“Are U Kidding Me With These Computer Thugs???”: BeyHive Attacks Syleena Johnson For Blue Ivy Hair Jokes

June 12, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

We told you yesterday about the ridiculous petition that was launched on Change.org to push Beyoncé and Jay Z to comb Blue Ivy’s hair. The petition popped up after new pictures of Jay Z holding the toddler appeared online, and her long natural hair was out. But outside of the petition, we also told you that celebrity moms and R&B singers Tamar Braxton, Keke Wyatt and Syleena Johnson were asked about the child’s hair when chatting on V-103 together earlier this week. In case you missed what each person said, Keke Wyatt said natural hair on a baby is nice, but you still need to pamper it to keep it together: “Ain’t nothing wrong with being natural. I got natural, but you still got to grease natural and comb natural and wash and condition and then you won’t have the beadiage.” 

Braxton didn’t think Blue’s hair looked bad, but she did have a recommendation: “I don’t see the beadiage. I just think it needs product. That’s it. It ain’t that bad though!”

But Johnson started cracking jokes that went a little left: “She’s giving me Terence Trent D’Arby and I don’t know how to feel about it. She’s giving me ODB on this one. This is bogus. She is super cute though.”

With all that being said, you know that members of the BeyHive pretty much attacked the career and looks of all three women in a disrespectful manner, but they went particularly postal on Johnson it seems. There were reprehensible remarks about her children and the singer, posted online:

“@Syleena_Johnson you washed up a** b***hes stay running your mouth about women more successful than you. Stop being so damn bitter.”

“@Syleena_Johnson blue ivy birthday got more press than your last album”

“@Syleena_Johnson & y’all were WRONG for sitting up talking about a CHILD …. It’s NOTHING funny about that it’s SAD”

“3 irrelevant Muppets @KeKeWyattSings, @TamarBraxtonHer & @Syleena_Johnson talking about a child’s hair, who’s worth more than ur existence.”

“They are mad because their kind of R&B is dead and is not selling while Beyonce is 2X platinum is just 6 months! HAHAHAHAHA STAY MAD LOSERS, Y’all will continue to LOSE!”


Johnson has since responded to the attacks, choosing to laugh at the foolishness rather than come back with ugliness.

“Hahahahahhaahahhaahzhahahhasha He’ll naw! What is going on in my mentions? Where are the PARENTS!!!!!!”

“Haha haha I’m paying yall unlimited DUST!! ARE U KIDDING ME WITH THESE COMPUTER THUGS??? haha haha haha DUST!”

She also posted this:


Clearly she’s not bothered, as the Bey Hive is known for doing a little too much. But I will say, while I do love me some Syleena, the ODB and Terence Trent D’Arby jokes weren’t cool to say about a little one. But what do you think?


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  • therealnumber1

    How come the “beyhive” doesnt get upset at the interviewers who are asking these questions. These women have a right to their opinion if someone asks them a question. Is beyonce really that high and mighty that people can’t give an opinion anymore when asked. Im sorry but they do need to do something with Blue’s hair…im shocked more people are not upset. She has beautiful hair and if it is not well taken care of now then it is going to fall out as she gets older. POint blank period…nobody is shading…just trying to offer this woman some dang good advice so her baby don’t end up bald headed!

  • She’s Beyonce’s and Jay’s baby they love her anyway she looks. Besides the few pictures we see out of the year don’t mean her hair is not getting comb.

  • Alicia

    Seriously? To attack a child because of her hair? Grown folks should be ashamed of themselves. As long as the child is not being mistreated or neglected, it is really nobody’s business. As the old saying goes, “sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.” These women need to clean up their own household and keep your nose out of Beyonce ‘s.

  • BlackBarbie2000

    it’s easy to talk about other people and their children, but what if Beyonce’ sat there and disected and made jokes about Logan ? or Syleena’s children or family ?
    leave BEYONCE alone and her child !!! one thing i respect about Beyonce is her ability to hold back, because if it was me i will drag you so BADLY for talking about my child



  • mike h

    yall showing yall age or don’t know r&b if yall don’t know who Syleena Johnson is. cmon now.

  • Yolanda Harris

    If I was a celebrity being interviewed and the person who
    was conducting the interview asked me about the hair of another celebrity’s
    child, I would get up and leave. I mean, really? I’m more annoyed that someone
    even asked these ladies about Blue Ivy’s hair. Why are SOME Black people so
    obsessed with hair, hair texture, hair length, “good hair”, “bad hair”, fake hair…it’s crazy!

