“She Sounds Real Stupid”: T-Boz’s Daughter Slams Rihanna For Calling Her Mom An “Old Thot”

June 9, 2014  |  


While most of us would say, “stay out of it” when it comes to children getting caught up in the squabbles of their parents, it’s kind of hard to keep your mouth shut when people personally attack or try to embarrass your mother. Just ask T-Boz’s 13-year-old daughter, Chase.

We told you late last week that during an interview, T-Boz and Chilli were asked their thoughts on today’s artists running around half-naked all the time. T-Boz said this:

“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked. It’s easy to sell sex.” She also acknowledged that people would probably take her comments as jealousy, but she says that they’re far from jealous: “It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say ‘Oh TLC must be jealous’ but I call a spade a spade.”

Chilli also chimed in to say “We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot. We could go around too with booby cakes [breasts] out all day long.”

Of course, Rihanna responded with some very interesting pictures, including a photo of T-Boz and Chilli topless (which she used as her background on Twitter all Friday), and this one:


Of course, T-Boz would later say on Twitter that she was speaking generally about young women in music today and their penchant for dressing in very little (though she defended Miley Cyrus’ half-naked behavior in the past), not speaking directly about Rihanna.

After chatting with T-Boz in the past for MN, I can say that she’s a pretty straight shooter when it comes to her opinion, and it seems that her daughter is the same. Someone asked Chase how she felt about Rihanna posting the pictures that she did, and calling her mother an “old thot” on Twitter for her millions of followers, and she made it clear that one pic of her mom compared to Rihanna’s entire career of being underdressed is not the same thing. This is what she said through her Ask. Fm account:


Twitter user TheJoLo_ posted Chase’s comments and gave props to T-Boz for raising an intelligent daughter. T-Boz responded to her saying this:

Twitter Twitter

What do you think about what Chase had to say about Rihanna’s comments? Did she make a good point or should she have stayed out of that mess?


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  • nakayah

    good thing for taking up for your mom

  • motun

    rihanna is temporary trash. will be forgotten very very soon as an irrelevant piece of trash

  • JanuaryShytown

    We like Chase, some of us read her words and had no problem understanding exactly what she said. Her grammar is a lot better the some of the bad spelling sh”t I see posted on alot of these websites!!!! The 13 year old Chase girl spoke her mind and did it well, minus the punctuation. You f”ck with anyone’s mama, their child will defend!!!!

  • lynette gaines

    I think that chase has a strong point and I agree 100% if this was not directed at Rhianna as an individual.

  • nubnkarma

    LORD HAVE MERCY are all these ridiculous comments all that serious or even necessary? Everyone is entitled to their opinion and nobody is perfect. So what her daughter didn’t produce the “grammatically perfect” message WHO THE HECK CARES!!!!! If you really are that so hung up on getting out your red pen and proofreading her message then I’m sorry but you really need to start living life because it’s obvious you have nothing better else to do besides tearing down a child who is clearly showing that she values her Mother for being a role model to not just her but other females of all ages (or did you miss that?). If you’re going to post a comment and someone corrects you technically you have no room to be upset because that’s exactly what you’re “trying” to do with this child. AGAIN SHE’S A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?!?!?! I’m on this site everyday and I see the same people write comments that are utterly ridiculous and get offended when someone objects to what they’re saying. How are you going to get mad if someone expresses their opinion and actually has a valid point? But then again NEWSFLASH we all don’t think the same (OMG REALLY?) YES REALLY!!! (WOOOOOOOW THAT’S AMAZING!!!!!). Bottom line she had every right to defend her Mother because that’s her Mother and any child would defend their Mother regardless of what type of relationship they have. I grew up on TLC and honestly Rihanna is cool but I do feel that she’s more of a sex symbol than an artist. She’s extremely beautiful and everything but I think a lot of people see her as just a sex object. Whatever you put out there of yourself that’s what people are going to perceive of you point blank so you really can’t get upset because that’s the decision you made for your life. AND LET THE NEGATIVITY BEGIN……

  • tisha

    o well rihanna have the right to dress however she want so leave her lone. u only live once so enjoy your life while u can. everyone have a moment in their life

  • Kudos to her for defending her mom.

  • guest

    While using social networks and ESPECIALLY my phone to do so, my gramar and punctuation is jacked up! Especially if its not important or an intelligent comment smh & im currently sneaking at work so I could care less if im grammatically correct! lol

  • Trina

    TLC’s pics were for Breast Cancer.

  • jj

    The topless pics by TLC were for charity.

