

              • joe franklin keith

                Either you have absolutely no idea of what a Taliban is, believes and does or you are a blithering idiot just spouting off left wing, gay activist propaganda nonsense!
                Taliban execute gays, stone them or simply cut off their heads! There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever to Christian America and Muslim Middle East and to even suggest there is makes you appear stupid and discounts anything else you have to say!
                Put down your copy of Christianity for Dummies and get a grip on reality. Its one thing to be confused about your gender and entirely different matter to stay idiotic simple minded stupid things that even begin to compare Christians to Taliban. Genocide is being committed against Christians in the Mid East…..are Christians committing genocide against Gays or Muslims?
                Hell no….in “CHRISTIAN” America gays have the right to put on parades and government paid sex change operations, free condoms and the whole shebang…and Muslims worship freely without threat to their lives or property.

        • cybersleuth58

          I’m pretty damned sure you’ve been doing just fine destroying your own family structure. You don’t need any help with that from us.

    • joe franklin keith

      There it is there!

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    Wanda Sykes really… For some reason i’m surprised.

    • Lola

      Where have you been the past few years?

    • joe franklin keith

      me too, i don’t know how a man or a woman would want her lol

    • Helena_Handbasket

      Hell, I think I knew before she did.

  • sycamore

    Bisexual means you like both men and women though, sooo…

    • No such thing as bi

      There is no such thing. Just look at how old most of them are
      They all lived a lie knowing they exclusively like women, but it wasn’t accepted at all when they were married, and I’m sure some of them just did it to have kids. They are no different from down low men. My cousin was with a so called bi girl, but now she’s only with women, my cousin thought it was s€xy until he got cut loose, and has to up that child support every 2 weeks. People like this are liars and users.

      • MissMonica01

        Actually im Bi, and you are just being ignorant. I like Men and Women equally!

        • joe franklin keith

          There’s no crime against being equally confused

          • gerihewitt


            I think that possibly what you are trying to say is: That it’s no crime to be equally confused.

            • Micah

              No crime, eh? Just wait until they come before the Real Judge.

              • JusticeB


                • Spud


                • dvanilla

                  Judge Jehovah Jesus.

                • Keith R Sauerwald

                  Yeahhh! Judge Judy would rock her socks.

              • Dean Edward

                Don’t worry Micah, you will have your own appearance there as well. Self-righteousness is actually just as serious.

                • CCBanks

                  We will ALL appear before the Judgment seat of Christ. But NOWHERE in the ENTIRE BIBLE does it equate self righteousness with the sin of HOMOSEXUALITY for which there is a DEATH PENALTY, Lev 20:13. Please show me the death penalty for self righteousness and please explain how it is “self righteous’ to say that someone will be judged by God, since GOD is the one who said it? You’re a MORON.

                  • Dean Edward

                    Given the fact that you worship a magical dead Jew, being called a moron by you is a compliment.

                    • Gina007

                      The only moron is you, the atheist.

                    • jrwlsju

                      Personally, I am an agnostic. I don’t think about God at all. But I don’t understand why atheists are SOOOOO angry. I leave my devout brothers and sisters alone and just pity them quietly. I don’t feel the need to insult them, even when they proselytize. I just smile and nod, as if they are children.

                    • gobnait

                      Why pity them? In fact, people of faith tend to be the most at peace in their lives and happiest. They generally have the large support networks within their houses of worship that prove to be so valuable in times of strife. I am also agnostic and wish I could know the peace and calm that faith can bring to our lives. There’s no reason to be so supercilious in your attitude. They don’t need your pity, dear.

                    • inverse137

                      ” In fact, people of faith tend to be the most at peace in their lives and happiest”

                      Really? I would have said they are the most bitter and judgmental…but to each his own…

                    • phermon

                      Yeah, if they are so at peace why do they have to spend their lives interfering in those of others. They are welcome to do whatever they like behind closed doors – cross-dressing, slam dunking – but no they have to carry on about right to life, and no dying with dignity, while happily slaughtering thousands of innocent people in war.

                    • dvanilla

                      So you can have peace.

                    • Deborah G

                      Part of being a Chritian is speaking out against evil. abortions [unless a true medical decision] are wrong. They have become the lazy and irresponsible way to get out of bad behavior. 250,000 a year is somply mass murder

                    • Keith R Sauerwald

                      Pray tell me…..What is a Chritian?