  • coco

    Syleena better chill before Beyonce get Solange lol

  • coco

    Syleena better chill before Beyonce get solange to get her LOL

  • Several Seats Now Please

    MN STFU! You went in on the Smiths parenting skills but when when people say some thing about Blue Ivy its personal now??.. I swear this site is so loop sided and hypocritical.You write as if you are the authority and perception for all blacks but continue to use spell check. You attacked the Smiths repeatedly and now you stand for Blue and R. Kelly’s kid? All Kids are off limits!!!!! t Be consistent. Willow also is active on social media but you insinuated that she looked like she was with a grown man in a “grown” way. I don’t care about Beyonce neither does Syleena she made a brief joke and moved on. She did not go in on Blue. Have several seats. I get so sick of people getting hype over celebs who don’t even really embrace looking like you. These white washed celebs are not worried about you. Chill with getting defensive…Defend your own or at least defend people who work towards promoting blacks on a better platform socially and have access to the public media to do so. Not many but there are some. BYE!!!!! Where was the defense when Jay-z disrespected Harry Belafonte?

    • Several Seats Now Please

      *continue to fail to use spell check.

  • Angel Bennett


  • Ms.D19

    While it’s known the Beyhive is nuts! Its just plain wrong for 3 GROWN women to comment and poke fun at a child’s appearance -especially women who are mothers themselves!

    If you talk ill of a baby you deserve to get stung!

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    She is clearly jealous!Why is she so obsessed with Beyonce.Talking about her and her child is not going to help her sell albums, she like 50 years old picking on people young enough to be her daughter and grand child! I am not a Beyonce stan but I just don’t understand Angry black women always attacking people because of there failed careers.

  • Avidreader

    Look truth is truth. The baby’s hair looked a HOT MESS!! If you dont want anyone talking about your baby 1) don’t be famous and 2) dont bring her out the house looking like an extra on Django!!! I talked about my own sister’s baby when she had her daughter looking crazy and I will talk about Beyonce’s baby too. She aint exempt because she’s Beyonce. Its not a reflection on the baby Blue. Its a reflection on her parents who very well may be amazing parents, but that doesn’t change the fact that they need to groom their child. DO YOUR DAUGHTER’S HAIR!!!

  • bepositive

    This is what is wrong with ‘US’, amid racial discrimination in all areas of Hollywood, why would black women not support each other-instead they tear each other apart, including their children? This is juvenile and the their actions cause certain groups to continue to put us in a negative box. SMH

  • Butterfly

    Bad part is Syleena & KeKe can really sing & while they’re old school they haven’t done as much as other R&B Songstresses in the industry so I’m not surprised when no one knows who they are. Beyhive followers aside, it’s just not cool to go in on a baby, regardless of whose baby it is. Not to mention this baby is richer than all of them & everybody on this thread put together……

  • Enyotta Watkins

    Y’all are effing ridiculous. Who is Syleena, and Keke. They are one of the many talented women who the rest of the world listens to. No everyone didnt pledge blood oaths to the illuminati to make their careers successful.

  • Nene

    I love all 4 of these ladies. I don’t understand as not only a mother, but a mother in the industry they are all in, why they would decide to talk about another woman’s child; because I’m Pretty Sure If Someone came at their children they’d be livid. That was really childish. Smh Yet they wonder why the industry continues to be male dominated and then they want to whine about women having to go through so much and blah blah blah……STOP being so catty and having diarrhea of the mouth. It’s all just very sad to me. Oh it would be such a beautiful sound to instead of hearing about this bull ,to hear a song with all of there wonderful voices on it. I suppose this makes for better…….you know what never mind good day. Ugh

  • Askus

    Please. She is bogus. You don’t look fly and your kids look unkempt. That is what every black mother in America knows. Call her out Bey don’t get a hall pass.

  • Truth be Told

    Uhh, wow .. No comment when asked about the baby would have sufficed . Makes me look at Syleena in a different light n

  • Growth

    Her meme reply made me lol

  • Alexious Johnson

    I like tamar’s album….each.and.every.song. which does not happen often anymore….and I miss the brand of R&B she is selling….

  • Jae

    UM maybe it’s just me, but from reading this article, those comments didn’t seem that bad. I really don’t think the Beyhive needed to attack Tamar & KeKe. Syleena’s comments weren’t that terrible to me. I mean she did call the kid cute. And y’all know y’all thought the same thing. It is what it is. Talking about the style of a baby’s hair is not so bad…. clearly its the PARENTS’ fault!!! Now If they were going in on the texture, or her looks or complexion, THEN the hive can go in. Til then…….. KEEP CALM like Bey in the Elevator, as Syleena said.