  • MsAdvice

    Everyone is missing the point; Yes, the daughter may have over stepped her boundaries, but that is her mother. I love Ri-Ri and the things she does and wears(she can do it). But, she did attack TLC when all they did was answer questions. I don’t remember any names being called, or her being put on front street. Ri-Ri may have been feeling some kinda way after the negative reaction to her dress (which she did her way), and may have felt it was being directed towards her. Ri-Ri you do you, that’s your right, but let others have their opinions too. Stop being soooo defensive, make yourself happy and to hell with all others.There are many naked females out there, every time someone makes a comment it might not be about you…..and people please stop using the acronym “THOT” it is so overrated.

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  • Dee

    I think that she should have gotten her comments spellchecked for grammar and proper sentence punctuation but other than that..bleh

  • justme

    TLC music I remember listen to had more meaning than today’s crap! I think despite the huge (alien looking) forehead on Rihanna she is attractive. I still have to admit that despite the beautiful body that Rih has she puts it out there way to much. She displays herself as trashy and definitely do not allow my girls to listen to her music or see her as a role model. I know that music artist are just people like the rest of us but trashy is trashy and nothing in her music or lifestyle is something to look up to. I couldn’t believe she was aloud to wear what she did in the awards. We don’t even have a choice anymore as to whether we want to watch an event as an award ceremony without having to be flashed with nudity.

  • dialogue1

    Rihanna is really proving how undereducated and disrespectful she is. Wendy Williams is right to call her ungrateful b/c she has repeatedly ignore or disrespected many of her fans. It seems those with the least talent act this way (like Rihanna) as they must be surprised that they made it so big with minimal or no talent. Geniuses like Stevie Wonder and MJ never acted this disrespectful towards those who paved the way for them. I really dislike many, if not most, of today’s no-talent and obnoxious music stars.
    BTW, Tboz’s daughter is pretty!

  • Breezy

    Clearly you need to work on your punctuation as well hunny, however, before you criticize a thirteen-year old little girl make sure your sh** is right. She is still learning for goodness sake she just left elementary. You’re probably grown as hell, re-read your sentences and make corrections, then by all means necessary talk sh**. What the hell is this ” it was difficult to read. & I mentioned”…..Well I mentioned it b/c I, & clearly others…..<<<<wtf is that starting a sentence with a symbol and with AND girl bye you clearly don't now how to punctuation your sentences either.

  • D

    She made 2 good points:
    1.Without girl groups like TLC there wouldn’t be a path for Rhianna she should respect that.
    2. Rhianna is a habitual violator of decency as far as public exposure. And she perpetuates negative things like casual sex, drugs etc in her music all the time. Not just once. There is a difference.

  • vcubain

    RIHANNA IS A dummy. TLC did the photo to raise breast cancer awareness not to sell music,

  • not a clone

    rise of the ebonics clan..

  • shante

    some people dont care about grammar and punctuation on social media…that doesnt mean she dont care in school or if she had to fill out something more serious. However I do try to be mindful of English composition skills online (personal choice) simply because of the grammar police on the internet, they focus on that instead of the point i was trying to make.

    • shante

      and yes i do realize i did not capitalize where its necessary, it takes too much time when you are typing on a phone lol!

  • Rebbekah

    Like mother, like daughter…

  • Jadamailly

    TLC didn’t even mention Rihanna’s name in the interview, they were talking about the entertainment industry in general and how young girls were feeling forced to strip in to have success. The way Rihanna responded shows how immature and stupid she is. And if she was really confident, she would not even have bothered to respond. By the way the pic she posted on her twitter in attempt to shade TLC was for breast cancer awareness campaign. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and TLC have the right to express their’s especially since they did not insult or disrespect anybody, unlike Rihanna.

  • HeyNowIt’sℰbony

    shut up just a bunch of angry black women attacking rihanna… rihanna did nothing wrong! they came for her the interviewer threw rihannas name in the mix and Tboz responded with her comment . all this she better show respect for those who paved the way is total BS i dont care what age you are or what you did you get out of line and speak on me when i never said nothing to or about you imma drag shade and clock you too. yall act like rihanna cant defend herself yall throw this word bully around so fast. rihanna is not no bully she is a person who responds to someone who attacks her theres the difference if you notice the pattern everyone rihanna has gotten into it with startd with her first and tried her multiple times before teyana ciara, CB, charlie, TLC. tiffany evans,karrueche, tila tequila all flops and has beens.they want what rihanna has or they want her spotlight so they attack her for a response. Nver have i ever seen rihanna in an interview talking down on anyone and that’s because the girl minds her own business until someone provokes her.

    • Lorn

      I hope you’re not employed. You sound just as ignorant as Rihanna no wonder you see her as a kindred spirit. You lick her arse with that mouth?

    • vcubain

      RIHANNAS butt crack was so open from the top to the bottom she could have just bent over to do it doggy style

    • Damonika

      Bahahaha. Believe it or not people still love TLC. And to call them has beens and flops shows how young you are. T wasn’t even going at Rihanna. She stated her opinion, and Rihanna decided to call her a thot because she felt T was only attacking her. I didn’t even feel an attack on Rhianna when T said it. But I guess Rhianna felt some type of way.