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      A simple typo? grow up

                    • Jazz

                      Everyone who believes in God does not force their beliefs on others, those are only some, not all. There is right and wrong in every group of people, every race, every religion, both sexes, young and old. You can’t judge everyone by how some behave. Everyone is an individual and they have the ability to make their own decisions, right or wrong. No one should be forcing their beliefs on you no matter what they are…

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      That includes the Homofascists

                    • What37

                      You mean slaughtering millions like Marxist’s have done?

                    • Eric

                      so agnostics and atheists are not soldiering on like the rest of us in the army? Just Christians? Interesting. Right to life is only a Christian value?

                    • gobnait

                      You make sweeping assertions with no basis in fact. Hyperbole is no kind of argument. Try again.

                    • unclevito

                      Where do you find Christians killing millions in war? Adjust your tin hat. How about the millions of babies killed in abortions. You haters are amazing at how STUPID you are.

                    • dvanilla

                      Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27.

                    • Deborah G

                      Why would you say that? Christ wasn’t a weenie nor did was he a wimp. He wasn’t a liberal either but he was kind and loving.His followers can be strong, weak ,charitable and loving. They also can get angered when treated poorly. HUMANS!

                    • 4grand

                      don’t know what people of faith you have encountered – but I was a bitter and judgmental person before Jesus and now I have peace and happiness

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      So true. I get angry at injustice but REAL injustice not that the welfare frauds can’t have more minutes on their cell phones

                    • unclevito

                      Sounds like you are the judgemental one, moron!

                    • dvanilla

                      I agree!

                    • Deborah G

                      I Will say prayers for you. Such a nice post and truthful. Many of faith feel that way at times. BUT once you get the feeling don’t ignore it. Call it Jesus call it God call it higher power but don’t ignore it because you seem to want to find peace. Blessings on you friend I hope you do

                    • petuniababi

                      We sure don’t.I hope and pray this person finds peace and calm in their life.I had to do the same thing and i feel so much better.Knowing God is much better than knowing alcohol and drugs.Much more healthy.

                    • Debbie Adams-Sturgeon

                      Amen to that gobnait! If I didn’t have my God, I couldn’t wake up and face the day. Praise His name! He’s REAL!

                    • dvanilla

                      God can’t be mocked, Galatians 6:7, pity you publicly.

                    • jrwlsju

                      I don’t mock God. I just act as if God isn’t there.

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      But by “Acting” as if God isn’t there is a passive agressive act which shows you do have a belief.

                    • Deborah G

                      You just haven’t seen the miracles in life or miss the clarity of them

                    • dvanilla

                      Nope He’s alive. He breath life into your nostrils, otherwise you wouldn’t be breathing.

                    • Deborah G

                      Funny how atheists always say the stupidest things about others beliefs but they are mostly a bunch of miserable people with no purpose in life.

                    • CaliTheOne

                      It’s so true!
                      Seriously! They may as well be Trolls living under a bridge.

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      What was that old Fairy Tale? Was it Three Billygoats Gruff? LOL I remeber that troll in a kids book and it scared me half to death > But you are 100% Correct

                    • What37

                      Better investigate the issue more closely before you magically declare him dead.

                    • Dean Edward

                      your ears should listen to what your foolish mouth is saying. the burden of proof is on you, you are the one making the unrealistic claim.

                  • FairySac

                    No one has ever seen or spoke to god. You get all of your ridiculous notions from a bible, which was written by who knows who. I’ll never understand why people believe the writings in a book when you have no clue if they are truth or fiction, who wrote it, or who edited and changed it throughout the years.

                    • jen

                      FairySac- It’s God and Bible. Maybe if you went back to school and got an education you would have a better understanding of both. Have you talked or known everyone on this planet? No? So you don’t know who has or has not spoken to God, right?

                    • dvanilla

                      If no one can speak to God, then why are you speaking. God has a voice to that is reason He gave you one.

                    • Deborah G

                      That’s not what many people including children say. It isn’t the “book” as a exact set of laws rather a history . There are many versions and sure there have been altered through language. however the basic tenets are the truth.

                  • inverse137

                    Leviticus? So, you beat your women too?

                    Foolish little man.

                  • John Q Bluecollar.