  • Blair

    @#$%$# won’t be happy until Blue Ivy has 55 plaits with 15 different bead colors on each one!!! get out of here with that ghetto mess , Blue Has the rest of her life to perm, weave & dye her hair! I’m so sick of people thinking it’s ok to dog children just because they’re hiding behind a computer screen or they don’t like the parents

  • Nadifa Foulds

    I understand why many people have commented that a child is off limits, but if it were me I would not make the type of comments Syleena has even if the person spoken of was a grown woman or any other adult for that matter. Perhaps it would be different if the person were attending an event where a certain style of dress was expected; but even then many of the comments left on this thread would still be unnecessary (and for the most part bigoted and wreaking of historically-deep-rooted, self-esteem issues)…I appreciate style and beauty, but I find it odd the way many American women and even men put dramatic emphasis on day-to-day hair and dress. You have full control over your own body; it is rude and inappropiate to want to dictate others.

  • applesauce585

    The comment about a 2 year old child was not cool, and unnecessary!

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    petty foolishness

  • tip

    I don’t feel like Tamar and me should have got attack they didn’t say nothing work they just gave her mom bet some tips and they were asked the questioned not talking about but the other one was wrong for what she said was wrong but I wish they get off that baby head its babies out here bald from terrible mom’s not doing anything to their child’s head

  • taytay

    I think to bring up a topic about a child’s hair is ignorant that baby has a head full of natural pretty what they said was harmless I feel that bey and j always looking good but their child hair most of the time looks crazy my child always stay up to part… they could at least put a head band on her hair or some cute hair clips…

  • dlighted1

    These ladies were asked a question that they answered honestly, let it go. What about the person asking the question. I love Syleena for being so unapologetic when it comes to her honesty.

  • Arii

    Keep Calm Like Beyonce in the Elevator…funny stuff. That Selena keeps it real. (Love Bey and Blue!)

  • nisha

    She could have kept her comment about Blue ‘giving her ODB and Terence Trent D’arby’, that’s the thing. You wanna give your opinion? That’s fine. But don’t come out the side of your neck talking about someone’s child, and then act surprised when people get at you for it. Tamar knew to keep it cute and she probably should have told ol’ girl. The HIVE in your mentions is not something you want.

  • Florence L. Toms

    Syleena has lost a fan in me. I see now that she is petty and hurt on the inside over her ailing career. Only disgusting people go low like that. We’ll all just continue to pay your career dust!

  • CaramelDream

    Her response was funny . . . but yeah not a fan of folks who talk abut people’s kids.

  • gg

    Why the heck is anyone concerned with that child’s hair when there is so much going on in the world? Get a life with some relevance!

  • blackrose

    For you Beyonce worshipers remember Our God is a jealous God. Thou shall have no other Gods before him.
    I dont even see why the question was asked of them. It was innapropriate from the start. Petition also dumb.
    Blu is not my child. Shes set for life. Im not. Why would I start a twitter fight over what someone says about her. People need a life.
    And for those saying who are these ladies….well obviously you do now. They should thank all of you for the noteriety.

  • Shanako

    You must be young if you don’t know Syleena Johnson

  • Shanako

    Why are people upset about opinions. The baby is cute, but her hair is ruff looking. If this was little “Ashley” everybody would of been saying how trife the mother is. People need to relax.

  • teamcombherhair

    the baby hair nappy so what you don’t have to tote miniature jay-z around

  • evie e

    *press* I,m pressed lol..smdh

  • evie e

    this is the most preass and play she,ll ever get.i,m sure..boy it,s started off a tuff year for Bee&J..Money don,t fix shit..i tell ya&trust they still worried…..Sad blak on blk crime will nvr cease nor the bullying

  • Michele Flowers

    Sad when grown women talk about a young child. Her hair is beautiful and she is beautiful just stop

  • evie e

    i,m bout to google this sy Slyleena Johnson ..thank God for Google htf would we know half these one week non factor wonders?????

  • vcubain

    Nobody liked it when Joan Rivers attacked Kanye and Kim’s kid, People didn’t like it when they attacked Romney’s black grandkid, and Obama’s kids. Grown azz women should know better than to talk about somebody’s kids. OBVIOUSLY they have no home training.

  • WhoMoi

    yall do realized they were ASKED their opinion on Blue Ivy it may be wrong to talk about the child but how about the person who ASKED the question in the first place…. no, yall not mad at that person oh ok,,, i guess and everyone had their prime in 10-20 yrs our kids are gonna be like who is beyonce just like most of you “youngins” don’t know keke and syleena not defending them #IJS

    • vcubain

      I agree the question was asked. I’ve heard lots of folks say ” Girl , I can’t talk about nobody’s kids”. My mama told me that a long time ago.