  • Junie

    TLC did that photoshoot to promote breast cancer awareness. They wanted to make a Huge Statement and get the attention of many on the Cause.

  • donny j

    Some people dont like to hear the truth. Im sure thats wy RIRI got mad and threw shots. TLC did not always walk around naked, RIRI seems to be naked everytime we see her.

  • jos

    All of you just walked away from the actual topic of discussion and are now distressed over this girl’s grammar. Please come back and join the rest of us.

  • george michael

    Instead of policing other women, and what they do with their own bodies, perhaps T boz time should be served trying to raise her child properly. You have this very young girl talking about grown folks business. Essentially body shaming Rihanna. This is not a subject for children. Of course a thot would raise her child to be all up on face book going HAM, wearing make up, and going to Miley Cyrus concerts. Just awful.

    • Hangover21

      Well, it kinda hard to keep children like Chase out of grown folks business, when kids spend a majority of their time on the internet through Facebook and Instagram and they are continuously bombarded with news such as this. You can’t really blame Chase for expressing her opinion regarding this issue, especially since her mother is involved. Everyone has their opinion about Rihanna “barely there” dress, and from what I’ve read, most do not approve of her outfit. While I disagree with T-boz taking her daughter to a Miley Cyrus concert, it is inappropriate to refer T as a “thot” simply because she allows her daughter to use Facebook and wear make-up. Rihanna is grown woman and public figure. If she can’t handle public criticism with class and grace, then she needs to stop doing things that draw negative attention to herself in the first place.

  • Grace

    Got punctuation?

  • La’Tanya♥

    Lets not front we all know Tboz wasn’t speaking in general and even if she was she was being very hypocritical. If you google tlc you’ll find more than one revealing photo of them. Also how do you justify taking a 13 year old to a Miley Cyrus concert, defending her and then back tracking when it comes to other R&B artists. Tboz needs to pick a viewpoint and stick to it and chase needs to stay out of grown folks business.

  • YeahMeToo!

    You guys must have forgot TLC was half naked in a lot of their videos, wearing and throwing condoms everywhere, grinding and doing sexual gestures. Letters covering your breast doesn’t count as clothes. I suggest you all google TLC images and watch some of their old videos. Yes the were talented but they were also half naked. Rihana is a very popular singer and she is also a very popular model. She wears many hats! And it doesn’t matter if she is around 20 years from now she has already surpassed TLC’s career. She has already accomplished things I’m sure TLC only dreamed about. Check her net worth! hate or love it….

    • Theresa Gullatt

      LOL!!! TLC “half naked” is nothing like Rihanna “nearly to yes naked.” I think the point is Rihanna wasn’t addressed directly so why even care what an “old Thot” has to say!!! She sure did make a conscience effort to respond…. She took the time out of her “busy schedule” to Google and research!!! and If she did the same search I just did, it wasn’t as simple as you think…. Bottom line…. Rihanna should speak when spoken to.. If your name is not called, sit your self down and eat a doughnut!!!!

      • dialogue1

        I saw a pic online on Google+ that showed Rihanna’s vagina. The person even magnified it. I don’t know if it was doctored. However, she spends a lot of time naked or semi-nude so I wouldn’t be surprised if she were snapped w/o panties on.

        • Theresa Gullatt

          That’s what I am talking about…. That doesn’t even compare to showing a little cleavage or even wearing boob pasties…… But we really don’t know if that is her vagina though… EWWW so distasteful if it is!!! But then again… Everyone seems to be doing sex tapes now.. Maybe she is now apart of that clan…. Just so over celebrities right now. There are really more important things happening… **Yawn** Bye Rihanna!!!! ( in my bye Felicia voice).

    • Hangover21

      Net worth means nothing if no one plays your music on the radio or
      remembers you 20, 30 or 50 years from now. Plus, you can not seriously
      compare TLC’s half-nakedness to Rihanna’s “borderline p0rn” nakedness
      she continuously exposes on red carpets. During the 90’s, TLC were all
      about female empowerment and practicing safe-s#x and did not resort to
      twerking or having some dude eating their “birthday cake”. Rihanna may
      be popular, but is she talented? That is a matter of debate. Rihanna is
      very pretty, but on almost every magazine cover I have seen of her, she
      is constantly showing her nipples and butt crack and she engaging in
      some illicit activity (i.e. drug abuse). I wish she would let her beauty
      speak for itself without resorting to promiscuous behavior.

  • Truth be Told


    • La’Tanya♥

      J gy d f2f

      • Hangover21

        In response to that revealing TLC photo, the group posed for that picture to promote breast cancer awareness, so they had a legitimate excuse. Rihanna isn’t drawing attention to any important cause by showing off her boobs and butt; she only doing this to promote herself, considering she doesn’t have much vocal talent.

