“I Don’t Play With That” Tamar Denies Rumors Vince Is Cheating On Her

June 10, 2014  |  

Tamar caused some eyebrows to raise a couple months ago when she posted a message about side chicks on her Instagram account. The messages seemed to come from no where and it had many speculating that perhaps something was going left in her marriage with Vince.

Well, it looks like we’re finally getting our answer. In the upcoming July issue of Upscale magazine Tamar talks about the state of her relationship, being a mother and how she’s learned that her mouth can get her into a lot of trouble. And she specifically addressed the “Instagram psychics” who think they know her life just because she shared a few thoughts on Instagram.


Her relationship with Vince 

I don’t think the level of exposure changed my relationship with Vince, I think the work that we do together changed our relationship. It went from me supporting Vince and all the things that he was doing to it switching around. He supports me and everything that I’m doing. It’s like our relationship has taken a turn because communicate because we have to. We have to get along or else we couldn’t get anything done. The level of respect for each other has increased and also, we’ve grown up because of it. The maturity of the relationship has matured. I know I’ve matured. Now he’s a father, I’m a mother. We don’t have time for that.


Side Chicks and Instagram Psychics

Everything I post is not personal for me, let’s just go there. One of my post I call “Instagram psychics,” everybody thinks they know what the hell you’re talking about. There was a week where there was a lot of side chick posts on Instagram, and I was saying this is a repost—I don’t know how that turned into the blogs saying that Vince is cheating on Tamar. I don’t play with that, [laughing].

I just thought it was interesting that [being a side chick is] something that people are proud of these days. I wrote about this in my book, being a side piece, sometimes you don’t know. But when you do know, you shouldn’t be proud of it. If you’re 100 percent woman, you should be loved 100 percent. One of [the posts] that worked on my last everlasting nerve said, “I can’t help it if he chooses to be with me more than you.” Excuse me!? And that’s what I was saying, this is when you can tell that you’re not somebody’s wife because that should bother you. Why should it not bother you that this man gets up and leaves you to go home? Wait a minute, you have to want more than this. I just wanted women to know that and it somehow became Vince cheating on me, which was sad.


Her mouth

Watching yourself on television it’s like, wait a minute! I didn’t mean it like that! It took me a long time to understand that just because somebody is talking about something around me or to me does not mean that they want me to always talk or have something to say or want my opinion.


Check out the rest of Tamar’s interview in the new issue of Upscale which is on stands now.


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  • Dee

    When is she gonna redo the Hot Suga video??

  • SuperTrooper1420

    She kinda has a point. I swear there were times I’d post stuff on IG or FB and somebody would assume I was either going through something or talking about them and it’s like HUH? Folks love jumping to conclusions with little info.

  • Lee Lee

    she resembles Kim K. smh.

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  • IllyPhilly

    Why they got her looking so white like that?

    • 80baby313

      Yes I wouldn’t consider Tamar as light skinned but she looks lighter than women I would consider light skinned. Must be the lighting.

  • AllyCat

    that wig.

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