  • Castro

    Celebrities crack jokes on each other all day long, BUT..when somebody cracks a joke about anything regarding “Beyonce” ALL H*** breaks lose. Grow up people..Beyonce’ is not GOD! Good for you Syleena!

    • vcubain

      yeah Jamie Foxx cracked a joke about miley cyrus when she was a kid. He apologized to her dad by saying ” Man, I was wrong, I have a daughter myself, I’m sorry”.

      • TokenMixedGirl

        The thing about Jamie Foxx’s statement… it ended up being prophecy. I still think he should recant his apology.

  • Tamarra

    Love me some Syleena. Her voice is crazy to bad she did not have the right management because she can blow. What the problem is, no one wants to speak the truth. Keke was right in what she said, it needs to be managed and Syleena was just making harmless fun not so much at the baby.. People stop taking things so serious.

  • divvvaa

    OMG freaking little internet thugs. The behive/begency is the most ridiculous thing ever. Srsly dont get mad because folks think Bey and Jay need to comb that baby hair. Aint nothing wrong with natural but there is everything wrong with nappy. Ask Beyonce if her momma had her head looking like that at 2 years old. #IBetSheDidnt

  • Richelle Davis

    Who cares what that baby hair lookin like. Neither her, her mother or her father are doing anything to impact my life. Let’s find some relevant information to discuss.

  • Alfreda Calbert

    They should have shown some class and backed up the Queen Bey. Jay-Z and Bey are nice people and generously donate their money and time to help others. Blue Ivy looks gorgeous. They should have said that and moved on to something like the missing Nigerian girls.

    • blackrose

      Funny how you one of the people who consider her your queen. My King is in heaven. Dont recall her sitting on the throne next to Him

      • Alfreda Calbert

        Seriously? King Tut, King Suleiman, King James, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Hatsheput. These people are all kings and queens and were not in heaven. None of these sat on the throne next to him either but were still royalty. Indeed, it is man who has described our Lord as a king. He is our Lord and Savior, the other descriptions are just that, depictions of what a group of groups of people want their leaders.

  • August July

    All of you people are just plain IGNORANT!. Take a joke …

  • Clark Toni

    They were very, very wrong how dare grown folks talk about a baby. Tamar would not like it one bit if someone said something mean about her baby.

    • Yvette

      She sure wouldn’t. She would have been ready to file a lawsuit. That is why I don’t care for Tamar. She runs her mouth way to much and can never take what she puts out.

  • Rosemary Davis

    It amazes me how black women always seek to tear each other down rather than encourage and build each other up, we always have to find fault and talk about us publicly just like Chill and T.Boyz did Rhianna,and I didn’t agree with her dress but if we must say something why not talk about it in private.So I ask don’t we hear enough of this from racist white people and some black men like Kevin Hart and Tyrese Gibson, who do this on a regular basis, why must we do it to each other????.SMH

    • EMB

      Just in case you’ve being hiding under a rock, what Chili and TBoz were taken out of context. Fact check ppl and Rihanna needs to go to rehab for anything, something’s clearly wrong with that chick

  • Rosemary Davis

    Syleena Johnson is an old tired R&B singer still trying to be on the scene still singing that old played out music that no one want to hear and when she says she’s working on an album I’m like ok but who’s buying it???? It’s sooooooo funny.and she has no room to criticize anyone’s hair for she doesn’t have any which is why she’s always wearing cheap weaves and wigs and tons of make-up maybe we should all sign a petition asking that her absentee father come into her life for once in his life and that her alcoholic mother seek some form of treatment .

    • Yvette

      I will agree that what Syleena said was wrong but to go in on her parents is doing way to much!

      • Rosemary Davis

        You get back what you put out,if her parents are off limits than Blue Ivey should be off limits as well she’s a child and can’t comb her own hair and I didn’t say anything that she hasn’t said herself.She and her entire family sought help from Iylania fix my life where her father was exposed as an absentee father by (HER) and on the show Divas from Atlanta (SHE) exposed her mother’s drinking problem so she put it out there not me I felt it should be brought to her attention don’t talk about other folks business if you don’t want them talking about yours plain and simple.

        • Yvette

          Two wrongs don’t make it right. Let’s just agree to disagree.

        • yooo

          Ill tell you one thing….Iyanla’s behind needed to be on that elevator to fix that ENTIRE situation.

  • DoinMe

    Syleena cracks me the h3ll up. They better leave her alone because clearly they don’t know she will read and drag them all over twitterville.

  • Layla

    These Beyhive buttholes need to get a damn life!

