Evening Eye Candy: The 10 Hottest Footballers To Watch In The 2014 FIFA World Cup

June 13, 2014  |  
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It’s World Cup time! Whether you’re rooting for a specific team (go Nigeria!), or you have no idea what’s going on with this year’s competition–or any FIFA World Cup for that matter, you can always look forward to seeing some good looking men!  We did some looking around and found footballers of all different backgrounds who are lean and lovely. So here are 10 men participating in this year’s FIFA World Cup who are definite cuties, and this week’s evening eye candy.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Age: 29

Weight: 176

Height: 6’1″

Team: Portugal

What We Like: The abs, on abs, on abs. Ronaldo (a forward) is a solidly-built dude and is currently dominating the game, killing it in underwear ads (for Armani) and making the ladies swoon.


Patrice Evra

Age: 33

Weight: 159

Height: 5’8″

Team: France

What We Like: The accent! The lips! Aaaaand the fact that he plays for Manchester United as a left-back and attacker. Just saying, I love my ManU.


Nigel de Jong

Age: 29

Weight: 159

Height: 5’9″

Team: Netherlands

What We Like: He’s rugged. We like the tattoos, and we like the fact that outside of soccer (he’s a midfielder by the way), he’s a businessman. He owns a specialty car dealership company in Europe and in the Middle East.


Kevin-Prince Boateng

Age: 27

Weight: 190

Height: 6’1″

Team: Ghana

What We Like: Another rugged fella, Boateng has some great bone structure, a muscular body, some gorgeous eyes, and those lips!


Fabian Johnson

Age: 26

Weight: 163

Height: 6’0″

Team: United States

What We Like: The right back is a cutie, plain and simple. And I personally have a thing for lanky men–don’t judge me.



Age: 22

Weight: 142

Height: 5’9″

Team: Brazil

What We Like: While we’re not crazy about his recent hair choices for the World Cup, Neymar (who can play both forward and winger) is pretty dreamy. So dreamy in fact, that he covered Brazilian Vogue with model and Brazilan beauty, Giselle Bündchen recently.

AP Images

Asamoah Gyan

Age: 28

Weight: 169

Height: 5’11”

Team: Ghana

What We Like: He’s handsome, but what we dig most is how good the striker is at the game. He’s the captain of a pretty talented (and hunky) Ghanaian national team.


Tim Howard

Age: 35

Weight: 209

Height: 6’3″

Team: United States

What We Like: The U.S. goalie is a veteran of the game, and while we like the chrome dome and beard, we dig his killer smile and tattoo appreciation too.


Robin Van Persie

Age: 30

Weight: 157

Height: 6’2″

Team: Netherlands

What We Like: The Dutch footballer is quite debonair, and he’s a killer striker. I assume it’s the smile that distracts his opponents as he scores goal after goal.

AP Images

Yaya Touré

Age: 31

Weight: 198

Height: 6’2″

Team: Ivory Coast

What We Like: He’s a great midfielder, but he’s also a giving dude. Touré is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations and has campaigned against elephant poaching. Loves his game, loves the animals, and loves the environment. Gotta love him!

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  • poolchick

    Christiano Ronaldo……….YUMMMM!!!!!!

  • All those guys are gay…. What chick would hang with a fruitcake anyway? Hey chicks! Go find some REAL guys! (Whatever the opposite of Johnny Mathis is, GO FOR IT! )

  • Guest

    Gosh…Baxter looks like she picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!

  • ed

    Wheres Hilary/

  • Johnny Foreigner

    I have a feeling the woman that wrote this article enjoys a black length in her

    • destiny’slovechild

      Everybody doesn’t prefer white people. We don’t all have to make lists catering to white people’s tastes all the time.

  • GamerGirl

    all of them were ugly apart from Ronaldo and Van Persie

    • destiny’slovechild

      I prefer many of the black players over Ronaldo anyday.

    • Angela

      Most of the players were actually quite good looking to me. I wonder how YOU look.

  • Zippy&theCandles

    ronaldo? really? with all that grease?

  • NellsBells

    I’m sorry but this list is sad !! Someone needs to go to Specsavers. !!

  • unwanted

    ALL the black players on list are not dating black women.

    Patrice Evra is married to a blonde. He only lies white women, like all french black soccer players.

    Kevin Prince is German and he married 2 white women – he does not do black
    De jong wife is mixed race with white features and HAIR.

    Neymar – LOL LOL he does not see himself as black let alone even look at black woman. In Brazil black women are seen as inferior and not worthy of rich men

    Tim howard wife – 100 caucasian

    GYAN AND TOURE only have black wives cos they are from Africa. That is default.

    • undesired

      NONE OF THE GOOD LOOKING TOP footballers of any race are with black women. Black women only get washed up, old sloppy second divorced white men who have white families and who no young white women will have. BE real. Mosy OF THE men u picked DONT EVEN WANT BLACK WOMEN.