        As for bringing her daughter to a Miley Cyrus, I’m not sure what would T-boz possess to do such a thing. Miley Cyrus, as well as RiRi, are not the best role models for young girls to look up to, so I do agree that T was being a little hypocritical in that sense. But she does have a point that some artists are using sex to sell their music and draw crowds. Once that sex appeal is gone, Miley or RiRi won’t have longevity in this music industry.

        • Theresa Gullatt

          I thought that’s what that pic was for!!! I remembered that! smh Rihanna needs something else to do because if she has time to twit negativity because someone gave an opinion when asked, she obviously isn’t busy enough!!! Sell some more tickets hun and pray that you are where TLC is 20 years from now!!!!! Will they even play your songs??….. They still play TLC!!! $$$$

  • Darlene Lyons

    She should stay out because she doesn’t need Rihanna or her navy coming for her. I understand though because most of us would definitely defend our mother

  • Chase is doing what a good daughter would do, & that’s protect her mother! I grew up in the 90s where artists like Anita Baker, the late great Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, etc… were known for their talent, NOT nudity! Yes, sex sales, BUT good timeless music will ALWAYS speak for itself! Yes, there were s#xy, provocative stars like TLC, EnVogue, Toni Braxton, & Mariah Carey who had the talent & s#x appeal, BUT they’re known mostly for their talent, not to mention, these artists have been in the business for over 20 YEARS! Let’s see if we’re talking about Rihanna 20 years from now!

    • my apologies, MadameNoire duplicated my comment!

    • Hangover21

      In 20 years, Rihanna will be the next Joseline.

      • HeyNowIt’sℰbony

        pls shut up

        • Hangover21

          Aww, did I hurt your little feelings, sweetie? And no, I won’t shut up because I am exercising my God-given right to express my opinion, just like everyone else on this board. Personally, I don’t care if you don’t like what I have to say. I just responding to you to let you know you don’t run things around here. Please take your irrelevant a** somewhere and kick rocks.

  • Inga SweetMfka Smith

    Baby girl was on point i said the same these young women in the music industry should give mad props and RESPECT to those who paved the way for them…..instead of being on some B!*ch mess…. she (TBoz) has a true diamond riding for her……Rihanna should have the flu by now lol

  • Heather Robinson VirgoQween

    Even without punctuation I got the message. She didn’t appreciate the comments directed at her mom and RiRi needs to put on some clothes bc she’s always naked and not just for random photo shoots.

  • Gawop

    The only thing I have to say is if Rihanna truly felt comfortable and good about herself wearing that dress, she wouldn’t have gone on a twitter fit when she heard comments made about singers being naked, T-Boz never said her name. I personally feel sad for her that she feels that she needs to use nudity to stay relevant at stage of her career, her talent should.

    • Theresa Gullatt

      Truth is no one really knew who Rihanna was until she started using sex to sale. I personally feel that she had no right to make a comment directed towards T-Boz because T-Boz never directed her comment towards anyone in particular. It’s obvious Rihanna has low self-esteem. Look what she did to the little girl who tried to copy her dress for prom. She is a terrible role model and I am sick of celebrities making the same ole excuse that it’s not their job to be a role model. Well I feel it is because it comes with the job. Like a firefighter who says I don’t like fire. Well you should not be a firefighter because it comes with the job. That’s part of the sacrifice of choosing this path. Rihanna needs to grow up!!!

      • HeyNowIt’sℰbony


  • Jamaican_Blaze

    I think the kid should have stayed outa this feud becuz im positive everybody know by now rih aint afraid to tell anybody like it is. Bleve me if she (rih) shud respond to this kid the world would have alot to say. Personally I wouldnt put her in the wrong bcuz this had nothing to do with Chase. You are a child stay in a child’s lane and act like one. Back in my day when grown folks are disputing you simply take a toy and do what kids do “play and shut-up”

  • Starr King

    Wrong! Rihanna took her own page down…

  • Constance S

    The point is Rihanna must of felt guilty to respond the way she did. T-boz made a general statement about being half naked. Rihanna is just doing too much. Just like how she joked one of her fan who copied one of her red carpet looks. She needs to learn tact and respect.

  • Keish

    Wasn’t the picture that Rihanna posted of TLC done for Breast Cancer Awareness anyway?