  • MocaPretty

    I like Syleena but she needs to chill bc she is one album away from being on Unsung. Dont come for a child that’s a bit much.

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      OMG!!! Im dying: Unsung!!!

  • in_reality

    So…about those kidnapped girls in Africa….Have they been rescued yet? #SomethingRelevant

  • Real talk: comparing Blue Ivy to the late ODB, & starting a petition about this is wrong & ridiculous, however, I think Beyonce should take a little interest. The same efforts that Beyonce makes to keep up her hair, she should take those same efforts on Blue Ivy’s hair! Doesn’t she realize that carefully maintaining her daughter’s hair will keep it healthy?! What’s the point of having money if you’re not going to invest in Sulfur 8, Blue Magic, Luster’s Pink lotion, etc… At the end of the day, I don’t think Syleena & KeKe meant any harm.

    • Yvette

      Girl no you didn’t say Blue Magic and that stinky Sulfur 8 lol. That brought back too many memories of childhood.

      • That’s child friendly on a young girl’s hair, lmbo!!

        • Yvette

          Lol true that!

  • Britt

    This crazy petition about a 2-year-old’s hair is one of the many examples of how people are too consumed in celebrity lives and how the Internet is full of followers and can be so trendy. Any other time, saying something negative about natural hair, folks would “drag” you on social media and accuse you of self-hate and denying how God made you. But for some reason, people think it’s cute or funny to make fun of a 2-year-old’s hair which is basically how that stupid petition got started. Blue is a toddler, I don’t know how you expect her hair to look. My hair looked the same way when I was her age. It’s always the people who have never set foot in beauty school, that have the most to say about someone’s hair or like to project what their hair can and can’t do onto someone else’s.

    Oh, and all this is coming from a woman who wears a relaxer. So, yeah.

  • slimpickens2916

    The obvious obsession with hair in the black community is pitiful . A 2 year old with natural hair falling all over her head is being criticized. Pathetic! Are we now holding a 2 year old up to our standard of beauty, pathetic!

    • Yvette

      Yes it is very pitful. Remember when folks dragged U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas about her real hair being in a ponytail so much that she went and got a full head of weave? I mean darn the girl is an athlete and has accomplished some amazing things and all black folks could do was talk about her hair. So very sad.

  • Kristen

    That Keep Calm post though! Damn..haha. Well…….I’m gonna stay out of this one.

  • Juststatingopinions

    Yes Syleena J was wrong for saying that about Beyonce little girl hair. I also think that Beyonce can do little better with grooming her daughter’s hair. Little black girls hair can go into some cute hairstyles. If she don’t know how to do hair and do not like the afro puffs she can at least hire someone to do a braid style on the hair of her daughter. A lot of black mothers who have busy lives put a braid style in their child head because it is low maintenance and last longer. Braiding styles are also great for children who refuse to get their hair done all the time because of being tender headed

  • Mrs.Mason

    what do these so called beehive followers do all day? damnnn lol

    • Kristen

      I think they work together in shifts lol

    • Melissa

      Thank you!!! I swear this generation… LOL!

  • Selena McQueen

    I swear this is just stupid. Because some of claim you don’t know who these wrong are doesn’t take away from who they are. And besides EVERYBODY done talked about somebody’s child at some point in their life so what make blue ivy so special oh yea I forgot cuz she’s beyonce daughter Smh girl bye. The fact is people are entitled to their own opinions And your comments don’t make them any more valid or invalid. And I agree that that child needed something done to her hair. Natural does not been nappy or un cared for it can be natural and done

    • britt

      The point is that if Beyonce or any other celebrity would have talked about their children especially Tamar,” I’am being bullied” a** they would have went off! Yes, they can have their opinion, but we consumers can also comment on their opinion. They are in the public, so ever word that comes out of their mouth will be talked about. It such a shame that they only way they can get people to talk about them is by talking about a two year old child hair. That shows you how irrelevant they are and how no one is checking for them because none of you guys were stanning for these women a day ago, hell I forgot that Syleena and Keke were still even singing. It has become clear that you can get your name in the headlines if you say something negative about Beyonce or her family which is sad because I do think the ladies are talented. Syleena was dead a** wrong for what she said and I don’t blame the Beyhive for going off because some stuff as a adult especially as an celebrity you just don’t say out loud for the whole word to hear! As a “celebrity” Syleena old but should know that when you are in the public spotlight you have to be careful withwhat you say because your career can vanished in a second, hell ask Mel Gibson!

      • Yvette

        I said the same thing yesterday on this site. All 3 of them who are mother’s themselves would be ready to whip some azz if it was their child that folks were making fun of especially Tamar. I was so disappointed in them. I thought they knew better. I don’t care who’s child it is. You just don’t do it.