                    The bible says I can own slaves as stated in Lev. 25:44. May I buy your daughter as stated in Exodus 21:7? Before the transaction I need to know if you trim your hair. If so, as stated in Lev 19:27, you will be judged just like homosexuals and I’m not sure I can own the daughter of someone who commits the sin of CUTTING THEIR HAIR for which you should be stoned by the entire town as stated in Lev 24:10-16.

                    • Deborah G

                      ridiculous that is called Fundamentalists because they are too stupid to interpret the meaning and simply take every anachronistic law and throw it up as proof. Christ died for our sins and Christ alone is the answer. I doubt he said if you cut your beard you are sinful.Someone said it but not he, his death absolved the law

                    • John Q Bluecollar.

                      The point is, you cant peck at certain scriptures and then ignore others. If you are going to say that there is a fundamental problem with gays as said by scripture, you’d better hide away in a barn during your period, stop shaving your beards, start owning slaves, and quit planting more than one crop around the same field and my personal favorite, when you sacrifice an animal, burn it because it makes a pleasant odor for God.

                    • joe franklin keith

                      THE REAL POINT IS if you don’t have any idea of what the bible is saying, what it means and why what is written was written it means you are a Bible Illiterate and cannot begin to discuss the bible with someone who does understand it. You Sound like a complete fool talking about things you are completely ignorant of…..everything you mentioned has a context and a reason it’s been included that you are patently ignorant of. To bring things into context you need to know that slavery today is worse than it was then, it’s called human trafficking idiot! And you also need to know that Christian Abolitionists were at the forefront of freeing the slaves in England and America. The reason is because THEY unlike you UNDERSTOOD the bible. Do us all a favor and try to avoid topics you don’t understand, especially when your knowledge of it is childlike at best….ok?

                    • Macumbe

                      What law was absolved? There had to be a law a priori to be absolved. You want proof? What proof do you have? You mouth off everything you have been indoctrinated with. Your mind was a blank tablet and you filled it with horror. You and others like you are afraid, deathly afraid of your own shadow, afraid to reason, afraid to listen because listening to anything even reason is sinful. You want to go to heaven so bad you are willing to believe anything including fairy tales. You fanatics are dangerous. How did Christ die for our sins? Most in the church cannot even answer that question. Did he say he died for our sins? I believe that he was way to preoccupied as to why his Father had left him. He actually died because people on the ground crucified him. He most certainly did not wish to die for anybody’s sin. He came to teach! I got to this post looking for something else. I am not a homosexual and I believe in a God. But every time I encounter people or beings like you, I cannot help but to question your thinking and reasoning. It is because of you and your paralytic mind that churches fill their pockets and religion is not only a man made thing, but has become commercialized and tax exempt. You and others like you who preach the word and tell people how superior you are live by one book with distorted pages.

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      RAnting much? You have zero knowledge of me and what I believe or understand so go take a chill pill.FYI? I don’t belong to any church nor do I believe in man made rules reagrding what I believe. That being said you came apart on me like a complete moron

                  • Helena_Handbasket

                    Who says God said it? A Levite scribe wrote down that he said it..but that’s not proof of anything. At any rate, the Bible is a good read, but considering that it was cobbled together by politicians, I don’t put much stock in it. Any God worth worshiping is perfectly capable of connecting with and communicating with individuals without a middleman or a manual.

                    Ironically, even the bible used to say that you don’t need church or preachers or Dogma…because God is everywhere and is everything. It just wasn’t politically expedient for the council of Nicea if they couldn’t control people by controlling The God Dialog… so they edited the gospel of Thomas out

                    Just sayin.

                    • Deborah G

                      I happen to agree because I am VERY spiritual but do not belong to any church for just those reasons. Manmade control is too Catholic for me/

                    • Macumbe

                      Even the Bible says to beware of prophets. The Bible is a good read and full of history but I would not consider it the word of God. I believe that if God was to write, God could have written something much, much, better. God left it up to those bandits at Nicea to claim their stake and for everyone else to ponder. By the way, since you mentioned Nicea, I read that Emperor Constantine at Nicea declared Jesus “The only begotten son” and “The savior of the world.”