  • Taylor

    I’m not going to comment on a child’s comment, but I will comment on the situation . First of all stop throwing stones when you were the same way 20 yrs ago, second why would T-boz defend Miley Cyrus? Third Rihanna was honoring Josephine Baker it was Ms Baker bday and there are rumors Rihanna wants to play her in an upcoming biopic. So if you’re going to slam Rihanna then slam Ms Baker for wearing that outfit first and all the other celebs that wear similar or more revealing costumes. I for one applaud her business acumen dress like Ms. Baker so the Hollywood big wigs can really see you as Ms Baker , cudos Rihanna

  • yupisaidit

    True comeback…

  • Jenny

    Wow… I love Rih, but this was TOO much. Rih is VERY disrespectful. Everybody has an opinion. T-boz gave her opinion and didn’t mention her name. How can you call a grown woman a thot? Are you crazy? Rih can be very disrespectful. One of these day someone will slap her. I won’t be surprised!

    • Guest

      Yeah, not to make light of her experience, but someone already did tht.

  • Selena McQueen

    Some of y’all sound silly criticizing her daughter’s comment because of punctuation let me see your English degree. Besides she doing what any child would do and that’s defending her mother Rihanna was wrong she need to respect those who paved the way for her. And as far as the little girl enjoying s Miley Cyrus concert what does that have to do with anything Miley didn’t come out her mouth reckless about her mother I’m just saying

    • Trisha_B

      Since I’m the one that mentioned Miley, Rihanna would not have mentioned TLC if TC didn’t mention her. Her mother is a hypocrite for defending Miley & her choices by paying for chase to go to a concert, but then shame Rihanna & others.

      • Erin

        When did TLC mention Rihanna? From what I just read, both T-Boz & Chilli were speaking in general…

        • Miah_H

          Trisha_B just made up something so she would have a reason to comment.

          • Selena McQueen


      • WAITAMINUTE!!!


        • Selena McQueen

          How could u say tlc was never on Rihanna’s level u sound crazy they were the biggest girl group ever. Now Rhianna not a group like I said they definitely paved the way for to do some of the ish that she does

        • Disasterpiece

          Lol your post is hilarious! It’s funny how Rihanna has sooooo much money and “talent” that she takes time out of her day to beef with anyone who is not a fan. She’s did it with Ciara, Karreuche, etc. You’re defending her only drives home what Tionne said. She has to get naked to sell herself because at the end of the day, what else can she offer? TLC sold 30 million albums with music that had messages, Rihanna will not be remembered for anything than being a strip club Beyonce

    • Reading is STILL fundamental

      It doesn’t take a degree to know and understand BASIC English, grammar,and punctuation. Grammar is important in communication and getting your point across. At 13, she should have a basic understanding…..sorry! I’m totally on Trisha_B’s side!

      • Vee

        Trisha B doesn’t understand basic English, grammar, and punctuation her damn self sooooooo……..

        • Trisha_B

          Oh really? Lol

      • Selena McQueen

        The girl is on Twitter not taking an English exam cut it out

      • Selena McQueen

        Yea cuz she getting graded on her Twitter post Smh

      • Disasterpiece

        have you seen some of Rihanna’s Twitter? If you did you would know that she has no basic understanding of English as well. She is always using ghetto slang and saying everything incorrectly. Don’t come for Chase. At least she has much to learn. What is Rihanna’s excuse???
        She is nothing but a model with a mic and if Jay-Z wasn’t giving her the D, she wouldn’t be anything. Can said it best “how can she be mine when she belongs to everyone else?” she’s a slot with no morals or grammar

        • Lorn


    • Dee

      I would HOPE someone doesn’t need a degree in English to know how to use proper punctuation LMAO

      • Selena McQueen

        But honestly how many people user proper English on Twitter give me a break

        • Dee

          I will answer you with a line from one of my favorite movies: “Just because something is, doesn’t mean it should be”.

          In other words, just because a few people don’t make the effort to tap the “.” key, especially when they are practically writing a sonnet, doesn’t mean that this should then be the norm. I am just not choosing to accept mediocrity

    • hollyw

      I beg to differ. One, you hardly need an English degree to know grammar basics. Additionally, not having proper grammar in your own comment didn’t invalidate the true statement that her daughter’s was poorly written. Two, not every child would respond that way, as T-Boz clearly stated her wishes for her daughter to stay out of it. It’s natural to be defensive of your parent, but if you’re going to go against her wishes publicly, you should at least proofread. Simple. Lastly, T-Boz supporting Miley does show a slight hypocrisy on her critique of today’s artists. Obviously, you don’t have that much of a problem with it if you willingly expose your child to it.

      Having said that, Rihanna was clearly in the wrong and (yet again) showing her insecurity for calling someone a “thot” and acting like she was named personally.

  • Maradebe

    still old, ugly and no net worth

  • MonicaT

    I think t-boz made these statements like she has done in the past so people are talking about tlc! Rhianna should have let her have that comment and said nothing! Rhianna looked fabulous in the gown! Wow I wonder what she thinks about Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and even Britney Spears.

  • Dominique

    Didn’t Rhianna request to portray T-Boz in the TV biopic a couple of yrs ago when they were in talk of producing the movie. I like Rhianna but I agree that she and a lot if other young artist do a little too much at times.