  • NOshadeJustREAL

    It’s not this serious. ALL of the ladies were asked a question. You can’t expect an entertainer to say “no comment” to everything. Blue Ivy’s hair (in the EXACT picture in question) was unkempt. I have natural hair and if I had a child who did I would make sure it looks neat. One pony tail, two pony tails, even combing the hair out so that it is neat it not a problem and will not break that little girl’s hair off. Half of her head looked like it was going to lock up into dreads. If this was ‘Kesha up the street’s baby, no one would have a problem with the criticism. I see a lot of hypocrites here. Willow smith is villanized and her Will and Jada’s parenting skills are always in question on how they allow thier children to act and LOOK, but GOD FORBID you talk about Beyonce. smh

    • divinnalafeme

      Thank you and the beyhive have come for Nori over this imaginary beef bey supposedly has with kim k and they have even come for jhuds deceased nephew now I do believe coming for any child is wrong but the hive does the same thing with other peoples kids but when its there faves they act like you just stabbed them in the heart with a butter Knife. I do think selena was wrong but that’s her business and her opinion they still need to quit all this stanning for people who don’t even know they a$$ cause lets face it if they were on fire beyonce wouldn’t pi$$ on them to put them out.

    • brook1283

      Right… The most she probably should’ve been mad at are the ppl who started the petition which got the world looking at this in depth. I don’t think what Tamar and Keke said was wrong at all. Why she come for them

    • CaramelDream

      Yes, we black folks always look at each other’s kids hair and judge the parent accordingly because black people take pride in their hair. Thank God I’m a hairstylist and my kids’ hair was always on point and NATURAL. Just because her hair is natural does not mean to not comb or brush the girl’s hair. Its a reflection of the parents. I mean long how does it take to brush or comb you child’s hair?

  • Jana

    I wear, people like the ones picking on this 2 year old baby makes me wanna dislike the internet so much! I just can’t with people these days.

  • Guestest

    This is the one time i am not mad at the beyhive! Sting her!!

  • lockstress

    Well we knew this was coming. It was just a matter of time.
    I can only imagine the lynching coming for the chick that started the petition.

  • Stefanie

    the one about Blue’s birthday party is hilarious!!!!

  • Ajuanya Washington

    Syleena work on that so called talent before you talk about anybody. What a looser. If I had as much power as Bey and Jay in the entertainment industry, you and that wanna be voice, no record company would touch you ever again. and take a look in the mirrow, with all that caked make-up, Blue would surely cry if she saw your clown face!!! The parents should really come for you.

    • Mrs.Mason

      ummmm have u ever heard her sing? lol she is super talented in the singing department …

      • Rosemary Davis

        Yep,she’s from from yesterday (OLD SCHOOL) she maybe talented but really Mrs. Mason people don’t listen to that type of music today it’s all about Rhianna.Beyonce.Katie Perry,Nicki Manaji and others (PLEASE)

        • CaramelDream

          Right . . . pure garbage

        • moniqhar

          I bet you are one big ratchet thot…..

      • Ajuanya Washington

        Well she should fire her team if her voice is all that and she is still doing back-up! Ummmm! Bey and Jay should do her career like Will Smith did aunt Viv!! Since she want to come for their kid. A grown woman talking about a 2 yr old. Yes, her career is all the way at the bottom, if this all she has to do is worry about Blue Ivy’s hair, and that’s were it will stay.

    • Kicks808

      What is looser & mirrow? If you’re going to insult someone please spell correctly! Lol

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet


  • Kiki

    I don’t get down with the beyhive but she came for a child so whatever comes her way it just comes and that is all

  • yooo

    I think people just need to relax. Anytime someone makes a little joke with anything associated with Beyonce; the BeyHive, and/or oversensitive viewers start doing the most. It’s truly ridiculous. Take the joke, and move on. Syleena was cracking jokes on herself about how her second kid received hand me downs from the first one. It was all in good fun. To discredit these ladies by questioning they’re relevancy is wrong. Keke, and Syleena are very talented singers. They might not have a multi-million dollar machine behind them, but it doesn’t take away from their gifts.

    • Mrs.Mason

      THANK YOU finally someone said it…super talented and their voices are amazing….real r&b music not that ish that’s out now

    • Suchalady

      At least there is someone here with sense. The beyhive is full of brainless losers and what Keke & Tamar said wasn’t even bad.