                    • joe franklin keith

                      Another blithering idiot! You cannot understand the bible because you do not have the Spirit of God within you….you will forever remain a dufus regarding the Word of God until you ask God to prove Himself to you, come into your heart and give you Life, New Life. Short of that you’ll remain completely spiritually ignorant and your intellectual “read” will keep you in darkness

                  • phermon

                    Who said God said – some other self-righteous and presumptuous bloke, I suppose. If I am a moron too, my dear, you’re fairyfloss.

                  • Deborah G

                    Actually it says in the Bible that to judge with impunity those that defy the word of God….Homosexuality is a sin.

                    • cybersleuth58

                      Actually it says in the Bible NOT to judge. You will be judged in the same harsh light that you judge others. Matthew 7:2.

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      Actully it says one must judge evil and wrongdoing according to the teachings. It does NOT say NOt to judge but to judge righteously. Homosexuality is a sin it is an abomination before God therefore fairly judged as such

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      FYI? That means if you are doing something wrong do not judge UNFAIRLY

                  • wolfboy54

                    God wrote the bible? I heard he produced the 10 Commandments and I try to go by that but all those stories written by men and re translated ad nauseam, nope.

                    • joe franklin keith

                      You’re a bible illiterate ….no problem, you probably already know that but it’s hard to intelligently discuss something of which you are completely clueless, yet here you are trying in vain,
                      May I ask Why?

                      Do you want to understand it do you want to understand who Jesus is or are you content with being spiritually blind and illiterate?

                  • Animom

                    There is NOTHING in the Bible that says a woman cannot lay with another woman. He who is without sin should cast the first stone.

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      Actually there is

                    • cybersleuth58

                      Actually, there’s not.

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      Roman’s 1:26 Pretty clear

                      In Romans 1:26-27

                      “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      I’m not casting stone but I recognize perversion when I see it. Inies do NOT go with Innies ask any electrician

                    • cybersleuth58

                      Exactly. Thank you!

                    • Dealerdeb1

                      this is about men I will copy in the next post re women

                      Chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus, which form part of the Holiness code and list prohibited forms of intercourse, contain the following verses:

                      “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”[1]

                      “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”[2]

                • texan

                  Micah has no worry, he has accepted the gift of salvation. You on the other hand will die without it if you do not repent. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. This holds true for many who reject Jesus Christ. As for self-righteousness that term is used in attacks against Christians on a daily basis. Actually Christians are not self-righteous, we are righteous. 1 Corinthians 1:30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: 2 Corinthians 5:21 For he has made him [to be] sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man [be] in Christ ;[he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. There is a misconception with those who deny Christ. We are not forcing anyone to accept the Lord. We are informing those who seek the truth of the only way to salvation and that is through the Blood of Jesus Christ ,shed on the cross for all humanity. You have a free will to do as you choose. Jesus Christ instructed those who follow his teachings to spread the gospel ,the truth. If you don’t believe then it is by your own choice where you will spend eternity. No one can condemn anyone because the world is condemned already. Christ came to save the world from condemnation. Peace be with you.

                  • Macumbe

                    The world is condemned because of fanatics like you who have memorized the Bible to preach superiority as the man- made churches using the name of Christ to make money and control the masses like sheep have told you to do. Christ came to teach and to lead by example not to save the world of condemnation but to enlighten each and every individual. Each day more and more people are becoming enlightened rather than indoctrinated. You do not need to quote the Bible to others who may have also read it. Problem is that you think yourself righteous just because you read something.

              • Los Gayringo

                They are Pathophilac and celebrating what Darwin would say could be the worst brain failure possible in Evolution?

              • Cassandra

                Yes, Micah. And just wait until you do. “If we say that we have no sin then we lie, and the truth is not in us” 1 John 1:8

                “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” John 8:7

                Jesus has paid the debt of sin for ALL and HE will do the selecting of those chosen for forgiveness. Not YOU.

                “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

                John 6:37

                • Guest

                  Are you without sin? Have you ever lied? You phony.

              • inverse137

                “I am the law”

                The really sad part is that ignorant people like Micah don’t know the first thing about Christianity.

                Tell us, Micah, what is the message from Jesus?

                You are right about one thing…you are in for a HUGE surprise one day. And I’m guessing ignorance of The Message will not be an acceptable excuse.

                • Macumbe

                  Ha, Ha, Ha indeed. I would like to see all these phonies and their HUGE surprise. If I could only peek into the future! The big wigs in the church know they are doomed for preaching such lies. They are the ones who know the real truth and it is not the one these users of mankind, haters, and critic fanatics think.