  • out of the mouths of babes…

  • De De

    Man o man I wish that word would just DIE already! It’s soooooo stupid….

  • Riritodewirl

    as usual USING Rihanna to get attention… Total Loser Chicks

  • Erika

    Her whole answer was a run-on sentence, so who sounds stupid?

    I get her wanting to defend her mom but I’m sure since she is only 14 she has not seen all the pics of her mom being half-naked back in the day.

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      And now thanks to the bully Rihanna now she has

      • Trisha_B

        She would have seen it eventually. A quick google search on her mother is all it takes lol. A lot of celebs need to start thinking about what they do b/c their kids will see it one day

        • Shawndrea Rachelle

          Does that change the fact that Rihanna is a bully? No? Okay

          • Sean

            No, with this topic Rihanna isn’t the bully because she only responded to her critics (TLC). This whole mess is just what it is… a mess. Rihanna didn’t harm anybody when she worn that dress. She shows her breast and all of a sudden everybody can tell her about herself and use theirselves as an example. But the minute she responds back , she’s the bully? T-boz’s daughter has every right to defend her mother. However, I think Rihanna isn’t the bully here.

            • Shawndrea Rachelle

              When Did TLC directly say anything about Rihanna? Guilty conscious much?

  • Riritodewirl

    as usual Rihanna to get attention…

  • Esmeralda

    And how do we know that’s her daughter’s real ask account. Ask. FM is the place to be fooled you’re talking to a celeb. There are like 50 different Rihanna’s and Chris Brown accounts. Only one of them are real.

  • mon88

    wow good job chase she seems very intelligent!

  • F.W

    Smart young lady like dont be callin my mom a Thot thats somethin I would do I would help defend my Mother also.

  • Esmeralda

    Rihanna never called her an old thot but she has every right to defend her mother. I would do the same thing

  • Marilyn

    Riri is a 3rd worls sloot who is always naked and showing her nipples.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    Rhianna is a airhead and has no respect for herself, so why woud we think she would have respect for anyone else!!! Rihanna is Rihanna rich and classless!!

  • Trisha_B

    Both Tboz & her daughter need to work on their writing skills. Had trouble reading both of their tweets

    It’s understandable for a child to want to stick up for their mother. But Chase had the time of her life watching Miley Cyrus hump the stage & do a bunch of odd stuff w/ lil clothes too. So neither has room to talk/judge Rihanna

    • Reallytruly

      I thought Chase expressed herself quite well.

      • Trisha_B

        After reading it a few times, I understood her point. But the lack of punctuation made it difficult to read

        • Tatiana Henderson

          I gave up on reading it lol

        • wgle5679

          She’s 13 for Christ sake… why do people turn into professional critics when they got behind a computer screen.Leave the girl alone.

          • Trisha_B

            By 13 you learn how to form sentences…I wasn’t being a critic by simply saying it was difficult to read. & I mentioned her mothers as well…maybe she should focus on English then Rihanna

            • sha

              Why mention the grammar at all. It was not business correspondence, it was a freakin Tweet/comment for God’s sake. Get over your judgemental self. that opinion was not necessary.

              • Trisha_B

                Well I mentioned it b/c I, & clearly others, couldn’t really understand smh. Y’all mention grammar any other time, but now it’s a sin lol. Bye

                • Shawndrea Rachelle

                  I and others?????????

                  • Jacob

                    She used “I and others” correctly. Both are subjective. {Ex using her sentence: I mentioned it because “I” couldn’t understand….. OR I mentioned it because “others” couldn’t understand…} Get it?

                    • Shawndrea Rachelle

                      Thank you Professor. Now get back to teaching your students because I didn’t sign up for a lecture from you

                    • Jacob

                      You asked “I and others” with a series of question marks. I answered. You ask a question, you get an answer…Get it?

                    • Shawndrea Rachelle

                      Did I ask you? No. You answer a question you were asked. If you don’t “get it” by now too bad. This is so childish

                    • Shawna

                      Relax. This is an open forum for people to express themselves. He was just letting you know why it was used appropriately because it seemed like you didn’t think it was. You don’t have to get so upset.

                    • Shawndrea Rachelle

                      When Did I get upset?

                    • Harry George Jr

                      Than why you try to corrected her?

                    • Patti Hickman

                      She did not correct anything or anyone. She simply stated “I and others”.

                    • Shawndrea Rachelle

                      Because She’s trying to correct everyone.

                • Lisa

                  The correct grammmer would be, :Well I mentioned it b/c neither myslef or others….It’s just less confusing.

                  • Lisa

                    The correct grammmer would be, “Well I mentioned it b/c neither myslef or others”….It’s just less confusing.