    • Several Seats Now

      MN can judge the Smiths parenting skills but when when people say some thing about Blue Ivy its personal now??.. I swear this site is so loop sided and hypocritical.You write as if you are the authority and perception for all blacks but continue to use spell check. You attacked the Smiths repeatedly and now you stand for Blue and R. Kelly’s kid? All Kids are off limits!!!!! t Be consistent. Willow also is active on social media but you insinuated that she looked like she was with a grown man in a “grown” way. I don’t care about Beyonce neither does Syleena she made a brief joke and moved on. She did not go in on Blue. Have several seats. I get so sick of people getting hype over celebs who don’t even really embrace looking like you. These white washed celebs are not worried about you. Chill with getting defensive…Defend your own or at least defend people who work towards promoting blacks on a better platform socially and have access to the public media to do so. Not many but there are some. BYE!!!!! Where was the defense when Jay-z disrespected Harry Belafonte?

  • Faye

    I see I’m not alone. In all seriousness, who is Syleena Johnson and what has she done? Not completely sure who KeKe Wyatt is either (unless she is the lady who got paid for pointing on Showtime at the Apollo?) Honestly, I bet if you showed all 4 of their pictures to 100 random people, 90 could identify Blue Ivy, I’ll give Tamar 6 people and the other 4 could be split between WHO Johnson and IDON’TKNOW Wyatt

    • WakeUp***FLAWLESS

      Lmao thats KeKe Sheppard

    • Mrs.Mason

      people who listen to REAL R&B would know who Syleena is!

      • mike h

        thank mrs. mason.

    • Rosemary Davis

      She and KEkE Wyatt are a couple of old schoolers from the 90’s singing old and played out music Lol!!!

      • CASTRO

        Obviously you must of been born in the late 90’s or 2000’s to say something as stupid and ignorant as that. That’s whats wrong with the generation today, rather hear music about being drunk and screwing, than actually being in love and having someone love you back. But i guess since you’ve never experienced that, [love, in-case I lost you] being that you were born so later in life, you wouldn’t know what that is! ..BLOOP..

        • Rosemary Davis

          Did I strike a nerve Grandma???and I will say it again she’s old school singing old music and just because you are caught up in a time era it doesn’t mean everyone else is and for the record I love old school however it’s women like Syleena Johnson who still want to bring that old redundant sound in today’s music and it want sell period, and by the way is BLOOP even a word if so what does it mean ??? Lol!!!!

          • Castro

            I know you ain’t talking you illiterate horse..it’s “Won’t sell” NOT “Want sell”…see what i’m talking about? Please proof-read your own message before you try coming for me…like i said..BLOOP

          • moniqhar

            child please pick up a book or three or a kindle… you must have failed English grammar huh? Its probably not taught anymore though.. BLOOP!! lol lol

          • Guest

            Really, rosemary davis? Your name sounds like you’re 67 and you sell plates out of your house. Sit your a$$ on down.

        • CaramelDream


          • Butterfly

            SPELL!!! (correctly, that is)

        • ZeroFuxGiven

          Well excuse me, but I was born in a different country and I had to google her, so calm down. Some of us grew up on another genre of music. In any case comparing someone’s child to ODB is just wrong on any level, those are fighting words

          • MzBrenda Tyson

            Wait! You didn’t know who Syleena Johnson was but you know who ODB is! Smh.

            • anonymouse

              lol!! these people are crazy!

              • Dorrie Mzboydtoyou Boyd

                ctfu right im just reading the comment lmao….

            • Guest

              Wu Tang for life! 😀

            • ZeroFuxGiven

              ——>GOOGLE! Jesus, Mary & Joseph be a pray for you and the 23 people that up voted that comment.

        • Butterfly

          “Must have” or “must’ve”….not “must of”

        • MiaSara

          Preach baby! LOL

        • Shawndrea Rachelle

          1. How exactly are you born later in life? 2. Why do all old people automatically assume that if we don’t listen to music of YOUR era, that we ONLY listen to trash? Not every young artist sings about the things you mentioned you know 3. Are we really going to pretend that there was no mainstream trash music in your era? Lol please

    • Jordyn

      KeKe Wyatt is the woman that sang in Avant song “Separated” & “You & I”, but I don’t know who Syleena Johnson is (never heard of her). Oh yeah, Tamar Braxton is Toni Braxton sister (I think she is the baby). She sing “Love & War” & “Prettiest Girl in the World”.

      • Hayden

        Kelly Rowland sings on ‘Separated’.

        • MzBrenda Tyson

          Kelly didn’t sing in the original certain

      • Alexious Johnson

        Syleena is the woman singing on kanye west’s all falls down…

      • Cartoonthick

        Syleena Johnson sings Why you hit on me, I am your woman, Guess what… to name a few etc….

