Lil Kim slams Nicki Minaj…again

February 24, 2011  |  

You may have noticed that Lil Kim has been pretty vocal these days and there’s one person she just can’t keep out of her mouth. And that person is Nicki Minaj. Recently a video, in guise of a documentary, was released. While the source of the video is unknown, Lil Kim (has some serious, hard core followers) it edits photos, interview quotes and lyrics directed toward Minaj. The writer at Black Voices thinks Lil Kim is making herself look foolish spending so much time attacking Nicki, when she’s clearly ignoring her. Check out the video and the article here.

What do you think, does Kim have a right to be mad and take pot shots at Minaj or should she just focus on creating new music sans the attacks?

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  • Yours is the best looking blog I saw on my new Ipad 2. I’ll be back.

  • Yawn! What happened to ladies sticking together? Kim is a pioneer but if she only knew how stupid she was making herself look. One – she's doing the most. Two – she's riding on someone else's coattails. Either way you look at it, it's no bueno.

  • sara

    Its very evident that Kim is jealous of Nicki. If it weren’t for Minaj, Kim wouldn’t be getting any media attention whatsoever. Kim is a has been riding the coat tails of a new, fresh faced, talented individual. Nicki Minaj is writing her own history, and when this war fizzles out, Kim will still be a has been. End of story.


  • Ashley Kelly

    Lil' Kim is tooo old to be goingat Nicki like this… She should have been trying to help her make it past what she could. She is just making black women look catty… Even if we can't work with anybody else we should be able to work witheach other.!

  • Ms ParKer

    Kim NeeD to Focus on her MusiC & Not NiCki….smh…TeaM NiCki

  • Sapphire

    Kims' real scary looking these days and must look at the one girl who's made a real name for herself with serious envy considering the fact that she patterned and created her image after Lil Kim (pre-extensive plastic surgery, of course). She's become very pathetic in her effort to stay relevant simply by speaking the name constantly of someone who is. And the real funny part is that Nicki Minaj is a caricature – her expressions, her music, everything about her is circus and clown-like but she's a big thorn in Lil Kim's side none-the-less.

  • Phyre

    Best thing to do is focus on urself. U can’t keep trying to kill someone who is “in the moment” and nobody sees their reaction. All they see and hear is u going off and though u may be in ur right too, u still look wrong. Cause every one sees the other person not retaliating. At least not in public.

    Kim gotta leave it alone. Real talk. She a cancer and that’s how we r we get emotional behind stuff. But in this case she need to take the emotion out. And leave it alone.

  • Lady V.

    I honestly think that Lil Kim is somewhat jealous of Nicki. Nicki is like a LIl Kim to the max, she took Kim's outrageous persona & made it more of a spectical. I grew up listening to Kim, around that time there was only a few female rappers & rap was much better than it is now. Kim was in a league all by herself. Now there are so many fly by night rappers it isnt even funny. Kim & Nicki should be able to work together because they are both powerful women trying to make it in a mans world..HIP HOP

  • miss ty

    LOL Kim is too old for all that.

  • Kim was on the Rickey Smiley morn show this morn and she said that she was supposed to sign w/ Cash Money and her and Nicki had a song together and was on itunes for a min. Slim or whomever removed the song off of itunes and started promoting nicki and stopped messing with her (kim). plus all the sly ish nicki was "saying about her" before she got with Young Money…

  • internalbeauty

    lil kim should also work on her self-esteem,if there ever was a clear case of self-hate she is it…

  • THamilton

    I'm not really a Minaj fan. I'd love for Kim to come out with some new material. I don't always like the subject matter/content of Kim's raps, but her flow is sick!

  • Hey, What else does Lil' Kim have to do? Might as well try to come up on "being mad." at this girl. 50 cent has been doing it for years.