Sanaa Lathan Stalker Discovered Sleeping In Her House!

June 13, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

Yesterday, we told you about some rumors that Wendy Williams was being stalked by a fan. Apparently, it’s just that time of year because TMZ is reporting that “Best Man Holiday” actress Sanaa Lathan has a stalker as well.

According to reports, a man by the name of Shawn Caples was discovered in Sanaa’s home last Friday by contractors. What was he doing there, you ask? When the contractors found him, he was sleeping in her laundry room! The 28-year-old reportedly told them that he was Sanaa’s husband, but left after being asked to vacate the premises. Strangely, Sanaa says that he returned to her home later that day.

The actress yelled, “get the f*** out of here,” after discovering that he’d returned, but he refused to leave, so she called the police. Court documents reveal that Shawn showed up to her home again nearly three days later and that Sanaa hid out of fear of what he would do to her.

Shawn has since been arrested for stalking. Per a newly acquired restraining order, he has also been ordered to at least 100 yards away from the actress once he is released.

Talk about scary!

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  • Doll Phace

    Ima keep it real. I’d stalk Sanaa Lathan too

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  • Ci

    if he’s already been in your home..whats gona make him stay a 100yds away?—I’ll wait

  • mrsabsdeux

    Sadly, that piece of paper rarely does anything…

  • kierah

    Because of her renovations with the contractor her security was probably looser with workmen coming and going. She needs to beef up her security. Her dad is Stan Lathan creator of Def Comedy Jam and director of a bunch of shows like Martin, Steve Harvey Show, and Moesha. If she couldn’t afford security, I’m sure Daddy would make sure his baby girl was safe.

  • Alecia Christie Adams

    OMGosh!! Once he is released???!!!!

  • Aaron Smith

    Are these guys master lockpicks or do celebrities just leave doors/windows open? My wife snaps on me if I dont like ALL the locks on our main door as we leave out, and Im 100% sure I dont have as many assets as these celebrities have that you keep hearing about in the news finding people in their house.

  • mmmdot

    Wow, very scary. Thank god she’s okay.

  • cantcommittoahairstyle

    I’m glad to hear she is ok….but that is some scary ish. There is only one time I will tell a stranger/stalker to get out of my house. After that second time she should’ve brought a gun or rented LL Cool J or Julius for a month or two. Cause that type of stalker would only understand it when someone takes him out or away. Like he clearly should be in prison, a mental intuition.

  • Kath

    Sanaa is looking fab! Nice outfit.

  • Zina Gray

    Weird creepy story. I also find it interesting that she is only 28??? She’s seems to have been in the industry for a long time and she always looks the same. I would’ve put her at the very least. …35.

    • SocialButterFly

      the stalker is 28 yrs old, not Lathan.

      • Zina Gray

        Thank you

    • NOPe

      Are you illiterate?

      • Shawndrea Rachelle

        Rude, much?

        • Zina Gray

          Thanks. ..I misread. I guess we’re not allowed to make mistakes. 😉

      • Zina Gray

        No but your momma is

    • Lost Soul

      She is 42.

      • Zina Gray

        Thanks I misread

  • Phoenix

    Why is her house so easy to get into..?

    • NOPe

      And no actual mention of a break in. Hmmm.

  • Sunni

    100 yards??? that aint shxt

  • SuperTrooper1420

    Oh my … I always think of that actress who was killed in the late eighties when I hear stuff like this. Rebecca Shaffer? I think that was her name. I was only about 10 but I still recall seeing that on the news when it happened. There are some crazy folks roaming this earth.

    • Elayne Young

      Yes SuperTrooper1420 I think of her also. She was in My Sister Sam. Some nut got her address from the RMV, went to her house and stabbed her to death. I also think there is more to the story. Thankfully she’s okay though.

  • Frank

    Why not hire a security guard with all that money so she can live in peace! In other countries people make only $100,000 a year and can afford a security guard.

    • Britney Robinson

      And security guards in American make about that much so it isn’t feasible.

    • toni

      Most likely she can not afford a security guard. But I hope she has an alarm system, security cameras, bolt locks, weapons… this guy is definitely crazy.

      • AP

        She has a net worth of $4 million buckaroos. She can afford a home in a gated and security guarded community, should she feel the need. A guard should be within her financial reach.

        • toni

          If she lives in LA, $4 million doesnt go far for actors. Plus, body gaurds are expensive.

  • Shayla

    No charges for breaking and entering or anything related?? Hmmm… it seems like there may be more to the story. Someone from the past maybe? I would like to see a pic/mugshot of the guy.

    • NOPe

      That’s actually an interesting perspective. Maybe he wasn’t just some panties sniffing creep afterall.

  • NOPe

    Damn, that’s crazy.