        • MiaSara

          Guess what? Was the angry woman’s anthem! LOL

        • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

          She is also the sister of Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco. Evelyn Lozadas ex headbutt master. Crazy run in the family LOL!!

      • mike h

        Syleena Johnson and r kelly wrote together

    • mike h

      pointin on gotdamn showtime at the Apollo?!? im gone.

  • T. T.

    I think posts on children shouldn’t be, period. Even if the author of the post is as respectful as can be some people are not. No matter what the topic at hand is someone will always find the most minute thing wrong and run a country mile with it. Children are not able to defend themselves so lets just leave post on them alone all together.

    • yooo

      Dude get a life. I saw how you changed your name from T.T. to “Faye”, and “Kiki”. That’s truly sad. This is why I dont mess with the Beyhive because they are delusional as all hell.

      • Chey


  • BabyClover

    If you are an entertainer, I have to google your name to find out what it is tht you do nd even what you look like. clearly your game isnt being played. Neither should your opinion on anything. So while the Beyhive may be a lil cray cray, Ms Johnson needs to be focused on other things…like her career. Next time, a ‘no comment’ should do

    • Rosemary Davis

      She doesn’t have a career she still singing tunes from the 90’s like Monica and others Lol!! she doesn’t realize that her music is not today’s music it’s old school music Lol!!

      • vcubain

        I’ve heard of Monica and some old schoolers, even the 5th dimensions, the Ojays, etc,,,but honestly I’m like lots of others here… WHO is what’s her name Johnson ?

        • Dorrie Mzboydtoyou Boyd

          ok they not on Monica’s level..

      • Selena McQueen

        First don’t throw shade at Monica cuz she is definitely still relevant and still makes music. But if we Google these people we’ll see their attributes when we Google you what will we see……. don’t worry I’ll wait

        • Rosemary Davis

          I’m not throwing shade at anyone it’s truth, but what is Monica doing has she had any number one albums or songs lately??? the answer would be (NO) like Syleena Johnson she is still singing old songs that is not in tune with today’s music plain and simple

          • Selena McQueen

            Monica just had a baby and is in the studio but I bet u MonIca and syleena Johnson have done more than u and still getting more bread than u. Just because she isn’t doing anything right now doesn’t her any less relevant. And by you saying who is that doesn’t mean anything. But if Rih Rih said said that girl have nappy hair would it be more valid since she more popular and now????

            • Rosemary Davis

              Listen girl we can go back and forth on this all day and it want change my opinion.Monica is always in the studios but guess what no one’s buying what she’s selling and if she’s not doing anything worth while in the studio or music wise I see no reason for her to be there wasting her time and better yet someone else’s time and by the way she hasn’t been relevant for years ok..

              • Guest

                Well, it’s not up to you is it? You’re wasting people’s time by the stupid crap you post, but nobody’s stopping you from doing it.

      • Yvonne Watkins

        Today’s best artist inevitably state that they are and have been influenced by “old school” artists. Old school is no joke. Respect. The best sellers of all time include old school artists. The top 100’s of any list ALWAYS includes old school artists.

        Also, regardless of whether anyone knows who these artists are (Selena, etc.) they were deemed well known enough to get an interview and an article. They are now “reality” show celebrities based on what they used to do. So they did SOMETHING as far as their singing careers. So what if they didn’t do the most?

        However, there was no reason to comment on that child’s hair, especially not for public consumption.

    • anonymouse

      She was featured on one of Kanye’s biggest hits ( you do know who he is, right?) and she has her own successful grammy nominated career. I’m starting to think you people believe that music began when bouncy started her solo career.

      • Enyotta Watkins

        Tell it

      • Tawanda Harris

        YES, YES, YES!!!

      • mike h

        I know, im like come on now, nobody on here cant deny her talent.

  • Marilyn

    so who is Syleena Johnson?

    • southernbelle

      who are you?a nobody. beyonce don’t know or give a darn about you. she don’t even know you exist.

      • Nia

        I think the point is that these 40 year old women shouldn’t be talking about a baby who can’t even defend herself, or even knows what is going on. Saying Blue looks like ODB was pretty messed up, regardless of who’s baby it is.

        • taytay

          Yea that wasn’t right

      • Jana

        Calm your azz down!

      • Celz

        I’m not a Beyonce fan.. And I seriously just clicked this article because I was like who is this person I have never heard of going in on a baby? I hope I never have to struggle that hard for attention..

      • Simone Mackey

        Thank you!

      • Laurie Foster

        STF up.

    • Jana


    • Rosa

      WORD. Who is that? I dont even feel like googling her lol