                    • Maradebe

                      Always follow “neither” with “nor.”
                      This part of the thread is really funny. People correcting people with wrong grammar, and offering wrong advice. Hahahahahahaha. I’m glad I’m not an English major. Could care less. It’s not my language anyway – it’s the language of the oppressor.

                • Kareena

                  I know that this is a year old but this is the internet. Not school. It ain’t like she writes like that for real.

              • Reading is fundamental!

                Girl…..you must not know grammar well either lol. Her point is extremely valid. Even with “twitterspeak”, it’s okay to proofread. Like she said…..it WAS difficult to read. By 13, you should know basic grammar. Thus, her opinion is necessary.

            • who me?

              *Than Rihanna

              • Trisha_B

                English/school can come before Rih/social media. Which will make “then” correct.

                • Black Cat

                  shut up! you keep talking about the grammar, the message got across, point blank, period.

            • hmmmmm…..

              “on English THEN Rihanna”??? #ohkayyy

            • Shawndrea Rachelle

              *mother’s *than

            • shanti

              says the person who start a sentence with “and”. where you not thought in school to never use “and” or “but” to start a sentence.

              • Trisha_B


                Since we correcting each other now lol

                • Emory

                  Y’all are too old for this bullshit.

                • BNeikia Hill

                  Hell I didn’t know we was in grammar class its just twitter damn!

            • LOL

              You have too much time on your hands.

            • Annie Johnson Alexander

              the topic is about Rihanna wearing clothes and not about the child’s punctuation.

          • Reading is STILL fundamental


          • Harry George Jr

            Why will an 13 year old try to get into grownups business? Kids need to learn how to keep it shut. She’s talking about someone respecting her mom, and yet she’s disrespecting others. Check out TLC videos, for it being the 90’s they were nuke as well. Compare them to other female groups in the 90 than you will see what I’m talking about… Rihanna is grown and its her life let the woman live her life. I remember members of TLC setting homes on fire…

            • Nana

              you really shouldn’t bring left eye into this because she had nothing to do with this…respect the dead. -_- second a child needs to keep her mouth closed?? Its her mother & she’s gonna’ defend her..hell I would to if Riri came at my mama like that, haha. Question? . . .Would you come at me like that if I called YOUR mother out her name?

          • Si Fa

            You should b better at grammar when you’re 13 bcause you’re actually still in school.

          • Maradebe

            13, with all that make up?

        • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

          It’s hard to be grammatically correct on Twitter with characters limitation. She did get her point across though.

        • Sunshine

          you are not perfect with your punctuation but any how Chase did the right thing as being her mother’s child

    • I agree, but Chase is 13, that’s how kids text nowadays, like they never heard of punctuation.

      • Trisha_B

        Lol true. But after reading Tboz tweets, I see where she gets it from lol

        • Miah_H

          Twitter only allows 140 characters at a time to say what it is you have to say, so that could be a factor of why TBoz was using short text in her tweets.
          #negativity #getyourlife #potcallingthekettleblack #pettymuch
          You are calling out their grammatical errors, but you obviously don’t know what a period or a comma is because you have run on sentences, and you use ellipses everywhere there should be a comma or a period in your comments. Try sweeping around your own front door before you try to sweep around someone elses.

          • Heather Robinson VirgoQween

            #BOOM LOL

            • Maradebe

              She shook the table!

          • scorpio42

            Yes indeed!! POW

          • Trisha_B

            I use social media (not twitter) & know many others that use social media that gets their point across well. So that 140 character excuse doesn’t work. But ok

            & #Bloop you told me I guess lol

            • Shonda Boozooka

              Chase, the teen in question has every right to express herself concerning
              her mother. Instead of you making fun of what she typed and her
              pununciation and grammar, You should be saying congrats for standing up
              for her mother. Remember the term well trisha b… if you don’t have
              nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Its not like your
              opinion means jack crap to them or anybody. Find somebody elses page to
              be jealous about.

              • Trisha_B

                “Its not like your opinion means jack crap….”

                Take heed to your comment. BYE!

          • Tigger83

            I was thinking this as well. I don’t use twitter much at all(yeah i know..lol) but they don’t allow you to write a book. I mean she could’ve broken her tweets up into parts but i’m sure you will not find many teenagers doing that. lol.

    • disqus_UyMUWABH0E

      What make you think there writing skillsare of everybody short cut words on here and how do you know she had the time of her life watching Miley Cyrus were you there

      • Trisha_B

        The irony of your comment smh lol

        • Reading is fundamental!

          LOL Right…..these people can’t even articulate themselves!!! Reading is fundamental people!!!

          • Jacob

            Amen!!! These same people probably can’t express themselves effectively outside of social media either.

        • Busy B.


        • Tigger83

          LMAO. Jesus take the WHEEL! LOL.

      • hollyw

        Laaawd what???

    • Inga SweetMfka Smith

      Nevertheless she got her point across.