              • Helena_Handbasket

                Dude, not going to happen. Wapner retired from the bench in like, 79.. and got kicked off his show in 93. I mean, I suppose he could go back to the bench or get another show.. but seeing as he was born in 1919, I find it unlikely.

              • Animom

                Jesus made me the way I am. There is NOTHING in the Bible that says a woman cannot lay with another woman.

                • cybersleuth58

                  Absolutely. These fools claim to believe in god. If god made us all, then god made gay people, too. If gays are such a disaster, why hasn’t god corrected that mistake? Gays have existed since the dawn of creation. Isn’t it funny that Jesus specifically warned us of the dangers of religious hypocrisy but said nothing about homosexuality?

            • Marty

              it is difficult for bisexual people…. I’m 100% heterosexual and I’m as confused as hell !!!

          • dvanilla

            It should be.

          • Deborah G

            Or being equally disgusting

          • Jes

            Lol . Confusion is when you are unable to choose between two things. This is not confusion. This is assurance. She knows EXACTLY what she likes and there is nothing wrong with that To each his own.

            • joe franklin keith

              If that’s what you think then you’re confused too….

              Confusion is when you can’t sing a lick but you audition for American Idol truly believing you are the next Whitney Houston or Luther Vandross…

              Confusion is when you live in the projects but you buy $250 Air Jordans, Coach Purses and driving a Mercedes.

              the confusion I was actually referring to though is the deepest of all confusion and that is when a woman thinks she’s a man or when a man thinks he’s a woman

              Can’t get no clearer than that!

          • SKULLTAKER


        • Jeronimo Dan

          At least you have 50% more chance of getting a date.

          • Vh

            How did you come up with 50%? If you’re bisexual, you can date the majority of the opposite gender who happen to be heterosexual but only the small, small fraction of your own gender that happens to also be homosexual or bisexual. That’s not 50%.

            • Jeronimo Dan

              You’re probably right, I’m not into dating men. Really not worth the debate…

        • Helena_Handbasket

          Heteroflexible, here… I tend to go for men…but every once in awhile, the right lady gets my attention.

          • phermon

            Can’t you hold down a proper job?

          • dvanilla

            Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

        • daffy duck

          Monica, so what’s your effing problem? Sycamore just stated the type of life style that you’re into, and you are the broad who is being “IGNORANT”! Chill out, b i t c h!!!

          • MissMonica01

            Actually for one, i never replied to sycamore, i replied to the user who got their comment deleted, whose name btw is ”No such thing as bi” so before you continue to comment with such hate towards me i suggest next time you look at who people are actually replying to.

      • Big Al

        Soooo, those in this article who were with woman then went with men…how’s that fit in to that little world view of yours?

      • gerihewitt

        You actually went to the trouble of posting this comment as someone called “No such thing as bi”?

        You actually did that?

        Talk about the hate that dare not speak its name.

      • Medusa Jordan

        no such thing – you really are an idiot. Everyone knows that sexual orientation is on a continuum and whilst most people are at the hetero end, many many people are along that continuum. I have identified as bisexual for 9 years, this to me means being GENUINELY open to relationship with men and women, ergo, I AM BISEXUAL!

        • CCBanks

          YOU ARE A FREAK who has given in to the power of darkness. But you CAN repent and you can EXIT the filth in which you have sunk yourself.

          • Medusa Jordan

            You ARE insane!

          • Lynne G

            How ignorant people can be. Unbelievable. No-one choses their orientation. Nature does. I’m straight but each to their own.
            I believe in a ‘higher energy/force’. Call it what you like but it certainly would not approve of the hurtful negative influence some people have within themselves and who think they have a right to put it on others! Who the hell are you to be so perfect.
            The bible can only be taken as a guide.Going back to Jesus,his time on earth was not (man made) religion. It was to show an alternative choice to the way man thought and for the better but then it was politics. Can you imagine politicians writing their opinions in a book and how much it would have been totally factual.
            I give my opinion and each has the right to their own thoughts but no-one has the right to say that ‘their’ beliefs are correct. If they are right for them,fine but don’t push it.

