Hillary Clinton Reveals Family Was ‘Dead Broke’ After Clinton Presidency

June 9, 2014  |  

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If you want to get Hillary Clinton to make a public speech at your next event, be prepared to pay $200,000 along with travel expenses. It’s a price tag that may sound reasonable to a lot of people considering that Rodham-Clinton is a former Secretary of State, a former Senator and a former First Lady of the US. But during an interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC News, Clinton delivered another shocker saying her family struggled financially after husband, Bill Clinton’s presidency ended. She noted:

“We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt,” she says. “We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”

She went on to tell Sawyer that she believed making public speeches for a monetary fee would be a better profit than becoming involved with corporations. “Let me put it this way, I thought making speeches for money was a much better thing than getting connected with any one group or company as so many people who leave public life do,” she says.

She’s spoken at big business events, like one at Goldman Sachs but waives her fee for charitable organizations/events such as the United Methodist Women Conference that took place in Kentucky.

The financial woes of the Clintons were publicized in 2001; TIME reports the Clintons earned $16.1 million that year but the majority of it was from President Clinton’s speaking and author payments. Clinton applauds her husband’s work ethic during that strenuous time: “Bill has worked really hard—and it’s been amazing to me—he’s worked very hard. First of all, we had to pay off all our debts, which was, you know, he had to make double the money because of obviously taxes and then pay off the debts and get us houses and take care of family members.”

For more of Clinton’s candid interview, where she shares thoughts on the 2016 elections and Monica Lewinsky, see below. And you can watch the full interview tonight.


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  • Hangover21

    I like Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, but their “broke” story will not win any sympathy votes, when everything was pretty paid for by taxpayers during Bill’s eight-year tenure as president. Her definition of “broke” is not same as our definition of “broke”; she never went on food stamps, used public housing, lived paycheck to paycheck, had her water and electricity cut off, had her car repossessed, been evicted from her home, or was truly unemployed. She and her family were well-to-do in comparison to the average middle class worker, so implying they were “dead-broke” is truly misplaced and rather insulting. Hillary should have used a better choice of words to explain her prior financial situation.

  • Kylie

    I could be ignorant, but I fail to see any reason why they would be broke and in debt making the kind of money that presidents make. Not to mention the fact that their living expenses are paid for during term. It sounds like someone was living above their means.

    • That’s My Story

      Not all the living expenses of the First Family are covered by the power of the position of being the POTUS. That’s a common misconception people have about living in the White House. Although they live in the house for free, pay no light bills, water bills, cable, internet or phone bills…Groceries (food they personally want to eat), clothing for their children, School tutitions, supplies, and family outings and vacations come out of their own pockets. At the end of each month, the President is presented with a bill of his families personal expenses that he must make restitution for to the American government. Check out the documentaries on the History channel sometime. That being said, the Clitons still should not have been broke!!!Especially since they paid for a very lavish wedding for Chelsea. Put her through 9 years of college and they claim they purchased her a house. THAT AIN’T BROKE!!!

  • Taryn

    She wasn’t “black broke”!!! Being white broke ain’t black broke! And I’m a black medical doctor who’s family didn’t have any resources. We grew up with roaches and mice, and my Daddy drove cabs to help me through college. She talking about debt…and “dead broke”… man, in 2007 we could barely afford to go and buy a $1 cheeseburger from McDonald’s but we fought through it. Now that’s “dead broke” and “black broke”…!!!! White people…especially white people with double privilege need not complain about so called hard times and struggle. Please come to Chicago and stay in my neck of the woods and earn what my Mom and Dad earned and then complain about “dead broke”! We still haven’t hit the Million dollar mark!

    • MLS2698

      You beat me to it! ” Black broke ” is like having some strawberry Twizzlers and a quart of milk in the refrigerator, and ” Dead broke ” for whites is not being able to buy a new luxury vehicle every year, in her eyes!

    • Adym

      Racism is alive and well I see…

  • Yvette

    No matter how “dead broke” she says they were, I bet she never once had to figure out where her family’s next meal was coming from after President Clinton left office. I really do like Hilary Clinton and would consider voting for her if she runs in 2016, but she can miss me with that broke foolishness. Now I’m sure she and Pres. Clinton had some major debt to clear up but to me broke is if you are living paycheck to paycheck and you lose your job or people who have savings but will deplete it quickly if job loss occurs.