      When these men get to 40, 50 60 with white kids and white ex wife…….THEN get give black women a chance. NEVER ever before unless they are looking for a come up

      • sycamore

        Why are you so mad that you get our sloppy seconds? It’s your fault for being ugly.

        • Zippy&theCandles

          hahaha; what i love is that you have basically placed looks into something that has nothing to do with looks, but rather skin colour, and historical ideals that were entrenched through the slavery of black people’s minds and what was portrayed in various media by virtue of the fact that white people plundered black resources and portrayed white to be right. Sweetie it has nothing to do with beautiful or ugly, or you wouldn’t see those white bosses who have kids with their maids. It’s about what has always been “promoted” as better. What is beautiful depends only on who has had centuries to own the ideal, which has never been black people

          • sycamore

            lol, well I guess white people are advancing and understanding that black people > white people. Sorry not sorry.

            • Zippy&theCandles

              lol; if only it were as simple and stupid as that

              • sycamore

                Like you? Oh alright lol you can leave me and my hot white boyfriend while you settle with my sloppy seconds k?

      • destiny’slovechild

        Shut up troll. Get a life.

    • destiny’slovechild

      You don’t choose a spouse out of default ignorant troll. If the African players wanted a white hoe they could have gotten one EASY, but they DON’T stop trying to downplay the black footballers who are actually dating/married to black women. Besides, many of the Africans, like Drogba, are better looking than the Euro black players.

    • Mariposa

      In Brazil white women spend a lot of time and money to look like black women. They tan their skin, get butt and breast implants, and body build from the waist down do they can have thick thighs. It’s to the point where many white women in the limelight in Brazil looks unrecognizable from yheir former self. People travel from all over the world to see black Brazilian women dance. The majority vast of mixed race people in Brazil are the product of a white men and black women. So much so that it is tradition, it is expected. It is known that white American and European men go there looking for a young, black wife that they would never be able to get in their home country.

  • soccercucker

    One word: INCOMPLETE!!! Who ever did that list did not finish their job because there is a whole lot of players missing. There are 32 teams, HUNDREDS of players and many of them are HOT so you need to re-do this, ASAP!

  • kb

    Geez, they’re footballers not models 🙂 I liked MNs picks, and of course there are many who are not on the list. But my fav Neymar is #1!

  • sycamore


    • sonya

      Racist all day long

      • sycamore

        lmao when did thinking someone was hot considered racist. Ok

  • Ronaldo and yaya,swoooon

  • hatred

    ALL THESE MEN LOOK GREAT, but NONE OF THEM ARE DATING BLACK WOMEN AND IT makes me think there is something wrong with black women.

    • T.

      I always wonder that too, why that is that most black or even mixed soccer players only date white females. I wonder if they try to get more accepted by whites or what is it?

      • hatred

        In England NO player dates black women. Even Danny sturrige upgraded to a latina.

        Phil jones is dating a mixed or 1/4 black girl.

        But, NO ONE (outside of africa ) is dating A BLACK woman. If Drog and Eto were born in Europe THEY WOULD NEVER EVER look at black women. Both of them have side chicks and they are white or mixed.

        There must be a caste system. Black women who look black seem to be looked down on. I am on instagram and I don’t see black women having out with the cool VIP crowd.

        • destiny’slovechild

          Well one of the problems is that you referred to white women as ‘upgrades’ which they are NOT. Also, you act as if the African players who DO date black women don’t count. Many black footballers DO date black women it’s just depends on how they were raised and where they come from. Sure, many of these mixed race Euro players who are surrounded by everything white are gonna prefer whites. However, why overlook the many Afro brothas like Drogba (who is VERY attractive by the way) who DO love black women and make it seem like EVERY black player is ditching bw?

    • Laine

      That’s not true !!! A lot of the African footballplayers are married to black women. Samuel Etoo has a black wife, Drogba does. Those two are basically the best African footballplayers of this World Cup. And Nigel de Jong, he’s also feautured in this list, is of Surinamese descent and has a (what we call black in Suriname) Surinamese wife. And I can name a lot of other black footballplayers who have black wifes, but they are not in this World Cup…!

      • hatred

        Mixed race surinamnese girls from Holland are given more passes than Black women. They are lucky to have long curly hair, which they ALL dye blonde and light skin and taut noses. THEY have Native, Java and Euro blood. I AM JUST Nigerian – there IS NO other in my blood and I feel left out and ugly.

        • Laine

          Well, you’re not ugly, and you’re not “just” Nigerian. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. And besides, why do we even care about who these athletes date? They are often not faithful, they are away a lot, they always do stupid things outside of football. Forget them, and do you…:-). Have a nice day

        • destiny’slovechild

          That’s your problem. Get some self esteem. Also, Drgoba’s wife is fully African is she not?