            • dvanilla

              Everything we do in life is a choice. If I want to get up from my seat,
              it is what I have choose to do. It’s just like drinking, eating, etc., you
              make those decisions. It starts in the brain, a thought becomes an
              activity, which one decides in their minds if they want to make that decision becomes a choice. You choose to or not to do something’s in life daily. We all have a choice to do right or wrong, the Bible is our human guide line for making the right choices from a pure supreme being who loves us and cared enough to send His only son to die for our sins (impurity)

              Salvation is a choice; Romans 10:9; That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in you’re heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

              Romans 10:10 – For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

              It’s your choice?

        • PH.D.

          Sure it’s not 2 personalities within you.

        • jen

          Well yay for you!

    • kudos7777 .

      No thing as bisexual

      • Medusa Jordan

        I cannot respond to your offensive comment – ‘you are either confused,or you’re just loose’ – so I will respond here: f*** right off! I am celibate and I am 50 years old, so do not tell me that I am promiscuous or confused. I really hope you are a teen cos if you are any older you really have no business being so rude and ill informed!

        • CCBanks

          How is it “offensive” to voice the opinion that there is no such thing as bisexual??? How does this offend you? If you actually believe that there IS a thing called bisexuality how does the fact that others disagree “offend” you? he didn’t curse at you. He didn’t prescribe HELL as your ultimate destination, WHICH IT IS (finally, something for you to be “offended” at!) so why the pretense of “offense”. If someone said there is no such thing as TALL people, would that “offend” you if you’re 6’5″ or would you just say that guy was crazy? How would you be “offended”???

          What’s really going on is that you are in REBELLION AGAINST GOD and you KNOW IT. That is why the DEMON that leads your life DEMANDS that you get OTHERS to JOIN YOU IN YOUR REBELLION and if they DON’T you’re “offended”.

          • Medusa Jordan

            CCBanks – I do not appreciate being called ‘loose or confused’. I can be offended by that, and if I am, don’t need permission from a bible thumping lunatic.

            • gobnait

              You don’t need permission to be insulting and equally intolerant either.

              • Medusa Jordan

                That’s right. I do not. I did not start the insults, and I am only intolerant of extremism.

            • cybersleuth58

              How does an article, mislabelled as being about lesbians, invite all of these religious lunatics? Do lesbians and bisexuals troll internet pieces about Christianity? Yet they accuse us of shoving our lifestyle down their throats? WTF is wrong with these clowns?

              • Medusa Jordan

                It does make you wonder doesn’t it, why someone so virulently opposed to anything but heterosexuality should choose to read an article like this?! What on earth could they find interesting about it?
                And you are right, I NEVER go trolling on Christian sites!

          • Vh

            saying someone’s orientation doesn’t exist is rather offensive. you’re implying that they are confused, misled, lying, etc. if someone says they are bisexual, THEY ARE BISEXUAL. They don’t need anyone to tell them who they are! (But why should I bother talking sense into someone who believes in demons? smh)

          • sammi

            if it’s not offensive to claim that actual LIVING, BREATHING people don’t exist then no one should take offense to the claim that some invisible bearded man in the sky doesn’t exist. fair is fair.

            and as a bisexual person, i don’t find the ridiculous claim that bisexuals don’t exist to be offensive, i find it f—ing stupid and i have zero respect for anyone who holds such ignorant views.

          • John Q Bluecollar.

            I would really love to buy your daughter CCbanks. Will you sell her to me. The bible says its okay.

            • Medusa Jordan

              Maybe CC Banks has already killed their daughter for disrespecting them – the bible is also OK about that.

          • Helena_Handbasket

            How is it not offensive to tell someone that they either don’t exist, or they don’t know who they like?

            How are you offended if people don’t believe in God? If you have faith, that should be good enough for you. If God wants someone to believe, it will give them something to believe. It wouldn’t give people free will and the ability to decide for themselves if it was horribly offended by them using it. Who are you to get pissy about it? Do you think you can do a better job than God at forming their view of It?

      • http://www.peridotdynasty.com/ Roni W

        Uh oh. I don’t exist, lol. PLEASE.

    • mixispikalet .

      no i had an ugly friend that was bi sexual. when he wanted sex, he had to buy it!

    • CaliTheOne

      It’s all about the sex act! sooo…
      If a homosexual can’t do you, you are not on their christmas list!

    • Johnny Tightlips

      Bisexual is the modern word for debauched.