    • Dee

      Even though everyone is dragging you, I do agree that the lack of punctuation did make the message hard to read. Yes, this was a social media post but a little period, comma and semicolon goes a loooong way!

      • Trisha_B

        Lol thank. I don’t care if I get dragged. People just being overly sensitive. Let this have been a rapper & see how different these comments would have been lol smh. I remember when Beyoncé had wrote some letter & everyone became an English major. Now I’m a horrible villain lol

        • Dee

          yea, I don’t think it is asking too much to expect a 13 year old to know how to form a proper sentence. I am not asking for a thesis paper, just some punctuation! lol

          • Trisha_B

            That’s all I’m saying lol. I didn’t go on about her spelling. I simply said her punctuation was absent which made it hard to understand. Idk why everyone getting butt hurt lol

        • Grace

          “had wrote”?! -_-

    • Tia

      140 characters sometimes means punctuation has to go. People really need to get a life.

      • Trisha_B

        Her daughter’s response was not limited to 140 characters b/c it wasn’t on twitter

        • Hangover21

          T-boz’s comments were on Twitter though.

        • Krystle

          Poor grammar annoys me as well LOL…I guess it’s because I am a writer :-/ LOL. However, while we continue to go back and forth here, let’s not forget the real message and point of this whole post! In Chase’s defense, I’m sure she is a well-educated girl who understands proper grammar usage just like a lot of the kids I know who speak broken English on social media platforms.

        • Tia

          The comment I responded to was in reference to TBoz’s comments on twitter…which YOU posted…but yeah, thanks.

    • hollyw

      I feel you on those grammar skills though lol…I cringe every time someone tries to make a good point but messes it all up with such bad skills that it literally causes a delayed response. Of course, her daughter is 13…but what’s T-Boz’s excuse lol? Great points for both of them; I’m just saying, let’s proofread more lbs…

    • roy

      Chase had every right to defend her mom on the strength that rih disrespected her mom, who was just stating her opinion on half-naked chicks. Whether or not she enjoyed Miley’s performances is irrelevant since we all know that the most popular females in the music industry now are usually half naked.

      Your grammar comment is somewhat valid, but not if it pertains to media like twitter that limits your character usage drastically.

    • Disasterpiece

      I seriously doubt that you have read any of Rihanna’s twitter posts EVER because if you did, you would not be sprouting that BS about a 13 year old and her grammar. Check Ri’s twitter then get back to me…
      As far as what T-Boz said, the interviewer asked them what they thought of the current generation of singers, not Rihanna specifically, and they said what they thought. TLC, SWV, En Vogue, Destiny’s Child, Xscape, etc never went on stage showing their ASSets. Look at today, Gaga, Katy, Ciara, Rihanna, etc all sell sex. I’m not hating, because if that’s what they wanna do fine… but let’s call a spade a spade.
      So I’m going to need you and everybody else trying to defend Rihanna by attacking a 13 year old who was defending her mother to have a seat… Nah, y’all can sit on the playa hater’s bench because at the end of the day Chase was right. Chris Brown and Drake both have ran through that and dumped that pass-along va-jay-jay and as long as she’s Jay-z’s back-up poochie, Ri will always have a job…. behind Beyonce.

      • Trisha_B

        Your comment was valid, & I would have agreed with you, up until that last paragraph. Was so unneeded smh. “Playa hater?” & you want me to take your comment serious?! HA! Lmao

    • Maradebe

      Agree. Grammar school is essential Trisha B, for the entire family.

    • Keli

      I agree. I can’t even continue reading a post if I realize early on that I won’t understand what that person is trying to get across.

      Either way, that pot can’t call the kettle black. If you did it, you did it. And in the entertainment industry, there really isn’t any room for judgment.

      I couldn’t care less what Riri wears. She’s a grown woman. I also couldn’t care less what TLC, or any other entertainer wears. You have your button-pushers, and you have your conservatives. Pick what works for you. All I care about is the music/art. And when it comes to my child, I care about being sure that what she listens to is appropriate.

      I also, however, care about English…and yes, by 13, you should be able to form a proper sentence. I hate having to decipher…so I simply don’t.

    • motun

      This is a blog, not a grammar correction center. And you have been doing waay too much research on chase.

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  • Seani

    I mean, you’re gonna defend your mom regardless. Especially if someone called my mom a THOT, I would be doing the same thing.

    • Theresa Gullatt

      If you ask me Rihanna is the real THOT. Her musical talents aren’t all that great.. She can’t play any instruments. Her voice really isn’t all that.The only thing she really has going for her is sex appeal and the fact that mindless drone esteem her noise as music. She is never gonna be on a Patti LaBelle or Aretha Franklin level. Her voice will not transcend time. Maybe THOT recognized THOT….But at least TLC will go down in history…..Just a thought.