      • Nana

        umm dont respond to that corny troll. she goes by lisa/chase and whatever on bawsip.
        all of the black players in this list are dating black women.

        • Laine

          Haha…really..?? Well, now I know…, Jeesh people really need a life!
          And yes..most of the black players on this list are rumored to have dated or are dating women of color/black women. But even if they didn’t, it shouldn’t matter who they date.

          • Zippy&theCandles

            I don’t know if you’r black and we know it shouldn’t matter. Problem is that it does because these are successful black men for whom black women are good enough until they can afford the white girls. We have had some African players say that the reason they go white is because it makes them ballers and they get respect, especially if it’s a hot white girl. I know we shouldn’t sideline with love, and I don’t blame the white girls; for me I just find it sad that for SOME of the black footballers black girls who were good enough when they grew up suddenly become undesirable. And it sucks even more because if black women are becoming more and more successful, they have few men with their own muscle to pick from, while white women get to pick from both sides because very white guys are going for black girls.

            • destiny’slovechild

              Successful black women shouldn’t have as much trouble picking from successful white men because those are the black women that successful white men go for. Also, I have found that even black men who chase white women after they become rich may still make exceptions for successful black women.

      • Nana

        also the troll is not nigerian. she is a white woman

    • me

      Nigel de Jong is married to a black woman.

      • hatred

        De jong wife is mixed surinamese with good hair, dyed blonde and light skin. When I say black, I mean black like me: dark skin, kinky hair, flat nose, full lips. No mixed.

        The african players only have black wives by default; it they were not raised in Africa, there is NO WAY they WOULD be caught dead with black woman.

        Are we ever gonna see A list superstar Football born in Europe, black, white or mixed with BLACK ( no mixed ) woman?

        NEVER – it hurts to be left out.

        • Laine

          Like I said, in Suriname Nigell’s wife is considered black. Please don’t use words like “good” hair in this context. Healthy hair is good hair, but I don’t think you meant that the wife had healthy hair. We are all beautiful. Don’t let the choices of men you don’t know, and maybe even don’t want to know affect your self- esteem. I know it’s hard, but at some point you just shouldn’t care, and life your life.

          • hatred

            NOPE. Surinanane have categories which is the same in all latin america. There is no one drop rule outside the USA

            Black – negro

            Mixed – par do – which nigel and Winonah are part of – have u seen their kids? Their kids look more mixed than they do. Nigel’s mother is PURE JAVA.


            Winonah and Nigel De jong would never ever been seen as BLACK in suriname – I have seen their parents; they are not black.

            A black person in Suriname looks the same as blacks in Harlem, Rio and Britxton. When I say good hair I mean Mrs. De JONG has the hair we sew on on our hair, naturally. Black women don’t have curly long hair like her. Mrs. De Jong gets her hair done at white salons, cos it is curly and does not need a specialist black salon. We don’t have that. OUR hair has to be relaxed, blow dried with comb and conrrowed and with hair sew in. She does not need that; she has wash and go hair and this is seen as beautiful by ALL races and gender.

            IF his wife was not mixed, there is no way he would have married her. He would have gone white. That is my point, about being unwanted by these young, HOT stars

          • hatred

            I actually meant that his wife has mazing hair; as do their kids. The wife hair is naturally long, soft and curly. She dyes it blonde. She has hair like Evelyn Lodoza. All it TAKES Is a blow dry and she is good. She does not need to go 3 hours to the hood, for black salon to pull and rip her hair out.

            I wish I had that type of hair.

            • destiny’slovechild

              Many black women have long well kept hair. Cracka jack. Besides, what does hair texture have to do with being a wife, ignorant? Get your whit butt of this site. Everybody doesn’t want your pale behinds.

          • nana

            shes a troll. she goes by the name chase/lisa/maria on bawsip. what shes trying to do is to make it seem like black women undesirable.
            she is not nigerian as she wrote. she is white.

            also you are right about nigels wife she is black

            • newsflash

              Newsflash! Black women are recognised as undesirable. If black women were desired, they would not replace them with whiter looking women and black men would be chasing down black women.

              This is the pecking order, in case u live under a rock:

              Blonde white women
              Brunette white women
              Red head white woman
              Persian / middleast east woman
              Latina tanned woman
              Asian women
              Mixed race woman
              Light skin, admixture eurocentric black woman

              Then come black woman right at the bottom

              Ps: Nigel’s wife is mixed and so is he. . Nigel as an asian mom and His wife’s parents are both mixed.

            • newsflash

              GQ, maxim, Guys awards, FHM, maxim, King, Esquire and all other mens magazine prove that black women ARE undesired unless they look more white or have western features and hair. You know that!

              • destiny’slovechild

                NONE of those magazines prove anything, ignorant! All of those magazines cater to a majority WHITE readership, so the women chosen for those magazines will most likely appeal to those tastes, braniac. Take a look at magazines like KING and VIBE with a predominate black readership and every other cover will feature a big booty black girl. Most black American men and black Africans marry their OWN race and this includes most NBA athletes and a good portion of black NFL players. Don’t believe everything the media tells you. Just because interracial bm/ww couples get more press doesn’t mean they are more common or that that’s what the majority of black men want. Besides, no woman is better than me, regardless of race. I’m not at the bottom of any list.

            • newsflash

              Black women know they are undesirable ThIS IS why they chase and practically beg white men.

              They want white men to find then attractive, cos that is the only way you are recognised as beautiful and as BW get shunned the most, a white man opinion is validation.

              Number 2: They want mixed race girls, so they cab live the fantasy of what is like to be white and wanted and mixed race girls give you. That is why every black women says this online:

              ” I am dark skin black women and my daughter looks white, with blonde curly hair and green eyes. What is really means: ” I am dark skin woman and I wish I was white woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

              • Zippy&theCandles

                yeah; I disagree with you there. I think that black people in general have a lot of self-image issues and I agree that it is warped, but I live amongst black African women and I have yet to see a black woman that even wants a white guy. They’re just looking for good black men who are taking care of business…

              • destiny’slovechild

                Well then if that’s the case (which it is not) I can say the same thing about these dark, nappy headed big lipped black men who hate their looks so much they will date sloppy fat white chicks just to get light children with ‘good’ hair whatever that means. Most black women who do date white men are PURSUED by the man, ignorant, not the other way around. I don’t have to beg a white, latino man to date me. There are men of other races who actually PREFER black women. I’m tired of people like you who try to lie to black women and say no one wants us, but when there are clear relationships involving white men who CHOOSE and PREFER black women you try to reason them away making up bs about us chasing after them. Face it: BLACK WOMEN WILL ALWAYS BE DESIRED. I don’t care what the MEDIA says. There is a large enough population of guys who like black chicks where even if a minority of black men don’t want us we still a group of men of other races who do.

        • destiny’slovechild

          How can a man marry a woman by default? If the African players wanted a white wife they could get one just as easy as the Euro players. They simply DO NOT WANT A WHITE WIFE, they prefer black women, simple as that.

    • Kenedy

      There is nothing wrong with black women….there are plenty of great men out there who are not footballers and love black women. Footballers aren’t everything…..and them dating or not dating black women doesn’t define your worth as a black woman. I’m a dark skinned african and I really could give 2 sh*ts about who these athletes date…..Its not that serious.

  • Kenedy

    Footballers are the hottest kind of athletes out there…..period.

  • prada125

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  • Tashema Shanae

    Some cuties on the list for sure I always said soccer has the best guys in sports, how ever you guys forgot about oguchi onyewu….. IJS

    • kb

      He is cute, but sadly he’s not at the WC this yr

  • 1speaktruth

    Who in the world created this list. Surely not created for means of eye candy. With the exception of Prince Boateng! Where is The Hulk from Brazil, etc. etc. This article needs an update or rather revision.

  • sasha

    There are many handsome soccer players this WC but i have to SMH at many of the folks on this list. watch some games looking for highlights *wink, wink* and then try again…

  • VVV

    You need to go bacck and review the list because there are some hotties that you have not mentioned.

  • shan

    I love footballers. So many beautiful ones especially in other countries.

  • starapple

    How could you have left of the gorgeous forward, Didier Drogba of the Ivory Coast?

    • Because his boyfriend would have been offended, since he is a fruitcake, who loves Elton John…

  • S Jo

    #1• CHRISTIANO RONALDO > God that man is GORGEOUS!! FUC!!

    0thers~ Patrice Ezra
    Fabian Johnson- ?, Tim Howard- ? :
    I pray he’s not gayyy! He’s Gorg!!

    • hatred

      RONALDO is not gay. He is dating Irina Shayke the supermodel from Russia

    • They are ALL GAY!

  • CubicleCuteness

    Okay. I’m so disappointed. I came in here to drool over some beautiful chocolate but Half that list was just WACKNESS!! Some of them dudes look dirt old and some look just plain dirty. Ya’ll basically just threw just errrythang male up on that list. I’m gonna need ya’ll to rework that list and have it back on my desk by next Friday.

    • KiraHaxellepa

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    • Zippy&theCandles

      yeah. I mean, I have nothing against these guys but I have seen some smoking black guys in this world cup. Like some of those Nigerian guys have me planning a holiday if they are what Nigeria is now producing

      And although you aren’t happy with the list, aren’t you glad you now know about this chick’s buddy’s sister?… #queue.sarcasm